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Contacting Coors Light Customer Service Center

Coors Light is a popular beer brand in the United States. The brand is part of the MillerCoors company. The Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company merged to create one company selling brands like Miller Lite, Blue Moon, Keystone Light and Coors Light.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service team manning the Coors Light phone number is ready to answer calls from 9 AM to 5 PM (MT). The team can answer calls about Coors Light beer and about products available for sale on the official Coors store.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-443-8242
  • Fax: 1-303-277-2649

Mailing Address

The address provided here is a dedicated address for Coors Light customer service. You can use this address for beer and shop customer service. You cannot use this address for financial matters, incorrect charges or any other issues involving money.

Coors and CoBC220PO Box 4030Golden, CO 80401

Official Website

The official site for Coors Light customer service is located at We were required to enter our birth date and zip code before entering the site, but after entering our zip code we were redirected to a page of website code. We reentered the address and the website appeared. We also found that we were required to enter our birth date multiple times as we moved through the Coors Light website and other websites from the MillerCoors company.

Social Media

Drinking is considered a social pass time for most so Coors Light must be active on social media sites. Along with the tradition sites Facebook and Twitter, we also found the company on UnTappd, a beer-specific social media page.

Customer Service Email

Coors Light customer service lists the contact form as the only means of connecting with an agent, but that is not correct. There is an email address to reach customer support on the shop customer service page.

Our Experience

The customer service team hotline was quite confusing. We encountered a long list of options, with none connecting the customer directly to the customer service department. We pressed 0, which typically sends us to the customer service department, but this time it didn’t. The call abruptly ended. We called back and selected one of the other options, connected with an agent, then asked to be transferred to the customer service department.

When we reached the appropriate department, we asked the agent for information relating to stocking a product in a particular location. The agent explained this was the decision of the local distributor and the retail location, not the corporate offices. Instead of ending the call, the agent provided us with information for the local distributer. The call could have ended worse, but the agent turned it around. Care to comment? Shout out below.

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41 Comments on “Contact Coors Light Customer Service
  1. What happened to the 28 packs?? And the stupid new labels???? COLD FACT # 1 I’ve switched to labett blue light!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. As a proud Puertorican. Iam pleased to see my flag on your can!! I apologize for those idiots that think its offensive.
    Thank You for the acknowledgment!

    • Just wondering if anyone from the company contacted you. I am interested in doing the same thing, but am not sure who to contact. If you have any information that you could share; I would really appreciate it.


  3. i love Coors Light.I been drinking it for over 10yrs. I bought a pack of 6 at my regular liquors store. Went to open bottle i heard a screech like it was broken.When i took cap the line that goes straight down the bottle was cracked.Now, if i had not heard the noise and drank from bottle. I would have slit my lip.Please get back to me about this i will send pic.

    • No cardboard dividers and now cheap cardboard boxes….cost me 8 beers on the 24, and we all have photos of the whore-awful moment…BY THE WAY…what happened to the 28 cases? Not looking forward to switching brands ….but a gal has to do what a gal has to do !!

  4. I enjoy Coors Light and have found that when I buy a 24 of beer, I have one or two that have been skunky and have found myself dumping them out..Not sure why this is or why this happens..Do I go back to the store and tell them..I was told to send you an e-mail to the complaint dept..Please HELP…Thx Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

  5. I have enjoyed coorlight for years. Stopped and purchased 12 pk and first sip was terrible..returned it to store the second one doesnt taste right..Last one I purchased was Nov.24,2013. It was good. Am I supposed to find a differant brand???

  6. I am a big fan of Coors original. I’ve got 24 steins & and never let a bud touch my lips. Bud should never be capitalized. Remember that. I’ve been through your brewery 3 times. I go when ever I get out there from California. The question I have is that, I would love to have a Coors Original Staff Golf bag on the back of my golf cart. I can’t find one anywhere. I see all kinds of Coors Light bags, but no Coors Original. I would get the Coors Light Bag but all my buddies no that I’m a Coors Original guy! I’ve called custom golf bag makers and they say they cant do a bag because of copy right infringement. So what’s a guy to do? Ask Pete if he could just bend the rules a bit & I could get me a Coors Original Staff golf bag!!!! I’ll bet it would get so popular that even Pete would want one too. Big ol’ Coors on the side & in the back . Well that’s
    ‘s it. Let me know. Thanks.

  7. bought a 24 pack of coors light, one of the cans is completely sealed with no holes, however there was absolutely no beer inside the can. scammed! please respond

  8. My husband got 3 different tshirts in with his cases. He loves them but he needs xx large. The shirts are obscene and it’s embarrassing to go out in public with him when he wears them. Please people at colors light send him proper shirts so he doesn’t disgrace your good name. Thankyou

  9. I like the other cans better than the summer ones. The cold & super cold at the bottom of the old can is amazing!

  10. My friends and I purchased a case of Coors light summer brew and were completely dissapointed. We opened three cans out of the case but did not consume the entire can. The beers taste like watered down squirt soda.even though I am a loyal and avid consumer of your brand I am dissapointend in this product and will never buy it friends have also said they will never again buy it

  11. I bought a 15 pack of coors light, one beer out of the pack was vinegar with white chunks floating in it. What do I do with this beer. Is there anything I an do to have it replaced?

  12. I am very disappointed with my last purchase of qoors light. I buy at least 2 cases of qoors light a week. The last case I bought was bottles and they all tasted very flat. I was not impressed with the money I wasted to enjoy some nice cold beer. Please contact me back asap

  13. i bought a case of coors cans and it came with a coors light soft cooler for the first time a cooler that did not leak down my back i had it for a couple of weeks and someone stoled it i tried to get another one but there was no more I’m bummed is there anyway i can get another one thanks Don

  14. So my beautiful wife and I quit our jobs (stupid), gave up our apt (not too bright) and sold most of our possessions (reckless). We begin hiking the john muir trail (the high Sierra’s) starting with the highest mountain in the lower 48 states, mount Whitney, in one hour and it will take the entire month of July to complete! From Whitney to Yosemite (half dome) we will hike close to 250 miles with just our backpacks. We have counted every ounce to lighten our load and are ready begin our grueling ascent. My confession is this, much to the dismay of my Southern California friends (Ventura) I claim coors light as my beer of choice. Constantly harassed by them I remain steadfast and drink my “water” as they like to call it undaunted. So today after counting every ounce and leaving behind extra underware and socks I fit in 1 can of the best damn water I ever tasted and plan on surprising my wife at the summit with an ice cold coors light! I will take a photo and post it on my Instagram account when I have service knowing that few of my friends will understand my choice to lug a large can of coors light up the mountain, but you understand, don’t ya? If only I had a cold one waiting for me when I finish in Yosemite in 28 or so days… One can dream!

  15. I am so disappointed in your company. My husband and I both drink Coors Light. Today was the third time that there was a problem with my purchase. First, a few weeks ago when we bought a 18 pack and 3 beers were half full with the cap on. Then, 2 weeks ago we purchased a 24 pack which every beer was totally stale. We through them in the trash. Today was the last and final time!!! We purchased a 12 pack and while placing beer in the frig, the bottle was broke. My son cut his hand on the bottle which was empty. My husband and I always purchase Coors Light for tailgating for the Jacksonville Jaguars and for all of our cookouts and parties. We are now purchasing something different. This is totally unacceptable. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. We are informing all of our friends and family that we have convinced to start drinking Coors light of the issues that we have experienced. No more Coors for our us!!!!! My husband is a retired vet of 25+ years and served in 2 wars, this is clearly a waste of his hard earned money!!!!!

  16. Purchased case of Coors Light yesterday. Several cans were almost empty, yet still sealed. Not happy to pay for empty cans! What’s up?

  17. Coors Light has always been my favorite beer. I have just learned you use GMO products in its production. Until that is not used, I can no longer buy your beer. I now pay more for European light beer that is GMO free. Hint hint.

  18. dear sir or Madam I want to know why bottles of Corrs are 4.3 per cent vol and the cans are 4 per cent i much prefer the 4 per cent but should the bottles not be the same thats why i changed from heineken because i like the 4 per cent .

  19. For many years I have enjoyed Coors Light. Recently I have learned that in the processing of the beer GMO corn is used. Over time I have become more aware of GMO’s in foods and avoid them at all costs. In reading articles about GMO’s, Coors light is listed as one of the products that uses them. If this is true I will have to find another beer to drink with out these chemicals.

  20. The NFL has stepped over the boundaries’ of responsible behavior. Pull your NFL advertising until Goodell steps down. Do the right thing!!!!!

  21. I live in northern Vermont I have enjoyed your beer for a long time live the taste and it’s flavor lately I have that most of the 18oz bottles are flat no CO2 left it has left me with a bad taste for the beer that I love I hope that your standards are not failing or you QC DEPT IS NOT FAILING YOU please follow up with me and reassure me that your standards are not falling apart do not want to change beers because you left a bad taste in my mouth THANKS TODD

  22. I live in northern Vermont I have enjoyed your beer for a long time live the taste and it’s flavor lately I have that most of the 18oz bottles are flat no CO2 left it has left me with a bad taste for the beer that I love I hope that your standards are not failing or you QC DEPT IS NOT FAILING YOU please follow up with me and reassure me that your standards are not falling apart do not want to change beers because you left a bad taste in my mouth THANKS TODD

  23. My husband and I have been a big fan of coorslite, but over the past year we have been experiencing bad tasting coorslite. We thought it was our local hangout, but soon realized that was not the case. We have purchased numerous cases throughout the year from different liqour stores and still have gotten bad tasting beer. We are sincerely thinking about changing brands all together. Please coorslite look into this problem.

    Once dedicated consumer,

    Cheryl My

  24. I just had a freaking bug fall out of a can of Coors Light…It was at the bottom, but felt it touch my lip. I’M SOOO DISGUSTED!!!- I am trying to enjoy my O’s game with friends and now I feel sick. Took pics and will contact local media and liquor stores. I have all the codes etc. Will contact Coors directly.

  25. Ok…been a coors light and keystone light customer for quite some time. Just found one of the orange cans for keystone’s contest, entered the code and found out the contest ended some three months ago. Just how “fresh” is this beer I’m buying. Disappointed and looking at locally made specialty beers that I can count on being fresh.

  26. I purchased a 28 pack of Coors lite to find a bottle empty with no cap on it .I purchased it at the Cosco in Gatineau last week. The spec number is 018-3402 material number is 104822 batch number is B18522205:57B


  28. I should also mention that a man in the apt building next to mine has recently changed his brand as well, and for the same reason. After drinking Coors for years, suddenly it was making him vomit. I noticed similar comments previously and sympathize with the company. Whoever did this cost you any number of previous loyal customers.

  29. I have been buying keystone light for years and love the smooth taste. My complaint is not the beer, but the packaging of it. II
    I always buy my beer in 30 packs and over the years I have lost numerous cans due to the cardboard carrier breaking, usually at the sides and sometimes the handle. I usually buy my beer at the AFB, Little Rock, AR and wonder if it may be the way it may be handled by the distributor. It’s terrible to see my beer rolling down the concrete due to poor packaging, but it’s really bad when it’s an orange can. I suggest you replace the people making your packages.

  30. Dear people from coors
    I try to get or finde the new coors Rader
    In el Paso Texas! No way to finde the beer
    Still try to find a store maybe you know one

  31. Dear people from coors
    I try to get or finde the new coors Rader
    In el Paso Texas! No way to finde the beer
    Still try to find a store maybe you know one

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