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Contacting E.On Customer Service Center

E.On is an energy companies located in the United Kingdom. There are no locations in the United States, so US residents do not purchase energy from this company. As such, all contact information for E.On customer service, including the E.On phone number is international.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are various phone numbers listed for E.On customer service. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • Make a Payment: 0345-052-0000
  • New Customer: 0345-301-4905
  • Moving: 0345-303-3020
  • Prepayment Meters Electric: 0345-303-3040
  • Prepayment Meters Gas: 0345-303-8144
  • Staywarm Customers: 0345-303-3060
  • Energy Efficiency Help: 0345-301-4875
  • Central Heating Care: 0845-872-8593
  • Potential Customers: 0333-202-4426
  • Overseas Calls: +44 (0) 115-843-4147
  • Braille Communications (TTY): 0333-202-4762 or 0333-202-4740
  • Minicom: 0333-202-4613 or 0333-202-4755
  • Complaint: 0345-302-4340
  • Business Customers: 0345-055-0065

Mailing Address

The mailing address provided for E.On customer service is not the payment address. If you need the payment address look at your current bill or log in to your account for more information. There may be a local billing address where your payment can be sent. You can also pay your bill online.

E.On Customer ServicePO Box 7750NottinghamNG1 6WR

Official Website

Everything you need to know about E.On Energy is available from the official website at https://www.eonenergy.com. The website can help new customers connect services, current customers make changes to accounts and service and pay bills online with ease.

Customer Service Email

We were able to quickly find the customer service email form, but no standard email address. Many companies prefer email forms because the answers you provide on the form can route the email to a dedicated department. Potential customers head in one direction and billing questions in another. We attempted to use the contact form to inquire about deposits and if they are needed before establishing service with E.On. However, we were unable to send an email because we needed a UK phone number, building number and account to send the form.

Our Experience

There are occasionally companies we cannot contact because they are located outside the United States. When this happens we need YOUR help to fill in the blanks. If you’ve been an E.On customer and you have experience with the customer service department tell us how they treated you. Did you have trouble reaching customer service? Were they happy to help you resolve an issue? When you share your customer service experience with others they know what to expect and it could mean the difference between solving an issue quickly and spending forever just trying to reach customer service for a brief question.

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