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Contacting Conagra Customer Service Center

You may not have known the name Conagra foods until you started researching how to contact the customer service department of one of your favorite foods. Conagra is responsible for family favorites like Healthy Choice, Chef Boyardee, Peter Pan and Hebrew National. If you’ve ever tried Swiss Miss, Hunts Tomato Sauce or ReddiWhip, those are Conagra food products too.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When it comes to running such a family-popular business like this, Conagra customer service has to be available when consumers need to talk. We were happy to easily find the customer service phone number, but not so happy to see the customer service hours missing.

  • Consumer Affairs: 1-877-266-2472
  • Canadian Consumer Affairs: 1-800-461-4556

Mailing Address

Yes, there are still consumers out there who think the letter is the strongest form of complaint and praise. For those consumers, Conagra customer service is available via the corporate office address.

Conagra Foods IncAttn: Customer ServiceOne Conagra DrOmaha, NE 68102-5001

Official Website

Go to, the official site for Conagra foods customer service to find the latest news and information on the food company. You’ll find a description for each of the customer service brands produced by the company; simply click the link for the food on the bottom of the page. There is a Show All Brands button that expands to the complete list of Conagra products and brands. In addition to the brands listed above, Conagra customer service can answer questions about all brands listed here.

Customer Service Email

Skipping the customer service line and letter writing just isn’t your thing? There is always the email form. Conagra’s customer service email form is located on the official website, so you can navigate to the site using a personal computer, tablet or Internet-ready smartphone. We’d skip trying to fill out the form using a standard phone with Internet access though. We used the form to contact Conagra customer service and possible cross contamination between the Peter Pan and other product lines.

Our Experience

Conagra’s customer service department is open on the weekends, to some extent. You can speak several options when the automated system starts. The two main choices are speaking the name of the brand you are calling about. You can also choose to speak the words Other Choices. If you choose Other Choices, you will be read a message telling you when the customer service department is open, which is not on the weekends. The customer service department is open from 9 AM to 7 PM CST Monday to Friday.

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7 Comments on “Contact Conagra Customer Service
  1. Chicken Pot Pie.

    Just ate my last Banquet Chicken Pot Pie. Almost all crust, very little filling.

    I’m 53 yrs. old. Remember when it used to be a great product.

    The picture on the box was actually what you got.

    I can’t understand why so many businesses think it’s a good idea to downsize and cheapen a formally great product. Customers do notice. There are many new products out there to buy which are much better. Thanks for your time.

  2. Have really enjoyed drinking Swiss Miss Cocoa over the last 20+ years. BUT, the triple packets are a pain in the butt to get separated, pulling them apart only tears a hole(s) in the adjacent packet. Yes,I can hand have used scissors to separate them, which is equates to a poor product packaging design.If nothing else, pre-cut all the packet prior to boxing them up. Small peeve, but legit.
    Thanks in advance
    Phil England
    1952 Caplis-Sligo Road
    Bossier, LA 71112

  3. First of all let me start by saying I love Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn. I recently purchase a 10-33g bags of Smartpop 94% fat free kettle korn. It has a good taste, but the packaging is incorrect. The box states that 1 bag (33g) makes 7 cups of popped corn. I am not sure what size cups you are using but when I looked into the bag I knew there couldn’t possibly be 7 cups. I took out my one cup measuring cup and measured out 2 1/4 cups of popped corn. I weighed the bag on my weigh watchers scale and it’s 41g. On the side where the point plus states a value of 3, confused me. I am not in the new points plus program, but in the old point finder with the calories of 100 and the fiber of 4g and the fat 1.5g the point is 1 for each bag. I find that my microwave at 1 minute cooks the popcorn without burning it but the bag starts to get a dark brown. I do like the fact that you are making a 94% fat free product that I can enjoy, just puzzled by the 7 cups popped statement and the point plus value.
    Thanks for listening

  4. I just bought my last “Move over Butter” product. How can a company think the American public is so out of touch they don’t notice when you downsize your product from 16 oz to 10 oz by putting it in a different container, and the price is only 25 cents cheaper. The actual price is actual double, and I am through with Conagra !!! The public doesn’t like to be deceived!!

  5. I got a 42 bags(Box) of the new and improved Orville Redenbachers smartpop single serve bags to give out. I wanted to be sure that it was good tasting,so I popped a bag. I was very unhappy with the new improved taste.It had no taste at all. I will not be giving this to any one. Please try it. I got it from BJ’s today.

  6. I’ve been a long time purchaser of banquet frozen dinners, we buy around $300 a mounth. the last turkey dinner purchased was completely mixed togather. really hate to change brands by considering to in the future.

  7. I have never contacted a food company before…ok maybe once to complain. But I have to tell you…the Steamers by the Healthy Choice division are amazing! They taste (and smell) like a gourmet meal! My sister and I work in her salon. There is never time to sit and eat, so we are always eating fast low cal. Quick meals. The steamers are hands down the BEST ever. I am thrilled. I have been recommending them every time a conversation about food arises. Thank you. These are a nice surprise to say the least. Sincerely Liz Ross ondik.

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