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Winning the retail war is at an all-time high. Financial markets are unstable, the cost of goods is through the roof and the ones left holding the bag are the customers. Big box retailers claim to have better prices and selection and at times they do. What they don’t have is the passion for the customer. Dollar General has the passion for the customer who may be struggling from pay check to pay check and wants high quality goods to provide for their families.

Dollar General knows what it’s like to be against steep competition, but continues to fight and come out on top. This is why the company places such a large focus on customer service. When a company takes care of the customer, the customer in turn takes care of the company.

Contact Info:

Questions and concerns arise and the Dollar General customer service team is ready to answer the call.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer care line: 1-877-463-1553

Mailing Address

Dollar General Corporate HeadquartersCustomer Service Department100 Mission RidgeGoodlettsville, TN 37072

Official Website

Visit, the official Dollar Generalwebsite, in order to locate the nearest location, shop the weekly advertisement or find promotional items. Customers can make single and bulk purchases online and sing-up for the rewards program. When visiting the site, customers can shop by department or shop by category. In order to save customers more money, the company offers an email subscription so customers can receive deals first.

Customers can also find ways to remain connected to the customer support department for store support or online support. The customer center features a contact page as well as FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Instead of emailing the company, customers must contact Dollar General by using the customer contact form Customers can select the department, General questions/concerns, marketing, IT or Human resources prior to entering contact information. Before we sent an email asking for the hours of the customer service department, we read the company recommends not including personal information in the correspondence.

Additional ways to keep in contact with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

When we stated Dollar General has the best interest of the customer in mind, we meant it. Calling the customer service department was a breeze. We didn’t have to endure a confusing automated system, just one press of a button and we were speaking with an agent. We asked the representative how to return items if we didn’t have a receipt. The representative explained the return policy and even offered to contact my local store to inform them I would be stopping by for a visit to make a return. Talk about going above and beyond the call of service. We were impressed with the customer service department. How do you feel about our experience? Was your experience similar? Let us know.

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  1. On several visits to the Dollar General by my home, the personnel at the register have been on the phone. Most of these calls are of a personal nature, not a customer asking questions. Today, the person on the register was discussing an issure with another employee. She was on the phone when I entered the store and when I left. She checked out at least 6-7 people with more in line after me. When I questioned the girl about being on the phone she stated it was her BOSS. This is very rude and unprofessional. (They were discussing another employee who was on the phone all the time.) I will find another store to frequent as I also work retail and this would never be permitted.

  2. i visited dollar general several days ago and a guy named ron whom waited on me was very rude he was talking to a lady that was the manager they were talking about their work schedule while he was ringing my things up he acted as though iwas not there then they both started yelling at eachother i shop there a lot because its closet to where i live which is in clyde nc i can walk to this store when its warm but now i guess i will drive to canton nc to the other dollar general because i get good deals at dg that i cannot get anywhere else mostly on food

  3. I work for Dollar General and it’s unfair way of how management proceeds to do as they please is stressful. My boss is nice as times but he is also a sarcastic manager. He acts very immature in a way that makes you want to quit. I can’t because I need my job. His assistant manager does many things he gets away with and the manager brushes it off. I’ve thought about calling human resources for both but I honestly do no want the drama it will cause. I put up with it because I don’t have a choice. I just hope that one day this little immature sarcastic, and rude at times manager grows up before karma bites him hard. Karma will bite him anyway and his assistant too.

    • I worked for Dollar General Jane and it does not get better the managers do as they please ,break rules, have favorites that they also allow to break rules . I work now for another company and they have fixed this problem by shifting the Managers within a 25 to 30 mile radius to other stores they are only allowed to stay in one store for no more than two years, they were able to weed out all the poor management. now you would think Dollar General would have common sense to do this.

  4. I was shopping today in the Dollar General located on: 10601 U.S. 441, Leesburg, Florida 34788 . While I was shopping I picked up a scented candle and when I tried to open it I felt a pain in my thumb. The top of the jar was broken. It had a jagged edge where the glass was broken which I didn’t see until I sliced my thumb. My thumb was bleeding and I couldn’t fine a clerk around for a long while( probably for almost 3 or 4 minutes) anyway, when she came out of where ever she was I told her what happened to me. She looked so puzzled. She wasn’t sure what to do in that situation. I followed her into a back room and she gave some rolled up bathroom tissues. I covered my finger to stop the bleeding. I was hoping she would have had a first aid kit around to put peroxide on my wound. She looked around for some bandaids. She was more concerned about waiting on her customers. She finally called the manager or someone in charge. This person asked me “what can I do for you? She didn’t even know what was happening. I told her I cut my thumb on a glass candle. She asked if I wanted to fill out an accident form. I told her the cut was small and it wasn’t necessary. I finally got a bandaid on my thumb. Anyway, these woman and men should be trained when something like this situation occurs. The clerk didn’t have a clue what to do. The person in charge wasn’t any better. What if I had cut it really deep? What procedures would they have taken then? Very disappointed customer.

  5. Well I went to the store and pick up some different items that were on sale.I took them
    to the register and they were ringing up force higher price, and they were supposed to be, on sale because the yellow stickers were posted. I told the cashier that the items were on sale because the yellow stickers were up.She proceeded to tell the manager. He went to see if they were on sale. He came back to the register and said none of the items were on sale because the stickers were old and somebody forgot to take them down. I told him its not my fault that his workers did not do their job, and they are supposed to honor those prices because they were still post. The manager started hollering that the stickers were old and they couldn’t do anything about it and that’s it. He didn’t have a care in the world if his customer was there it not. I have been in other stores where that happened. They said that they had to honor that because they were still posted. The manager could have handled the station in a better way

  6. Very dissapppointed with the way a n assistant manager at this store, Eduardo Castro treated me today Saturday 05/25/2013 between 6:30 and 7:00 PM
    1) I came in to complain that 2 weeks ago the store sold me a bottle of ONE DAILY vitamin supplements that had long expired on 07/2011.
    2) When I asked him why the store sold expired stuff, he said he was not the one who sold them to me and that he wasn’t there.
    3) i told him that was a lame excuse which I did not deserve as a customer.
    4) he insisted on a receipt to which I told him I did not have. He said in that case he could not help me.
    5) i insisted that something should be done and he said I should call 888-237-4114 for help.
    6) At this point he seemed very annoyed and was disrespectfully abrupt when I spoke to him.
    7) i called the number and spoke to Anna in customer services. I told her of my dilemma and she confirmed the bottle was purchased from the store and that i could be reimbursed or could switch for a fresh bottle.
    8) initially I was quite satisfied with the result and the way Anna had handled it.
    9) I exchanged my bottle for a new one. He snatched the old one from my hand with his faced turned away.
    10) before I left the store I asked him if he could give me a receipt or some confirmation of our new transaction.
    11) he told me that because I didnt have a receipt why should he give me one I said it was only proper but he blatantly refused.
    12) i requested for my bottle back because now I felt I was being disrespected and wanted to report this attitude.
    13) He told me, lied to me that he had destroyed my original bottle and would now retreive it.
    14) I insisted and now tempers were flarring and voices rising.
    15) i called customer services again and spoke to Rosie. I told here about Eduardo’s attitude and my displeasure. He came up to me a put his face barely 6 inches away manacingly trying to intimidate me.
    16) i told Rosie my issue and he then threatened to call his District Manager.
    17) i requested from Rosie to get my bottle back.
    18) she asked for him on my phone and instrcted her to return he bottle.
    19) he reached down in a cupboard or was it a trash can and retreived the bottle he had purpotadly destroyed.
    20) i took my bottle and we wished each other good night and I left.
    I was wronged firstly by being sold expired stuff, which in itself is not a small issue, but to have that compounded by rudeness uncouth behaviour certainly is not acceptable to e and I am sure to any of your customers.
    Waiting to hear from you.


  7. Why is your store in neptune ,NJ charging sales tax on American Flags. i asked the manager and she stated it was coporate policy. The state of New jersey exempts sales tax on the purchase of american flags. NJ stat.54:32B-8.26

  8. We have a beautiful Dollar General in our neighborhood and I frequently shop there. Only 1 complaint: no clerks at check-out!Customers wait quite a while until someone appears out of a office door, and recently I waited in line behind 8 other customers with only 1 cashier, while another cashier appeared frequently in and out of this door, never waiting on any customers! She could have easily opened up a 2nd register to only get the line down and decrease the frustration voiced by many people in line. This happens frequently. The cashier doing the checking out for everyone did apologize for something that wasn’t even her fault.

  9. Dollar General discriminate against Spanish and African american. An acquaintance worked there,and he got terminated , when one night he was the victim of a robbery. Never been late, never missing money in his cash register,wonderful to the customers. DG fired him without explanation other than he was stupid and naive for letting the individual take the money, and by the way the money was taking from the supervisor hand who was taking over the transaction, she was called by my friend, he suspected something was not rigth, my friend identified the individual and later on that week the thief was caught in the next state and was in custody. I guess the policy of Dollar General is that you are at fault is you are the victim of a robbery. Forgot to mention the employee is Spanish and the boss stated to get rid of him, that he didn’t care for Spanish or blacks working there , that they are all thief and outlaw anyway.I was there with my friend when he said that.

  10. We actually have a very nice Dollar General. Bad employees don’t last long except for one young man, Marty. He smiles and is quick to the register but I have a major complaint against Marty. Why does he put food like blocks of cheese or packages of meat packaged in thin plastics in with chemicals that are clearly dangerous if ingested?? I’ve asked him to stop and bag chemicals separately but he looks me dead in the eyes and puts hot dogs next to Comet. I actually don’t like my bagged coffee next to floral detergents and in 27 years of shopping for my family have NEVER had to correct any other cashier but I draw the line at meat and cheese next to hazardous chemicals. Someone needs to explain to Marty he is behaving in an unsafe and honestly disgusting manner.

  11. I need my last paycheck from you if i don’t get Friday i will have to get in touch with the BBB AND HAVE THEM GET IT FOR ME YOU ONLY HAVE THREE DAYS LEFT

  12. I live in texarkana ark and your store in redwater texas your store there has a manger Shana Potts and the store is awesome,they are so friendly and the store looks great and the customer service is good just wanted to share

  13. Today I visited my Dollar General store where I have been shopping for 14 years. I was very put out and disappointed in the service I received there today. I had a coupon to purchase two items and get $5.00 off. The clerk could not get the coupon to scan so he checked the coupon against the product I was purchasing and found it to be legit. He attempted to post the coupon manually and when it did not work, he simply and quite rudely told me that I could not use it because he could not get the register to take it. He made no attempt to call the manager up to the front to see how to do this and I was also a bit put out that he was chomping on chewing gum all the while. I have never felt so unappreciated as a customer in this store before. Needless to say I did not buy the product because the use of the coupon was my whole reason for getting it. Customer service in this store is wonderful most of the time but I did visit today during a later shift than usual. I won’t make that mistake again.

  14. The mgr at Warren Pa DG seems like a giood guy. lknows his stock, polite to shoppers, always says hello. But I’ve had enough of some of the women there. Try asking Linda where something is. She gives you a dirty look and acts like it’s too much work to give directions. She is a large women, she can hardly walk and expects customers to get out of her way. Last month she ran into my wife with a cart. ran over her heel. My wife was in line maybe a little out iin the aisle but she had her back to Linda so Linda saw her and ran into her anyway. All LINDA had to do was say excuse me to my wife or take anohter route. I was a few feet away so I saw linda’s dirty trick, she didni'[ see me. But I saw her. Don’t tell me Linda didn’t do it on prupose. Don’t tell me Linda wasn paying attention. Don’t tell me it was an accident.. Linda KNEW exactly what she was doing. iF SHE WASN’T paying attention she shouldn’t be on the job. My wife asked me not to complain. but enough is enough. We live in Youngsville 15 min away, the DG staff there are polite and friendly. So I know it’s not me. Looks like Linda thinks she can treat customeres like dirt, and thinks her job is secure. But she’s in for a shock one day. One day Linda will pull a stunt like that with the wong person and she';ll get punched in the nose. I’m not the only one. A lot of people can’t stand a few of the older women in there. A nice younger woman, don’t know her name, big blue eyes, long hair usually blonde, been there a long time, yeasr, is really nice to everyone. I know people who don’t shop at this DG uneless she’ there. Tell the other women to get a grip or find another place to laze around. They don’t work they just collect a check. My wife likes the DG staff in JamestownNY. We have a sign in our office” Ok to complain if you had a solution. Here’s my soultion, get rid of Lnda and the other unhappy staff and tell the younger lady iwth big blue eyes to hire people like her.

  15. My friend sent comment about Warren Pa assoc, Linda. Every time I’m in that store Linda is gossiping about a customer with one of her co worker. Doesn’t Linda know that customers gossip about associates too? People call Linda, the Brontosaurus because she moves so slow and is so large that she blocks thte ailse. She won’t get out of any customer’s way. She thinks they should make way for her. Some people call her King of the Road. People call another manager The Thing, The Frankenstein Monster, and the DG Nazi. I don’t know her name but she is something else. If The Brontosaurous and The Nazi don’t think customers gossip too, tell them think again. My friend is right if DG hired more people like the tall blond girl with the big blue eyss the store would be a better place. Heather, my wife doesn’t shop here any more. DG has a lot of competition in Warren, she goes there. Me? I like watching theses Bozo’s, one day they’ll get their comuppance.

  16. I worked for Dollar General for three and a half years up until October 11th 2013 I absolutely adored my job my customers my store I was ready to retire with Dollar General I started to have problems with my DM and begin to report said problems to HR he was taking nothing seriously even when money was coming up missing he also got caught taking penny items and selling them at his and his wife’s garage sales yet he is still with Dollar General and I was terminated I lowered my shrink by almost 2 percent and my very first year of management I work 70 plus hours a week for very little pay but still love my job and continue to stay then when I called the whistleblower hotline on my DM 11 days later he came to my store to let me go he said he let me go for doing a payout that he had himself authorized the payout happened on August 21st 2013 he didn’t let me go until 52 days later I truly believe he did this to keep me quiet on issues that could have led him to losing his job I am going to go far further with a wrongful termination suit against dollar General in my district manager I have now tried for over three weeks to get in touch with HR again with no luck I would appreciate a return phone call has anybody else had these types of issues with Dollar General after sacrificing your entire personal life for them I would have never given up my job as I had stated but clearly they did not feel the same about their employee as I did about the company I work for

  17. I shop at many Dollar General stores and never have I met such a nicer cashier. The store is # 08419 in Troutville Va and the clerk was Ciera. Super nice young lady and very polite and had a smile the whole time.

  18. I am a cashier at a DG (9443) and I have only been there 3 months and the main manger that hired me has been very hateful to many of her employes myself included. I have been accused of stealing when 1. I was not there the day the items were stolen and 2. she said she has proof that i took them. How is this possible? its not. what makes me mad is that there has been 7 people quit because of her. the manger that i worked with knows i did not do it because she worked that shift the those items got stolen. well about 3 days ago she A. either quit or B. got fired. I’m not she. There is nothing in this store that i would want to take. Every-time I buy something there it seem to break. I have everyone on my side but it seems as though the people get fired before they can mention something. Im not sure if i should quit because the district manger is the same way like the one that hired me. Lastly my basket size may be low however at night there are people at my store that wants to come and get what they need and nothing else. i have suggested things and no one wants anything but what they but on the counter. There four my basket size is low. I feel it is wrong to go by basket size or anything else. it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like i am being pick on way to much.

  19. how can you purchase stuff from another store .and the dollar store collect and say it there.and they want to pressed charges for thieft.from one dollar store to the other.and why does the workers keep an eye on you and follows you.and they dont have proof.they are resuming that it belongs to them brockway,pa. dollar store.

  20. I live in poteau, Oklahoma and our town has two dollar general stores. The newest one on Broadway is wonderful and was the one I normally shop at. However, I visited the other store near the police station on my way to my friends child’s’ b-day party n order to pk up a quick gift and because of what happened next I will nerve spend any of my hard earned money in any other DG store again. Before I was finished shopping, I was approached by the store mgr and 2 police officers who accused me and my husband of shoplifting. I was appalled. I emptied my entire purse onto the floor to prove I had nothing to hide. Among other personal belongings in my purse were 2 rolls of duct tape and several mini rolls of tape which by the way DG doesn’t even carry. Also in my outer as an unopened package of one temper, dental putty. The sttore mgr insisted that I had stolen these items from her store. And had me place under citizens arrest. The police all physically searched my husband who might I add is a disabled combat veteran who has fought for the freedoms of this country. Since he had no retail products on him they did not take him to jail. I was not so lucky. Upon my release I went ‘home and located my receipt from the night before proving that all the items this mgr accused me of stealing was purchased at WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!?! I took this receipt to the police station and showed the arresstng officer if for nothing more than my own peace of mind an proof of innocense. He then informed me that the mgr make these citizen arrests quite regularly……HMMMMMM….something sure smells fishy there! Maybe she’s doing this to cover what’s actually walking out the doors elsewhere . something has to be done. Now I have to fiile a civil suit against er to clear my name.

  21. on your express hiring told me to enter my ssn which I did.then it asked for my pin which is suppose to be my birthdate but I don’t understand what is the image for my birthdate does not work.i really need to get into it so the background check can get done

  22. I went to dollar general store in meridian, ms store number 4742. The new manager that is really nice. She makes a point to say hey and help you find anything you need. Her employees are always being kind. The new manager is always making sure her customers are happy. You need to have more people like her and her team in other dollar general stores. Great job you all.

  23. I worked for Dg for years and under 3 Managers all were way to comfortable the DM’s can’t be in every store every minute corporate allows managers to run a muck sad most employees just leave as I did because saying anything just makes things worse.I have never understood why when management makes a comment to a DM that a DM doesn’t speak tothat person in private there are two sides to every story

  24. PLEASE get rid of all products that have

    HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Not a complaint

    just a PLEA!!! You are my FAVORITE RETAILER!

  25. I would like everyone to be aware that Dollar General does not value their employees nor staff. I am 72 years old and I have been visiting the location in Albany Georgia on S. Westover Road since they broke ground a couple of years ago. I have noticed that it is not just this store but all of the locations are extremely hot this particular time of year! I entered the store today 05/12/2014 and was in the store for all of 3 minutes before I was feeling sweat roll down my back. I took a look around to make sure I wasn’t the only one and I saw the employees wiping sweat also! I was then informed that the thermostat is controlled by their corporate office which is located up north where the climate is known to be cooler. Please explain to me how someone miles away can empathize with someone in the south when it comes to heat? I cannot believe DG is that micro managed! Good God let these people adjust the air to please their customers! THIS STORE( S.WESTOVER BLVD IN ALBANY GEORGIA) IS UNCOMFORTABLE AND UNSAFE TO SHOP OR WORK IN but I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my sweat drenched heart for relocating the previous managers (SHALISA AND TONYA) to a location I do not frequent they were some of the most inept humans I have ever seen in retail management! The times that I have had the misfortune to visit the location on MLK in ALBANY,GEORGIA where they have been relocated it is the same thing as the other location. Tonya is always eating at the register and on the floor and Shalisa is

  26. I would like everyone to be aware that Dollar General does not value their employees nor staff. I am 72 years old and I have been visiting the location in Albany Georgia on S. Westover Road since they broke ground a couple of years ago. I have noticed that it is not just this store but all of the locations are extremely hot this particular time of year! I entered the store today 05/12/2014 and was in the store for all of 3 minutes before I was feeling sweat roll down my back. I took a look around to make sure I wasn’t the only one and I saw the employees wiping sweat also! I was then informed that the thermostat is controlled by their corporate office which is located up north where the climate is known to be cooler. Please explain to me how someone miles away can empathize with someone in the south when it comes to heat? I cannot believe DG is that micro managed! Good God let these people adjust the air to please their customers! THIS STORE( S.WESTOVER BLVD IN ALBANY GEORGIA) IS UNCOMFORTABLE AND UNSAFE TO SHOP OR WORK IN but I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my sweat drenched heart for relocating the previous managers (SHALISA AND TONYA) to a location I do not frequent they were some of the most inept humans I have ever seen in retail management! The times that I have had the misfortune to visit the location on MLK in ALBANY,GEORGIA where they have been relocated it is the same thing as the other location. Tonya is always eating at the register and on the floor and Shalisa is usually busy on the phone (store and cell) and if she is not on the phone she is flirting with any MAN that MOVES in the store. (even my husband and he can barely walk or breath !!!)

  27. I have lived on Chincoteague VA all of my life, and the manager of this store is one rude person! She’s rude to everyone. I hear her talk down to people and just talk terrible to them. Heaven forbid if someone has a question or the lines are long. I’ve started going to the family Dollar because of her. She’s bad for business! She thinks she knows everything about everything! The turnover there on employees is huge! I can’t wait for the day she’s gone!

  28. i went into the dollar general in norman park ga today to buy cigarettes and thought i found a good deal on some but came to find out they was cigars while still in the store i told the clerk i didnt know that they were cigars and would like to exchange the two packs i just bought for some cigarettes instead of cigars they told me that they wasnt allowed to do a exchange or refund on them even if i had the reciept it was corporate policy all sells final told me it prevents people from buying from other stores and getting refunds from them ( REALLY i just bought them here from you told me there was nothing she could do or would but i could have a nice day this woman sees my wife and i just about every day will promise this i wont be back in that store id rather shop at WALMART than have to be atht way at least WALMART will exchange an item or give a refund

  29. During a recent visit at Store #05883 (10:38 am, 6/29/14), I experienced very poor customer service. I was due two cents in change, however the clerk mentioned that it was not that serious, as she thought she gave me my change, I stated that it is all money. I visit this store on an almost daily basis, in addition she did this exchange of words in front of her co-worker and several customers in line. I’m weighing on returning to this store, conduct of this nature is unacceptable.

  30. our local store here in Madison SD. is a horrible mess. shelves are half emptyed and stock is in metal carts all over the store and in the way. use to enjoy going in there but not anymore. being a small town its the only one we have. was never like this before but for the last month its bad. 3 people in there today and no one was working on stock while i was in there. something really needs to be done in this store please help us out. wish the lady that was there wouldn’t had left. stuff is just stacked all over. thank u for ure time i know this will do no good but it makes me feel better

  31. I love to shop at the Dollar General Store in Fort Stockton Texas.You have a new Assistant manager all the cashiers constantly call to help them ,Amy I had purchased a phone and came back to store for help from a different cashier(long black hair) who was on her cell phone when I was in line,she called Amy over and she went way beyond what she had to to help me out;I could not get the phone activated and Amy helped me to do it while the other cashier just kept making snide comments.This is wonderful that in a small town like this at least one of your employees goes out of their way to provide customer service!! This store has greatly improved since April,the floors are now clean,the shelves are now clean and you can see product and the stock is getting better.I prefer shopping here instead of Family Dollar or the Wal Mart. Please get help to the store as far as more employee’s because I always see Amy and Ilda on their own,how can someone work like that?

  32. The store I frequent is in Clarion, PA. I refuse to go back because it’s too hot! I like what they have to offer but can’t stand the heat. It is summer and I think it must be over 80 degrees INSIDE the store. Turn on the A/C

  33. Hello- I would like to file a complaint about the manager at the Minooka, IL DOLLAR GENERAL. she is a horrible mgr. #1 today she did not honor a price dispute for me at checkout. I was purchasing some soda in the refridge and BIG SIGN says 95cents (This is what grabbed my attention) so I checkout and told cashier wrong price. she charged $1.60 and got mgr. she took sign off after I showed her and did not get the 95 cents. I think if the sign was there I should of got that price. Also I asked the mgr. many times in the store about finding a product and pointed the direction as she was too busy doing stock. I could not find the item. she never focuses on the customers. I have to say this is the worst management there I ever experienced. Bad mgmt. has happened too many times there. I think u need a new manager personally

  34. I am at the Dollar General store in Carlisle Ky all the time. After memorial day and the 4th of July, I ask The Dollar General store to donate the left over flower and flags for our vets in are cemerety. Each year they tell me when they get down to a penny they will donate them. And every year they give them to someone else or whatever they do with them. If the Dollar General Store doesn’t honor our vets it is ashame. Our vets gave their life for you and me. And, I will not be shopping there anymore .And, I sure will let it be known to all the citizens of Nicholas and around counties that the Dollar General Store in Nicholas county does NOT honor our vets.

  35. This was my first order with I was in search of Air Wick Scented Oil Baby Magic Air Freshener, which the website indicated was in-stock. I placed the order for a dozen. Five to seven days later I received a box full of Air Wick Scented Oil Magnolia & Cherry Blossom. It turns out that the item I wanted was not in-stock, so Magnolia & Cherry Blossom was sent in its place. I truly don’t understand why the order wasn’t just cancelled, rather than sending whatever scent was available. At least that’s what it felt like to me. ‘We don’t have what she ordered, or what she wants, so let’s just see if this will do.’ I contacted customer service. Eric was very polite. But there was no way I was going to pay for the return shipment on this order. I was provided a UPS shipping label. needs the item(s) back before they will submit a refund.

    This order was such a waste of my time. I sent it back. I received an e-mail confirmation that the shipment was received, however I wasn’t credited the appropriate amount. My credit was $10.90 short, so I had to call customer service again.

    Ordering from is too much of a hassel. There is obviously no quality control to make certain that an order is accurate. In all honesty, I would never place another order with, nor would I recommend anyone else does. I wouldn’t trust it to be right, and the hassel of getting it back, and having to wait for a refund was beyond tolerance. Most companies when they make a mistake, they eat it! The credit to my PayPal should have been first and foremost without me needing to wait for your company to confirm receipt of the returned shipment.

    Please remove my e-mail address from your list, because there is no way I will ever be placing an order with

    I was able to find AirWick Baby Magic at Sam’s for considerably less than what was selling it for, had it actually been in-stock.

  36. I had a very bad experience at your local store # 12428 located in Moonville area of Piedmont, South Carolina today(July 19,2014)I had a 5.00 store coupon to be used with a 25.00 purchase that was good for todays date. As a regular DG customer I had used similar coupons in the past. The 5.00 dollars is usually taken from the total purchase. That was not the case today and the manager tried to tell me that the discount was taken on items that I had purchased. She was rude and so I left unsatisfied and thinking that I probably won’t be shopping there again. Also I think that you should be aware that this female manager was quite rude to the young man who was working the cash register. It was obvious that he was new, but he was being so kind and professional with everyone in the line. She belittled him when he ask questions. Many people in he line noticed this. All in all not a good experience at all. I have shopped at your store for many years but I really don’t appreciate being treated rudely. I also don’t understand the change in your coupon policy. Thank you for listening to my concerns. Diane Fant

  37. I tried to shop at out local Dollar General today. Store #08805.West Salem,Ohio I say tried because I could hardly get the cart down the aisles. I understand the need to stock, but its like this every day. I counted 14 U-boats on the sales floor. 3 were empty. Also a mop bucket sitting by some water on the floor. can’t you spend the extra payroll and do overnight stocking since this store is so small.You have to be making money, its the only game in town.

  38. I have shopped at our Perry, Iowa Dollar General store many times a week, this is the worse i have seen this store look, remarks about it and pictures are even on Facebook of hoe unorganized and dirty it is. We even have a new manager running it and it has become a lot worse since he has run it, staff are embarrassed of it also, how can you run a bussiness with only 2 staff working to check and stock and organize and clean the store. I will now start going to our Madrid store , it is out of town but, clean and organized, dont you check your stores and staff to make sure the store is being run like it should be? ITEMS ALL OVER THE STORE, FLOOR, DIRTY, NOT STOCKED, DOLLYS IN THE ISLES, ITS A MESS!

  39. The store on city avenue in moore ok. Has goneu to crap. There’s boxes all over the store, the floors haven’t been mopped or swept in months .I was in thethatre tody 8-16-2014 and noticed that the storeand the. Employees had very unpleasant odor. about. them . Dollar. General must not care or they would go in and fire the (rude, lazy, stinking. Ass employees. And try to get there reputation. Dollar general is nobody has fell and injured thm selves and and filed a law suit against them. They never put the product on the shelves. They have been out of what I went there for the last 7 or 8 times I have went there. BOTTOM LINE IS. DOLLAR GENERAL CAN KISS MY ##@ MONEY GOODBYE !!!!!!!

  40. Sept. 2, 2014
    I visited the Dollar General located in the 4900 block of Delmar Blvd in St. Louis, MO. I went to purchase a large quantity of paper goods for an elderly relative. As I entered, there was a lady stocking shelves. There were paper towels in a two pack and a single pack on the same shelf. But, no prices were on the shelf. I asked the stocking lady the price and she said, “One dollar!” That’s it! No smile, no greeting. . .no sentence. As I moved through the store, I observed that many items on the shelf were in the wrong place or not priced. I purchased the items [$58 worth] and as I was checking out, the Bounty Paper Napkins came up as $3 each. I had put back some no name brand and selected the Bounty Napkins because the prices were the same. . .so I thought. At the register I politely asked the cashier to have someone check the price of Bounty Napkins. They were priced at $2.50 [so I thought according to shelf price.] The cashier had someone to call the manager. Low and behold, up came the frowning, non-greeting, non-friendly and non-communicative stock lady! I was shocked. She went to check on the price with the same frown that she had when I entered. When she returned, she looked at the cashier [NOT AT ME, THE CUSTOMER] and said, “They’re $3!” I felt disvalued, small and like I had done something wrong. I would recommend that the regional director or area supervisor for Dollar General make a visit as a customer. This type of customer service will make a bad reputation for Dollar General. The store is in the City of St. Louis and I live in the suburbs. At the Dollar General in my neighborhood, I feel valued and am treated as if my patronage does matter. The manager at the Dollar General in the 4900 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO needs extensive training in customer service relationships.

  41. my mentally disabled brother in law was required to buy a phone for his job. he went to your highway 107 branch and bought a tracphone for thirty dollars, well your apparently untrained idiotic cashiers didn’t scan his phone in, and tracphone wouldn’t activate it because there was no way to prove that it was purchased. they said to have the store scan it in, which they wouldn`t do. so I contacted customer service who seemed to be pretty helpful and said they would have the district manager contact me. HE DIDN`T, so I called them back and got the same response four more times, STILL NO CONTACT FROM THIS FABLED DISTRICT MANAGER. so to keep him from losing his job, I had to go and purchase him a phone since he didn`t have anymore money left. IMAGINE THAT, I went to walmart to purchase this one, and NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. they were a lot more helpful than the dollar store employees. I understand your policy about no returns on phones because of the crooks that try to get one over on you, but what about for the honest people that get screwed because of untrained employees. in my humble opinion that makes you just like the crooks that you are trying to stop. If this is the way you treat handicapped people then I definitely will never shop there again. and I will do everything in my power to get word out about this. not so sincerely yours, bruce coletti

  42. Last Friday I went into your store on Hwy. 190, Albany, LA 70711. They had four employees walking around the store while only one cash register was open with a long line. Also, the person in front of me had a basket to check out totally full. The others walking around did not try to open another register to get the people out. I was in line for 20 minutes as the cashier Linda ran out of change and one of the ones walking around had to go and get change for the register. I commented to the cashier that the paying customers keep the business going.

  43. On Sept. 26, 2014 I was in your store on 3230 Hwy 155 S in Locust Grove, GA at 4:45 pm. I have never seen such a dirty store. There were items on every aisle that had been knocked off the shelf onto the floor & in the way of customers, especially with buggies. Carts were sitting everywhere. Some had stock on them, some had paper & “stuff” on them. I was so frustrated I couldn’t get down the aisles without going through a maze. It was filthy. There is no reason this store should look like that.

  44. The last several times I have been to the Dollar General in Wilsonville Al, there was an employee just sitting outside the front door texting or e-mailings or talking on the phone while the front door was propped wide open and they were smoking. Besides having to breath the second hand smoke when I walked by, the HVAC had pulled the smoke into the store and the whole place was stunk up as I was too when I left. Dollar General lost a good customer yesterday because of this and I am sure others that use this store will consider not shopping there if the employees can’t move away from the front of the store to smoke. This is the worst Dollar General I have been in for this problem. Most others are very clean and there has not been a problem such as this.

  45. I want to know how you handle these complaint’s and do you.
    The store in my town is not safe stock is all over the isle and you can’t get down the isle with a buggy. I was cute on the arm by a plastic display because I was trying not to trip over boxes on the floor.Manger does not seem to care about the store says if you don’t like it shop somewhere else.

  46. Store #14458, has an associate working there that is an older male with braids that always has a very rude attitude! He doesn’t have any customer service skills! Instead of handing me the receipt he just put it on the register and made me pick it up and didn’t even say thank you! He is always rude but this was worse! I will not be back!!!

  47. I was visiting a local Dollar General in Astor, Florida on Hwy 40, this morning and the cashier needed to void an item for a customer and needed mgr approval…all 3 mgrs. were outside smoking, so the cashier had to go outside and call them…after about 3-5 minutes a woman came in voided the item and went right back outside….the store isles were smack full of boxes and totes that needed to be put on the shelves…you couldn’t get down some of the isles….if 3 mgrs. need smoke breaks all at the same time and the store looks like that then there need to be some changes made….If I worked like that when I was a mgr of an CVS store, I would have been fired on the spot…what is wrong with the area mgr these days don’t they make spot checks on their stores…that store will look like that for the next 3 to 4 days… I’ve seen it before.

  48. We just stopped a a new Dollar General that opened this week in Maple Lake, MN I expected to be greeted welcoming us to the brand new store but was not, not even a smile or a hello! We shopped and between the four of us spent $100.00. We proceeded to check out and the two woman working we’re very impersonal and never thanked us for our purchase. This is a small town with other stores that carry the same things for the same price or less when I drive another 7 miles, I will choose to drive further to have a better shopping experience. I have been in retail most if my life and expect more. If customer service us not the companies goal then you’re hiring the right people however, if you want to build a business the easiest way is to have excellent customer service minimum a hello or a smile. We were very disappointed to say the least and hopefully the company reads all if the comments and trains their teams to provide better service. I believe if you’re not happy doing the job and do your best then step aside are let someone who would be take your place.


  50. After reading all these complaints, I just wanted to say that the Osage City, KS. store is very well ran. The manager is always friendly and available. She is polite and knowledgeable. The store is well stocked considering that it is very busy.

  51. Is there a reason that your store does not carry the following two items? 1. thin crust pizzas 2. pop tarts without frosting. I have asked the mgr. at least 4 times and she said that they are not available. This store is located at Spring Creek Tn. Thank you, Ed Miller

  52. I was reading most of the comments on here and couldnt believe all the bad complaints …wow i have shopped at the DG stores all my life in illinois and missouri and have always had great service….i really was in shock with everything I was reading…when i take those surveys from the reciepts I wasnt lying when i push the extremely satisfied in everything…. Just thought I should let people know that not all DG stores are in need of help….

  53. Love to shop DG. I live in Trussville Al 35173 zip. Do u plan to build a new store on Hwy 11. Our present store is old , not very big . Can u at least instsll automatic door and put buggie collection in parking lot..

  54. I have a complaint today I was at Dollar General on rogers street in Clarksville Ar I NOTICED the sale on socks and sleepwear was 50% off thur Nove15 .I purchased some items.Itold my daughter so went to buy her some item on the 3 day sale the sales clerk told her there nothing on sale in sleepwear.SO I looked up your ad there it was 50% off for Nov 15.this is not the first this has happen at this store.

  55. I can’t seem to get the tide pods digital coupon which is on your ad…the sale…i could only get the ecrlkrich sausage dollar off…i wanna use the two dlls off for tide pods

  56. Store #08993 Mesquite Texas

    I was in this store at 3pm on a Saturday, there were so many stocking pallets you could not even go down the aisles hoping you don’t encounter someone coming the other way, one of us would have to back up, not to mention the fact someone could get hurt. You can’t even get to what you need. This was on just about every aisle. Also more than 10 customers waiting to check out without anyone being called to help. Sent an email to CEO with pictures…we’ll see!


  58. Today, Sunday December 14, 2014, I was in your store on Caeoline Beach Road in Wilmington, N.C. I ask the cashier for 3 packs of full floverd 100’s, shwe went to the cabinet came back to register rang me up I got to the car and looked mat the pack and she had soled me cigars, went bvack in and they would not exchange them or gicve me my money back, I paid over $10.00 dollras for 2 packs of the right kind of cigs that I asked for. Many times like this and you will loose a customer.

    very disapointed

  59. I would not normally comment to a corporation with hundreds of retail stores, but this one particularly disturbs me since I am a retired business man; having owned my own businesses in Ohio, Georgia and Florida. I have also been a vice-president of a large Atlanta-based company.

    I live less than a mile from the store on Stockbridge Road in Jonesboro, Ga. I am not prone to complain about minor itmes, but this one kind of got me and I have taken disciplinary action against my employees or managers for this kind of rude customer relations. I shop at this store to the tune of $87 per week or $4,424 over the last 12 months according to my BankofAmerica debit card.
    The store is not your newest sometimes a little cluttered; but convenient to my home. A week and one half ago I purchased a package of toilet tissue, 12 pack, of the DG brand–usually I buy a regular name brand, but these were out of stock. Upon opening the product for us I found its production was flawed and each a every roll had encountered some mistake in the manufacturing process wherein every three or four sheets were stuck together and as the product was
    progressively unrolled it ruined every second or third sheet progressively throughtout.

    I have rare complaints about DG or its chosen vendors and overlook most, but though I should return this package for a replacement possible of my usual brand name (for which I would gladly pay any price difference.) This was about 6pm 01/07/2015. The check out clerk said that since I had opened the package there was not exchange possible! I reasoned that there was no way to know that the product was defective until the package was opened. AND had only one
    roll been defective I probably would not have even addressed the matter; but they were all stuck to themselves and totally worthless.

    This is one of those “red flag” incidents. I was indignant and asked her to verify it with the store manager whom she contacted on the phone. Her decision was by the store manager. Again I tried to reason that the package was a “DG”
    clearly package product and NO ONE would have known it was defective until opening the package. I told your store manager that I had been a businessman and that this stance was ridiculous and losing a 4 thousand dollar a year customer for a $5 package of toilet paper (not a refund, just an exchange) was unreasonable.

    Actually I am a little ashamed of myself for making an issue of this–but come to think of it I am more ashamed of both your clerk and your store manager for their “totally negative customer service stance.” I am a reasonable person and though to myself, “well, just go on an finish your new item shopping.” But then I thought–that’s ridiculous. I am not asking for anything from DG. And, you must have hundreds of thousands of $4m per year customers in spite of your limited grocery and sundry stock and can afford to lose one. I will miss my little convenient and close DG store, been here 25 years! But, adios!

  60. I am a very loyal customer to dollar general, but I have a real problem when it comes to my coupons!! it is a nightmare to check out!! there is always a problem with every coupon…even dollar general coupons! the cashier has to go over the coupon and read every little word, hold the product and coupon beside of each other and they have to run the coupon with each product . has dollar general management, corporate or employees ever been to walmart, k-mart, target ect,ect???? do they not know if the product and coupon doesn’t match, that the coupon will not go through the system????? the hold up on checking out is ridiculous!!! and all uncalled for!! this policy needs to be undated and simplified! never have I ever seen such an ordeal to use my coupons!! please evaluate and simplify your policy!!! please, I don’t want to go anywhere else!! thanks

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