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Contacting Dewalt Customer Service Center

Dewalt is a major tool manufacturer known for stability and longevity. The contact headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland, but service locations are available in all states.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service staff is available at the Dewalt phone number from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-433-9258

Mailing Address

The corporate contact address is the only one listed on the Dewalt website. Customers can address a letter to this location, but questions about warranties, financial matters and other issues that need to be taken care of right away should not be left to mail communication.

Dewalt Industrial Tool Company701 E Joppa RdBaltimore, MD 21286

Official Website

You can find the official website for Dewalt at You must choose the country you’re in to access the site created for your country. You may notice at the bottom of the page are several links, including links to social media pages, recall information and company information.

Another important page on the Dewalt website is the FAQs page Here customers can search for answers to commonly asked questions the customer service team has already answered.

Social Media

In a fast-paced society, Dewalt and many other companies are choosing to employ social media customer service options. Dewalt is available on three major sites.

Customer Service Email

Just below the phone number to contact Dewalt customer service is a link to Ask a Question. This is the same as a customer service email form. You can also choose the Ask a Questiontab to reach the log in page. You have to register for a free account on the Dewalt website to ask your question.

We did find a second customer service form that did NOT require us to register for an account. This is the form we used to contact Dewalt customer service.

You can use the tech support link to contact the webmaster. This can be extremely useful if you’ve already registered for an account on the Dewalt website, but you have no idea what information you used to register.

Our Experience

The customer service department hotline provided several options and department. We bypassed the confusion by pressing 0 and connecting with a live agent. After answering the call, we asked the agent for information regarding the return policy. We asked this particular question due to several retail locations not having a consistent policy.

The agent explained the return policy allows customers to return an item within 30 days, with a valid receipt. The experience was ideal; we called, didn’t have to wait and spoke with a friendly agent who answered our concern. DO you have a storey to share? We want to hear your story.

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45 Comments on “Contact Dewalt Customer Service
  1. Dear Dewalt,
    I have just started using your tools and very disappointed with your sawall. I am a plumber and love your sawal the way it cuts pipe . I mainly cut PVC pipe 97 percent of the time . I problem I have is the triggers are not holding up. I have three saws ,all three the triggers are messed up . Really not happy with saws . I hate to go to a other brand but I can’t keep buying saws every year . I need help? Need to see if u can help , and I have other dewalt tool and hate to change all of my tool over to anther brand. Thanks warren

  2. I just bought the 575 7 1/4 inch skill saw which did not come with a storage or carrying case. I have searched for just the case without success. Could someone assist me in obtaining a hard or soft carrying case?

    Thank you!

  3. Really we feel very bad to get u r motor(DEWALT DW670-KR) serviced.We found that service center only plan to go for new one.Motor was been given to service on 15/03/2013 still we the motor is not ready.We feel bad that machine is idle due the delay in service.Kindly conform

  4. Cordless tool fraud? I have been using Dewalt tools for 25 years. Today I inspected a 6 piece combo kit for $569.00 at Lowes. I understood it’s quality matched that of each individual tool. Not so. I noticed a significant difference in the combo quality. The clerk, store manager and I all agreed this combo kit sale is misleading because the combo kit is advertised and/or the buyer is lead to believe the combo kit is = in quality to the individual tool when in fact, it is not! I’d like the benefit of your response as I’m considering social media outlets to bring awareness to this.

  5. Bought your miter saw. Got the free stand. It broke. The bracket that locks the saw to the stand broke. It plastic should be made out of aluminum Love the stand. Can I trade it for a portable one ?? The with wheels If so let me no. Thank you. Mike

  6. I have bought loads of cordless tools and some electric from you (even had the first 5 pk cordless kit that lasted me working as a builder for 10 years. Wow so i bought another Now they just have soft cases I need the biggest hardcase for cordless too,s you have. So i also bought some of the fancy 25 dewalt sun safety glassesnfrom lowes innnew hampshire i am now innoregon and the things had two design flaws. The nose pieces always fell off and worse the ear pices fold in and scratch the lense inside so bad you cant see anyways. I just want my money back or a real pair.

  7. Just bought Dewalt DW 618PK. good quality of the tools. But received without centering tool. Other sources say no longer shipped with 618PK. Manual doesn’t say that. Manual indicates it is a requirement. Further more the handbook is a joke. It is configured like a road map and not as useful. The owner has to keep jockying back and forth to find an answer. IT IS SIGNIFICANT TO NOTE THAT DEWALT HAS NO EMAILL ADDRESS. Hmmmm, just as soon not hear from you.DEwalt needs to wake up to the fact that the competition is catching up fast in price, quality, reliability and SERVICE. They are a frustrating company that is on a slow death spiral. no service , no future.

  8. I received a replacement switch for a DeWalt 705 Type 1 which does not have the correct wiring diagram with it. I talked to DeWalt customer service and two authorized service centers and no one seems to know how to wire it. The DeWalt technician suggested I just start plugging it in different ways until it worked! As you can expect, my company will no longer purchase DeWalt tools.

  9. I purchased your Dewalt impact ready power bits this weekend and sorry I spent money on some thing that is such a POS I have ruined 3 on about 20 screws wish I had of waited and bought the cheap ones hope I don’t make this mistake again. Thanks

  10. i bought a 20v max drill, for some reason when it is pointed horizontal or down it cuts out, it will work pointed up but when moving to horizontal or downward while running it cuts out. why?

    • I own a 735 planer. Motor is fine. Vacuum system is fine. Began to have difficulty with raising and lowering height. Noticed the idler arm slipped. Thinking it needed to be recalibrated I brought it into the factory service center. I have been waiting over five weeks with no response from them as to completion. Is this a normal state of affairs? Their only response is that I should have a backup. Very disappointed at the lack of professionalism. In the future I will not choose this avenue.

  11. My flex light finally kick the bucket today after 14 years!lol
    I got it in a five pack when I was 30yrs old I will be 45 soon,could not be will be part of my wall of fame in my office!
    Give the engineer a hi five for me!
    Thank you.

  12. The best saw you ever made was the DW712. Why would you discontinue this saw? Also Combo kit worked great and batteries lasted for the first year, after that the drill broke, you couldnt make one real cut with the saws all without changing batteries. For your quality prices, the quality seems to be fading!

  13. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I purchased a Dewalt mitre, slide drop saw the big one. I purchased what I thought was the best saw available to renovate our house. I am not a tradesman just a home handy man, the first time I used the saw I had to take it back as it rocked all over the place, turns out the bar across the back was missing from the box, the saw has never cut nice mitres for architraves, I took it back again they assured me that it was as close as you can get. recently the saw started to growl like it had something stuck in it, I took it back again and explained the saw had done very little work and there could not be much wrong with it, turns out it had a collapsed bearing that had also done some damage inside the saw. I am not a builder this saw has done minor renovations.
    I could have purchased a cheap nasty saw and had this amount of trouble then thrown it away to buy a new one, but I didn’t I purchased the so called best and have never been so disappointed with a purchase in my life. paying in excess of a thousand dollars for something that should last a life time with what we are doing. it has been a real let down for someone who thought they purchased quality
    Grahame OBrien

    • Check with Stanley. They now own B & D and Dewalt. Stanley was another company that made real great products until they moved all off shore. Wake up AMERICA.

  14. seems like a lot or replies talking about poor quality dewalt tools, has anyone ever had a response from dewalt from here?

  15. This Christmas I was given a Dewalt DCR015 work radio for a gift.
    I suggested this radio because I use Dewalt products. Due to the negative reports on reception of previous radios, I hesitated to do this. However, I thought surely by now you would have taken the criticisim seriously and corrected the problems. Unfortunately I was wrong. The AM reception is non existant in my area, plugged in or not. FM is not great, but ok. I have a 1950’s table modle radio that performs better than this radio (seriously).
    Gentlemen, I believe you care about quality and your products, but please explane to me how after all these years you can’t get technitions to produce a quality product for your work radio reception. I think the consumer deserves a quality product for the quality price you charge. We buy this for a radio and convience on the job. If we just wanted a charger we would buy a charger box and recepitcal hook up.
    Show us a little deserved respect for your loyal customers an the new ones coming on board.
    I am seriously considering switching to another brand. You have dissapointed and insulted me.
    Please think about what you are doing.
    sincerely, a customer for years, dave hucks

    • Dave since Stanley took over B & D and Dewalt things have changed. No longer service now it is all profit. This will continue until America wakes up and no longer buys this foreign made junk. To bad was always was a great product that the company stood behind.

  16. just bought the 20v DCD985 hammer drill(2014 04-41) and impact gun combo from homedepo.
    while using the drill to bore through wood it started sparking at motor.i quickly release the trigger but it was stuck.
    i quickly try to adjust the reverse but it was not in the center at which time the motor was smoking and fire jump through the bottom handle and burned the side of my palm. i dropped the gun and it was still running and sparking at which time i quickly remove the all happened in less than a 30sec.
    i took pictures but cant seem to find a dewalt email.
    i have been using dewalt for years as a contractor; 36v combo kit; 5 hammer drills ;4 stolen.
    i clean my drills at end of every day and its always hooked at my side.i have had issues but never like this where i get injured.
    i am returning it to home depo but i think you should know your drill is a fire hazard at least;at most be compensated for my injuries as a test dummy.

  17. How can I get a hard case for my combo set of cordless tools?
    It would appear they are available.

  18. I bought a dewalt DW508S 1/2″ hammer drill barely used it probably 6 hours worth and it burnt up my old early 1980s 3/8 B and D out lived it. I thought I bought the best, I guess I did ! The Black n Decker!

    • B&D used to own Dewalt now it is owned by Stanley. Most of the Stanley line now is imported. Dewalt must love to do their busines off shore because they advertise on a Toyota in NASCAR!!

  19. My boyfriend came home today and told me how amazed he was at your cordless drill. He accidentally dropped one off a platform where it fell 60′ straight down. The battery somehow got caught on the platform and stayed put though. When the drill landed, it hit on the bit end and bounced another 60′ over to the other tank. When he finished his work up top, he climbed down, put the battery back in and tried it out. It still worked!!!! You now have a very loyal customer with both of us. Keep up the good work!!

  20. I bought a bit set formy 18vdriver at home depot and the bits were some piece of crap….the first d2 bit i used fell apart right off the get go….the t25 bit is begining to roundover ……….dontfeel bad ryobi and milwaki were no better……. Buy american…Haaaaaaaaaaaaa……never again

  21. Dewalt scrollsaw is a terrible product. I took it in for a tension problem, which 1 month to repair. Brought home and still no tension. Plus The thing broken down 1 year and 3 months and no warranty. DO NOT BUY!!! plus I spent 4 hundred dollars on it.

  22. Bought 2 100′ tapes gear are stripping in both, have a 15 oz framing hammer which I love but first. Magnet for nail holder fell out no handle slips which makes it useless. On third radio because tuner stop moving up and down love cordless tools and brand but with 100 yr warranty on tools Home Depot said my problem to send back . Not easy when I use these to make a living and only option is to buy another while being sent in !

  23. My husband loves the Dewalt products and has a variety of the cordless tools. Recently he purchased a small hand vac that broke shortly after we purchased it. after contacting Dewalt we found a service center and dropped off the hand vac. only to find out two days later they needed a battery in order to fix the product. wouldnt a service center carry batteries? so after traveling half an hour to drop off our tool and half an hour back home we had to make yet a second trip. only to find out they dont carry the part to fix our tool. so we then had to travel back to the service center to pick up our battery. Dewalt did send us a new hand vac and my husband is happy but unsatisified with the lack of service from the service center in Mansfield Ohio. A coupon for future purchases should have been sent back with the vac due to the lack of service from the service center.

  24. The gold colored drills u sell in a small yellow and black box with the center drill tip are junk.the cutting edge
    On the center drill and the drill part do not cut anything. My friend has the same set and I was there whe
    He tried drilling nylon. I have tried cutting aluminum and thin steel. These drills suck. I was a machinest
    For six years. I
    Know my spelling sucks. I bought a grinder so I can sharpen my old drills. You should have all these sets
    Returned and give a set to all people in corporate and all the people in inspection. Let them TRY to use this
    Crap. It’s not the money but it is not good when you can’t use the product. Both my friend and I like the box.

    • Most likely it is made off shore now Stanley owns them. DeWalt has their name all over a Toyota car at NASCAR racing Once a good product that cared about service now only profit.

  25. I have a patent product, it is a ” safety cords management bracket ” it elevate electrical cordS, Welding leads, prevent same level falls, also hold fire extinguisher, air holes. Osha requirements.osha 1910.24 (I).Osha 1910.22 (b)(1).Osha 1910.30 (b)(2).also temporary power, and it holds argon bottle Too.

  26. Have a dewalt 14.4 volt drill have replacement battery’s more than 8 times sort unusual coming from a non commercial use, I am truly disappointed in dewalt drill and have put a tremendous a lot of money in battery’s I think the world of jig saw very good extra hey duty joy to use,also saws all pretty good tends to quit after use of more than 5 mind,,all 3 came in one unit, so 1 out of 3 very good

  27. I bought a dewalt impact ready set of bits. the long phillips bit broke already. It drove only about 20 screws. This was very disipionting. I would like a new one. This was very dissiopointing because i bought the big name and it came with poor quality. I do not want to swithch I like dewalt but the impact ready was not impact ready.

  28. To Whom it may concern
    I have been a woodworker for the past 30+ years and recently needed to plan 287 board feet of locust for a friend I owned a Mastercraft 12″ planer, but it was not doing the job.
    I went out and purchased your planer and I have to say I am very disappointed that I did not make my purchase years ago. This machine is so far superior in every way, smooth cuts, easy blade replacement, and accurate. I absolutely love this tool. I own several of your tools and i am happy to say that I will certainly devote more of my funds in your direction. I should mention that over the years I have owned thousands of tool and this is the first review I have ever written. Thank you

  29. I bought a Dewalt 20vote Max cordless combo kit 2 1/2 years ago secents I have had these tools I have had to have the saw a saw that fixed several time. My drill and impact have stopped working thinking it might the battery (no) not that had a the dealt service take look at them and they said you just need to buy a new set that would sove your problem (no thank you) I just buy ask new rigid kit or Milwaukee kit and the bad part is I really liked dewalt but after seeing what has happened to my dewalt kit I am really disappointed with them never again will I buy from them again until they are more bepened a biol

    Thank you
    Richard Nolen

  30. Long time customer. Had my 18V drill stolen went to my local Home Depot anf bought your 20v lighter version. Took back because it was defective. Got 2nd one and both batteries went out after 30 minutes. Took back and bought a Makita. Done with you guys!!!!

  31. I recently purchased a dewalt drill and impact gun when I got back to my job it says it comes with 2 battiers and one charger there are no batteries with my charger I took back to home depote they said that it was up to dewalt so please tell me what to do.

  32. I recently purchased a dewalt drill and impact gun when I got back to my job it says it comes with 2 battiers and one charger there are no batteries with my charger I took back to home depote they said that it was up to dewalt so please tell me what to do.

  33. Purchased a new DeWalt DCD7763 cordless drill.on25.02.2015.tried on numerous occasions to register. new tool to no avail they sent me a password which was 32 digits and letters how do you contact DeWalt regards warranties in the U.K

  34. Hi,

    I am a wounded warrior solider and I was wondering if DeWalt offers or have any program to support wounded warriors in need? I recently started woodworking and enjoy what I do, It helps me to get my mind off of terrible memories and focus on creating things and keep my mind occupied. I would love to have some tools and machinery, however with my disability pay and juggling my expenses it is almost impossible for me to purchase any tools or machinery. I appreciate your time and looking forward to your answer.


    • Fred maybe if you were Japanese they would support you as they support and advertise Toyota at NASCAR. Since Stanley took them over the USA and their citizens are not their first concern.

  35. I used dewalt tools for years,they are the most long lasting tools around.Thats why I choose dewalt for my idea and would to discuss my idea for an invention with yall, contact me if interested.

  36. I have bought my LAST Dewalt tool. When they support and advertise on a Toyota at NASCAR I no longer need them They want to REWARD a country that attacked this USA in the middle of a Sunday night , kill over 2000 AMERICAN servicemen and about wiped out the US Navy. You can reward Japan, I will not and I will support businesses that support the USA.

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