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Contacting Discount Tire Customer Service Center

Discount Tire is a tire sales company that claims to sell the same tires as the competition for a lower price. Discount Tire locations are available on the east coast, west coast and western midwest states, but the central midwest is completely devoid of Discount Tire stores.

If you’re a current or potential customer and you need to contact Discount Tire customer service, you’re going to need a bit of information to make that happen.

Contact Info

Contact information for the customer service department of Discount Tire is available on the official website. Before being given any information, you’ll need to select a reason you want to contact Discount Tire customer service. Among the reasons listed are appointment status, pricing issues, maintenance questions and website feedback.

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone numbers are available for the regional offices in multiple states.

  • Online Order Customer Service: 1-800-589-6789
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-486-606-6000
  • Arizona: 1-602-996-0201
  • Central California: 1-805-373-5509
  • Northern California: 1-916-986-9734
  • Orange County California: 1-949-639-0350
  • Southern California: 1-858-391-0171
  • Colorado: 1-303-773-8084
  • Florida: 1-904-213-9144
  • Georgia: 1-678-297-7778
  • Illinois: 1-630-778-7171
  • Indiana: 1-317-575-1819
  • Detroit Michigan: 1-734-769-6870
  • Lansing Michigan: 1-517-655-6444
  • Minnesota: 1-952-914-9000
  • Nevada: 1-702-256-0055
  • New Mexico: 1-505-797-7100
  • North Carolina: 1-704-896-9334
  • Ohio: 1-317-575-1819
  • Oregon: 1-425-424-2010
  • Tennessee: 1-615-771-0828
  • South Carolina: 1-704-896-9334
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Texas: 1-972-943-8800
  • Houston Texas: 1-281-583-8591
  • San Antonio Texas: 1-210-651-0346
  • West Texas: 1-505-797-7100
  • Utah: 1-801-269-0348
  • Washington: 1-425-424-2010

Mailing Address

Discount Tire Headquarters
20225 North Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Official Website

The official website for Discount Tire is located at If you’re looking for customer service contact information, you may be looking for a while. We managed to find information on the regional offices for all states, but we did not find a specific phone number for general customer service.

Customer Service Email

If sending an email sounds a lot better than trying to contact the regional office, you’ll have to fill out the customer service form on the contact page. We filled out the contact form to see just how important customer contact is to Discount Tire. The follow-up page claims we will receive a response in one to two business days.

Our Experience

We called the online customer service phone number. When the call is answered press the 0 button once and then once more. You will be pushed through the automated service of choosing this number or that number. Instead of placing you on hold, you will be given a long speech about what Discount Tire can do for the customer. The recorded speech lasted nearly two minutes. When it finally ended, we were given the option to leave a voicemail that would wait in line for us. Then, the speech came back and started talking about Discount Tire again. The second speech about the sale specialists replayed multiple times. Our call was finally answered after more than five minutes of wait time. When we asked for a customer service phone number for the main company we were transferred to another line that was VERY busy and we were asked to leave a message for the company to call us back. We left a message, but we did not receive a call back.

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4 Comments on “Contact Discount Tire Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern,
    My name is John Culbertson and on April 5th of this year I had my truck stolen with $13,000.00 dollars of H.V.A.C. tools $4,000.00 worth of stereo Equipment and most valued my 16″ gunner 8 rims and cooper tires these where on a 1984 chevy c-20 8 lug truck My family was and is still devastated by the loss. On October 23rd my truck was recovered but my rims are gone forever I cannot afford to replace them and would love very much if you can donate 4 of these Gunner 8 16″ rims so I can restore the truck back to the way I had can Verify with the Southlake Texas Police Detective More (817)748-8127. I can be contacted at (682)970-0210

  2. Recently, here in San Antonio, Texas, I took my 2010 Mercury Mountaineer to the Discount Tire store I have been going to for over 7 years. I purchase my tires there and have them rotated and balanced there. This occasion was the first for this mountaineer since I had recently acquired it. The service tech informed me that, due to an internal corporate memorandum (which he later showed me), he could not service my tires. He could not even sell me tires and mount them on the rims that were on the vehicle. I returned to the Ford Dealer where I acquired the vehicle to share this news and they had never heard of it nor could they find any information on line concerning it. Since then, neither have I although I was shown such a memo on Discount Tire letterhead at the store in question. Can anyone there shed some light on this for me. I don’t want to go elsewhere for my tire business??

  3. Discount Tire,
    I had two truck tires with tread separation. The other two had lots of tread left but were several years old. Discount tire replaced the two tires with tread separation. I purchased two new tires so all the tires would be new. I asked the Service Technician to check my spare. He told me the spare was in good condition. Four days later I pulled the spare to change the differential fluid. To my shock the spare tread was also cracked and separated. I went back to Discount Tire and discussed my concern with the manager. He listened to my concern then replaced my spare. My question for Discount Tire is “why wasn’t my spare taken off and looked at”. What is Discount Tires policy when it comes to spare tires? Do you pull them off and look at them. Would you let my daughter drive away with a spare that had tread separation? I checked with the tire manufacturer. The manufactures policy reads as follows, “Have all tires, including spare tires, inspected regularly by a qualified tire specialist, who will assess the tire’s suitability for continued service”.

    I am not trying to suggest that I am not responsible, and that the tires on my truck are not my responsibility. I’m suggesting that Discount Tire should provide “information” as well as parts and service. Provide your customers with knowledge so we can make informed decisions.

    Take the time to pull the spare tire out and inspect it. Let me know what you find…

  4. I have always gave discount tires my business, because I thought it was a professionally owned and ran business , until I was told by someone who worked for them. He said all they do is talk nasty about the workers and customers . When they get busy and really get backed up the managers continue to yell at the workers to hurry, but the tools they are using wont work because its so cold because they wont have the heater fixed, so they told all the workers they didn’t care if the tires were balanced correct or not just put them on and get another car in.I was told they have customers come back mad all the time because of that. I know that’s true because I had to take my car back two times because it was not done right. He came to me because he said that wasn’t right the way they were doing the paying customer. For there Christmas party one of the managers had a drinking party for the workers, and supplied beer for under age boys, my A worker told him they were so drunk he didn’t see how they drove home. For them to claim to be a professionally ran company they shouldn’t be cussing out there workers and talking nasty about the girls and women that walk into there shop. They are nasty ,unprofessional, and down grade there employees. I will not ever buy tires from them again and I will tell everybody I know what kind of company it is.I have already been told by several companies that they will not get there business any more. Ialso have a feeling they are going to be charged for sexual harassment from some employees . I hope that corporate, will step up and get to the bottom of what is going on in the Discount tire store located in Lancaster Ohio, off of Memorial Drive,
    Dissatisfied Customer

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