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Contacting Doritos Customer Service Center

Doritos is a Frito Lay brand with more than 20 flavors and varieties. Some flavors come and go, but others are a steadfast part of the Doritos lineage like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. There is no dedicated website for Doritos and when you attempt to visit you’ll find yourself on Facebook, not a website for the company or brand.

Contact Info:

It took us a minute to notice the contact information on the Doritos website so we thought it important to give you a heads up ahead of time. Once you click the Contact Us link the contact information appears as a footer overlay at the bottom of the page.

Phone Contact Numbers

When you call customer service you won’t be calling Doritos. Frito Lay handles all customer service calls for the brand. Customer service agents are available for consumer calls Monday to Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

  • Doritos Phone Number: 1-800-352-4477

Mailing Address

Once you’ve written that letter you can send it off to Doritos customer service, or at least to the Frito Lay consumer support address.

Frito Lay Consumer SupportAttn: Doritos Customer ServicePO Box 660634Dallas, TX 75266

Official Website

The official website for Doritos is an interesting part of the consumer experience. If you go to you will be redirected to the Facebook page for the company. To visit the official Doritos customer service page you have to go to

Social Media

There is no official listing of Doritos social media pages on the Frito Lay site, but we were able to drum up some information for the connected consumer.

Customer Service Email

Again, the customer service email form you’ll be using is a Frito Lay form, not a Doritos form. There are multiple pages to the form, so keep hitting next until you receive verification the form was sent. We sent a question to Doritos about the possible production of a cinnamon and sugar variety.

Our Experience

We thought calling the corporate headquarters of Doritos would result in long waits or an answering service. This was far from the truth. When we called, there was four options. The final options connected to the customer service department. After waiting less than seconds, as customer service agent answered the call. After the Q&A session, the call ended. The overall experience was better than expected. What were the highlights of your call to the Doritos customer service team? Comment below.

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58 Comments on “Contact Doritos Customer Service
  1. I’m writing to express my extreme displeasure in your commercial where you show a toddler in a car holding a Doritos chip. You then see the family dog jumping out the window of a moving car as he apparently makes a leap for the chip. I saw this partial showing of your commercial on a TV program that was showing clips of Super Bowl commercials. I found this ad to be inhumane, insensitive and irresponsible.

    Please consider not using this commercial and perhaps getting your money back from your ad agency.

    Thank you.

    Lorie Crouse, Barrington Hills, IL

  2. I liked you’re commercial for the Super Bowl of 2013, because it was funny. It was even more funny when the goat screamed because there were no more Doritos.
    I saw you’re commercial in school the next day and laughed. I think you did well.

  3. I loved your super bowl commercials, They were so funny! The One where the guys play dress up with the little girl ’cause she has Doritos, and the goat that like Doritos! It was priceless.

  4. we have a child named aiden that would be a good actor for your next commercial we are in NC and we are very exited that u guys would even think about this the commercial will be about him turning red when he eats the chips so it will be awesome

  5. I used to buy your doritos all the time but frankly i got tired of half a bag of chips and a bunch of air,thats bullshit ,i can get air for free wheres the damn chips at? Fucking assholes always ripping people off!!!!

  6. well I have been satisfied with flavor but yesterday I found something terrible a fly dead in a package that was sealed I just opened it this goes to show that this company is severely unsanitary and I will get everyone to see that you don’t mind if flies wind up in bags of your Buffalo Chips I here by declare that Doritos are unsanitary for human consumption and it should be a health code valuation mean do you know how many germs a fly carries? Well tens no hundreds of germs and diseases and I would like to get a refund of all my Dorito perches which is about $2637.00 give or take a few

  7. when are u guys coming back out with the Doritos 3D?? they were awesome. and i miss them. i think u guys should come back out with them. and i have searched online and that is all anyone is talking about! please come back out with them!!! thankyou!!

  8. i won an xbox one on your every2minute site and i didnt get it yet and its been since november 19 i would want to get the xbox one so can you try to ship one

  9. Why hasn’t Dorito’s had a contest as Lay’s flavor suggestions? Or have they already made all the flavors they want to?

  10. Why hasn’t Dorito’s had a contest as Lay’s flavor suggestions? Or has Dorito’s already made all the flavors they want?

  11. hello,
    i bought doritos today(the red one) and i got only 4 doritos inside the bag.
    i pictured it and i have the serial number.

  12. Look i love your chips to death, especially the nach cheese kind. It’s just i wish you wouldn’t pack so much air in the bags. I would not mess with your ingredients in any way tho. They are perfect.

  13. I think there should be a form for emailing Doritos because I have noticed that people are not emailing them because they are either not allowed like me or just don’t wanna give them so much information

  14. i was in a walgreens in anniston alabama this morning making purchases for lunch and shacks at my job. i notwas looking in the chips isle normally i was going to try some doritos but when i looked in the doritos area i notice a new bag of doritos and it was the halepino flavored doritos and the packacking was so busy and decided not to go with doritos and i purchased lays. just wanted you to know that the packaging totally turned me off and i didn’t make the purchase. didn’t try your product because of the packageing.

  15. I bought a bag of your chips today and they and a small metal piece in it. I bit down on it. I’ve always been happy with your products until now. This is disgusting and dangerous.

  16. Hello I have been enjoying Doritos for years. I have 1 question? You came out with the Jacked Dorito chip a while back and there were 2 flavors, the one is still around and its the hot wing flavor. My family loved the other one of the first 2. Why are they not on the shelves anymore? the new mystery653 is disgusting flavor #2

  17. Can’t understand with all these extreme flavors, they don’t have nacho or ranch. When are they coming out with that?

  18. Hey, Doritos I have a fantastic idea for you guys ! Or shall I say us email me && you won’t be disappointed !

  19. If I ever get DUPED by one of your “contests” again, I hope the devil takes me! I bought your test chips, thinking I was going to vote on which of the 3 new flavors I preferred. Well, I had one. Then I tried to enter my vote on your stupid web page. I could find the “fresh until date posted” and I couldn’t for the life of me read the “type in the image you see in this window.” If I EVER pay $4+ for a bag of chips, I hope to rot in hell! I, in the meantime, won’t buy another Doritos’ product, if my bloody life depends on it. Stick your Doritos where the sun don’t shine and stop bilking innocent people to spend more money than the chips are worth and then make it impossible to vote for a stupid product. I hate them all, now!

  20. I buy your chilli heatwave grab bags very day have done for years but im getting more and more frustrated that the grab bags which i pay more for are becoming to have the same quantity as the normal packs of Doritos. Its not right that i pay more in money and get less in quantity. Would like to know what you as a company serving the public are going to do inresponce to my comments please.



  21. This more recent commercial is horrible, the mother asked “can I get some help?” the Smartass kid says….”I don’t know can you”? Really, kids today have little or no respect and you’re encouraging more smart mouth remarks, take it off!

  22. Do NOT put on TV any image of a child riding a dog! The words “Do not attempt.” Will not be seen by the cruel and stupid people who will take the idea into their heads that they should do that. Animals cannot tell people when something hurts, so do not encourage people to hurt them.

    Remove that ad!

  23. Unfortunately I have to say that doritos is an expensive chip bag to purchase. My husband and I decided to buy a doritos bag cause it had been long since we tasted them. But hey they we were good don’t get me wrong but the bag was less than half full. A total steal, I mean for us is not right to keep on a tradition of a brand that has gone down and it has turned to a must have this type of brand no matter what. For us it was an insult to spend almost 4 dollars for almost nothing. Pics are available but need an email for proof. Totally disappointed.

  24. dear sirs, i love your cheesy flavor doritos. i was using doritos with my taco mix before taco bell. i would like to know if you could use my idea of making a dorito cheesy tosado bowl for taco salads. to be sold in grocery stores and at taco bell? pls. let me know what you think of this idea.

  25. Hello Doritos Company,
    I have a suggestion for a limited edition nacho cheese Doritos.
    make a Doritos have a design on them. It will attract the kids, they will think its cool and beg their parents to buy some. Let me know what you think., and get back to me.

  26. Im extremely annoyed and disappointed that I ate a packet of doritos chrisps which were still in date untill 1/11/14, I then proceeded to enter the penalty shootout competition only to find it was closed. I cant understand why the comp shud be closed while the chrisps are still in date. I feel I didnt get a fair chance with this packet of chrisps. Unless I dont get compenstaion for these I will not be buying anything dorito related again. Thankyou.

  27. Your company shows an advertisment on television of a boy sitting on the back of a dog. This is VERY WRONG to show. This is how dogs get broken backs. Kids see this and try it on their own dog. Your company needs to put thought before showing this type of ad. Animals are to be petted and protected, not abused. I will not purchase your product anymore and will tell people not to buy it. Your company needs to practice animal safety and respect. Carol Schmidt

  28. Hi. I’m commenting in high hopes that you guys bring the Salsa flavor doritos back in the black bag. Those chips should be an official dorito flavor all over the US.

  29. Very disappointed. Found a dead cockroach inside a brand new unopened bag of Doritos, sweet spicy chili, roaches carry many diseases. Your facility is cleary very unsanitary and i would like someone to contact me asap in regarded to this situation. I have the picture and number on the bag.

  30. Just watched your doritos commercial for the umpteenth time.

    every time I do it makes me clinch my teeth. Teaching children
    how to smart mouth back to their parents and/or elders is just
    not the smartest way to sell products. Referring to the comment
    the child makes back to his (I assume) mother about helping
    carry in the groceries “I DON’T KNOW, CAN YOU.”
    That is just not to smart……

  31. so i was trying to do some trickshots on rust the other dauy but i noticed my insane ammount of hitmarkets and non kills. I think this product has done something to my fingers altering them to not do as good at quickscoping when i do it. I want a refund and my quickscoping and noscoping skillz back

  32. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR INFERNO FLAVOUR OF DORITIOS!! I had then a couple times about a year ago and they became my ALL TIME FAVOURITE! I have been searching for them since and cannot find a distributor anywhere. I love how hot and delicious they are. Please consider my request to bring this beautiful flavour back. Please :(

    Your loyal customer.

  33. I agree with Virginia 110%. Reinforcing the false belief that disrespectful behavior is acceptable is totally misguided.
    No child should ever be exposed to a scenario that ‘states’…. disrespect is OK. Guaranteed that now, ‘that’is with what far too many prospective Fritos customers will associate the product and corporate leadership. Too bad that the Doritos/Frito Lay advertising agency doesn’t know this and that DFL Corporate wouldn’t refuse to be party and part in their proposal.
    But the saddest part is that so many people think the commercial’s underlying message is OK…cute…because an entity of power and wealth ‘says’ so. And the mindless sheep march on.

  34. Late night hamburger doritos are by far the best product your company has made and I and millions on other people would love for you to bring them back. Please!!!

  35. To Whom it May Concern,

    Recently I became completly heart broken, because knowing me Doritos is one of the BEST chips to snack on of lifetime. I found out that one of the ingredients used in Doritos chip was something I am NOT allowed to eat because of religious purposes. I believe if you change this product with maybe something vegetarian or something other then the product called “WHEY” would actually give you more sales, NOT only that but many of the people in Canada would respect the company even MORE. Please please email me back, because I am devastated nearly in tears to find out such disastrous news

  36. you are the most impossible company/being as large as you are to contact. I am fuming more angry with how difficult it is to contact you. You are only available certain hours and on your frito site, I emailed you, you have not responded in a situation I had with your product. I would appreciate someone contacting me. I purchased your varity bag,only recieved 1 cheeto all doritos…. from Target. It was a compromise between my 2 children… this has been 3 week process to contact you…………………. MAKE THIS RIGHT! Ridiculous!!!!!

  37. We opened a bag of Doritos and started eating them. When we pulled a charred piece of black ???something from the bag. I have taken pictures of this and the bag it came in. We were appalled and sickened to find this nasty thing in our bag. We began feeling ill after eating this bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.
    This has ruined our dedication to Doritos as our chip of choice. We are considering having this thing tested to see what it is!!!

  38. I am usually verry happy with my purchases of Doritos product but the last two begs of both cool ranch flavor and nacho cheese flavors they were sadly stale and I am kind of disappointed because I was really waiting to enjoy these chips after a long day .

  39. I am responding to your commercial where a mother gets out of her car and asks her sons for help with the bags and her son sitting on a lawn chair with a phone says, I don’t know can we.
    What a terrible example this scene is for our children to see.
    And we wonder what wrong with our country.
    Thanks a lot for you contribution. I’ll bet you don’t post this.

    • I emailed you all about bringing back the taco and guacamole flavors and noone emailed me back. What is the problem bring those flavors back.

  40. I was posting to ask if you could please bring back the salsa Verdea Doritos they were very delicious and I think that everyone would agree they should have never been removed from stores thank you and have a blessed day and I hope you consider this

  41. What happened to plain, original flavor Doritos. The only place in So. California to purchase them, is in Big Bear. Also, not available in Nevada. Please, I would like to find them in a store near me.

  42. I think it’s a huge rip off when the bag is a certain size but the chips are only filled up half way. It’s a little silly having a bigger bag for “better value” when there’s the same amount of chips as the smaller bags. You guys thought you could fool me by thinking I’m getting a better deal but I’m smarter than that.

  43. I love doritos flammas i hate that they are no longer available. Those were the best! All the other flavors are just whatever…..

  44. Hello, my name is Sharda Booker and I live in Jackson, Mississippi . I’m doing a project on Business and Communication, the purpose of this to contact a company we like. I chose Doritos. I’ve been eating your chips for such along time my favorite chips are Spicy Sweet doritos. Sad to say where i live the stores and grocery stores doesn’t sell them a lot. I was wondering if u could send me free samples of your product. thank you and have a blessed day

  45. i wish that you can bring back the flamin hot doritos back they are good many of my friends and i wish that they were to be back on the shelves on the stores. it would be great if they can be returned. or if someone can tell me where to find them that would also be great.

  46. To whom it may concern;
    First of all I would like to say what a huge Doritos fan I am. That being said I have an issue that I would like to discuss with you. Awhile ago you had a flavor of Doritos in the store called Blazin’ Buffalo Ranch. It very quickly became my absolute favorite flavor and the love of my life… But alas, you have shredded my hopes and dreams in the blink of an eye by removing this flavor from the shelves. My life has been deeply affected by this tragedy. Then as if my suffering isn’t enough, by some cruel twist of fate there is a new flavor with the same color bag as my beloved Blazin’ Buffalo. WHAT KIND OF CRUEL JOKE ARE YOU PEOPLE PLAYING!? Please for the love of all that is holy, I beg of you, bring back my Blazin’ Buffalo Ranch so I may find happiness once again. Yours truly, a broken hearted soul.

  47. you cant just throw 5 chilli heat wave Dorito’s in a packet of tangy cheese and call them roulette crisps, most disappointing thing since the invention of bread.

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