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Contacting eHarmony Customer Service Center

Touted as being responsible for approximately 5% of the marriages in the United States, eHarmony is one of the leaders in online dating and matchmaking. The service find “matches” based upon the customer profile and the Compatibility Matchmaking System, a service patented by founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The goal of the company is to assist customer find the right match, while maintaining long-term relationships.

Although the company started in the US, it now reaches the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. With so much riding on the longevity of a relationship, top-shelf customer service is critical. When there is a problem or a concern, customers should contact the customer service department immediately.

Contact Info:

The company provides several secure methods to contact a trained customer service representative. The fastest way to contact a representative is to call the customer care department. Additional ways to communicate with the customer service department is to email or send correspondence through the mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can contact customer service during regular business hours to ask questions or find out additional information regarding their account.

  • Customer Service department: 1-800-263-6133

Mailing Address

You can send traditional correspondence to the corporate headquarters here:

P.O. Box 60157
Pasadena, CA 91116

Official Website

When customers sign up for service on the official eHarmony website, they must first complete a questionnaire to acquire a better match. Customer can also connect through their Facebook accounts An updated feature allows users to personalize the experience by selecting various nationalities. The website also provides a blog featuring advice as well as tips to successful encounters.

Users hesitant of the service have the ability to view the success stories of couples “matched” on eHarmony.

Customer Service Email

In order to submit a question or concern by email, customers must register their account or submit a valid email address. The customer service email can be found here When submitting a question, the typical response time is 24 hours. We sent an email asking if a credit card is required for service. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

Contacting eHarmony was not a difficult as several online forums suggest. We called and within less than a minute, we were speaking with a customer service representative. We didn’t bombard the representative with questions; we asked if eHarmony required the user to initially provide secure information prior to signing up for a subscription. He explained the initial questionnaire only required minimal information. The secure information was required when signing up for a subscription.

The experience was satisfactory. When you contacted customer service, did you have the same experience? Let us know. Leave a comment below.

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Contact eHarmony Customer Service, 2.0 out of 5 based on 33 ratings
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134 Comments on “Contact eHarmony Customer Service
  1. Passed customer trying to re-join having problems, can some one call me to sign up again. Thank you

  2. What is wrong with the website????? 16 hours and you are down what the heck!
    I cant reach my friend and we didn’t exchange numbers. I will go to text asap on
    My phone next time had no odea I would loose contact this way and loose my
    Connection with him. And he may have been the one darn it …….

    Get it back up or communicate to your subscribers.

  3. My auto-renewal subscription was supposed to have been canceled last week. Please refund the $27.80 EHarmony removed from my account on Aug 21 without my authorization, or I shall have my bank take action. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this message. Thanks.

  4. Sorry I’ve only recently signed up for harmony and I already want to close this account. To me this sight is a joke ,you have to pay first before you see who your being matched with ,that would be like paying for a car or a house sight unseen .REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also out of the few matches I’ve received ,all but 1 was in my area ,all the others were anywhere from 50 to 100 miles away ,again REALLY no thank you . So please don’t waist your time or mine anymore thank you James .

    • Same happened to me. But I want my money back, they wont even reply to my emails to customer service, or answer the phone. Wow. What a scam.

  5. I signed up with a non-renewal account, suddenly it shows are automatic renewal. I have tried to call and close my account and they have been extremely uncooperative. I close and its open again, I close and its active again…..what do I have to do to stop this and get my money back……..absurd….

  6. I went ahead and tried your free trial add that runs Dec 26 – Jan 1…I’m sorry but it really sucks…I spend all this time answering and putting my most personal information what I like and don’t like and it totally gave me a blank screen and couldn’t get me back to where I was. I just wanted to tell you that your system did not work for me and your guys don’t live up to your advertising promise…..Thank you for listening,

    Very Unsatisfied Customer

  7. My account. I signed up for a year of service back in November of 2012 and assumed that service would be cancelled if I did not renew. It appears it was automatically renewed as I have already been charged $75.00 (+) on my American Express Card. I do not wish to continue by membership and would like this charge credited back to my credit card please. If you look you will see I have not been using your service.

    Thanks for attention in this matter..

    Vicki Luther

  8. I would like to cancel my membership …. there was never anyone close enough to me to have communicaion with and I have now found a companion without the help of Eharmony …. thank you

  9. Disappointed to read about people disillusioned with eHarmony. As with everything, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things, including asking to be discontinued. And always a dropped-the-ball when you deal with so many customers! (Netflix charged me for MONTHS of service which I never requested…but eventually got it straightened out.) Just want to let the world know that less than 12 weeks after I signed up, and 8 weeks after Jerry signed up (his pastor did the registering and then told him about it!), we were a match. At age 68-turning-69! Less than 12 weeks after our first contact we were married, in the same church where I’d been married 50 years before. Now we’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary of our first contact, our first face-to-face, and on 4/29 our wedding day! We’re happier than hornets in a flower garden despite health challenges! We LOVE eHarmony!!!

  10. Please cancel my eHarmony account. Firstly because although you keep taking my payment you have ignored me completely and have not been sending me any matches.

    Secondly because I’m now in a relationship

    Thank you


  11. Please cancel my eHarmony account. Firstly because although you keep taking my payment you have ignored me completely and have not been sending me any matches.

    Secondly because I’m now in a relationship

    Thank you

  12. You were notified not to renew my membership several months ago. You replied that you would cancel it when my year is up. Well. My year is now up and Im still receiving contacts. I signed up in Mar2013, is my contract up, and when will it expire. Tom Wisely PS.after a year. your program did nothing for me. And oh yes. im in Cafifornia and you send me women in Canada?

    • I am in Hawaii, and they sent me men in California! Ridiculous.
      I am so frustrated with this. Can’t seem to get my money back either!

      • They did the same thing to me. For the first two weeks I got only got matched with about 5 men, with kids, several in Oklahoma – even though I did not want a man with children, and I live in Dallas. I think it’s a scam, to not give you any decent matches for a while, to try and force you into renewing your subscription.

  13. I had met a guy on your dating site in 2008. Well at first we hit it off, he played the best foot forward. We were married and had two kids and by that time he became very abusive and controlling. Lets just say are divorce was for Domestic Violence,and Child abuse and HE is currently on a Child abuse index for the next 10 yrs. My children and I have to remain in hiding for the rest of oour lives.
    Is this site worth it? NO!!!

  14. I respectfully ask you to remove all information on your site regarding my posting. I am not in a position to continue with your service and need my profile, pictures, and any other data totally gone. I would appreciate you doing this immediately. Thank you.

    • I respectfully ask you to remove all information on your site regarding my posting. I am not in a position to continue with your service and need my profile, pictures, and any other data totally gone. I would appreciate you doing this immediately. Thank you.

  15. I’m sorry but I think it is in super poor taste of the owner of eharmony to use his granddaughter who looks 10 years old to sell his product, not to mention the new sex ads.

  16. why do i have to pay to see and talk to someone that i am trying meet this site should like all the other site.


  18. I am so disappointed….I really wanted to believe in E-Harmony, and I’ve been so gun-shy about even going the on-line route. I decided to give it a chance, and I did. You offered me a $9.00 a month promotion, but then charged me $238.80 on credit card! I feel so taken advantage of, and all I wanted to do was Believe in what E=Harmony said they could do? I’m very upset because I want to use your site, but I’m so mad that you mislead me! Please make this right! I really want to utilize EHarmony ,but I feel so taken advantage of…again please correct this!
    Lauren Corbitt

  19. Eharmony has extremely unethical business practices. In June of 2012 I became a paid member thinking I will try out for 6 months. I did not give them the permission for auto renewal by not clicking on it. However Eharmony has been charging me every 6 months. I called them last year and asked them to stop charging me for their services. They told me they will not charge me anymore and yet they have continued to do so. I just spoke to one of their customer service representative. She told me that “yes you did not click on auto renewal but neither did you undo the auto renewal”. What is that suppose to mean??? If I do not click on auto renewal that means I do not want my card to be charged. The way they are tricking their customers by saying that even if you did not click on auto renewal you will still get charged because you did not undo the auto renewal is extremely unethical and cheap business practice. I told them “fine do not refund me for all these years but atleast refund me for what you have charged just few days back” and they still refused to do so. This after having called them last year and asking them to not to charge my card. The lady ofcourse that I spoke to last year did not bother to make any call notes so conveniently they have no record of my last year’s call.


    The CSR was argumentative, did not even bother to hear me out completely. Just a very bad bad bad experience guys.
    And whoever reads this, if you are a member of E harmony please be careful.

  20. am I missing something? I joined today. you give me only 150 matches, moost aren’t hered anymore AND EVERY ONE I CLICKED ON HAS NOT BEEN ACTIVE IN MORE THAN A MONTH. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?. yOUR THE MOST EXPENSIVE WHY? OR am I not using the site right.I expect hundreds of women

  21. my daughter joined and she met someone and after only 3 months he started mental and verbal abuse and lately has told her he was going to hit her. I would have discouraged her from joining however i did not know she had. At first we thought he was a wonderful man and now it is like he is a monster. His name is Matt Costner and you should watch out for him in the future before he does something to really hurt a girl (and i hope it does not start with my daughter). I think your sight is a farce and all the other companies like yours. Anyone can lie about themselves and that is what most of them are doing.

  22. Please close my account and do NOT charge my. visa accouny.
    Again, Please closed my Account with E Harmony when it comes do.
    Do NOT try and charge my Visa account. I sm closing the accoung.

    Take this email as my permission to close the accojnt.
    Thank You, Karen S. Bernardo

  23. Calling it Customer Service is a joke. You have to 1 hunt down a number, most listed do not work. Then you are connected to a robot that does not understand english, the best response you get is “You call outside normal business hours; call again tomorrow” It does not tell you what normal business hours are

  24. Not Surprised, nothing but negative comments here. Where is customer service? Click on help, nothing, they just want your money. No service at all. Contact information is like a puzzle. Takes you in circles. Fraud!!!! I am so glad I didn’t give them any monies like these suckers did. I will be contacting the BBB. ABC. CBS. NBC. FCC. FTC. REMOVE MY ACCOUNT. At least I deleted all my photo’s but I want the account CLOSED!

  25. Your customer service 1800 number does not work. When I ask for tech support I get a person who wants 36.00 to answere questions. What kind of a rip off are you playing here.

  26. I signed up for eharmony. I forgot my password and cannot log onto the sign just for starters. The customer service is shameful. In this day and age of digital correspondence, I cannot even figure out how to get to a customer service rep. I do not recommend the e harmony website. It is very shabby to say the least. E harmony- you should spent the money and hire some Google employees to service your website, instead of spending all your revenues on tv advertising commercials. Please have someone- anyone!! Send me a password reset to my account. The email address I am using now! So far I’ve paid $ but cannot get into the eharmony website. It has been an atrocious experience dealing with your website as a company..

  27. I wrote you last sept. that I got married and I found that you are taking out a payment from my acc.That is a no,no, I will stop payment from this end if it continues

  28. In sept of 2013 I got married and my wife is getting a little p.o,ed. about this please credit my acc. as I do not need your services any more nor do I want your services. The BBB will be notified, Have a nice day, hope it is better than my day is going.

  29. I want to start over and redo all the questions. Is that possible? Because I have change since the last time I did the question. I am deeper in my faith in God.

  30. This site is the most horrible dating site ever, they are such liars, most of their members are not even active. Do not sign up for this site, a waste of time and money! SUCKS ASS!

  31. I am soooo disappointed with your site! You advertise start up free which is false. I was with for 6 months before you and loved it! Far less inexpensive, so easy to use their format, lots of matches immediately and I must say, attractive men. I have received pictures of a fat bare bellies with tattoo’s! Disgusting! Not one match even intrigued me. Some looked as though they had no teeth…What the heck??? I’m contacting customer service tomorrow to cancel. Your site freezes all of the time…it’s insane!

  32. I signed up for ONE month and got charged three and then the man I spoke to said he cannot cancel or refund my money. I wanted ONE MONTH and tried calling and they advertised the wrong number. They claim they cannot refund the other two months because I didn’t connect with them in three days. I sure gave it a try and the phone no. given kept clicking off like someone was hanging up. I have wonderful service with CHEMISTRY.COM and nice looking men. That’s the other thing I’ve gotten no one that I’d even think of dating on here. I’ve been a business woman most of my life and if this is what you call good business I will WARN ANYONE AND EVERYONE OF THIS SITE!

  33. get me off this site I will not pay to send another,person 299 for a message,you people are nuts,I just got on and take me the HELL off,the harmony has gone to the Dogs to what it used to be,take my NAME off ,/?////////

  34. I tried to call the number you listed as customer service and it doesn’t work. Could you please email me a phone number where I can talk to someone.

  35. This is so disgusting. Pictures of some people make you just want to not date. This is sad to have to pay for a service that does not even respect the guideline you set on your personal account. All people are beautiful, but whom you want to date for a relationship is specific.

    I want my money back after 3 days and this is so gross. Ugghhh..

  36. I am very pissed of try to log in 4 times, change pass code 3 times, trying to call you 7 times an did not get any were. I want to cancel right know an want my money reimburse


    • I agree. These are scammers. I tried the 800 number, but they do not answer. They also never reply to my emails. I never get any matches at all in my area. Only if I open my geographic setting to the entire world, then I will get some matches. But I live in Hawaii, and I have no activity whatsoever on my account. What did I pay for?
      Horrible customer service that never replies! Scammers that’s all I can say.

  38. I have a promotion area code that I tried to use it put in there several times and they would not take it I’d like to use my probationary code my promo code Lovefeb2014. I wish to join but I want to use my promo Sherry code for 999 a month is out rages

  39. I just joined a few days ago and already regret it. I’ve been sent very few, if any “matches” that actually come close to meeting my criteria and the majority have been way out of my area!
    I hate that I’m stuck with being charged two more times before I can cancel.
    You should let people out of their contract when you can’t live up to your promises!

  40. I paid 9.99 and sent a message to Sylvia and she return a email witch I cant find ,never read it and don’t no how to find it. also send 4 or 5 others at 9.99 and dont no if there is any replys???

  41. I previously belonged to eHarmony. I had been emailing with someone I met thru either eHarmony or; his name (he said) was Fred Draper. After I closed my account with you, he asked for money, I told him I did not have any money. I didn’t hear from him for three months, which was fine with me. Anyway after he contacted me, I played along. My grandson showed me how to check further into Fred Draper and found men were using Fred and Peter Drapers names for scams. Just wanted to let you know in case someone tries to use either of this names. Karen

  42. To customer service I have told you in the past not to renew after the year is up.somehow you keep sending statements to my email address.I do not want to renew.I have not use your service for months,I was not happy with eharmony,the guys are a big joke and are in different states. again I am letting you know do not charge my account any more & stop sending me notices. CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT! DO NOT RENEW It,& DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING. DONT YOU EVER ANSWER YOUR PHONES?

  43. I have payed my first installment but I want to cancel my subscription. I only signed up because my fiancee broke up with me and I was angry. I am not desperate enough to wish to find someone online. CANCEL MY ACCOUNT.

  44. I really fill this company is a big ripoff Ive call ever since I signed up for this dating service. And I just nothing but excuses the Tex. support will get back with you day after day. No one calls. You can not sign on and you can not communicate with the people your interested in to email direct! Your question sheets do not work! Your site does not work. I have a lot of friends and I will tell everyone I know never to trust this site. Wow wee why rip people off! God will make you pay some day for what you do to others. May this company go out of bussine

  45. I just signed up,payed and as soon as that was done I try to log back on and keeps saying invalid e mail and password!,, I have e mailed,tried to call,I don’t think it’s a valid number as it doesnt go through.Is this a scam.?? Please contact me as soon as possible.If I do not hear from. Peron by tomorrow afternoon.I will have to take legal action as money has Ben takn out of my account and I have no service.

  46. Your customer service is awful………..I’ve done nothing but get electronic “run-around!”

    All I want to do is cancel my membership and I’ve received 3 phone #’s and none respond.
    Also, if I wanted to go to the Bahamas, I’d make my own arrangements…….
    I just want to cancel.

  47. I hate got on hear for $9.99 but now I am ready to get off. They will not answer their phone no or it just goes dead. And you can’t even cannel on line bc all they want you to do is renew your subscription. There are a lot a of people on here that are mad there isbound to be something we can do.

  48. I had requested that there will not be a renewal of my subscription on my visa card!. Please cancel any extra or additional charges that your company has proceeded with. I may renew sometime in the future. I am not really jazzed about this eharmony site. More disappointed than anything.

  49. I sign up for 1 year and find after I never used the service they billed my credit card again after the year was up RIP OFF. The phone numbers do not work…I guess because it is a rip off and do not want to hear from you once they have your credit card number.

  50. I have asked eharmony to stop my account now. I do not want the $39.80 taken out of my account anymore. I have met someone that I really like. Please stop.

  51. I asked a simple question on what number can I use to text some new photos and you want to charge $10.00 for a two day response, $20.00 for a today response and $40.00 for an at once response. Get serious. Other services have a number you can call for simple helpful information at no charge. Please cancel my account at once and send a check for the unused balance.

  52. Un friendly service I can not speak to anyone. We had the write to get appointment.And weeks go go by no answers. Now can not get on line to converse to the matches you pick out for us. I feel this program is not really real. The people you say are there do not seam to be real at all.we do not get to email each other or exchange numbers to talk.what going on? Is this for real for your computer only? Sincerely Tom Flores PS. I complyed with all of your by changing password and to still have issues . Your system does not work and to block calls to just get appointment. Wow what is this for.Can you please fix all the bugs.

  53. Un friendly service I can not speak to anyone. We had the write to get appointment.And weeks go go by no answers. Now can not get on line to converse to the matches you pick out for us. I feel this program is not really real. The people you say are there do not seam to be real at all.we do not get to email each other or exchange numbers to talk.what going on? Is this for real for your computer only? Sincerely Tom Flores PS. I complyed with all of your by changing password and to still have issues . Your system does not work and to block calls to just get appointment. Wow what is this for.Can you please fix all the bugs.

    • I know what you mean. I have called three different numbers and you cannot get through to any of them! Sorry that you are going through this. I will say a prayer that it works out for you.

  54. I cancelled my sub 6 months ago, and you’re still charging to my credit card!??? I am trying to call customer service to cancel again and none of the 800 number is working? What kind of BS is this? I will never use you again or recommend to anyone I know. Very bad business practice!


  56. I contacted eharmoney to cancel subscription and recurring payments months ago, I saw the crook company still do a recurring payment and fraudulently resigning me. I will contact authorities if charge isn’t stopped and account Is not closed.

  57. I like how I can not access the proper site to close my e harmony account and isn’t it convenient for e harmony that you can not contact them by phone. E harmony close my account already quit sending me shit

  58. Poor customer service and the whole automatic continued charge to your account unless you close your account and which is apparently non refundable is ridiculous and should not be legal

  59. Please turn off my auto renewal as I followed your instructions but was unable to since I haven’t paid the 3 monthly payments. I want this off NOW I try to call no one answers. Please turn off auto renewal ASAP

  60. This is a joke. I have been trying to call customer service and can’t get through. I want to cancel me subscription. This has been a total waist of my money. Anyone I have been attracted to has not been attracted to me and vice versa. People want you to profess your undying love or they are so far away from me I would never make the drive. One question eHarmony asked is if I was interested in a sexual relationship and of course I am but they put people on my matches that are impotent or have no interest in it. I’m 50 but not dead yet. eHarmony is not for me.

  61. I am very disappointed in e harmony. First they advertise on television that it is free until Dec. 1st, a free trial. You cannot even call them. I have tried 3 phone numbers and they would not go through? Wow! What a site!

  62. I have had so much trouble with this site. I have only been on for 3 days and can’t even get the right people I have communicated with!The matches picked seem to be way off and hard to

  63. I have been trying to remove my profile and your numbers are wrong no one ever answers What is wrong with you people??? Do you have a correct number ??

  64. Every time I put in my email, & pass word, ur system is not taking it. Please resent me my pass word, & email. maybe I forget it please!!!!!

  65. I was going to “join” there was a promo code giving a discount yeaaa not !! DONT SENT ME ANY MORE E-MAILS !! I’m NOT INTERESTED what a rip off

  66. This is a total rip off! Took my money ahead of time paid for 3 months & still haven’t sent me any matches untill today!!! 10 matches to be exact non of which i would contact if i were blind. NOTHING i asked for in my profile. All were 3-4-5 states away!!! So when i went to cancell my subscription it told me i couldn’t yet because i still have a month left! Lol
    So i paid for a service i never recieved. The worst part is there is NO NUMBER THAT WORKS to call customer service. Stay away from E-Harmony, IT IS A RIP OFF!!!
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  67. I do not want to renew my contract. Please do not charge my credit card.
    Today 12-27-2014 is end of my 3 month s and do not wish to continue. Again do not charge my credit card.
    afarin somers

  68. I would like to cancel my subscription I am not able to contract y’all this website is not what I was expecting, there no one for me here, I will like this to be cancel ASAP,are I will contact my lawyer because this is nothing I thought it would be

  69. Ever since I joined eharmony 3 years ago my email is sending all the people that email me something about eharmony please delete my information from your website!! I can’t even call your 1-800 number because it hangs up on me!!!

  70. Spent over an hour filling out a stupid question session. Only to realize this is a total waste of time. Please tell me how to delete all info I supplied. Thank you but I would be better off in a bar. You miss the one important thing in this process which is that first glance, that first eye contact, you dont look at these pics and say oh wow, I said holy shit. Thank you but no thanks

  71. This site is worthless. I met someone on another site and had multiple responses. This site is dead. The same 15 I had 4 months ago. Your Phone number don’t work at all. Bad service. I should have read all these negative responses before I agreed to join this scam.
    Most of them are 200 miles away.
    There are a lot up upset people by the looks of it here.
    You got quite the scam going on.

  72. Please unsubscribe me to Eharmony. I am happily married and these emails are just wasted space in my inbox! ASAP I have tried to do this myself but it will not take my PW or let me update a new PW!! Take me off this site immediately!!!

  73. I can not contact you a 800-263-6133. I can not get the on- line to work. The pass words you give do not work. I keep trying to log on and have filled out your profile. What is your problem.

    I can noT use your site without help

  74. You are taking money out of my account long after I had closed the account last Summer. When I tried to contact you a computer security co.said that I needed new software or all hell would take place. Just return my money 5 a month from July.

  75. I am locked out of eharmony My email address is old and I didn’t get a chance to update it. Thanks for your prompt attention.

  76. Hello,
    I want my subscription cancelled immediately because I am not satisfied with your dating services. I want my payment of 20.84 refunded back on my charge card asap and will be sure to contact you by phone tomorrow Monday February 2nd, 2015.
    Thanks, Elizabeth DiMauro

  77. Be carful what you click on. There are hidden charges all over. Crummy business practices. A $25 a month charge was applied to me for being “incognito”. Nothing was said about this charge. Click on the banner to investigate “Extend Membership” and you will automatically be re-enrolled.
    I live in a town of over 100,000 and there have only been 3 or 4 local people as matches. The others are hundreds of miles away.
    What a scam.

  78. I have sent an email to cancel my subscription. I have found someone on your site and would like to cancel but you have blocked me from being able to call into your office line. This is such terrible business practice. I do not advise anyone to join this site. All they want is your money and don’t give a shit about your relationship needs or if you meet anyone.

  79. Do NOT waste your money on this site. You get flooded with matches that are 500-1000 miles away and you cannot contact anyone at Eharmony.

    It is one BIG SCAM!

  80. I have tried to sign up for the $14.95 promotion. Went on the chat line but the person couldn’t seem to understand the question, “Where do I put the Promo code? UTT31414. Couldn’t believe it. Gave up and hung up.

    Then next promotion was for $19.95. Filled every thing out but when I hit the submit button nothing happened. Tried the chat box, She ask stupid questions like “is there an error message?” I said “No”. She suggestedI hit the refresh button, which I did. I was then taken to a $29.95 promotion.
    I’m amazed at the poor customer service. I have been a member in the past and was very happy with the service. If I don’t get a response to this,I won’t use your service. If there were a negative star rating I would use it… for my wasted time.

  81. Not good customer service! I can not reach you via phone as it is constantly busy and I want my profile removed and can not figure out how to do that as not even your HELP section has anything on it. Frankly I would NEVER recommend eHarmony due to the poor customer service and the price it costs to use it.

  82. I would like to know why I was charged $7.95 from your site. I tried your contact number several times and surprise it just hangs up. I would appreciate if someone can give me a call. thank you in advance to dissolve this issues.

  83. please cancel my acct.I just signed up a few days ago and now it wont let me log into the site just says this page cant be displayed. Kindly respond to this comment because I cant find any other way of contacting anyone with eharmony. You have all my info and I have nothing of yours

  84. Hello
    I’ve been divorced for about seven years. I tried to use eharmony when I was going through my divorce but I wasn’t allowed. Now that I’ve been divorced I still can’t. Eharmony has my status as seperately and I don’t know how to change it. Please help

    • HI
      Please do not spend your money on this site. It is horrible! Read the comments here from everyone. This site doesnt work. You have to pay first (and it is very expensive) and then THEY are the ones to send you the matches, but they don’t send anyone, unless you open your geographic settings to the entire world! It’s horrrible, I was getting matches from all over, but nobody even close to my state (Hawaii). They do not reply to customer service emails or phone calls. And they will not cancel your subscription, even though you cancel it on the site! they continue to charge you ! Its a nightmare, and you’re better off going to all other, more honest, dating sites. You can browse the matches in your area before you have to pay! This site is a scam! Extortion of money pure and simple, and ignore you as a subscriber. Once they get your money, you’re on your own.

  85. Horrible site. I live in Hawaii, so they must not have anyone signing up here. They sent me a few matches in the beginning, only a very few. I communicated with one of them for a few weeks, then I was going to travel to his island (I am in Maui he was in Big Island) and he didn’t want to meet me im person. Turns out he was married! Days and weeks went by and I didnt get anything. Contacted the services, they said my geographic settings were too restrictive!!! What the heck! I live almost 3,000 miles away from the closest state, California. Why would I want to open to California and never be able to see that person?! In any case, I changed my level of importance, from very important, I changed it to only somehwat important! I still dont get anything! Tried to get a refund, prorarted for the months I havent used, and they refuse to! Its a scam! So what am I paying for?? They are doing nothing for me. They should just remove Hawaii from the available states, because there is not enough people from Hawaii on this site! I am going to complain to the Better Business Bureau, and ask for my money back. Scammers.

  86. I am trying to unsubscribe my business e-mail but unable to reach anyone by e-mail or phone so i will be mailing my 4th request to =0(

  87. Good gracious! I posted a question on-site; got a return message: “Someone will respond to you shortly. That was 4 hrs. ago and I have seen nothing yet.

    In addition, no phone numbers connect with anyone at eharmony customer service. The comments I read above say much the same thing – over and over and over — eharmony has NO customer service! What’s up with you guys????

  88. eharmony seems to be playing me. They want me to pay them for something (someone) I’ve never seen, and that they chose for me.

  89. You are billing my old card which was closed out and I never authorized a renewal of your services which was awful. You sent matches out of state when I didn’t want to be out of my area. You were still sending matches and apparently my agreement had expired and I didn’t know it and now you keep billing me. There will be no payment for services I did not request and I would never recommend your company.

  90. I am writing this review for anyone thinking of joining this so-called dating site. It is a joke, and in a year I have not made one contact. All they do is collect your information in a profile and use it as bait for other people. When you tried to delete your account, or stop debiting of your bank account, they make it impossible to do so. There is no direct phone number or person you can reach to stop them from debiting your account. They should have a very easy link with a one click option to stop the debiting and deletion of your account. Again I warn in the one from giving them your photos, your bank account information or anything else. You will not meet anyone on this site.

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