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Contacting Dole Customer Service Center

Dole, the makers of the most famous canned pineapples in the United States, is more than a pineapple company. Dole sells frozen fruit, salads in a bag and juices, among other healthy diet options. In addition to the main website for Dole USA, there are also pages for Hawaii, Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea and Philippines.

Contact Info:

Dole corporate is behind all Dole brands. We have shared the corporation contact information so customers can compliment or complain straight to the top of the ladder.

Phone Contact Numbers

Dole customer service agents are available to answer your calls between 8 AM and 3 PM PST Monday to Friday. If there is a medical emergency with one of the Dole products you’ve purchased, contact a physician or emergency medical support immediately.

  • Dole Phone Number: 1-800-356-3111

Mailing Address

Dole is one of the few companies we’ve come across that shares a consumer contact address. Customers can use the Dole customer service address to send letters on just about any topic, including product information or questions about product availability in a given area.

Dole Food CompanyPO Box 5700Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

Official Website

You can find Dole online at There are several people on the front page of the site. You can hover over the people with your mouse to access different parts of the site. An older computer could have trouble processing these images and the links embedded in the images. The website pages are also available from the navigation links at the top of the page.

Social Media

You can find three social media pages for Dole customer service. Choose the one you use most often and contact an agent from any Internet-ready device.

Customer Service Email

You can use the email form provided on the Dole customer service page to contact an agent. According to Dole, it is best to share a phone number and mailing address in the case Dole needs to use this contact information to get in touch with you. You should always double-check your email address to ensure it is a valid address, as well.

Our Experience

Contacting the Dole customer service department was easy. When we called, there was only three options. One was for customers seeking recipes, the second was for nutritional information and the third directed the call to the customer service department. We chose three and the call connected immediately after. We asked the agent what is the protocol in the event someone get sick from eating a product, after 911 is called. The agent explained customers need to contact the customer support team and file a incident report. Once the incident report is filed, the company investigates the situation and follows up accordingly.

We didn’t expect this much attention to detail, but it was a breath of fresh air. When you contacted the customer support team at Dole, were your questions and concerns answered? We want to know if you would comment with your situation below?

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16 Comments on “Contact Dole Customer Service
  1. I have been purchasing Dole Southwestern salad kits. It is one of my favorite salads. Lately I have been disturbed by huge pieces of vegetables that have been in the bags. First I found the bottom half of a huge carrot. Like a three inch long bottom piece of the carrot. Next I found a lettuce stem which is normally thrown away. I know no one that eats that part of a head of lettuce. I am becoming concerned that the quality of the salads are not the best and am afraid I might find something that isn’t even part of food. I have always used Dole products and had the highest respect for your company. My faith is beginning to falter after finding these scrap pieces of vegetables in the bags.

  2. Today (Jul 20), I bought a package of arugula with expiration day 07-22-13 from Stop & Shop of Berkeley Heights, NJ. The arugula was mushy and yellow. I had to throw it in the trash.
    This is the second time I buy a Dole’s product in bad conditions this year. What’s going on.

  3. A special thank you to Ms. Stacy Elliott for her excellent consumer service. She listened patiently and offered assistance to correct a problem. Thank you for your most generous coupons for Dole products. I had merely wanted to replace one can of Pineapple slices. You are one of the reasons I remain a Dole consumer – pineapple is the real reason! Thanks again! Sue

  4. hi po sa pamunuan ng DOLE may nais lang pa sana akong isuplong kasi po sa dati kung pinagtratrabahuan na MINESKI INFINITY COMPUTER SHOP na may 15 branches out of MANILA ay may branches pa sila na out of town dito s phils. ay lumalabag po sa labor ng mga manggagawa masasabi ko po eto kasi po dati akong staff na tinanggal hindi kopo alam kung anung rason,,,ang rate po ng pasahod nila 260 tapos po sa mga new staff ay 250 kulang na kulang pa po un kasi po may day off 4 times a month nagrerent pa kami ng bording haus hindi plibre ang pagkain,marami po silang nilalabag na batas gaya po ng fire extinguisher nila expire n since non june 2013 pa hindi pa nila nirerenew,pag brown out walapang emergency lights.ang laki ng nakikita nila sa isang araw kc 24hrs yn na shop sabihn na natin nasa 100thousand a day alam ko po yn kc po dati akong nagbabanko ng sales nila,dati rn akong kahera ng shop n yn,pinagsasabihan pa po nila kami napag may pumunta na taga MUNICIPAL OF MANILA at tinanong magkano sahod namin per day hindi daw po kami magsasalita…tinanggal ako ng GENERAL SUPERVISOR na si RICHELLE CALIMLIM may 2 araw pa ako na sahod hindi nya binigay 520php pa sayang naman po un sa gaya ko po na mahirap lang kailangan ko po un pambili pa sana ng bigas kaso wala nagtx pa xa sakin na oo ibibigay un sahod ko nakauwi na ako lahat wala pa rn,,,sa ngaun po nagtatanggal sila ng datihan staff kasi po may nalaman sila sa mga datihan staff,sana po sa sinabi kung eto gawan nyo ng aksyon sana po hindi kau masisilaw sa pera at kayamanan ng KOMPANYANG YN,,AASAHAN KO PO NA SANA MAPANOOD KO SA TELEBISYON ANG GAWA NG BATAS NYO

  5. So I tried the new dole smoothie shakers and fell in love them.. Unfortunately though I hate strawberry a and got 10 mango peach which ( my fav.) but they were really strawberry and the bottles had been miss printed… I am very upset with this and basically wasted $15 on smoothies that I won’t drink….

  6. I had a sample of (kind of) dried (not really dry dry)pineapple rings with no added sugar, honey or any sweetener. They were especially good. I cannot find an outlet that carries them. Could you help me? Any help you could give is very appreciated.

    Lynn Risk

  7. I purchased 2 Dole peaches in the 23.5oz jar. Both were extremely mushy as if they were dissolving in the plastic jar. Not happy with this, could not return to store, receipt was discarded.

  8. I purchased 2 Dole peaches in the 23.5oz jar. Both were extremely mushy as if they were dissolving in the plastic jar. Not happy with this, could not return to store, receipt was discarded.

  9. I have always had good experiences with your products, but not so much today.

    I opened a jar of pineapple chunks and it was immediately apparent something was wrong. It had an odd smell, color and taste. I didn’t use it.

    The use by date on the jar is October 29, 2014.

    Linda Trimpey

  10. Good evening.
    I have buy 6 bottle of you Orange juice 450ml and they were all spoil and bitter can someone please email back thank you.


  12. I used to LOVE Dole pineapple tidbits in pineapple juice. Just bought tidbits in monk fruit juice. Awful taste. Awful smell. I hope I can still get the tidbits in pineapple juice. That tastes delicious.

  13. My hubbie and I eat two cans of Dole Pineapple Chunks in 100% pineapple juice ….usually in a cobbler, on pound cake , etc. the can we had today was soooo good…we ate it plain out of the can with a fork.
    The number on bottom is P14242 / 473zb1 .

    I don’t know what you did, the pineapple was very yellow almost a little orange. We can’t believe the taste…please continue this product.

    Also do you have discount coupons? Tks Catherine and Pete Hoover .

  14. I sent a email a couple weeks ago to Dole explaining my frustration after buying 4 Dole chopped bacon and Blu salads… The bacon was not closed properly at the plant. I requested ONE not ALL FOUR be REPLACED. I received a email stating I would receive a coupon via Mail for the replacement….. All I received was a damn recipes book! Really? You want someone to purchase another one of your products after you can’t even replace ONE of the FOUR salads that had slimy bacon! I paid full price for your product to only turn around and have to use MY own bacon bits! That $4.50 salad turned into a $7.00 salad! I am not happy and as of this moment I will not be buying another salad from your company. Fruit as well!

  15. I purchased a caesar kit salad from Aldis on 11/25/14. The salad was prepackaged by Dole. I cut my mouth on a foreign object that was in the salad later to be determined a short-horn or spur throat grasshopper leg. Dole was only willing to give me four coupons. Needless to say, I don’t want any of there products. They didn’t even pay me for the co-pay I incurred when I went to the doctors. Nor did they reimburse me for medicine I had to purchase to avoid infection and allergic reaction. The physical and emotional distress is enough basis to reward me some monetary relief.

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