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Contacting Cox Communications Customer Service Center

Cox Communications is a cable, Internet and phone company that operates all over the United States. Customers need to use the local contact information to call, email or write to Cox Communciations customer service. There is no main phone number for the entire company. That makes it a little difficult for us to report customer service information, so we have focused on the Cox Communciations customer service on a corporate level.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to get in contact with customer service, you need to view the customer service information for the Cox Communications customer service department in your area. However, we were able to learn of a few contact phone numbers that may be helpful.

Mailing Address

If you need to contact Cox Communications customer service department and you want to do so at a higher level than your local Cox Communication office, you can choose to use the corporate mailing address.

Cox Communications, Inc. Corporate Office
1400 Lake Hearn Drive
Atlanta, GA 30319

This address is not suitable for sending payments or any communication that should be received by your local Cox Communications office.

Official Website

You can sign up for new service, request a service upgrade or contact customer service from the official website for Cox Communciations. The official website is located at You will need to enter a zip code to locate your home website, but you can log in to your account from the main page without entering a zip code.

Customer Service Email

To contact customer service by email you’ll need to visit the main page,, and click on the View/Pay Bill link at the top of the page. You will be taken to a log in page where you can enter your user name and password. There is no contact information or email form available to customers if they don’t enter a specific location. After we chose Middle Georgia as our location, we were able to access an email form We contacted customer service to ask for a dedicated email address.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service phone number for Cox Communications, the call was never answered. The phone rang more than 20 times and then the call was disconnected. We researched and verified the number listed on more than 20 websites as the contact number for Cox Communciations. After the 20 rings, the call simply ends. If you need to contact Cox Communications, it is best to call your local phone number.

What did Cox Communciations customer service do for you?

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38 Comments on “Contact Cox Communications Customer Service
  1. been with cox for over 20 years—had my premium channels turned off as my payment was late????? computers do not think or know that GOOD customers can be late from time to time–spent the greater part of my day trying to talk to a person and was disappointed in my results. after 20 years, I am going to change my provider for phone, internet and television to LUS in Lafayette, La. as they will not screw an old customer

  2. Wow… Don’t even have Cox and have experience poor customer service. Went round and round about whether or not an unnecessary installation fee could be waved. No answer. Told to talk to someone else. Bottom line, turns out they just want to make sure to get $70 to install nothing. Different fees from different places.

  3. ..after 3 days w/o service, a cox employee shows up to restore svc..I let him in the house to do what he had to do to resolve the issue..I walked to the back of the house and when I came back to talk with the cox employee, he was gone..this is unbelievable..not only did he not restore service, he made no effort to communicate with me..he said nothing, and left…this is unacceptable..this is pathetic..this is cox..inefficient..incompetent..the worst..someone is gonna answer to this or I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau..!!!!!!!

  4. How do I sent or fax death certificate on Thaida K. Patrick to take her name off and use my name Sandra E. Barnes only on my account? My account number is 0016111051273802 Pin # is 9844. My address is 13118 Fairway Drive, Choctaw, OK 73020. I am born deaf but can read lips and talks but can’t talk on the phone. Please Email me the answer. Thank You, Sandra E. Barnes

  5. Cox decided to shut off my internet saying there was leaking signal on Tuesday 25 Sep. When we called to get the service repaired after work on 25 Sep we were told no one could come out until 26 Sep between 5 – 7 PM. A young man finally showed up around 730 PM. He was not aware of what the problem was as nothing was stated in the work order of what the previous COX tech had done to disable the internet. The kid tried everything he could to fix it but also was not provided any of the tools to check for a leaking signal. So again we are without service the tech could not even call in a work order that night has he was already closed out (whatever that meant). I called the next morning to complain about the poor service and was told I would get a call right back. That never happened until the young tech called and said he could only get me an appointment between 8 – 10 on Friday 28 Sep. I called the company only to be run around again and told that is the earlies appointment and we credited you a whole months service. If they are so quick to turn off my servcie then why can they not be so quick to restore my service. Very poor service and looks bad that you send a tech the first time that does not have the tools to do his job. Sure glad I did not upgrade my current service as I had orignially thought of doing.

  6. Tried to cancel service but needed to wait until 30 days of date when I want service cut…overseas calls to Asia for $ 8.40 a minute….the most expensive in the world and no excuses…Steve from accvount placed me on to Customers Services: On International Call Holding for 20 minutes when Charlene says>> Cannot help you until Dec 20…what is this??? A Joke company???

  7. Cox is so fucked up I can’t even pay my bill on line. Then, I can’t can’t even get an email address or live person to complain to. Everything is like pulling teeth.

  8. I called yesterday to make the payment for my
    Home phone.
    Wanted to pay the 28.00 or so balance.

    I was told by phone that there is also a
    $20.00 charge.
    At the beginning of dec I made a payment and
    I was under the impression that there were not more
    Estra $20.00 charges to my line bill.

    I need to pay the monthly fee.

    At the beginning of dec. They reduce my 40.00
    Dollars extra charge to 20.00 and I paid the bill.

    Pls review my account.

    I am ready to pay the bill for dic.
    Due tomorrow I supposed .


  9. We love watching RFD TV through our Direct Tv satellite dish. Please, if you are a provider for that company we ask that you DO NOT DROP that privately owned station.
    John and Esther Kueker
    Cameron, 2texas

  10. We have telephone service with cox, I need to know if we have a contract with cox, in case we
    wanted service with another company it would not be a problem.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Fosgard

  11. Stop being a bunch of babies, you guys will complain at any company you go to.I would much rather have cox then any dsl provider.Its simple and its common sense.They dont have to have the best customer service because your government put in zoning laws that only allow one cable provider per area.They have something you want and need.Basic priniciple of economics says this is supply and demand.Its easier to understand this then to be a bunch of children complaining to eachother trying to beat a system that you cant.

  12. I had the worst experience ever. When I was complaining about the high speed internet they told me that you did not buy the router from us and that is why. Then, when I bought that through them I still have the same disconnection. The technicians are not reporting what they did at the time of the service when they come to your house. If you need something to follow up there is no record. The only thing they do regularly is raising the rates. In that area they are the best.

  13. Hello… I just wanted to think one of your Tech Supporters for being such a wonderful guy!!! His Nma is Tim and I had a huge problem(for me it was as I am84 years old and godd on the computer but by no means “Savey”)It showed on screen that I could not get on the internet welll some hours later of trying everything and anything that I was told to do I got “ZILCH” so I hope AOL would help me gee sure … for 4.99 $ amonth thanks so I called cox and Tim came on the lIne and what a marvel to have a nice young man take the time and patience and; he had me ON LINE in a couple of Minutes…. Thank you Tim and thnak you Cox Cable for hiring such knowledgeable Men and one with such courtesey.I call you again Tim if I run into trouble…thanks

  14. This is owful.. I read all the commentsw you had posted about your co. and I must say that I believe none of those that griped soo much.. cox is all over the USA and surely this would be a local matter (not uncommon in Marion cty) as Cox is an excellent co. Just had to put my 2 cents worse in since I have had nothing but excellent service from them and even had my bill moderated as I have been a customer withCox since they arrived in Ocala.Thanks

  15. Can’t get through to customer service and can find no way to email Cox with questions about subscribing.

  16. i have had techs to my house 3 times the past week. Each time I have to take off work. The last time they didnt even come because they called a wrong number, so of course, I did not answer. I cannot get my whole home DVR working and many times have to disconnect my box just to get a picture on my TV. They have swapped boxes 2 times and rebooted to many times to count. All I get when I call in is “we need to schedule a tech to come out”. I have had offers for reimbursement, but i just want to get the service I am paying for! This is awful and Cox should train their techs better (each one contradicts the others) and make sure their technology is viable before putting it on the market. I will be looking at other providers

  17. My mother is an 86 year old who recently moved into assisted living at Magnolia Manor in Macon, with some slight dimentia. She has had Cox install cable services, but it isn’t working and neither is the picture on the TV. The TV is all she has and her frustration keeps her in tears. She has been on hold with COX company for hours and no one ever comes on. She cannot seem to get through to anyone, local or toll free.

  18. I changed my business services from AT&T. That was the biggest mistake of my life. When I made a payment for my phone service it was credited to the wrong account. I stated to initiate restoration of services on 10/3/2013. It is now 10/15/2013. I still do not have service. Did anyone tell you that it would take 14 days for the services to be restored? Because they did not tell it to me and a LOT of the employees did not know either. I have never experience anything like this ever. I have spoken to so many people and no one knows what is going on with the service. Please spread the word—— DO NOT CHOOSE COX PHONE OR INTERNET SERVICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENTAL SHUT DOWN. COX WILL DO IT FOR YOU!!!!! GO AND SPREAD THE WORD.

  19. My bill for COX tv, internet and phone was raised almost 20.00 a month, I am a senior, on a limited budget and when I read all the goodies new customers can get I get upset. What ever happened to faithful customers?

  20. When we first signed up for a bundled package we were told our rate would be 99 dollers a month with everything included. I was also told there would be a fee for the motor 8.50 and the wireless 6.99 one time fee . Now my bill is showing 155 a month which is an additonal 55 that was not agree upon me paying the 100 dollers starter fee, when setting up service. Customer service and two mangers that i have spoke with informed me they would listen to the call and get back to me one said after 3:00 tomorrow the other said noon tomorrow. I had to call in 5 times (hung up on twice ) to asked what was going on because no one has called me back inconcern to my issue. NO one cares i was told 99 dollers a month with eveything included i have waiting long enought for you guys to work forward on a follow up i just want my bill to be what i was told which is the 99 . What really gets me, though, is the customer service. no one cares and no ones taking the extra step to keep me as a custermer i have never been treated from a companythis bad like my concerns do not matter. i have been with you guys in the passed and was never treated like this. Plus when signing up i asked these questions because the guy was so qucik to take my money vs givibng my the package infor if you listen to the call i was the one asking about is this going to be this do i get this he said yes no yes yes no he was not really open for questions but at the end of the day i did ask so my bill will be this every month i made sure befor signing up because i had been calling for the best deal dish was 55 for cable 34 for internet i just didnt want to go with two different providers and direct tv had no internet in my area i guess cant believe i have been treated like im a no body no one has got back to me i prey corp reads this and contact me because mangers and your agaents do not care horrible service .

  21. I would like to know why you drop weather on the eight.We live in fort smith ar and have cox cable,you citys that are a thousand miles away

  22. I called in to ask why I was getting called even though I cancelled the internet and some weird foreign person got on trying to tell me I owed $ 2,100. I said no way. Then another idiot got on and told me that foreign people were using my account etc.

    Be aware of this and don’t pay anyone! I hung up and a normal American speaking person clarified that it was a scam!

  23. I have had such a hard time with my account recently. Cox processed my payment 3 times last month. Cox also sent me a check refund by accident and charged my account. Cox also charged me a return check fee for the third unauthorized payment. That fee has been credited. I was told that when I received the refund check to make a double payment on 9/23/14. On 09/17/14 my cable was shut off because it showed I was negative on my account. I called and had my cable turned back on and then I was charged a reactivation fee of $20.00. I called today and made a payment of $240.00. Now I am looking at my account history and I am being charged a late fee of $4.75. When will this nightmare end? Please credit the late fee. With all of the stress and hours on the phone with customer service and explaining multiple times about the overpayments, I should get some restitution or service for free. But, I will be satisfied if the late fee is credited and I am assured that this nightmare is finally over.

  24. I have been a cox cable customer for over 10 years. I had a problem with my cable that began on April 21st 2014 and I could not get cable to fix it until September 2 2014. 134 days of messed up service. I contacted cable numberous times during this 5 month time frame and got the run around. I was told to continue paying my bill and once service was fixed I would be fully credited for that time period. I am now argueing to get the money that is owed to me. Cable representive told me their finally offer is one month of a cable credit. They owe me 5 months!! I can not believe I a being disrespected in this way. Cox does not stand by their word. Save yourself the aggravation and use another company. One that cares about the way they treat their customers!!

  25. I wish I had never dropped my AT&T service. I have called five times and talked to various service representatives (after being put on hold for an average of 15 minutes each time!!) about being charged $186 a month for a bundle that was supposed to cost $142. I was told I would be allowed to make a “courtesy payment” of $142 until this was straitened out. However, now I’m being told I still owe the $40 difference and am past due!!! This is NO way to run a business!

  26. I am writing this review while I am on hold, so far 12 phone calls and 45 mins on hold , installer will be with you between 10 and 12, well now its 1pm no sign of him and cant get ANYONE on phone, HORRIBLE customer service

  27. I am writing this review while I am on hold, so far 12 phone calls and 45 mins on hold , installer will be with you between 10 and 12, well now its 1pm no sign of him and cant get ANYONE on phone, HORRIBLE customer service


  29. absolutely horrible customer service. After 29 days with Cox and 2 outages on all 3 services, I’ve switched back to AT&T. On the second outage that happened on a Monday morning, I was told it would be Thursday before someone could come out. This just after having everything down from Friday until Sunday night at 6pm. I can get new service setup with AT&T quicker than I could have gotten Cox to respond to the problem. And I have no confidence that they would have actually fixed the problem. Horrible company.

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