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Contacting Easy Spirit Customer Service Center

Easy Spirit is a show company aimed at the professional with a sense of style. Easy Spirit shoes are known for being comfortable, but the company takes comfort one step further with an Anti-Gravity line. Anti-Gravity shoes employ nitrogen bubbles to decrease weight on your feet and potentially reduce foot pain.

Contact Info:

We were not thrilled with how the contact information was provided for Easy Spirit. In order to access the information you have to search for Contact Us on the customer service/help page. Not many customers would think about searching the FAQs for contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

Easy Spirit customer service is available from 8 AM to 12 AM ET. There is no mention if the lines are open on the weekends or just Monday to Friday.

  • Easy Spirit Phone Number: 1-888-327-9772
  • Fax: 1-914-640-1612

Mailing Address

If you’d prefer to pick up your pen rather than log into your computer or make a call, you can choose to write to Easy Spirit customer service. The address for consumer support is:

Easy Spirit1129 Westchester AveWhite Plains, NY 10604

Official Website

Shopping Easy Spirit or contacting a customer service agent is as simple as visiting the official website at http://www.easyspirit.com/. The site is a storefront and a customer service center, which means the customer service staff is available to take orders, check on the status of an order, advise customers about returns and handle all other product customer service issues as well. It also means there is likely a lengthy automated list of options for customers to deal with at the beginning of every call.

Social Media

One thing we quickly noticed about Easy Spirit was the lack of social integration. We didn’t notice any Facebook or Twitter icons. Many companies offer website visitors the ability to share selections on their own social media pages. This increases brand marketing and sales. The company pages on popular social media sites were also missing.

When we looked for Facebook and Twitter pages for Easy Spirit, we found nothing but user’s pages and pages for local stores – no corporate connections.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Easy Spirit customer service by email at http://www.easyspirit.com/Help/HELP,default,pg.html. Simply fill out the form with your name, email address, category, subject and q uestion. You can even attach a photo or document if desired.

Our Experience

We called the Easy Spirit phone number hoping to find the fastest way through the line. When you call, press 2 when given the option. This will forward your call to the next Easy Spirit customer service representative. We asked Sara about the width of standard shoes and she didn’t have an answer other than they were standard width. She seemed a bit confused by the question, but we did manage to make it through to an agent in less than 40 seconds.

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7 Comments on “Contact Easy Spirit Customer Service
  1. Dear Easy Spirit, I have, for many many years, purchased your shoes as I wear a WW. I would make a special trip to twice a year (110 miles) to the outlet closest to our home just to purchase several pairs of Easy Spirit Now, your outlets carry no WW (been to three stores – in Florida, Indiana, and South Carolina. Many of your shoes online, especially the pretty shoes, no longer are made in WW (ex. – Vinyasa, which I would have purchased in every color). Your shoes were always so consistent in fit and that also seems to have changed. I have the Traveltime shoe in 5 different colors and have replaced several over the past couple of years & they are, of late, not always a consistent fit as in the past. The only other shoe I wear in Munro which also has a great fit in WW. Please, go back to making more WW as I think your company always had the best selection of any company, even among more expensive shoe manufacturers.

  2. This afternoon I had the unfortunate experience shopping at one of your stores. I entered the empty store with my young niece while the sales person, Valerie attend to shoes on the shelve. There was a greeting as expected, great. However as we walked towards the back of the store where sandals were located we admired one of the sandals. We had also shown an interest with a fall shoe as well. During this time the sales person made her way behind the sales counter. We approached the counter with two different shoes (sandal & casual shoe) while making request for the sizes needed. The sales person states, “I will be with you in a moment.” It appears the sales person was reading from the computer monitor without giving no eye contact. The store was still empty as the three of us stood around the sales counter. The sales person continued to read and keyed something into the computer as we stood awaiting for appropriate service. This however went on for nearly 2-3 minutes. I then walked away towards the front of the store admiring another shoe. STILL no sense of urgency from sales person. I quickly walked back to the sales counter and still I was forced to wait!! I made my request again for the sizes 10 1/2 or 11 shoe in which I was holding. The sales person replied, “We don’t have those sizes in the store.” (Said in a nasty tone) Thinking I misunderstood the sales person I asked again. The sales person replied, “We may have sizes 10 1/2 wide or 11.” (Sales person appears to be annoyed) I replied, “Yes, I will take the10 or 11.” While sales person is speaking, she displays such a nasty attitude while responding to my request. She finally takes both shoes to the back of the store to retrieve them. The sales person comes back with a box of shoes. No dialogue of the other shoe that sales person was perhaps unable to retrieve(?) – Another sales person (young male) returns to the selling floor behind her while retrieving some shoes boxes left on sales counter. This of course indicates she was not alone in the store to perform in a professional matter. Another customer enters the store and makes their way into the same corner where the sandals are displayed. Immediately, the same sales person goes into a whole speech of the current promotional sale ( Buy any 2 shoes and get 20% off) Standing nearly 3 feet away, I immediately asked, “What was that about a sale?” Only then, the sales person repeats the statement but in an unfriendly tone. Nevertheless to say, I purchased the one shoes she brought out. The sales person states, “Is there anything else.” At this time she is speaking very low so therefore I did not fully hear her statement. I asked, “Sorry, what was that?” The sales person repeats herself. I had to ask, “Is everything ok with you?”. She sates, “Yes, I’m ok”. I completed my purchase while asking for sales person’s name. At this time the sales person appeared surprised of my request(??) I left very disappointed with the service we received this afternoon. The young lady demonstrated a negative tone; bad attitude, unprofessional ism and lacks social skills. I am a regular shopper who has visited various locations in the New Jersey and New York areas. However, this was the first time I was subjected to such negative and unprofessional behavior from one of your sales persons. I only wish to know what is the company’s general training for appropriate customer service. Again, this was a terrible experience for myself and young niece. I only wish Easyspirit makes attempt to address such need for the quality of service they are generally known for.

    Thank you,


    Location: ESR 6267

    Menlo Park Mall

    Edison, NJ 08837

    Salesperson No: 68133

  3. Dear Easy Spirit, I have a pr of easy spirit shoes that smell badly and make my feet stink. Have washed the shoes several times, but as soon as I put my feet in them they start to smell. Can’t wear them, except in the house – when i’m alone. I assume they are made with some chemical that is activated when the shoes are warmed to body temperature. Shoes are called ESARORA # AJ1112. Is there some kind of dangerous or toxic chemical in these shoes? It doesn’t even help to wear socks – the socks get smelly. Shoes are horrible – sorry.

  4. The E360 is not comfortable as advertised. I wore them around the house and thought they were a little stiff and sole was quite rigid but hoped they would get loosened up with time. I went to a mall yesterday and they were most uncomfortable. I have peripheral neuropathy and need a good cushion in my shoes and even though the ad said they were cushioned I didn’t fine much. Since the insole is not removable I cannot replace the insole. I have 3 pairs of traveltime and hoped this model would be similar, but it is not. I realize you cannot take them back but want you to be aware that this shoe does not measure up to Easy Spirit standards.

  5. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with easyspirit. The Motion shoes are the only shoes I can walk into a store say I want an 8 Wide and take home and they fit. I have bought them for years when they go on sale. HOWEVER, this year was different. I decided to by them on line…BIG MISTAKE!! I had to fight for two day to get shoes ordered. I decided to not only get the motion shoes but to try a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of dress slack shoes. After two frustrating days I got them ordered. When they arrived the tennis shoes were too big the dress slack shoes too small and the motion shoes instead of sending me 8 W as I ordered they sent me 8 D. This has been a TERRIBLE experience. I would advise everyone and anyone NEVER to try to buy easyspirit on line you will absolutely regret it. As I get ready to return them I am wondering what kind of problems I am going to have.

  6. I have worn Easy Spirit for over 30 years and always and still do
    believe they were just meant for my feet. Never had a bad pair
    but I have only one complaint. The round laces on the walking
    shoes are too slippery and come untied some times when walking
    and the laces are much too long. Other than that I love your
    shoes and intend to keep buying them.

  7. To whom it may concern I purchased a pair of boots at the Monroe,Ohio outlet mall while on my way to visit my son in Frankfort,Kentucky I live in Detroit, Michigan when I made it back to Detroit I notice I got a 9 narrow
    I called the Laurel Park Mall not knowing I could not exchange the size the store manager was so very rude she told me that I had to take them to Birch Run that is 90 miles away from where I live. Which I think that is so wrong if I purchased it from easy spirt I should be able to exchange it at any easy spirit. She was so rude she did not offer to help me resolve the matter in no way. Your company must not strive for good customer service. I love the boot so much I guess I have to drive 90 miles out of my way to exchange it. Or maybe return it. Thank you I hope this email does not fall on deaf ears!!!

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