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Contacting DirecTV Customer Service Center

DirecTV is an alternative television and Internet provider. DirecTV service requires a contract for service so customers are bound to keep service for the length of the contract or face early termination fees. DirecTV requires installation of equipment outside the home, including but not limited to, a dish that may be attached to the roof or window of the home. Customer service options are available on the contact us page of the DirecTV website.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

DirecTV lists phone numbers for ordering and customer service. The customer service line is open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST, 7 days a week. Technical support is available 24 hours a day.

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to contact DirecTV by mail for customer service purposes can use the corporate mailing address.

DIRECTV Customer Service
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Official Website

Customers can visit the official website for DirecTV at This website is dedicated to explaining the products, services and bundles offered by DirecTV. If customer service is the reason for your visit to the DirecTV website, you can use the support link:

The support side of the DirecTV website offers a lengthy FAQs section and question and answer page. Customers can search the questions for answers to commonly asked questions. This could save a ton of time waiting on hold just to speak to a representative. When you send a customer service email, answers that may help you appear before you can send your email message.

Customer Service Email

We did not find an email address for the customer service department of DirecTV, but there is an online contact form that can be accessed without logging in to an account. You can access the contact form at We’ve sent a customer service email to DirecTV about service contracts. We’ll update how long it took to receive a response.

Our Experience

When we attempted to contact DirectTV, we encountered the automated service that was difficult to navigate. The system repeated prior to connecting us with a customer service representative. We waited through the automated response system approximately 3 minutes. When we finally spoke to a representative, we noticed a discernible language barrier leading us to believe the customer support center was not in the local area. The customer care associate was pleasant when we asked questions regarding service and the pricing structure. We even sent an email to the customer service department concerning customer care issues, but are awaiting a reply.

The customer service department at DirecTV was helpful with our request for information. The email we sent was answered within 6 hours of sending the request. The customer service representative also provided several options for customers to reach customer servive, see the communication below:

From: DIRECTV Customer Service
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Service Contracts [Reference #: 120323-001031]
To: Richard B

Response Via Email(Cristina R. – 100170000) – 03/23/2012 02:58 PM
Dear Mr Banks,

Thanks for writing to us about your interest in DIRECTV. I understand that you would like to sign up for DIRECTV service without agreeing to a contract. We have some great offers on equipment and programming for you, [discounted long-term contract and 24-month promotions].

Thanks again for writing, Mr. Banks. We look forward to serving you in the years to come with the best programming, technology and customer service.


Cristina R. – 100170000
DIRECTV Customer Service

Customer By Web Form (Richard Banks) – 03/23/2012 09:30 AM
If I become a new DirecTV customer, can I order service without a contract – pay as you go.

The customer service department at DirectTV appears to put customers first. Did you experience a high level of customer support or did DirectTV place you second. We want to hear from you with your customer service experiences.

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127 Comments on “Contact DirecTV Customer Service
  1. channel 9 , 13 , 23 have been getting interferance to the point where we haven’t been able to watch them for the past month. I waited on the phone for more than an hour to speak with a representative, and after trying to explain the problem, I was hung up on. The problem still exists and if I can’t get some satisfaction in resolving this issue, I will be seeking another Company to provide this service.

  2. We have Direct TV and we like a lot, but as you know we do not have 25 or less channels depending on what package we have the thing is that my question since we do not receive those channels are you going to reduce our bill? because if we are not going to have those channels our bill should be adjusted according to those channels that we are not receiving. oh and by the way we have been calling your 1800 number during the day and it has a message saying that you are closed how can that be. I hope this problem gets resolved with losing so many channels or were just going to have to get another cable provider and I really think that if the problem does not get fixed you are going to lose a lot of customers.

  3. My wife & I chose Directv because of the Viacom channels although we didn’t know when we signed up that Viacom owned our favorite channels.
    we need a bill prorated or channel substitution because we are watching GSN for the most part!
    the friends that I referred even texted me & asked “what is going on!”
    Viacom stated on their website that Directv has know about this price for 7 years! Get on your jib Directv because if I had missed a payment I would be looking at an extension # to call! My bill is automatically debited so give us some TV or Directv us no better that than the lowly Dish network!

  4. My husband and myself recently applied for direct tv service but was denied because my son who lives with us has a unpaid bill. My son is a grown man who lives with us because of a recent divorce. He hasnt anything to do with paying the bills in this household me and is dad are the owners of this household. To let you know we are aware it is illegial to refuse service to us because of his credit problems you have to use our own. So we will be filling a class action suit against you. We call direct tv and was solve anything because the person I spoke was bascially dimissing me so nothing was resolved.

  5. Please let us know when you will be providing
    the PAC12 Networks. The season has started
    and we are missing a game today.

  6. I heard you have FINALLY reached a deal with Pac 12 Network. I hope it is true. Please let me know so I do not have to change to Dish.

  7. Dear direcTV, I would like to say thank you! For being so understanding and a great company that I enjoy watching for years.
    Just recently I had a bill for 289 dollars, so I called your customer service to find out why. I would build for a pay review channels back in 2004, which shocked me!!! I explained to the customer serviceperson that I cannot afford to pay for something that happened back in 2004, that I already paid for. did not want t did not want to do, and that was to cancel my Direct TV. Customer Service Credit my bill, and I still enjoy have my Direct TV. I do apologize that I don’t remember the customer service person’s name, and I would like to say again thank you direcTV!

  8. well here i am again.I LIVE IN ST LOUIS MO. it is raining thats all. rain nothing else however I DO not have a signal my TV IS BLANK??????? why???? can’t u fix this problem? every time it rains the Tv goes off for 1/2 hr at most is there something that can be done????

  9. I called three times this morning, and the first two, did not know how to fix my problem, and I got cut off from both od them, while I was talking. ONe was in Floridaand one in ———.

    Then I got a lady in Pennsylvan, name Brandy, and she got me fixed up in no time. Wo , at least somebody kknew what to do……

  10. My wife and I switched to dish tv we has direct tv for a lil over two years . When my wife called and gave direct tv our new address they changed the billing address but not the location of there equipment address we moved and moved our direct tv dish and boxes our self so we didn’t have to wait on them to re-hook it up. Wich is fine cuz we are paying for there service and not getting any more only what we are paying for then our two year commitment was up we looked into dish tv because a friend of ours that installs derect tv told us we could switch and get free install and the newest equipment with a two year agreement with dish. Checked into it and he was right so having filled our commitment with them made us a free agent Well called and canceled and they said the box for the equipment will be sent to us. Now remember we moved and switched the info with them months ago well never got a box and a month went by then our bank card showed a debt to derict tv for there equipment we called them and asked why we are being charged and there anwser was that they sent a box and never got there equipment. Back well there box was sent to our old address cuz when we called they never updated any more then the billing portion There is no wrong doing on there part as far as there conserend derict tv is not at fault for there employees wrong doing we are. Well now we have a box coming to the right address and can expect our funds to be refunded in 10 to 20 days after they have there equipment. Well we get to pay for there employees mistake by paying bank overcharges we are so lucky. If your commitment with them is for filled switch to dish tv you will get more for less money and a better quality picture more hd Chanel’s and four room Dvr capability. And the best part LESS money. Just make sure you sent there equipment back to them.

  11. We have been loyal customers (who are never late with payments) of Direct TV for 6 years. I’m not sure if Direct TV changed hands or what is going on but tonight my husband is on the phone haggleing over problems with our service at our camp which we have had for 5 years. He is talking to the 4th service rep., 2 being supposedly supervisors. Tayor, her supervisor Tom, mover Ben, and to supervisor Chasity. Chasity hung up on him and now he’s calling them back talking to Kayla (5th rep.). I would not recommend Direct TV to anyone after this experience. Our contract was renewed until March 2014, but due to this experience, if it cannot be settled soon, we will be getting out of our contract with an attorney due to failure to continue service that we have been paying for for the past 6 years. BTW, my husband is now talking to Veronica (rep. #6 as I type.

  12. I am so very disappointed with DirecTV. Since I had the service installed two months ago, I had issues with it. Both my wife and I had to take time off work to accommodate the technicians attempts to fix the problem. We had to make ourselves available because their techs are so busy, we had to take the appointment. Initially, our wait for a technician to come out to our place was usually about a week. So we were forced to live with the problem. We had several techs come out at various times in the two month period. We could not record some shows completely that we wanted to watch and we weren’t able to watch complete shows live because of the problem. From the news to Presidential speeches to TV shows, to football games, in the middle our the programs, the service would cut out! This was not what we signed up for. We were assigned a case manager who assured us that they would fix the problem and compensate us for the inconvenience they caused us. Well, after two months they did fix the problem. However, a $37 (roughly) credit is NOT a balanced compensation for the inconvenience. I was told that they would count every day the two months that I had problems with the system in total. They broke it down to a few days because those were the days I actually told them I had problems. In other words, I didn’t call them everyday to report the problems everyday. I believe this a cowardly way to do business and to treat a new customer. I have appalled to be stuck in a two year contract with DirecTV. Time Warner Cable was expensive, but NEVER treated us this way. I will continue to spread my disgust with my initial experience with this company to everyone I can until my two year contract is up. It is my hope that I can turn as many people away as I can. Unless they are able to properly compensate me for the extreme efforts I had to go through to get my service working properly. and billed for in full while I did not receive my full service.

  13. I am a long time directv customer and do not understand why a national tv service provider is unable to provide service for the pac 12 network. I see the pac 12 network is available on every other tv provider.
    I feel it is very unfortunate that a long time customer like myself will have to change tv provider’s to get pac 12 network

  14. let you know. i am hearing impaired deaf.i do not like disd network. i would like fax number 2515789142.i hope can man come here?when?

  15. I live in a small apt. complex in a small town, and had very little options for TV reception. The mgr. of my complex finally gave permission for a dish and the residents opted for Direct TV. The offer was $29.99/1st yr and $44.99/2nd yr. I ordered my service on 10/18/2012. No one called us ahead to give the date of installation and I call that “poor customer service.” Three weeks later after I ordered Direct TV and after my installation, I received a mass-mailing addressed with my name from Direct TV and a much better offer! The 2nd yr for $34.99. I am not happy to know I could’ve had this 2nd yr at a lower price. As a retiree, I need every dollar. I feel Direct TV is a greedy company that lacks real customer service. They should be able to coordinate the “deals” via mass-mailing and what is offered through the office. As for the programs offered – whatta waste of time. At most, I will watch only 10 channels.

  16. i am hearing impaired deaf.i do not like dish network,problem dish network,i would like directv i have 2 tv in living room.choice etra dvr,my name paul L williams,jr 3097 county road 19 evergreen,,al 36401.. my fax number 251-578-9142 email me know.can man will come to my home when? please…thanks

  17. Well, the disappointment with Direct TV continues. I have been a customer of Direct TV for a short period of time but have had nothing but issues with the customer service department and the movers department. When I signed up for there service I advised the representative that I would be moving soon and I wanted to know if I would be moved for free.I was assured by the representative that there would be NO charge to me for the move. So based on this information I went ahead and signed up for the Direct TV service. Well when it came time for me to move I was charged $200 dollars for the moving fee that was supposed to be free. They charged me $200 to come to my house and activate an HD receaver. I have gone round and round with customer service about this situation but have not gotten anywhere. I should have just went with DISH Network. If there are any suggestions on how I could resolve this situation please let me know.

  18. We keep having to reset our tv to use our DVD and have lost programs we typed. Very annoying. Also just saw we may lose channel 9 on November 30, this is unacceptable.

  19. there is a message on channel 11 that we will be losing this channel as of tomorrow nov. 30th. this is a local channel that we watch everyday not only for news but for many programs like our favorite “The Voice”, please do not remove this channel from our line-up! We have been a longtime customer and we have already lost the CLOO channel which we also watched.

  20. My experience with the email help team has been wonderful! Especially Chris, who helped me on 12/6/12 solve a thorny connection problem with skill and grace and who kept on trying when everyone else seemed to give up. This is how a business should be run. Thank you!

  21. I received an email in regards to filling out a survey of my experience with you folks but couldn’t complete it on my cell phone. i would be more than happy to do so when you send me an email on my computer so I can fulfill your request.

  22. i was talking with a customer service person last week, and i”m sure he documented our conservation, anyway, my direct TV was disconnected on june 29, 2012, but yet i was billed up to the end of July 2012, so I was requesting for a credit on the month charge. secondly i was being charge an additional tv connection, so Direct TV credit me 135.00 for 2 years, which i have received a check for 63.55 and used differ toward my account. so for now we are still waiting for a credit for the month of July 2012 which we are charge, please review and let us know by tomorrow, because are account is due .
    perry and louise benallie
    Acct 34159653

  23. We had a service call for a technican to come today he had the problem fixed in short time he was very polite and new what he was doing he is tops I think his name was Nick Schweitzer I want to let you know he is a excllent techinican if you have a program for top technicans he should be in it he is got be one of your best tecks I have had some that were terrible just slaped things togeather but not the way Nick does it.

  24. please remove channel 358 it is CUURENT TV it was owned by vice pres[past]AL GORE he sold it to AL JEZZERA NETWORK. not good please drop channel or ill drop directtv

  25. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also talk over with my web site =). We may have a hyperlink alternate arrangement between us

  26. I was with Direct T.V from February 2011-April of 2012; I am now currently with Insight Cable here in Louisville Kentucky. My bill with Direct was anywhere from $152 to $178 monthly, with cable only. I now pay $128.00 monthly for high speed internet, Cable & phone. I have called Direct a total of 11 times my last time being today, requesting my last 2 bills, I have continued to call Direct since June or July of 2012 talking to a total of 17 different representatives, I’ve asked to speak to managers & supervisors on numerous occasions but was never directed to one. I was a loyal customer to Direct for a short period of time, All I ask for is my last 2 bills from Direct so that I can provide that to Insight, get my balance to $0.00, However I am unable to do this with a $200.00 balance hanging over my head at insight. May I please get my last two bills from billing cycle 4/13/2012 & 4/24/2012. I ask that they are sent before the end of January due to a deadline.

  27. I see the name on the nick and artie show has change to the artie lange show.I hope you didnt ruin my favorite show,by not having nick dipaolo.I will drop direct tv and go with another service.

  28. My neighbor had a direct tv dish installed. The installer placed the dish so that it is right outside my dining/kitchen window. When I talked to the installer about the inappropriate placement, he said that is where the customer wanted it. When I spoke to the neighbor, he said that was where the installer wanted to place the dish. The Direct TV dish is replacing a Dish Network dish and nobody wants to take the time to be courteous to neighboring properties.

    The installer told me he didn’t have the proper equipment to place the dish where the Dish Network dish it. The is just an excuse for rude behavior.


  29. I spoke with a representive to pay my bill for the 24 of this month. I wake up today and my service is disconnected. Can I please get a call back today. My number is on file. Thanks

  30. Today is January 22nd and I’ve had direct tv since November 9th. I am so dissatisfied with the service I have opted to have it disconnected. I now what all the money back that I spent on the service. I have not had one week of actual tv service since the beginning. I asked your customer service people for a phone number to contact someone who can authorize the refund and was told the people who can make that decision neither take inbound or make outbound calls. That is ridiculous. What kind of customer service is that. Would whoever can make a decision please contact me immediately.

  31. Direct Tv has been great since we signed up in 2011, but please work on your TV ads. That woman who is on there now is horrible looking and does nothing to promote women to use your service.

  32. Direct tv says they r #1 where what service is that I have been trying to get wifi and they said I am asking for to much how sad is that also they just been bouncing my calls everywhere except for Thailand have not been there yet…

  33. I would like to bring to your attention your CS rep Marcus; yesterday I required assistance and Marcus was well informed, articulate and went the extra mile to make sure that my new remote was programed correctly. I am a 12+ customer and must say he is a terrific representative of Directv. Also must say since you have brought Customer Service back to the US I’ve had nothing but excellent service -

  34. all i wanted to do was switch out my basic box for a HD DVR box, well direct tv tells me that i have to pay $282.00 upfront before they can send someone out !! the price is really not the issue because i thought they would put it on my bill but because i am not a year into my contract they can’t put it on my bill . THAT’S BULLSHIT !! BTW I PAY MY BILL ON TIME !! I’m looking to go with someone else ASAP !!

  35. We are very upset with Direct TV canceling WLOS channel 13 in our area!!! WE depend on that channel for local weather news and school closings! Reconsider canceling this channel or we will cancel Direct TV

    • I’m a new customer. If I lose channel 56 in Lexington KY I will cancel my deal as you will not be delivering the stations you said you would when I signed on. Ouse Channel 56 more than any other cannel!!e

  36. I sent a check in dec. to paid my bill and thought it was ok I was slap with a late fee. and a disconnect notice. What is really funny is that I also send my sons check in the same envelope. He didnt get a disconnect notice. I call direct t.v. also send a copy of my check and nothing got done about this. Last week the shut us off when I mail them a check. I call dish network I now have someone I can count on. I now have a mission to have everyone I know to get rid of direct t.v. go to a more better cable company like dish network. They were wonderful to us Thank you dish

  37. i am completely disgustedwith this set up , why are you taking off 56 ,?its the one we watch a lot and goes with the package i took, so are you going to cut my bill down to make up for this aggravation? i cant refer you due to the way you do these changes , dish and several others have better deals , iif things dont change i know i will make some changes in who i do my business with.
    so now where can we see the things we were seeing on this pkg?please do something

  38. I just spent 30 minutes trying to do a simple task like order a movie by phone. After I realized the person I speaking to had the intelligence level of about 1, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was rude but I finally got the deal done. They could not efficiently do a simple thing like take a telephone order. I tried to use the online system and it kept telling me I didn’t have an account. If so, where have I been sending my money every month? What has this world come to? It seems like no one can do anything anymore!!

  39. When we connected to Direct TV, we were supposed to have local news channels available to us. Now we have discovered that channels 15,21, 27 and 43 are no longer available to us. These channels gave us news from the York, PA and Harrisburg, PA areas as well as Chambersburg, Fayetteville and Waynesboro. Now the nearest channel available to us is Lancaster, PA. We are seriously considering dropping Direct TV and signing on with our local cable company in order to receive the local news.

  40. Direct tv customer service is Horrible! A company like this shouldn’t be in business.. My advice for anyone seeking cable and Internet service, please save yourself time and money and find a real customer service provider..

  41. I am very upset with the service I have received from direct tv! Was with dish network for 10 yrs. Never had technical problems! Been with direct tv for 6 wks..My service goes out due to the wind blowing and I have been without tv now for a couple of weeks waiting on them to get out here and fix it. Gonna give me a month of movie channels free! I would just a soon have my tv working on a daily basis! Everytime the wind blows in Oklahoma hope I’m not gonna have to wait 3 wks. or a month for them to get it going again! I am really pissed off about this deal! May be switching back to dish if this keeps up! Whatever happened to good old fashioned customer service? Took them a week to get out here and unhook dish network and hook their equipment up but takes 3wks to get out here and fix their screwup!

  42. I had every intent of signing up with DirecTV but because of a misunderstanding on what I wanted the representative had to cancel the initial contract and said it would take at least 3 days for it to get back in the system. I call the next day and another rep said there was not a problem. She proceeded to cancel the orig and begin again. I got transferred to 4 different departments. I finally decided to forget Directv and stay where I am. I was told everything was cancelled but when I called back 2 days later it had not been. The new rep reassured me all had been cancelled but could not provide anything in writing. DirecTV I am very disappointed with the way all of this was handled. By the way the misunderstanding was I only wanted paperless billing and not auto payments. The rep seem to have a problem with that and combined them on the initial form. When I said no that is when all of the problems began. I understand we all have room for improvements and who knows maybe one day I will attempt this again.

  43. Customer service is terrible. Technician showed up checked satellite signal said it was weak but refused to go up on roof to fix it. Said they are not allowed to go on roofs. Really, they put it up there. I certainly didn’t, then went & sat in his truck for 20 min. Then left. Rescheduled, got call technician would be here in 45 min., never showed up. Called several times, each time I was told someone would call me back in 20 min. Never did. Get call at 5:44 technician would be coming, never showed up. Rescheduled for tomorrow. If don’t show up. I am canceling. Haven’t had tv since Tuesday March 19, today is Friday March 22. Very disgusted with their service!!

  44. These idiots signed me up for hbo and Cinemax when I said 10 time I do not want to add those channels. They will do everything in their power to rip you off and make you spend more money than you intend if I wasn’t in a contract I would be switching service today or as soon as possible.

  45. customer service is a joke. The sales people that talk you into your subscriptions will say anything to get you to sign up. Then once you find out that you don’t get the channels or boxes that you were supposed to you are stuck in a contract. Once my contract is up I will never use direct TV again I have never dealt with a company with such terrible customer service.

  46. Why Will you not send me an E-mail confirmation of my inquiry?
    I only want what I have a right to! A copy of the final bill from you showing the early termination fees on it.
    Why is that such a hard thing to get from you? I think that I should be able to have one don’t I? I have sent a letter that I feel should get an e-mail responce from you. the inquiry is 130404-001137. I would really appreciate an e-mail conformation that you at least are taking action on it. So that I know that you are not ignoring me. I truly would like to take care of both of our needs. yours and mine. you would like your money I am sure. and I would like to take care of paying you also. which having that statement will allow me to do. so, Please. help me with this in all haste. I would truly appreciate your help to hurry this up. I am getting tired of this waste of time. Larry Dean Bamsey Jr

  47. i had the best experience with steward a service tech and the installer ryan humphreys,ryan went out of his way to find out why we had problems,it was old cables which the first installers were happy to see them cause they were busy but ryan made sure we did’nt have anymore problems and did the best job i have ever seen anybody do.this man is good for your business,keep him happy you will never find another one like him

  48. customer service is horrible. Bad business practices. They have connected my name with somebody elses and have me liable for there bill. I have nothing to do with that person nor their directv. My account is closed and has been fo9r over two years now.

    Do the right thing and resolve this issue. Bad service.

  49. account # 51681432. where is my refund check? seems DIRECTV is still showing that they are a company with no responsibility to its costumers. First we the costumer have to do your work for you by recycling your old or broken equipment. Now my account and phone number are blocked so i can’t talk to the customer service department. i did my part by sending back the new advanced receiver and the two access cards from the two receivers that DIRECTV did not want back. Beware to all you may have the same unpleasant and stressful experience happen to you as with me. SEND ME MY REFUND PLEASE!!!!!

  50. Do not like opening Direct bill and having it change from month to month.Went from $75.25 in 1/2013 TO 89.39 FOR May.
    These is why come June our Direct Service we will no longer keep.Ours went from $75.25 in Jan to $ 89.39 in May
    More people to follow us as they are put out also over the price changes all the time.

  51. You are so dumb do you want to lose all your customers
    DO NOT DROP MOTOCROSS ON SPEED you have already screwed up
    everything else on speed at least give us Motocross
    after the first of the year we are probably going to try to find a different provider you satalite goes out when we get a drop of rain
    Dish went out but not as often as you and we were with dish
    for about 15 yeas and have been with you for about 3-4 years
    Sherry & Mike Pennington not happy customers

  52. I called directv on Sunday 5 May 2013 and to make an enquiry on my account I speak to 3 representative including a supervisor and all 3 person was very blunt and abrupt with me I use my checking account to make a payment for over a year and had a return item once and a 6 months no check payment was place on my account. I was not surprised by that and i totally understand that situation.

    My problem was directv implement a new system that once a customer dont clear there outstanding balance then there is additional 6 months place on customer account the pulbic need to know all about this before you all just say this to customer when they call the center and the agents are so rude and abrupt with customers.

    I finally speak to Jamial his ID # 57222 he is a supervisor and maybe the best person i have ever come i contact with he take the time out to check my account apologise to me and removed the block from my account so i could make the payment through my checking account. My service was restore thanks to Jamial and his superior customer service.

    Thanks Jamial you made me change my mind from switching from directv.

    Yours truly,

    Joseph Smith

  53. I am not happy with this service. We were lied to and told that our service would not freeze when it storms. I do not get any of the on demand channels. The technician has come out and did not fix the problem. We want to cancel our service but have been told that the fees would not be waived. This is horrible customer service and I have never been treated like this in my life!!! Ridiculously horrible customer service!! My blood pressure was up because everyone kept repeating the same foolishness!!! I just want this non-service out of my house!!!! And I want you to stop sending me a bill!!! This is so fraudulent that I can’t believe it!!! Really disgusting service that we have had with you!!!!please have someone in top management to call me.

  54. I would like to write a positive review about customer service and direct tv. The customer service was helpful and quick. But most of all I believe I received a great deal in my new 2 yr agreement contract, especially a free sunday ticket!!!. I know how nice it is to get a good review, rather than all the negatives from grumpy people. So thank you direct tv!! Good job :) please share with employees, it’s important to let them know they are helping someone!

  55. I am highly upset. I have been satisfied with DirecTV until the speed channel was taken off. Half of the channels don’t even work and my favorite channel speed tv is off too?!?! This is ENOUGH DirecTV I have had it!!!!!! If you don’t put the channel back on I will switch to dish immediately!!! If you don’t want to lose customers, I suggest you put the speed channel back on and not have combined it woth fox!!!!

  56. This is the sorriest piece of TV service I have encountered in my life. And I am 70+ years. I’d advise anyone to not get connected with this company.

  57. I am under contract with Direct for ten more months. When the contract is up I’m gone. The service is getting worse each day.

  58. I am trying to get to Customer Service regarding my billing. I have spoken to them over two months ago regarding the billing of the account. I need to change it to a different payer. Please answer this email with a phone number or a person I can speak with or an email address. Thank you. Sandi Lake

  59. Why isn’t Direct TV showing us Channel 3, or KSBY, San Luis Obispo? If it isn’t going to be shown then what kind of rebate can we expect? There are other servers out there and we will not hesitate to find one if something isn’t done pretty soon!

  60. We had been customers for 15+ years,when our receiver box failed,we were required to agree to a two year contract,in order to continue service.We discovered that Direct TV will offer special prices to some but not everyone.I cancelled my agreement and now am obligated to pay $280.00.New customers get all equipment for a small fee.

  61. I dont even watch T.V. my husband just watches sports.Every time there is a little rain coming down the searching for signal is on.
    I don’t want to waste my time on commercials and reruns.

  62. Folks! Don’t threaten Directv with “going over to Dish” if they don’t get you straightened out. I am not happy with Directv right now but Dish is NOT the way you want to go. Been there, done that and it is soooooooooooooooo lousey! What you need to do is try and get Directv to stand on their promises. They promised me $200 visa gift card to help toward the early discontinuing of Dish, if I come back to them from Dish. I did, now they mysteriously don’t have any record of promising me that $200 toward the early fee that Dish is charging me (which, by the way, is $320). I just spent 45min 36sec. on the phone with Directv and spoke to 4 different people. None could help me. Directv is a big company, there is going to be someone that will eventually help me. I am going to continue my quest tomorrow. Maybe I will get the right person that will help me get this taken care of. Just keep on trying and do it with kindness, not being ugly…it isn’t any better with Dish. Believe me!

  63. Worst customer service I have ever Encountered. Directv Cares Nothing about their Customers. Not to mention i have ben Lied to on several occasions,

  64. I have been lied to by dtv for almost a month. They cashed a 300 dollar cashier check of mine on Nov. 15. Still not on my acct. No one is doing their job!! I faxed proof that they cashed my Nov 15. They still have not credited my acct. That is exactly why everyone is going to dish network.

  65. Your “To record this episode press R on the remote” covers up the bottom line or news and sport channels. I suggest you only use the “R” in upper left corner of screen. Everyone should know the “R” means to record. Thanks, Dick

  66. Due to you cashing the check I sent to you early, there was a
    32 overdraft charge placed on my checking accoint and I am
    asking you to take care of this on my cirrent bill.
    Thanking you in advance.

  67. So far the service is working but the programs use close caption works. But lately it’s not working. And without it working I can’t watch T.V. cause I have no Idea what they are saying. So if I am not happy I don’t have to keep it and I will fight it. All of the programs have to have all TV’s have it built in to use so my or myself don’t know what is going on then it’s not worth any thing to me. Right? So please keep it up and going that is all I ask of you.

  68. I am paying for choice xtra classic why later a night about half of my channels are infro commercials that want to sell things a few channels would be fine but the same commercial on ten different channels I am paying for shows not that stuff can no one provide tv that’s worth watching we get enough commercial on the regular shows

  69. I have been customer for many years and I have never been able to order pay per view movie with out some stupid problem to they said they could not access my info two days ago I rented movie no problem with accessing my in fo you need to hire people who can speak and understand English think it is time to go to another service

  70. Just finished watching the red zone channel for the 9th year. Outstanding job putting this on year after year. I’ve been a long time subscriber and would never leave Directv because I’ve never had any big issues. Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done and looking forward to next year. Thanks again.

  71. I am a directtv customer. I called for an upgrade 5 days ago. Yesterday I waited 4 1/2 hours for the tech. When I called I explained that I lived on the 19th floor, gave my phone number and stated the kind of upgrade I wanted. They set up an appointment, gave me a time window, and charged my credit card. We waiting 4 1/2 hours for the tech. to arrive. When he got here I was told that he could not help me. He is not authorized to do multiple dwellings. Living on the 19th floor did not give it away. He was a hired contractor for a company called Mastec, driving a directtv truck and wearing their logo. How can these people stay in business with service like this?

  72. keep the weather channel of the many channels you have only about a dozen are any good if you need more capital raise the rates on the dam info comm. channels . I realy don’t like the new national weather channel..

  73. I am very disappointed to hear that we are losing the weather channel. I have relatives close by, and a family member who is a truck driver, neither of which have access to up to date information on weather in their areas. In Adairsville, Georgia last year, it just may have saved my husband’s life. He was just a couple miles south of there, and heading north. I was able to tell him he needed to park somewhere for awhile. We found out afterwards just how close he’d come to being right in the path of it. Please keep the weather channel!!!

  74. the weather channel is a valuable tool.espesially in todays weather patterns.the generic on channel 361 does not come close .seriously considering cancellation of service.once again ,CORPORATE GREED !!!!!!!!!

  75. You cannot win with the weather channel cancelation. The first major storm that kills or causes injury for a customer the is locked into a contract before the cancelation and you are toast. Really bad PR. Agree to many special program, but a needed service.

  76. I would like THE WEATHER CHANNEL BACK. I watch it faithful every morning before work. They let me know what to expect for the day. Please do ALL you can to get it back. THANKS to NBC for screwing things up with THE WEATHER CHANNEL

  77. “Weather Nation”?! This service is terrible. I have watched the Weather Channel for years. I trust and rely on the weather info that these PEOPLE provide. Every morning.

    The Weather Channel is one of the reasons that I subscribed to Direct TV. Please reconsider this programming.

  78. I have been a long term directv customer and I am considering switching to FIOS. I have paid considerable more money for your service, but I liked your company and customer service. However, I object to your deletion of the Weather Channel with out asking your customer base. The weather service you have replace the Weather Channel is amateur at best. I request that your immediately reconsider your decision.

  79. Glad the weather channel is gone! Tired of watching reality tv on every channel including theirs! I think it’s stupid they name winter storms! I hope weather nation does stay ” just weather pure and simple” as their motto says. Thanks Direct tv

  80. I cannot believe you all are no longer carrying the Weather Channel! Shame on you Direct TV! When comms are down and there’s a weather situation going on, I turn to the Weather Channel which keeps me informed on the weather where my family lives, and most are out of state! The Weather Channel provides up-to-date vital weather information to people who are in remote locations. With increasing costs of cable many switch to satellite providers but I think you guys now have a problem on your hands. I just wanted to sound-off. FYI, did I mention that I am a Verizon subscriber? You see why I would never switch!

  81. we need the weather channel! Bobby has a job working on the outside and we check the weather everday so he will know how to dress.The weather channel always keeps our local weather updated and gives warnings when there is threatning weather headed our way.Plus they show interesting stories sometimes when all the other channels are boreing or not fit to watch! We are looking forward to you all making a deal soon and bringing back the weather channel. thank you

  82. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, the wind is blowing 10 miles per hour. RUN and HIDE, Take Cover, the World is coming to an end. This is The Weather Channel, over and over again!. I don’t care if they ever put TWC back on the air, they have lost their direction!!!!!

  83. I am very unhappy about losing the weather info on the active button and the weather channel. We checked the weather daily. NOT HAPPY!

  84. I am really, really, really upset that you have discontinued the Weather Channel(362). It is a most valuable tool that I use several times daily. The weather forecaster wanna be’s at “Weather Nation are a waste of my time. If you can continue to air inane programs such as “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” and the dysfunctional repo people, I don’t see why you can’t continue to air a station that is truly a benefit to people!!

  85. I have watched your commercials on TV and i must say I hope you are not paying these ad people a lot of money. I found your ads awful, when you are bored you go blash blah blah, come on I turn the station so I don’t have to watch them, can’t you come up with something GOOD? A company as big as you should have top notch people creating a eye catching ad
    Thank you

  86. I have been with direc tv for a long time we have been watching the weather channel every day. It keeps up to date daily about the local and world wide weather. I am very unhappy about losing the weather channel.

  87. yes i would like to know how are the talks going between you and the weather channel. i hope that there are some works going on since you are detacated to keeping your customers happy, you said that is your promise. i know i wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to staying on top of the weather in my area. do us a favor and keep us in formed to what happening. signed long time suscriber to directv and lover of the weather channel

    • please put weather channel back on we depend on it everyday for our people traveling a lot and we do because our local weather doesn’t do what this channel did need it back been a customer a long time put WEATHER channel back need it

  88. I didn’t know about the weather channel, but that even makes me more determined to go back to cable. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone at Direct TV, and I’ve contacted two customer service people and sent them an e-mail. All I want to get is a date from them when my contract is up so that I can cancel Direct TV and go to cable. I had it installed on February 17, 2011. Is my last payment this month or next month???? This shouldn’t be rocket science!

  89. You call this weather channel. the true channel is the weather channrl that you took away ,this was an important tool for me and you direct replaced it with callled the wrather nation which id a joke,at this time i’m looking in at switching over to dish network so i will get the weather channel.
    direct tv shame on you!

  90. We are very disappointed that you have dropped the WEATHER CHANNEL!!!!! The Weather Channel has been a very vital and valuable tool. We rely on it for our business and personal lives. The other weather station is horrible and so our the local stations. We watched the Weather Channel more than any other channel. If you do not want to carry the WEATHER CHANNEL, we will be looking for another provider.

  91. i am very dissapointed that we dont have the weather channel,will cancel if we cant get the weather channel back thank you

  92. Heres the way Direct tv treats there customers. I call for being over billed. By the time I get to the person I need to talk to I was on hold for 1hr and 40 min. When I get the person I need she is very nice and said she could take care of me and my problem. I was happy till the next day when I check to see if sheri has done what she said she would but had only lied to me and didnt do what she promised. I call back and tell the my situation and the next ladie says I cant do that for you I can give you a refund it will take 30 days that the best I can do sorry. This is the worst service I have ever received

  93. I’m extremely unhappy that you have taken the weather channel off. The one you now have is a joke!! I am contacting Dish and I will probably change to them in a few days. I hate to do this since I have been a direct customer for many years but I expect a good weather Channel from which ever system I use.

    William Hunt

  94. I had my account on hold due to a change of address, during which time I married and my husband has service with another company. I received an email from DirecTV stating that my service would begin again on 12/28/13. I called on 12/27/13 and tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a change in monthly service which would be affordable for my mother so that I could have the service turned back on at her house to avoid having to pay a fee for terminating my service early. At this point, I cancelled my service and was told that they would mail me boxes to send the equipment back and that I would have to pay an early termination fee. I didn’t receive the boxes and on 12/31/13 my credit card was charged for my monthly service. I called Customer Service to dispute this and was told that there was nothing they could do, there was no record of me calling to cancel, and they WOULD NOT refund the charge. I even spoke to a supervisor (Thomas)who told me that he had a record of me calling to cancel on the 27th, but that it sometimes takes up to 8 weeks for automatic billing to cancel, and that he was sorry, but he could not take off the charge. This is unfair and unscrupulous. I have disputed this charge with my credit card company. Also, I don’t think it’s fair that when I added another receiver to my service, my contract was automatically renewed for another two years without my knowledge.

  95. WeatherNation is a complete waste of time. Totally amateur, the only time a person can read the banners is if they are standing directly in front of the tv, no local coverage of the snowstorm today at all. If you can’t afford TWC, don’t waste it on this channel either.

  96. Where do I start???? Your customer service sucks….they don’t do what they tell you they will do when you have a billing complaint, they keep transferring you until you have been on hold for MANY minutes…Direct TV thinks the Weather Nation is such a great alternative to the Weather Channel….WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID???? Weather Nation stinks. We DO NOT get any local updates. GIVE US BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL. Put on your big boy and big girl bloomers and start listening and working to make your customers happy. So far you are just pissing people off and many are threatening to leave your service. Maybe enough will leave and you will have financial problems and finally realize your customers ARE important. I don’t even know if you actually read any of these complaints that people post.

  97. what a joke! I refuse to watch the weather on the NEW and IMPROVED station. They don’t have a clue what they are doing. DAMN YOU Direct TV you should be ashamed to be associated with this second rate program

  98. weather nation sucks! I cannot get local weather on this channel. I do not go online- I do not own a iphone or ipad. I do not have an android either. I lost some of the programs I watched on weather channel such as Hwy thru hell, Prospecter and others. if you do not return the weather channel to Directv, I will change to Dish Net. I have been a loyal customer for many years but enough is enough. Sloan Trigg

  99. I have been a loyal and satisfied costumer, for some time. I am now however very upset the we no longer have the weather channel. The weather nation ( we have given it a week) is horrible we no longer have the weather channel apps on our tv. I contacted the weather channel and they say you have broke off negotiations with them. you are not providing the level of programing you were. please if this is true continue to find a way to settle this dispute and give us back adequate weather coverage.

  100. I just called you people to inquire as to why my bill went up $20.00 and the guy I talked to,Dave or David was an arrogant,yelling asshole and when my commitment with you is up I will surely be getting a different tv service. Thank you

  101. We are very dissatisfied with WeatherNation as a substitute for The Weather Channel. WeatherNation does not provide any local weather forcast coverage for our area. Also, the trailers at the bottom of the WeatherNation screen are illegible and irritating. To say the least, WeatherNation is a disaster replacement choice. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be made with The Weather Channel, we suggest your try Weather Bell or Accu Weather; no one can possibly be as bad as WeatherNation. WeatherNation.

  102. I do not understand your thinking taking off the weather channel and putting this weather nation shit we in the south are truly upset . They pertain more to the north of the us. We want weather channel back. This winter storm we are having in south Louisiana they do not show a damn thing on us to let us know. The weather channel would be all over it. Youll need to get them back most of your customers are probably from here in the south. This new channel really does suck!!!!!!!!!

  103. when its snowing or raining and nothing to do kinda would like to settle in and watch tv but oh no cant no signal. I can get cell phone and internet signal whats the problem???

  104. Since 12:01AM 01-14-2014 we have NOT had one weather forecast for our East Alabama area from your “great: Weather Nation; We have just had one of the worst rain, sleet, ice & snow situations for our area in many years and Not One Notice Given.
    Pleeeease Return The National Weather so we can prepare for the good & bad weather in a timely manner; The National Weather knows how…WeatherNation knows nothing but Big Cities!WeatherNation sucks!! Please pass this on toPresident of DirectTV

  105. `if we are recording something that is what we have to watch or go to another room and another tv, was told we could record and watch tv, didn’t mention you have to change tvs. have requested help in understanding how to use direct, had been with direct since 2005, changed to dish, offering a better price stayed less than a month not happy with dish and direct was to hook direct like it had been before but have not been happy with direct because it was not connected like it had been before, please help`

  106. Bummer! You switched from the MS State game and did NOT give the alternate channel number!
    Alternate channel site said “not available” – all the while the game goes on WITHOUT us!
    Not a happy customer!

  107. We are very disappointed we lost our CBS channels when you shut off our Channel 12, KFVS, because of contract conflicts. That is one of the channels we watch the most. If you do not plan to get it back, we are planning on changing services.

  108. I am sorry for the day i switched to direct tv, the quality of service is horrible, i didnt get anything i was promised and i overpay for 200 channels of crap. not to mention ive lost channels due to “contract” disputes but yet receive no kind of compensation for still paying for those channels i no longer receive…believe me when my contract is up im gone….

  109. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE? It takes anywhere from 10minutes to half an hour to get to a live person. The phone numbers are deceptive too. Seems all you want to do is sell more products rather than taking care of customer problems.

  110. You need to quit punishing your customer’s and work out something with the Pac 12 network. We are about sick of this game you are playing. If someone else would carry the nfl ticket we would done. Greed is going to cost you customer’s.

  111. I signed with Directv because I was told by the rep that you had merged with ATT Uverse and I could bundle with them and still get directv service and receive phone and net via ATT Uverse. This was not true and I have been trying to cease my contract every since but was told that would cost me $400.00 to do so.Currently am paying for Directv service but am not using it. It would seem that since I was mis-informed initially that I should be able to stop your service without paying a fee.

  112. Every single day of having this service the service goes out. If there is a cloud in the sky. Good bye service. I am sick and tired. They raise their prices every month! Every single month. And for what? This is horrible. Patiently waiting to move to another service. Not many to choose from right now, but there will be.

  113. I called your 1-800 service number and finial got to talk to an agent, she was very nice indeed, but the problem we have is that it will (6) days before we can get a tec. out to our house, I find very hard to wait that long, we have been with you guys for some time, we are going back to Dish because of SERVICE, SERVICE,SERVICE.thank you Jim Ogstad

  114. I spoke with a service personnel, ID/badge #LVWAH1322 on Sept 24 14 approximately 21:45 hrs. She was “VERY” rude and hung up on me as I was inquiring about internet service! I have been a loyal customer since 2004 but I think that will change when my current contract is up!!!!!

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