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Contacting Cracker Barrel Customer Service Center

Cracker Barrel is a family restaurant and country store with locations all over the United States. The official website offers customers the ability to contact customer service, view the menu and find the nearest Cracker Barrel.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can feel free to contact the customer service department using the Cracker Barrel phone number or fax. The normal business hours for Cracker Barrel customer service is 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-333-9566
  • Fax: 1-888-263-4304

Mailing Address

Writing a letter to Cracker Barrel is a good choice if you want to express your feelings on a topic but you don’t require an immediate response. It can take longer for the customer service department to contact customers by mail than other customer service contact methods like phone or email.

Cracker Barrel Old Country StorePO Box 787Lebanon, TN 37088-0787

The physical address for the Cracker Barrel home office is also available.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store305 Hartmann Dr. Lebanon, TN 37087

Official Website

Located at is the official website for the restaurant and store. The website lists information on the restaurant, general store and even includes links to fun travel games, music and more. You can purchase items from Cracker Barrel online for home shipping, including food items unique to the restaurant chain.

Customer Service Email

As is the case with many consumer companies, contacting Cracker Barrel customer service by email is one of the preferred methods of contact. Email contact gives the customer service group time to respond more accurately, but it does take longer to receive a response. You can use the contact form at to send your communication to Cracker Barrel.

We sent an email to Cracker Barrel customer service to see if foods offered by the company are non-GMO (genetically-modified). We’ll update when we receive a response.

Our Experience

Cracker Barrel customer service has received quite a few poor reports in the past, so we wanted to talk to an agent for ourselves. We called the Cracker Barrel phone number, which was answered by an automated system. We pressed 1 for GUEST, which took us to another automated system. You can press 5 to talk with an agent about an experience in a store or 7 for other calls. If you call outside of normal business hours you can leave a message for a call back.

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21 Comments on “Contact Cracker Barrel Customer Service
  1. I am disappointed with Cracker Barrel’s response to my complaint. I was told that I would hear from them soon.

  2. My family and I had dinner at the Kennesaw GA location Wednesday, June 12. We arrived around 8:00 PM. We waited at least 30 minutes for our food with our waitress never checking in. When our food finally had arrived, it was barely warm. My 15 yr old son ordered a Sprite. The 1st one tasted like club soda and that it needed to be changed. When the new drink was dropped off, it had some type of creamy sauce dripping down the entire side if inside the glass. Our waitress apologized and brought him a new drink 1/2 way through
    our meal and then proceeded to keep it on the check. She also brought out the wrong side items and had to keep replacing them.
    Other then my 5 yr olds delicious pancakes, it was a very bad experience!

  3. Our family is offended that CB is discriminating against Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson. They are pulling his items for being the kind of “country” faith-filled, gun-loving rough and ready guy they say they represent. I won’t be eating there again.

  4. We have always enjoyed eating and shopping at Cracker Barrel. But we have decided to boycott Cracker Barrel since they have decided that, in not wanting to offend a small special interest group by removing some Duck Dynesty items, they would rather offend the majority of Christians. We cannot support a company that doesn’t support “freedom and individual rights” for everyone. We all have rights!!! Our rights as a majority are being stripped away by a minority, and Cracker Barrel doesn’t deserve our respect for being spineless and our business for not respecting the majority, We don’t need Cracker Barrel, so if all Christians boycotted you, let’s see how long you last with the special interest group as your only customers!!!

  5. I think y’all are wrong for pulling duck dynasty products. You sell all kind of Christian products. Phil Roberson is a God loving man and deserves the same respect. Cracker Barrel is wrong for this. As far as me and my family you’ve lost a family of customers.

  6. We eat at lest two times a month at one of your Cracker Barrel restaurants ! We spend Xmas money in your gift store , No more ,, we care more about Phil Robertson Freedom of speech ? We can eat some other place , I know one costumer isn’t that important maybe three to five hundred dollars a year but what if there’s more people like us Be carefull pushing your Believes on the baby bombers age group that Support your restaurant

  7. I have always enjoyed eating at Cracker Barrel even though I thought the prices were too high! The quality of the food outweighed the over pricing, and I ate there in spite of that! However, in response to the removal of Duck Dynasty products from Cracker Barrel locations, I and my family will no longer eat at or visit any Cracker Barrel site. My hope is that Cracker Barrel corporate will rethink it’s support to suppress freedom of speech which is a right afforded every American citizen under the Constitution of the United States of America!! Please let me know when you have decided once again to support a FREE America!!

  8. My family and I eat at Cracker Barrel every week. Your company’s decision to be intolerant of Phil Robertson free speech will result in me being intolerant of my dollars going to Cracker Barrel which is now in the thousands per year.

    Good luck with your stand in Political Correctness

  9. Our family has been loyal customers of Cracker Barrel for many years eating
    there from 5 to 7 times each week. I am really disappointed in Cracker Barrel’s decision
    to stop selling some Duck Dynasty items. I held Cracker Barrel to a higher standard than
    that. Phil Robertson only expressed his personal opinion which he has a right to do.
    It is sad when a company (like Cracker Barrel) caves to a very small group of people.
    Not sure we will be eating at CB any longer…

  10. On12-28 my visit to cracker barrel was bad one.Full meal came out at different times.was told they were short on cooks.hush puppies were undercook and return twice.don’t know when I eill visit again………

  11. Good Morning ! I been at many of your stores and the one I most frequent is store #369 in Hammond In. The last few vists the food is not the same. The Lake trout was very dry and no flavor, sweet potatoe was cold and salad was a size for a 5 year old! The bisquits not completely done and had to ask for butter and jelly several times before the waitress finally served some. I would understand if the dinning room was full but only had 6-7 tables with customers. On my receipt it shows payment at 4:35 p.m, A very lite crowd for the dinner time hour! This store is not the same, My family and I always looked forward going to cracker barrel but it will be a long time before our family returns! also the mens room needed much attention ! Thank You…

  12. ate at cracker barrell friday in st pete fl 54th ave wasnt crowded got bad service had ask twice for water was 15 to 11 and they woulnt let me get lunch had order breakfast

  13. ate cracker barrell fri wasnt busy not good service had ask twice for water was 15 till 11 wanted lunch mad me get breakfast

  14. ate at cracker barrell fri wasnt crowded had bad service asked for water twice was 15 till 11 woulnt let me get lunch

  15. as a Veteran whom served with the 101st Airborne Division 1972/74 Honorably, i am apalled at the terminating of a fellow veteran over assisting a homeless man!
    NO LONGER WOULD I OR MY FAMILY *(whom did enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel) partake in any future meals at Craker Barrel!!
    I know for a fact other eateries contribute and assist homelessness. I will do my loyal best to pass the word amoung my Veteran to boycott CRACKER BARREL!
    don’t bother contacting me with some sorry exuses..don';t need em’ your action shows more to me then any words could!

  16. At a Cracker Barrel Restaurant, exit 101 (Collier Blvd) in Naples, Florida,Saturday, I told the Waitress I could not eat sugar and asked if the syrup for pancakes pure maple syrup? She gave me a little bottle and assured me that it was. I had delicious pancakes but a sleepless night. The next day I read the fine print on the bottle, which in large letters has “100% Pure Natural Syrup” but in tiny print below says 55% pure maple syrup,45% cane syrup. The cane syrup did me in. Not nice of Cracker Barrel to distort.

  17. I have been a long time customer of Cracker Barrel. we have an RV and appreciate the parking spots. I have celiac disease and have a very hard time finding gluten free items at CB, especially breakfast. Would it be that difficult to offer at least one GF item, such as pancakes, waffles, biscuits, French toast or even plain old toast. They even messed with plain old oatmeal. It now has cinnamon, fruit, nuts etc. mixed in and it is very hard to pick out. I told my husband we are going to need to stop at Denny’s or IHOP. they have been offering GF items for some time now. PLEASE consider my suggestions. I love your place.

  18. Last two times,the biscuits were very small, the old fashioned ham was half the size it normally was but the price wasn’t th any cheaper. What is going on??. Ben tanner

  19. You rake the military over the coals with your price gouging with the rocking chair racket. Charging the military 40 bucks more than everybody else and legs not even discuss the lack of a military discount. Never again for me. I choke at the very mention of your mess.

  20. Well, reading most of these comments tells me what I have already experienced. Your a low life service. And you definitely don’t like the military, bunch of dirtbags. God forgive me I ever ate there, never again.

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