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Contacting Digis Customer Service Center

Contacting Digis Customer Service Center

Digis is a telecommunications company providing service to customers in Utah, Nevada and Idaho. The available services include telephone and broadband Internet service. In order to better your experience, the customer service department wants to hear from you. Connect with the customer service department by email, through social media, by phone, traditional mal or by Live Chat https://home-c4.incontact.com/inContact/ChatClient/ChatClient.aspx?poc=58a0df21-e6b7-4abc-9344-ee4bfaa8a2e1&bu=4592586.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available Monday through Friday 6am to midnight, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 9pm, MST. The technical support department is open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm, MST. The billing department is open daily 9am to 6pm, MST. The sales department is open daily 9am to 6pm, MST.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-923-4447

Mailing Address

DIGIS P.O. BOX 2458 Omaha, NE 68103-2117

Official Website

Customer visiting the official Digis website http://www.digis.net/ can choose the type of service they need to suit their individual needs. Customers can choose between residential and business services. Throughout the website, Digis provides information relating to the types of services and even compares services so customers can make a well-informed decision. If you contact the customer service department, there is a chance the agent may not provide you with all of the information you need. In the event you have additional questions or concerns, visit the Customer Support page where you have the ability to review the Digis FAQs.

Social Media

The customer service department is active on social media. When customers post questions or voice concerns, the customer service department responds within four (4) hours. At times, the customer service department responded within 30 minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking about the early termination policy. We noted in our message that this information is not available on the website. Digis recommends not including your account information in your message. After we sent our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond to our concerns within 24 hours.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service department, we had to navigate through a lengthy automated system. After making our selection, we waited on hold for less than 60 seconds before we were able to speak with a live agent. After the agent answered the call, we asked about the fees associated with transferring service. The agent gave us the information we requested and ended the call. The overall experience was better than expected. The agent was helpful, polite and understood policy. When you connected with the customer service department, what was the outcome? Were your questions resolved? We want to hear from customers just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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3 Comments on “Contact Digis Customer Service
  1. Digis
    telephone lines do not work properly. When you call their number all you get are recordings. The voice mail says a voice will come on and leave your telephone number and they will call you back – the voice NEVER comes on with a recording allowing you to leave a number. I have called 20 or so times at different times of the day – where is DIGIS?
    I wrote a note saying – I do not want a 8.99 service they automatically added to my account. I paid my bill and deducted the 8.99 – now they have charged me a $5.00 late fee cause I did not want to pay the 8.99 even though I paid my bill. So they are continually billing me for 8.99 plus a 5.00 fee. PLEASE STOP.

  2. Do I have to contact an attorney to get an answer from DIGIS?
    Or, contact the Better Business Bureau?
    What kind of business is this anyway?

  3. I am having trouble with internet, goes out and back on, I have called and not receiving calls back. I am a disabled lady with a voip phone, internet is very important. Someone call me Please.

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