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Contacting Dillard’s Customer Service Center

Dillard’s is a clothing and accessories company offering high-end styles from designers like Jessica Simpson, UGG and more.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. all days except Sunday. Sunday hours are from 12 P.M. to 6 P.M. All Dillard’s customer service hours are in central time.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-345-5273
  • Customer Service (Furniture): 1-877-272-2601
  • Credit Center: 1-800-643-8278
  • Hearing Impaired (TDD): 1-800-444-1732

Mailing Address

There is no dedicated customer service address listed, but we were able to find an address in one of the website policies.

Dillard’s Inc.
1600 Cantrell Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72201

You may want to make your communication Attn: Customer Service to speed the routing process. Otherwise, when the letter is delivered, someone in the mail room will have to open the letter and read a portion of the communication before it can be routed properly.

Official Website

Shopping and customer service for Dillard’s are located on the same website at http://www.dillards.com. There is a list of links in the upper right corner of the page. There you will find the link to the My Account page. This is where you log in or register if you’ve already purchased from Dillard’s and you need to contact customer service.

If you want to contact customer service in other ways you can choose the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Customer Service Email

The main Dillard’s customer service page provides a customer contact form http://www.dillards.com/kana/KanaStartServlet. This form can be used to contact the service department by email. You will receive an email back from the department so you need to include a valid email address when filling out the form. The form allows the customer to fill out just a small amount of information before sending. Just because the form offers a space for an address and phone number does not mean that information is needed to send an email.

We wanted to learn more about how Dillard’s handled customer service emails, so we sent a test message along. We’ll update you when we receive a response.

Our Experience

The customer service line for Dillard’s is a direct line. There is no automated system and no wait time. We called on three separate occasions and our called was immediately answered by a live agent every time. We are unsure if this is normal or if Dillard’s receives so few customer service calls that they can employ more than enough customer service agents to answer every call. We asked our agent if Dillard’s catalogs were available by mail and she told us they were not. Catalogs can be picked up at local stores or viewed online. You can order directly from the catalog listed by clicking the item.

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6 Comments on “Contact Dillard’s Customer Service
  1. Your merchandise return policy STINKS. If you continue this three day return policy you will be out of business shortly. I suggest this policy be reviewed.

  2. My compliments to Dillards for the employment of Charlene Morey (Jones Dept) Park Mall, Arlington, Texas. She went out of here way to be more then helpful running from one dept to another helping my sister find several items. We had been at Nordstroms previously and as gracious as their teams are Charlene ranked right up there with them in kindness, humor, knowledge of merchandise, and professional bearing. Thankyou Charlene.

  3. Yesterday, January 1, 2014 I shopped at Dillards in Chesterfield, Missouri for your New Year’s Day Sale and was so impressed by one of your sales associates. It was extremely busy day with customers standing 10 to 15 deep waiting to check out. With each customer she had a smile on her face and offered any assistance possible. Her work number on the sales receipt is 126088492. What a credit to your store to hire such an outstanding associate. Gratefully, Marylou

  4. Today I am so disappointed in Dillard’s! I purchased a sofa from Dillard’s almost a year ago the driver dropped it and it had to be replaced. They sent me the last one in stock and this was in April of 2013. Three months later I noticed the feathers started coming out, poking me and my guess, and then to top it off the seat cushions starting breaking down. I reported the problem in October 2013 and they had a contract service person come out and half wrote the report. The bottom line, I am still dealing with this issue because the store manager at the Willowbrook Location here in Houston is trying to patch up this sofa instead of replacing it not only has this been time consuming to deal with, but frustrating to know a store of Dillard’s caliber will continue to put a customer through this.
    I think from now on I will stick to buying furniture from a specialty store.
    Can I get a concern Dillard’s District manager to call and resolve this problem….

  5. Today, January 31,2014, I purchased a Clinique cosmetic at the Dillard’s in Winston-Salem, N.C. Linda Comfort was the sales associate. She is such an asset to Dillard’s. Please let her know that she is doing an excellent job. Even though she was busy, she acknowledged me as soon as I walked up.

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