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Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Credit Karma is an online service allowing customers to track their credit history and credit score. When you sign up for the free credit report, you are offered promotions and deals from leading companies wanting your business. The information supplied to Credit Karma is not sold, only used to put you in a better financial position. The main goal of Credit karma is to offer a service that customers need to improve their lives. If you have a question relating to the service or need to reach out to the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Credit Karma does not provide a customer service hotline.

Mailing Address

Credit KarmaP.O. Box 520San Francisco, CA 94104-0520

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Credit Karma website have the opportunity to sign up for an account and receive a free credit report. When you create an account, you will not need a credit card. There is nothing to purchase. Additional information on the website, includes, credit card information, loan information and tools/advice from industry experts. If you need additional information relating to the services, prior to contacting the customer service department, we recommend visiting the Credit Karma FAQs or reaching out to customers just like you in the Credit Advice Forum.

Social Media

When you are in a hurry and need to connect with the customer service department, you can reach out to the customer service department through social media. The various platforms allow customers to post questions and voice concerns. On average, the customer service department responds to customer concerns within 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

Customers have the ability to send a message to the customer service department using the email address listed on the website. We sent a message asking for information relating to the hours of operation. This information was not available on the website. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond within 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service department, the wait time was more than expected. We waited on hold for more than 15 minutes. This was a surprise, considering we called the corporate headquarters. After our lengthy wait, we asked the customer service agent the best time to reach a live agent, considering our current wait. The agent explained the best time to call and explained social media is another viable option. Looking at the bigger picture, calling the customer service department is not the best option, but the customer service team was helpful. Can you say the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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6 Comments on “Contact Credit Karma Customer Service
  1. This not good business no customer service phonenot good iI am not happy with that it is not free credit card us is needed take your ad off TV it is not a free credit score. No money on a credit you do not get your credit score what a joke just wanted to let you know that PS NOT GOOD BUSINESS do not email me back

  2. i got up this morning to find out that i need to reset my npassword, i have no idea what password i used when i signed up and me trying to do what i thought it was it just turned into more of a problem than it it bworth. do not put anything on my p,c, or smart phone after today,

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