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Contacting Doritos Customer Service Center

Doritos is a Frito Lay brand with more than 20 flavors and varieties. Some flavors come and go, but others are a steadfast part of the Doritos lineage like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. There is no dedicated website for Doritos and when you attempt to visit you’ll find yourself on Facebook, not a website for the company or brand.

Contact Info:

It took us a minute to notice the contact information on the Doritos website so we thought it important to give you a heads up ahead of time. Once you click the Contact Us link the contact information appears as a footer overlay at the bottom of the page.

Phone Contact Numbers

When you call customer service you won’t be calling Doritos. Frito Lay handles all customer service calls for the brand. Customer service agents are available for consumer calls Monday to Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

  • Doritos Phone Number: 1-800-352-4477

Mailing Address

Once you’ve written that letter you can send it off to Doritos customer service, or at least to the Frito Lay consumer support address.

Frito Lay Consumer SupportAttn: Doritos Customer ServicePO Box 660634Dallas, TX 75266

Official Website

The official website for Doritos is an interesting part of the consumer experience. If you go to you will be redirected to the Facebook page for the company. To visit the official Doritos customer service page you have to go to

Social Media

There is no official listing of Doritos social media pages on the Frito Lay site, but we were able to drum up some information for the connected consumer.

Customer Service Email

Again, the customer service email form you’ll be using is a Frito Lay form, not a Doritos form. There are multiple pages to the form, so keep hitting next until you receive verification the form was sent. We sent a question to Doritos about the possible production of a cinnamon and sugar variety.

Our Experience

We thought calling the corporate headquarters of Doritos would result in long waits or an answering service. This was far from the truth. When we called, there was four options. The final options connected to the customer service department. After waiting less than seconds, as customer service agent answered the call. After the Q&A session, the call ended. The overall experience was better than expected. What were the highlights of your call to the Doritos customer service team? Comment below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Doritos Customer Service
  1. I’m writing to express my extreme displeasure in your commercial where you show a toddler in a car holding a Doritos chip. You then see the family dog jumping out the window of a moving car as he apparently makes a leap for the chip. I saw this partial showing of your commercial on a TV program that was showing clips of Super Bowl commercials. I found this ad to be inhumane, insensitive and irresponsible.

    Please consider not using this commercial and perhaps getting your money back from your ad agency.

    Thank you.

    Lorie Crouse, Barrington Hills, IL

  2. I liked you’re commercial for the Super Bowl of 2013, because it was funny. It was even more funny when the goat screamed because there were no more Doritos.
    I saw you’re commercial in school the next day and laughed. I think you did well.

  3. I loved your super bowl commercials, They were so funny! The One where the guys play dress up with the little girl ’cause she has Doritos, and the goat that like Doritos! It was priceless.

  4. we have a child named aiden that would be a good actor for your next commercial we are in NC and we are very exited that u guys would even think about this the commercial will be about him turning red when he eats the chips so it will be awesome

  5. I used to buy your doritos all the time but frankly i got tired of half a bag of chips and a bunch of air,thats bullshit ,i can get air for free wheres the damn chips at? Fucking assholes always ripping people off!!!!

  6. well I have been satisfied with flavor but yesterday I found something terrible a fly dead in a package that was sealed I just opened it this goes to show that this company is severely unsanitary and I will get everyone to see that you don’t mind if flies wind up in bags of your Buffalo Chips I here by declare that Doritos are unsanitary for human consumption and it should be a health code valuation mean do you know how many germs a fly carries? Well tens no hundreds of germs and diseases and I would like to get a refund of all my Dorito perches which is about $2637.00 give or take a few

  7. when are u guys coming back out with the Doritos 3D?? they were awesome. and i miss them. i think u guys should come back out with them. and i have searched online and that is all anyone is talking about! please come back out with them!!! thankyou!!

  8. i won an xbox one on your every2minute site and i didnt get it yet and its been since november 19 i would want to get the xbox one so can you try to ship one

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