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Contacting Coors Light Customer Service Center

Coors Light is a popular beer brand in the United States. The brand is part of the MillerCoors company. The Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company merged to create one company selling brands like Miller Lite, Blue Moon, Keystone Light and Coors Light.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service team manning the Coors Light phone number is ready to answer calls from 9 AM to 5 PM (MT). The team can answer calls about Coors Light beer and about products available for sale on the official Coors store.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-443-8242
  • Fax: 1-303-277-2649

Mailing Address

The address provided here is a dedicated address for Coors Light customer service. You can use this address for beer and shop customer service. You cannot use this address for financial matters, incorrect charges or any other issues involving money.

Coors and CoBC220PO Box 4030Golden, CO 80401

Official Website

The official site for Coors Light customer service is located at We were required to enter our birth date and zip code before entering the site, but after entering our zip code we were redirected to a page of website code. We reentered the address and the website appeared. We also found that we were required to enter our birth date multiple times as we moved through the Coors Light website and other websites from the MillerCoors company.

Social Media

Drinking is considered a social pass time for most so Coors Light must be active on social media sites. Along with the tradition sites Facebook and Twitter, we also found the company on UnTappd, a beer-specific social media page.

Customer Service Email

Coors Light customer service lists the contact form as the only means of connecting with an agent, but that is not correct. There is an email address to reach customer support on the shop customer service page.

Our Experience

The customer service team hotline was quite confusing. We encountered a long list of options, with none connecting the customer directly to the customer service department. We pressed 0, which typically sends us to the customer service department, but this time it didn’t. The call abruptly ended. We called back and selected one of the other options, connected with an agent, then asked to be transferred to the customer service department.

When we reached the appropriate department, we asked the agent for information relating to stocking a product in a particular location. The agent explained this was the decision of the local distributor and the retail location, not the corporate offices. Instead of ending the call, the agent provided us with information for the local distributer. The call could have ended worse, but the agent turned it around. Care to comment? Shout out below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Coors Light Customer Service
  1. What happened to the 28 packs?? And the stupid new labels???? COLD FACT # 1 I’ve switched to labett blue light!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. As a proud Puertorican. Iam pleased to see my flag on your can!! I apologize for those idiots that think its offensive.
    Thank You for the acknowledgment!

  3. i love Coors Light.I been drinking it for over 10yrs. I bought a pack of 6 at my regular liquors store. Went to open bottle i heard a screech like it was broken.When i took cap the line that goes straight down the bottle was cracked.Now, if i had not heard the noise and drank from bottle. I would have slit my lip.Please get back to me about this i will send pic.

  4. I enjoy Coors Light and have found that when I buy a 24 of beer, I have one or two that have been skunky and have found myself dumping them out..Not sure why this is or why this happens..Do I go back to the store and tell them..I was told to send you an e-mail to the complaint dept..Please HELP…Thx Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

  5. I have enjoyed coorlight for years. Stopped and purchased 12 pk and first sip was terrible..returned it to store the second one doesnt taste right..Last one I purchased was Nov.24,2013. It was good. Am I supposed to find a differant brand???

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