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Contacting DuPont Customer Service Center

DuPont is a 200-year-old company that strives to meet the demands of the consumer and the world with technology and advances in science. The more we know, the more we can create and the more we can create, the more we can help snuff out the plights affecting people across the world. DuPont is responsible for the indestructible Kevlar and the smooth Teflon, but they also work in the field of nutrition, construction and transportation.

Contact Info:

DuPont operates various companies under the parent company. Each of those brands has unique contact information for consumers. The information we’ve shared here is for DuPont corporation – not DuPont brands.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers who have issues with or needs questions answered about DuPont products can call customer service from anywhere in the world. Call the toll free number from within the US and the toll number from anywhere else in the world.

  • Dupont Phone Number: 1-800-441-7515
  • Dupont International Phone Number: 1-302-774-1000

Mailing Address

The inquiry management address was not listed on any DuPont customer service page we found. The address was listed in the privacy statement. You can use this address to send your letter to DuPont corporate.

Dupont Inquiry Management CenterChestnut Run Plaza705/GS38PO Box 80705Wilmington, DE 19880

Official Website

The official site you’ll find when you search for DuPont is, but you can also reach the site by visiting which just redirects to the original link. The site describes brands offered under the DuPont name, including Corian, Kevlar, Pioneer and Teflon.

Social Media

Giving customers a means to connect with customer service at all times from all places is important to big companies and DuPont customer service does a great job. The company is available on the four top social media sites.

Customer Service Email

Both links we’ve provided for DuPont customer service are the same form, but the forms are located on different pages. You can choose either to contact an agent directly from the site. You cannot contact DuPont using your personal email account though the response you receive will be sent to the email you use on the form.

Our Experience

We reached the customer support team at DuPont rather quickly. We called and the automated system featured two options; the second being for the customer service department. When the agent answered the call, we wanted to know if the agent could address food safety and security as it relates to the company’s product assortment. We opened the flood gates. The agent must have been passionate about this topic. They continued to speak on what the company is doing to better the industry.

The agent also provided information from the website on the Weekly Highlights which features news and information from around the company. We like when a customer support agent is thorough and provides additional details relating to our questions. Did you have a great customer service experience? We want to hear your story.

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