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Contacting DEA Customer Service Center

The DEA, or Drug Enforcement Administration, is one of the most active and feared government departments in the US government. The agency controls drug movement and enforcement of drug laws in the US, but the agency does more than crack down on street drugs. They work with prescription drug recovery programs and federal/international investigations into drug trafficking cases.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The best means of contacting the DEA customer service department by phone is to call the local field office near you. There is also a general inquiry phone number.

  • General Inquiry: 1-202-307-1000
  • Public Affairs: 1-202-307-7977
  • Congressional Affairs: 1-202-307-7936
  • Drug Prevention: 1-202-307-7936
  • Drug Registrant Info: 1-800-882-9539
  • Atlanta: 1-404-893-7000
  • New England: 1-617-557-2100
  • Caribbean: 1-787-277-4700
  • Chicago: 1-312-353-7875
  • Dallas: 1-214-366-6900
  • Denver: 1-720-895-4040
  • Detroit: 1-313-234-4000
  • El Paso: 1-915-832-6000
  • Houston: 1-713-693-3000
  • Los Angeles: 1-213-621-6700
  • Miami: 1-954-660-4500
  • New Jersey: 1-973-776-1100
  • New Orleans: 1-504-840-1100
  • New York: 1-212-337-3900
  • Philadelphia: 1-215-861-3474
  • Phoenix: 1-602-664-5600
  • San Diego: 1-858-616-4100
  • San Francisco: 1-415-436-7900
  • Seattle: 1-206-553-5443
  • St. Louis: 1-314-538-4600
  • Washington, DC: 1-202-305-8500

Mailing Address

Drug Enforcement Administration
Attn: Office of Diversion Control
8701 Morrissette Dr.
Springfield, VA 22152

If you need to contact the administrative department about a hearing, you’ll need to use the following address.

Drug Enforcement Administration
Attn: Hearing Clerk/LJ
8701 Morrissette Dr.
Springfield, VA 22152

Official Website

The official Drug Enforcement Administration website is available at This site offers all the information the visitor could need on how to contact the DEA, latest news, drug disposal and all other DEA programs. You can even learn more about drugs, controlled substances and penalties for trafficking drugs.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed for the DEA, but there is a form for visitors to the website who want to submit a tip to the department. Tips are generally pieces of information that could help the DEA bring justice or advance a current investigation. Submit your tip at

Due to the fact that we couldn’t find a general email address form we chose not to contact the DEA by email. The tip form is reserved for contacting the DEA with information, not for asking general questions.

Our Experience

Do you have experience talking with a DEA agent or the DEA customer service department? Leave a comment below revealing how you were treated and whether or not you received communication from the DEA after submitting a tip. Your experience may just help others who’re worried about tipping the DEA, especially when many of the investigations are quite dangerous in nature.

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4 Comments on “Contact DEA Customer Service
  1. As the father of a seriously ill, 29 year old daughter, I am compelled to tell you about the damage DEA policy is doing to her. Her name is Colleen and she has muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and an array of associated auto immune disorders. She has been under the care of the best physicians in the country since she was first diagnosed in 2001. Her hands and other joints are deforming at a rate that astounds even the doctors. Her knuckles are swollen to the size of golf balls. Her tendons are contracting so severely, that her little thumbs, fingers and toes, are being bent backward. Her knees and elbows are swollen and nearly inoperative. Her lungs are being destroyed by fibrosis. She has been declared 100%, permanently disabled by the Social Security Administration. She lives every minute of every day in excruciating pain and faces a very bleak future, with no known cure for these horrible diseases. She is on numerous prescriptions, from the immune suppressant Cellcept to the pain reliever, morphine sulfate. Within the past year it has become nearly impossible to fill her pain medication prescription. I have spent the past 2 days trying to find a pharmacy that is not out of that prescription. Our local Walgreens fills all of her prescriptions but they cannot get my daughters pain medication on a regular basis due to DEA policy. I have seen this wonderful young lady suffer agonizing pain, minute by minute, day after day, while her mother and I are forced to drive hundreds of miles each month, in an attempt to obtain the medications that the very best specialists say she must have to survive. Her doctors and pharmacist, understand her condition, but are powerless to help because of DEA policy. At this very moment, DEA policy is keeping us from filling a prescription that she so desperately needs. She has followed all of the rules. Barely able to walk, she makes a 50 mile round trip to her physician each month to satisfy DEA policy. She sits in the doctors office each month,surrounded by sick people, scared to death of contracting even a cold, which can be fatal, due to her immune system having been suppressed by Cellcept, a drug normally used for organ transplant recipients. Her doctors are unanimous in their condemnation of DEA policy, which is responsible for the suffering of seriously ill patients like Colleen. There needs to be some recognition that there are people so seriously and chronically ill, that they genuinely need and deserve relief. DEA policy is directly responsible for the unbearable pain that many American citizens must endure, because they cannot get the medications they need. We realize that there is rampant abuse of pain medication, but DEA policy does not differentiate between those who simply want it and those who absolutely need it. DEA policy and all who are associated with it, are responsible for the unnecessary suffering of my little girl. DEA policy must be changed . I would greatly appreciate a swift reply to this email. I will work tirelessly, with or without DEA cooperation, to amend this situation. I volunteer, in any way possible, to assist the DEA in investigating and reviewing the policies that cause such a tragic situation to continue. I will use every resource possible to help end my daughter’s suffering. Please feel free to contact me at any time, at 262-325-4312 or by email at or by mail to: George W. Sullivan 12685 Overseas Hwy. Marathon, Florida 33050

  2. I submitted a tip about a trafficker and made several calls to some DEA agents to that effect with a promise that they’ll get back to me. But till today,none of the agents i spoke with on phone got back to me,even after the arrest was made. I feel it was unfair and should be treated better as i try to help the DEA stop traffickers in their tracks. I wish to get direct contact with an agent.

  3. There are going to be many hardships for many patients, who with all truth. Deserve, quality of life. I feel and give my best hopes and prayers, for your little girl. DEA personal need to remain invisible to the public. For their safety, and families.I am also a patient. Who will suffer as well. There must be a way for what quality of life you need so desperate. Opinion That is mine. As we look across our nation & around our world. They wish to keep all miss directed, and confused.Part agree while others support blindly miss informed. It will take time, answer. Some doctors will have authority to fill, medications, others do no not wont any part of it. I pray things will find away, to help you and others. May our Father above bless you and yours. Thank You, dns

  4. I had a total hip replacement this week and upon discharge from the hospital, we had to stop at several pharmacies in order to get my Percocet. I have had many surgeries over the years and have never had a issue getting the meds my doctor has prescribed. I understand there is a big problem with prescription drugs being abused, but I am not an abuser! I have a licensed physician prescribe a legal drug for my recovery and I have to drive all over town to get it? This is Wrong, wrong, wrong!! The people that use these drugs legally are being punished because of those doctors and patients that abuse!! I thought we were innocent until proven guilty!! The DEA needs to look at their current policies and quit punishing those of us who who don’t abuse!,

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