Contact Credit Karma Customer Service

Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Credit Karma is an online service allowing customers to track their credit history and credit score. When you sign up for the free credit report, you are offered promotions and deals from leading companies wanting your business. The information supplied to Credit Karma is not sold, only used to put you in a better financial position. The main goal of Credit karma is to offer a service that customers need to improve their lives. If you have a question relating to the service or need to reach out to the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Credit Karma does not provide a customer service hotline.

Mailing Address

Credit KarmaP.O. Box 520San Francisco, CA 94104-0520

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Credit Karma website have the opportunity to sign up for an account and receive a free credit report. When you create an account, you will not need a credit card. There is nothing to purchase. Additional information on the website, includes, credit card information, loan information and tools/advice from industry experts. If you need additional information relating to the services, prior to contacting the customer service department, we recommend visiting the Credit Karma FAQs or reaching out to customers just like you in the Credit Advice Forum.

Social Media

When you are in a hurry and need to connect with the customer service department, you can reach out to the customer service department through social media. The various platforms allow customers to post questions and voice concerns. On average, the customer service department responds to customer concerns within 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

Customers have the ability to send a message to the customer service department using the email address listed on the website. We sent a message asking for information relating to the hours of operation. This information was not available on the website. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond within 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service department, the wait time was more than expected. We waited on hold for more than 15 minutes. This was a surprise, considering we called the corporate headquarters. After our lengthy wait, we asked the customer service agent the best time to reach a live agent, considering our current wait. The agent explained the best time to call and explained social media is another viable option. Looking at the bigger picture, calling the customer service department is not the best option, but the customer service team was helpful. Can you say the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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108 Comments on “Contact Credit Karma Customer Service
  1. This not good business no customer service phonenot good iI am not happy with that it is not free credit card us is needed take your ad off TV it is not a free credit score. No money on a credit you do not get your credit score what a joke just wanted to let you know that PS NOT GOOD BUSINESS do not email me back

    • i dont know what youre talking about, i never had to give ANY credit card info. However, I am not happy about them not having a phone number either, but I guess you get what you paid for- If its free, they probably dont want to spend the money on a call center.

    • I also have been trying to open things up and not one single page is avaiable. How can I update, or find out whats on it if NONE of your pages open? Are you legit??

  2. Tried to login to Gmail. First login since 9/13/13. Really bad experience. I went thru all the routines, enter eml address, answer questions, got to reset password, and got eml with new password, then offered I could login from eml from you with new password, failed 3 times for Karma to recognize the new temp password assigned by you. Upon getting failure gave up and wrote this message.

    Hope Karma can help as your reset password process sucks!

  3. I have 8 hard inquiries on my cerdit but don’t know what It is . Help please my number 1718-300-0247
    Cerdit karam has giving me this info but not sure what are the 8 inquires are from help please

  4. Half way through registering the web site went down and now I cant finish because it says I already have an account.What the hell?? How can you trust a site to give you info when they dont even have a reliable web site! Still looking for corp. email so I can tell them where they can stick their credit score!!!

  5. It’s very tacky of you to not have a customer service number that can help people with issues and questions can get a response! I even tried to send an e-mail to your customer support and that wouldn’t even go through!!!!

    I’m very disappointed and frustrated!!!

  6. what kind of business does not have a contact number? I need to know something about my account but I cant find out if there isn’t a phone number. if there is any way Credit Karma can contact me by email that would be great!!!!!!

  7. BAD SERVICE !!!!! there has to be a reason why they don’t give you a number to call them It looks to me that it may be a scam I sold my truck a month or two ago and it still shows on my credit score. I was told they update it at the end of every month that is ANOTHER LIE it shows I have more on my credit than I do don’t know where this info comes from but it needs to go back and they need 2 start trying to be HONEST and provide numbers and NOT hide

  8. CreditKarma lists a COLLECTION on my account that I disputed through Transunion, Experian AND Equifax!!!!! All three of the credit bureaus REMOVED that collection from my credit report already. How do I get that false derogatroy collection REMOVED from my creditkarma report?

    Again, ALL 3 Bureaus REMOVED it but CreditKarma hasn’t. Any help?


  9. I had a free 7 day trial period last week, that same day I went home and canceled it i dont want any part of your company its a scam.I want my many back you should have never taken it in the fisrt place.I canceled it!!!!!!.

    Thank you, Patricia Gonzalez

  10. Your ad on TV says Credit Karma is totally free. It does not say you can only check your credit score once and then you get charged the next time. Your ad is a falsification. Basically you are lying on TV to millions of people. You should go into more depth on your ad trying to get me to check their score and after 7 days your account is de-activated. You are full of crap and a plain out liar.

  11. I traded cars at Nissan; paid the old one off. You have it listed as closed. Paid off is better than closed is it not? I traded cars, paying off the old loan. You have the $ll,000 listed as closed.

  12. unsubscribe me as a member from credit karma free credit reports. i was not able to get any information. please do not charge me for no information. send a confirmation notice that you removed me from your list.

  13. Have tried to reset my password. Mailed letter to San Francisco address with copy of my state issued identification card and my email address. This was over two weeks ago. Have yet to receive instructions on how to reset my password via postal or email. Since there is no phone number to call I have to rely on sending letters or emails. How long will it take me to reset my password so that I can access my account and monitor my credit????? I am getting really frustrated.

  14. I continually have trouble accessing my account. All information is correct and never lets me log in. Please do what is necessary for my information to successfully let me log in.

  15. I use the servicebefore now I have never been able to use it again it always say wrong password. tryed to get a contact number but unable to do so. please let me know what’s the problem. can all the information be entered again to start over?

  16. i got up this morning to find out that i need to reset my npassword, i have no idea what password i used when i signed up and me trying to do what i thought it was it just turned into more of a problem than it it bworth. do not put anything on my p,c, or smart phone after today,

  17. I am having problems with the information and I can not access my information. I want to know if you can send documents via e-mail.

  18. Every time I put my information in it automatically switches to score sense and denies my application. Credid Carla doesn’t have a phone so you can call customer support. What a joke.

  19. My boyfriend gave me a home depot card that has my name on it but is through his account how can you access that card account when I’m just secondary on the account.

  20. I am beginning to wonder if the site is as good as they put on, because you can’t even contact Credit Karma through phone at all! I will really like to know why I can not get my report to update, instead I receive a credit error message.

  21. I’ve been trying to Logan my account for the last six months I’ve done Emailed y’all about 6 times can someone please email me back I need to deactivate my account or whatever I got to do to get in it 3:18 PM October 28th

  22. I no longer have bank account with Academy Bank Please Remove From my karma Credit History thank you Mr. Mendoza I am with 1st bank now.

  23. put in information will not keep my last four numbers of my social security number no matter ow many times I put it in

  24. I check credit karma for my credit score. they gave me one score and trans union was in credit karma says 585 for trans union while transunion says 622 on their site. odd.

  25. I love credit karma and have recommended it to family and friends. I don’t understand why your membership can’t get urgent or important
    information by phone.

  26. I can not log into my account for and the help desk does not send me a retrieving email like promise for my account!

  27. Your website shows my FICO score from Equifax as 595. I pulled an Equifax credit report this morning and found my credit score to be 699. Why the big difference.

  28. I want to cancel this service immediately. I never saw a score. I will advice my credit card not to pay and will legally seek actions if you try to use my card. I NEVER SAW A SCORE. It was covered with some junk that I could not remove from the score. There is no number to cancel your non-service. I want it done NOW!!!

  29. Both my husband and I are signed up with Credit Karma. I have 2 E-Mail addresses. I use one for me and one for my husband. When I log into the e-mail I used for Credit Karma, it says — Karen your score needs updating, but when I click on update my score, my husbands (Fred) comes up even though he is under a different e-mail than mine.

  30. You no longer support my internet browser Explorer 8. You hide the fact that there is no phone service. your service is poor.
    unless you provide an option in two days I’m terminating the accunt and will do my best to discourage any one using you service.

    • diffi

      Difficult to work with this company. I need to change my password but am unable to because credit karma will not send instructions to me email. My email has never changed and I have made this request many times.

  31. I can’t get on the sight at all, and it’s going on weeks now. I know the sight is free, but you should be able to sign on at least once a month right? The other sights lie, with their free credit, charging 1.00, and they get your credit card on file and what the free sight lasts for 7 days? come’on man!!! nobody seems to answer emails, and you just get shifted around, then the sight brings up blank pages, or no internet connection. makes no sense, especially with all the commercials on tv. what does BBB say about this sight? anyone know?

  32. My identity was stolen and someone has made an account using my information. I’d like to contact someone from CreditKarma to put a stop to the thieves from viewing my information on my credit RIGHT NOW…but unfortunately there is no phone number and only an email address and email response letter that says it takes up to three days to reply.

  33. I have seen my credit score dropped within one month, and no new information was added to my report. It is telling me the score is from Transunion and eqifax, but I went on their websites and the score is different. What is going on.


  35. your site is very frustrating…I created an accout, when I go to log in, it does not let me in. therefore I cannot acces my credit score and furthermore there are ‘NO’ customer service phone number on this site…”HOW FRUSTRATING”


  37. Good morning I Jamal graves would like to cancel my 7 day trial with credit karma thank you it was a good investment thanks again your truly Jamal .

  38. I need to talk to someone to update my email address.
    What kind and company is this with no customer service phone number???

  39. I need a phone number but apparently there is no number for Credit Karma even though I am sent to sites that indicate there is a phone number. This is very frustrating to say the least!

  40. Why won’t you allow me to access my husband and my own credit scores??????? We have never contacted you before but you have our personal information now. ????


  42. lets see……I’ve tried to sign on to this service for over a year now. Today trying to set up a password I never got a Email response. If this is the way you give service I don’t need the aggravation.

    Then to find no phone service access sounds like a real TRAP.

    Not credit karma but rather credit HELL

  43. Somebody set up an account using my email address and Credit Karma has no way to deal with it. All e-mails to support get the same canned response to a broken web page which does not cover the issue I’m trying to deal with

  44. I downloaded the appt. but was told I have a account already. But I don’t have a password for it to log in. So what do I do now?

  45. I have been trying to log into Credit Karma for two weeks and can’t do it. I have sent E- mails with out any answer. I have changed my computer and E- mail address so that is the problem. I gave up. Will sign with another credit check web site. I give them O stars.


  47. Having no customer support on your website is really unprofessional. When out personal information is given online and their is an issue with log in your website issues, it is very concerning to everyone! What is going on with this website? Is it a scam? I see a lot of commercials on this, but unable to log in and get information is quite concerning.

  48. I have asked numerous of times for a password reset and never got it I no the email is correct and cant get a response out of this this bs

  49. I have been trying for two days to reset my password since I forgot mine! You ema me but not with URL to reset !! I need help ASAP

  50. Hello I am having trouble changing my password – I never received the email with password change info change. How do I go about being able to access my account.

  51. I signed up with your company over 3 years ago and have never been able to get logged in because of information recognized. I have changed my password several times and still can’t get in. No wonder they say it’s free! Giving up . Will now pay to get what I want. Thanks for 3 years of nothing.

  52. I am not able to process the application .every time I enter the last 4 numbers of my ss they reject the application.. I would like to speak with someone personally .thank you Claire

  53. I believe my # to be 51973662.
    At this time I desire to cancel any continued service.
    Your company provided invaluable information, however, at this time i do not need continuing service.
    Thank you and please confirm cancellation.
    Ivan H. Nathan .

  54. When trying to log into my account it keep saying my personal not what the credit bureau has and I am not able to see my scores

  55. Yes I had a account with credit karma. And its been so many yrs and IV had different yahoo accounts. How can my old account be deleted so I may start a new one

  56. tried several times to enter my social security number but your app is not accepting the last four digits please help me resolve

  57. I’m trying to get my free credit score but it keeps telling me my socials wrong. I even went and got the card to make sure I entered it right.

  58. I am not able to access my account. I contacted their corporate phone number, and got a cheerfully canned referral to their website. So, I went back to their website and again tried to enter the error message that I receive after entering my info.
    I enter my info, press enter, and the return states that there must be a subject line, however, there is no subject line field on the site. So, I’m not even able to enter a request for assistance. THIS IS BEYOND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. What gives Credit Karma?

  59. 10-18-15
    I can’t log in or change my password or get any information. Your service should be labeled as a deceptive practice, and fined, and required to remove your false TV commercials. The CEO and other officials belong in jail.

  60. Your customer service sucks. I forgot my password and was given anew one by Jean luc. I tried to reset my password and it would not acknowledge it. Your system has a computer gliche you don’t now about.

  61. Entered my Social Security # several times (at least6) and each time it would not take my #. What should I do? thank you. Dolores

  62. This site is a joke and there customer service is terrible. I haven’t been able to access my account and I cant get any help from there site. I would recommend them to anyone

  63. Hi my name is Brianna fields I’m having trouble login in to my account I need to reset my password but the is not letting me go THRU

  64. Why did my credit score drop 34 points in I have been paying on time with my bills,and I haven’t opened anything else,or taking out any loans.

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