Contact Direct Express Customer Service

Contacting Direct Express Customer Service Center

Contacting Direct Express Customer Service Center

Direct Express is a credit card that allows customers the freedoms of purchasing products online and shopping without the need of a bank account. The card is recommended by the United States Treasury Department. A large percentage of Direct Express customers receive monthly benefits checks and the money is directly deposited onto the card for immediate use. If you need to discuss you account, you can contact the customer service department at Direct Express or the credit card issuer Comerica Bank by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers wanting to enroll Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm, CST. If you want to report a lost/stolen card, check your balance, change your pin, check you history or have questions relating to your account, the customer service team will assist customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-741-1115
  • TTY: 1-66-569-0447
  • Customer Service (international): 1-765-778-6290
  • Card Enrollment: 1-800-333-1795

The customer service department at Comerica Bank is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Eastern: 1-800-266-3742
  • Central: 1-800-925-2160
  • Mountain and Pacific: 1-800-522-2265
  • TTY: 1-800-822-6546

Mailing Address

Direct ExpressPayment Processing Services P.O. Box 245998 San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Direct Express website have the ability to sign up for the card, log into their existing account, check the status of their enrollment and read the available FAQs. The card is issued by Comerica Bank, so customers have the opportunity to connect with the customer service department by leaving the website and visiting here

Social Media

We searched through the entire Twitter feed to see if the customer service department responded to customer concerns in a timely manner. Unfortunately, there were little conversations to read. The one posted on the feed did not receive a response. This leads us to believe the social media pages of Direct Express are for informational purposes only.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service team at Comerica Bank asking if the company offered an email address for Direct Express, considering there is no information listed on the website. Typically, we receive an automated response. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

Contacting Direct Express is a bit challenging. We called and instead of connecting with a live agent, our call was sent straight to voicemail. We instead called the Comerica Bank customer support team and asked questions relating to the applicable fee structure. The agent was polite, helpful and professional. The call started bad, but ended up better than expected. Did you have better luck connecting with the customer service department? We would love for you to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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30 Comments on “Contact Direct Express Customer Service
  1. I have tried using my card twice and it has been declined. I know there is money on the card and I don’t understand the reason for this. Thanks Lynda Crabtree

  2. I have tried to log into my Direct Express account online- since Thanksgiving (Nov 27) and I can get the account to come up only to the page that shows the balance- once I click to go further into the account I get a message that states the website is undergoing routine maintenance and should be back up shortly. Well, I have called Direct Express NUMEROUS times and they tell me they will submit a ‘ticket’ to technical service and someone will call me???????? 13 days and have not heard a word. I spoke to a CSR earlier and she told me try to”refresh my page” I think someone just forget to push the button when they finished the maintenance- I do not know what to do next- has anyone else had this problem recently?

  3. I was issued a card in 2013 by my attorney. I told him that I had a bank account, and did not need it. I was approved for disability in Nov. 2014. My attorney told me if I had a bank account to throw card away, because my payments would be sent to my bank. Now all my money is on the card I threw away, and they issued me a new one, that I have not received yet,and don’t know when I will get it. Hard to pay bills when you can’t get your money. This has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. they have notreplaced charges that somene tok loot off my car at all!! i even have papers from court proving this! cant get any help!

  5. i need to fax direct express my photo id can someone give me ther fax number,to the fraud department,,thanks

  6. I never got a user id nor password. I have tried to create a new user id and it comes up used id already exists. MC 5332480053678852 ex5/18 my phone number is 4058245065 or you can mail me 400 east Danforth apt284 Edmond,Ok 73034 If some one would call me I will go to a landline phone and return the call since cell phones are not that safe.

  7. recently I contacted direct express about a fraud claim I sent to direct express my identification card my social security card I am the payee for 2 children Katherine Dorsey and Margaret Dorsey along with their social security cards this claim is for NOVEMBER 2015,

  8. I am crazy fed up with Direct Express customer service. They will lock your account any stupid reason and never let you know they did it. The only way you find out is when you try to use your card and it gets turned down. Every time I have tried talking with a live person there I get the run around. Because everyone that works for are idiots and there hand are tied because that’s the answer I get. They try to send you to someone else and then you get hung up on.

  9. I have been scammed by these people twice. I am eighty-nine years old and every month it was a hassle just to get access to my funds. Customer service are the rudest assholes I have ever dealt with. Today is Dec. 9th and I still have no access to my funds that are supposed to be available on the 3rd! I would not recommend this card to anyone. It is a total scam and I will write to my congressman. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS BULLSHIT!

  10. i want to know why my card stopped working for one busyness i have contacted that company and the said they have not change anything i have tryed to contact customer service a number of time but have not talk to anyone

  11. I also had a claim in Nov 2-15., I still haven’t received my money back on my account!!! I just emailed Comerica, hopefully they don’t only have morons that don’t give a damn about your life working for them!!! I just got a Wells Fargo acct and “hopefully” my direct deposit will go there as I requested!!!!!

  12. Apparently EXCUSES are what they are good at! Reading Scripts and saying we haven’t seen any fax!! These people are very uncaring and ignorant!

  13. I am traveling in Scandanvia & would like to be able to check my balance online, but when I tried to login, forgot my password & asked to have it emailed to me, I am seeing a denied access reported. Can you help?

  14. I have had numerous problems and issues with Direct Services. Iam a county employee with Mental health trying to assist my client who is elderly, homeless, and mentally impaired. She has lost her Direct express card and cannot remember her SS number and there are limited resources to assist her. I contacted Direct Express Customer service which was not helpful or resourceful to assist my consumer. Are their other monetary services that assist with SS beneficiaries?

  15. Yes I been trying for 2 days get the dispute dept. when they transfer it cut off . I have dispute I got a letter from your not error, but I called back boost mobile they lady found the error since my husband been cut since jan. they his number to someone else. So they ask your back and get refund post on my card.So I know what going getting cut so much. It upset me

  16. I have tired to use my card twice and its declining and the money is there so what is the problem

  17. Direct Express has the absolute WORST customer service department in the world (I used to think that it was Comcast!)!!
    We’ve (I help my disabled brother)
    been trying to reach a particular department for a form for literally days, hours on end just to be disconnected over and over again. We’d reached them a month ago a couple of times and they said that they’d mail it but still nothing 1 month later!

  18. I am trying to get on line and manage my direct express account. I cant do so .because I cant register my account when the new user button is broken and has been for months now. I also tried calling the customer service number to do it that way but I was told that they are experiencing high call volumes and hung up on. it would make my life a lot easier if I could acess all of the features that come with having this card. please fix this. thank you.

  19. Waiting 2 months for forms to fill out for fraud….Still no forms..called 5 times…nothing.Now I get a letter there closing my case…They don’t see fraud and I haven’t responed….What is going on ..I wait on one comes to the phone..or call back high call volume….Patricia LIpira..I DID NOT make these charges..and my card is with me at all times…Please return my money..I’ve waited long enough..

  20. I need a way to reach you in case of an emergency.i live in Mexico just south of El Paso TX in Ciudad Juarez. The phone number does not work here so need to,find another source of communication

  21. My name is nolan tew the last 4digits of mycard are 0430. I am trying to open up a means of communication since your phone numbers, are no good my email below to verify if it works. I now live in mexico

  22. They post transfer me to the file of dispute as they hung up on me. Can’t connect to the agent after the agent closed the card out. Eat time get to the part where it reads y0 account balance then hangs up like tf I wann file a dispute

  23. Supposed t9 file a dispute as I can’t get b6 the last prompt it hangs u0 w8thput connection 5f can I get my money back

  24. My name is Jon Stewart i would like to wire transfer $90 to my brokerage account at Trading identify my account i will be giving you my address Jon Stewart 16301 Midnight Crossing my old address before moving was Jon Stewart 3509 Tanelorn Drive apt 1817 Richmond,Va 23294 .Trading address

  25. i was supposed to receive my new direct express chip card in the mail and haven’t yet. when am i supposed to receive it? has it already been sent to me and is now lost or what? i have called numerous direct express number and i cannot get the answers that i am searching for. i cannot seem to be able to talk to a real person in regards to this matter either.

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