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Contacting Enel Customer Service Center

Enel is a electricity and power generator that operates in more than 40 countries. The company claims more than 60 million people receive power generated by the company.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

It doesn’t appear that customers receive power directly from Enel -thus contacting the Enel Group with questions about your local power supply and company may be a moot point. However, you can contact Enel by phone by calling the Governance Department.

  • Governance: +39-06-8305-4000

Other contact phone numbers listed on the website include:

  • Investor Relations: +39-06-8305-7975
  • Media: +39-06-8305-1
  • Sustainability: +39-06-8305-1

Mailing Address

There are various departments within Enel, but none are listed for energy customer service reasons.

Enel Customer RelationsViale Regina Margherita137-00198Roma, IT

Official Website

The official website located at http://www.enel.comis the main corporate site for the Enel company. The site is confusing, at best. There are lots of pages about investors, sustainability, energy production and innovation, but no pages listed for general customer service. This is because Enel produces the energy it does not distribute the energy directly from this part of the company. Enel may be the company from which your local energy company buys energy. If that is the case and you have issue with your energy company, you should not contact Enel customer service.

If you are interested in purchasing energy in your local area and Enel provides energy to your local company, you still have to contact the consumer energy company for service.

Customer Service Email

The main email contact form is located at http://www.enel.com/en-GB/group/contacts.aspx. This form is for the entire Enel Group, so it could take some time to receive a response from the company, especially if the email has to be moved from one department to the next. We’ve chosen to contact Enel to inquire about energy supply. We asked Enel if they sell energy directly to the customer. If we receive a response we will update to let you know more about Enel.

Our Experience

We need customers with experience contacting Enel to give us a firsthand account of how the contact went. Don’t leave out any details, we want other customers to know just what to expect when they call contact Enel customer service. Your comment is crucial to the customer satisfaction of others looking for a means to contact Enel about energy, sustainability or innovation in the energy marketplace.

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  1. I wanted to changed my direct debit payment details but it just isn’t possible on-line. I tried the chat help which was useless. I finally rang through to Italy to be told I can’t amend the direct debit details but I can go to a UK bank and pay there but so far I have been given incorrect IBAN deails to make the payment I wiil need to ring Italy again and hopefully receive the correct detail I asked if this could be sent by email the response was negative qite frustating really

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