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Contacting Consumer Cellular Customer Service Center

Consumer Cellular is a simple communications company located in Portland, Oregon. The company lives by three words – friendliness, excellence and simplicity. Despite having a headquarters in Oregon, the company claims to be nationwide, which could mean customers all over the United States can use this company as an alternative to locally advertised companies.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone number for Consumer Cellular customer service is published on every page of the website, but the customer service hours are not listed with the number. We’ve sent an email to Consumer Cellular customer service asking for the customer service hours.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-345-5509

Mailing Address

We looked everywhere for a mailing address for Consumer Cellular customer service, but there is none listed on the website. We know the company headquarters is in Portland, Oregon so we checked the Better Business Bureau in that area and located an address. The BBB gives Consumer Cellular a rating of A+.

Consumer Cellular7204 SW Durham RdSte 300Portland, OR 97224

Official Website

The website for Consumer Cellular, located at, is a simple site – true to the company’s mission statement. Plans, phones and available discounts are all explained in detail. Consumer Cellular plans are available for phones purchased through the company and AT&T phones. Based on the coverage map, Consumer Cellular uses major cell phone company’s towers; that company could be AT&T.

Customer Service Email

Sending an email to the Consumer Cellular customer service team is a quick and easy way to get simple questions answered. There is no email address that customers can use from personal email accounts, but there is a dedicated customer service email form on the Contact Us page. We used the email form to contact Consumer Cellular customer service about call center hours. After the form was sent, a message appeared claiming responses are generally received in one to two business days.

You can also contact the company on social media sites.

Our Experience

The customer service hotline provides two options, one for new customers and the other for existing customers. We selected the options for new customers and connected directly to a live agent. The question we asked revolved around having service and not living in the area. We wanted to know if we still would still have coverage.

The agent told us what happens is customers pull off of the nearest tower and customer could possibly encounter roaming charges. Great customer experience overall; how was your experience? Let us know in the comment section.

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43 Comments on “Contact Consumer Cellular Customer Service
  1. have had numerous problems with the doro phones, the motorola that i used to have was so much simpler for older idiots like myself, i do appreciate the company,s employee’s help with my problems. thank you once again

  2. I have a problem with your company. I signed up via your customer number, was keeping my present At&t phone, and was awaiting the Sim card and info you were sending to me. You have ended my At&t account as per our discussion, but I havent been connected with your service and have no way to contact you. I got the Sim card and have installed it, although unsure if it is the right size, as it seemed small and I inserted it and it went down out of sight. Since then, the phone is asking me for the 16 digit unlock code before I can become connected with your company. Will you please contact me via my email address, as I dont have another phone at this time, to get the ball rolling? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

  3. Cannot get their website to work…wanted to add service and pay bill. Have tried to do this for nearly 1 year.
    Now, without warning, the phone is shut off. I cannot call the number. I thought I signed up 2 months ago for auto pay and that apparently hasn’t been working since I had to call in last month and need to this month….of course the phone is shut off.

    Quite annoying for the #1 company???
    No e-mail address so I can get in contact with the company!!! using my lap top….

  4. I have tryed for weeks to purchase a new doro 618 phone to replace my current damaged doro phone but I run into stumbling blocks .First I am hearing impaired and can’t use a phone ,must use internet.I have a current account and want to purchase a doro 618 and charge it to my account .Lost my original password due to house fire ,this prevents me receiving a new phone up to now ? I need the phone ,I am subcscribed to your service. Why can’t you ship me a new phone and charge my account ????Provide early response.

    • I am not able to contact anyone by calling the number you have listed. Wait time is said to be 5-10 minutes. I’ve been waiting for over an hour. Do you not have anyone there to answer questions? This is highly unusual for any company and thoroughly unacceptable. I cannot believe this kind of customer service.

  5. my concern is becasue im not happy with the condition and everday i feel a litle bit worse
    also i would like umlock my phone because i have found a beeyer companh that is alwsys availale i am ssnd get theode dogs out there happy with us noone jas fallinen amouns

  6. I want to discontinue my service. I have written a cancellation notice and sent it this day of june 5th 2014 thanks for your help in this matter

  7. My account # is 101187270. I loaned my phone to my brother and he is abusing the minutes. So please cancel my account.

    Alvin L. Bivines

  8. Will you please give me your mailing address
    I want to pay my bills , where is your
    Mailing address it’s now where to be
    Found ???????

  9. I would like to receive my usage information by email. Also, be able to get that information when I want to. What email address do I use to get that information. Thank You

  10. For three weeks i have had a weak or no signal. I was told that towers in Temple Texas were being repaired. I am not going to pay for no service. I have called twice and lost contact both times. There is no good way to make contact with you.

  11. I am very disturbed with a senior representative in Arizona by the name of Tia. I just ended a conversation in which I was gracefully helped by the first representative (did not get her name) in getting my phone back in operative order. My phone had not been receiving texts nor was I able to send any. My camera did not operate as well. Since I do not send texts but I do receive them from my business, family, and friends it was bought to my attention that I was not returning phone calls in response to the texts that were being sent to me. That is when I called and had a very cordial representative assist me, but only offer a five dollar credit toward my account. Since I had been without text service but paying for it on a monthly basis I felt as though five dollars was a pretty skimpy offer to someone who has had your services for as long as I have, not to mention I have referred others who have also signed up with your company. When the first representative could not assist me beyond the five dollar offer this is when Tia came on the phone. Tia came on the phone with an abrasive attitude as if looking for a confrontation. I choose not to give her one but stand my ground for a better compensation offer. After haggling back and forth with me she decided to offer another five dollars only after I advised her I was going to write to Consumer Cellular headquarters with my dissatisfaction for being charged several months for services in which I was never receiving and secondly for feeling as if I was being bullied by someone representing your company.
    I truly hope you will address this matter of unprofessionalism and kindly retrain this individual to be more caring of your paying consumers who keep you in business than the overall financial benefit you have been acquiring from me and other senior consumers.

  12. When I purchased the phone/plan, I questioned if the phone was hearing aid compatible, I was informed that “Yes, it is”. However, after using it for three weeks now I have discovered that it is not. Also the volume control is limited.
    As a result I will no longer use it or pay for any of your services. I am canceling my service effective March 3, 2015, when my plan expires and my fees are due.

  13. I been a long time loyal customer of consumer cellular and I am disappointed they never have anything to offer as for as cell phones, etc. They don’t care how well you pay your bill or/and how long you been a customer , you get nothing free or discounted !!!!!

  14. I have not been able to erase unread mail from my phone. I can erase inbox mail and empty trash, but I can’t get rid of nearly 100 unread mail much of which I do not want to read. Even some that I do read can not be erased. What procedure must I make to rid the unread file? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  15. As of now no good if I could I would send my phone back and keep the one I have been using for about 5 years with not any problem. it has been a 100% better than this one. I still have the problem I did talk with a support and did what he told me and it did not work. Know I have to wait 1 hour and try it again. This phone is junk!!!!!!

  16. I moved to Effingham,NH and now I get no service in this area.If I leave the area and drive for about 10 miles down the road then and only then do I get service what’s happening? God forbid I have an emergency and no service @ home.

  17. I have no service !! It drives me crazy I have to walk into my yard to send a text I can not talk unless I go 20 miles away from my house. My phone always says no service. The price is great if I could just pick it up and call someone from my house.

  18. I recently purchased a new iPhone 6 Plus with my new phone plan with Consumer Cellular. In the last two weeks, I will be talking to someone one and my new phone and the line goes dead. This problem has now become a daily nuisance and very frustrating because I have to call back the person sometimes two or three times in the same conversation.
    It is hard to believe that the problem is the new iPhone 6 Plus, so I would assume it must be Consumer Cellular’s phone system. Please help me because it is affecting my business. 405-778-0511.

    Mike Kastl

  19. Stop harassing me. I informed two of your people that I stopped your service in July and you are ignoring me. If you don’t stop, I will forward your harassing invoices and threats to moth the CA Attorney General and the FCC.
    You will not scam anything out of me so, give up unless you get a government agency to send any issues in writing.

  20. I ‘cancel My Cellular phone 8/14/15 I ‘was not using it.
    and assume there were no more charges,

    7/23 24755426Dhmjo8DA Consumer Cellular—–$23.51
    9/09 24755427W50MKN1ZT ————————–$23.17
    Total $69.51

  21. I am very disappointed with customer service. They were very responsive when I first became a customer, however since I find it very difficult to get a call back. Was on hold for over 30 mins. yesterday. I would like to speak to someone about my data usage. Please respond ASAP. Thank you! Sue Mathers

  22. I ordered a new phone but it was lost in the mail–finally it came in a tattered box. Now when I want to connect this new phone, it doesn’t work. Says can only be used for emergency calls only. Also it made some kind of comment about the Sim card. I would like to be able to get this new phone going to replace the other. It is a Doro. Please help me get a new phone that works. I have been a customer for several years. Trying to get you on the phone is a lost cause. Your prompt attention to this matter will be appreciated.

  23. I have no phone service. I was trying to contact your service department, but the 15 min wait was exceeded. I would like to talk to someone so I know if its my fault or cloudy, stormy weather. I cant imagine I used all my minutes but with my list of Doctors, it is possible. Please, I must have a phone due to my health. If I need to add minutes or ? , you can email me.

    Thank you,
    S. Edmunds

  24. I think your service stinks I have been trying for days to get you people on the ph
    to activate a new phone. and have been kept waiting and waiting call me back
    there are other issues that I need to talk to you about

  25. I want to contact Consumer Cellular as I have several questions about the service, products, plans, etc. BEFORE I decide to order a phone and plan but cannot do it via email from my home PC. This is causing me hesitation about going with Consumer Cellular, plus all the additional reviews above. So much for its claim of being the #1 cellphone company!

  26. hi, i am trying to have my phone turned back on and need assistance. could you pleaase email me back on how to reactivate it.

    dominick haile

  27. hi, i need assistance on reactivating my blackberry type phone. can you please email me bacjk,thanks

    dominick haile

  28. I have a phone that was working just fine, until a tech instructed me to put my SIM card into another phone that was not working. My phone has not worked since. Now I am charged with replacing a phone that is 3 or 4 months because my warranty was denied because there are nicks in the casing around my phone. This is the worst case of customer service I have ever encountered. The cell service is terrible and now, so is customer service.

  29. How are you supposed to contact consumer cellular support in an emergency situation when your service is down and their email contact page says it will take 3-5 days to get a reply. They do not even have an online chat service on their support web site that anyone can use without an external chat service provider account?

  30. I just purchased a Moto G5 smartphone and completed most of the set up process myself. However I did call three times for help. The first time was 10/13/17 I was cut off while in the process of setting it up. The second time I called for help, I was told to wait 24 hours for the transfer to be compete. I did wait and called again because I cannot set up voicemail and I none of my SMS message history transferred to my new phone. I had to leave a mssg bc the operators were busy and I never rec’d a return call and it has been 24 hrs.

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