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Contacting Comcast Customer Service Center

Comcast is a cable, Internet and phone provider in the United States. The company is one of the largest cable providers. The headquarters for Comcast Cable is located in Philadelphia, PA. From the official website, customers can quickly contact customer service if they have an account with the company. If you do not have an account or online access, finding contact information is a bit harder.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found only one customer service phone number on the Comcast website. This could mean customers have to wait longer on the phone, because all calls are routed through the same number no matter why the customer is contacting the customer service department.

Mailing Address

The mailing address on file with the corporate side of Comcast is:

Comcast Corporate Headquarters
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103

There is no customer service address listed on the Comcast residential or business website.

Official Website

New or existing customers can visit the official Comcast website at The website explains the service offers by the company, the terms and conditions surrounding new or existing service and customer service contact options.

Customer Service Email

The Comcast customer service contact email address is If you click on the link to email customer service, your computer will open your email client and address the email to the abovementioned address. You can also choose to send an email to the digital cable, high-speed Internet or digital voice departments depending on your location using an online email form

Using the customer service email address, we sent an inquiry to the customer service department. We are waiting to hear back. According to the website, we should receive a response within 24 hours as long as we sent our email between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday.

Our Experience

When customers want to speak to a customer service representative, you have to wait through an automated system. The system runs for approximately 10 minutes. When the customer service representative does not pick up, the automated system repeats multiple times. When the Comcast customer service representative answered the call, they were helpful with my request of information concerning initial service. The English speaking rep was extremely polite.

Another way to contact Comcast customer service through the email form here: When we contacted customer service through the email form, we received an immediate, automated email response. Our question was not immediately answered.

An email inquiry to Comcast customer service resulted in a fairly quick response from the customer service team. The response time was approximately 2 hours from the initial email. This satisfied us because we received communication from a representative instead of an automated response. See the email response below:

Comcast ECARE

We have received your e mail and thank you for using Comcast’s online email support. One of our Comcast customer support representatives will [respond to your questions]. In the meantime, [review the Frequently Asked Questions in order to resolve your question].


Your Comcast Support Team

Email From Richard Banks

Greetings. I was wondering the necessary requirements needed to start service with Comcast? Is this something I can contact customer service over the phone or by email, or do I need a technichian at my home to install service? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.


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101 Comments on “Contact Comcast Customer Service
  1. My email address book disappeared. I called on the 21st and a “ticket” was started. I was called back the 23rd and was told the ticket was explained better now and resubmitted. I called the next Tue and was told it takes 72 hours. I called Fri, today, and was told I could fix it myself. Not being computor savy, I asked to talk to a superviser and was put on hold for 5 minutes. My wife called and was hung up on 3 times. The fourth guy said he would stay on line for a tech, but disonnected in 2 minutes. My email access page takes 60 minutes to load now and still no address book. Where do I go?

  2. My acct no is/was 0172722698001 i contacted your people first week of july to set up transfer of service when we moved.i was assurred all was set now on the last day of july after having completed move 12 days ago still have service problems intermittent TV, on or off internet and no landline telephone after 2-6 days of calling for assistance.most of that time you put me on hold.i’m fed up I am notifing you that i am casncelling my service. please respond with instructions on where to send your equipment do not doubt THIS IS A CANCELLATION NOTICE
    i paid your 7-15 statement therefore i believe i owe you nothing i can’t rationalize paying for such unacceptable activity called SERVICE you have the E mail pleaseacknowledge receipt of this cancellation notice
    B A Lauter

  3. As of today my Comcast channels have changed. I received no notification of this. I did not get a new channel listings guide in the mail. I can not find a listings guide online. Please notify me by email about where to find a printable channel listings guide online. My Comcast company is located in Pottstown, PA. When channels change again, which I am sure they will, please mail a new channel listings guide to your customers in advance of the change. Thank you.

  4. I have an alarm that has not worked correctly in two months. I a phone line that have been a problem since it was activated. I can not talk to a knowledgeable customer service represenstative. I get long wait time and I am hung up on. The list is long but I will cancel all of my comcast services and I will not make anymore payment I will inform all of the credit agency about my issue and why I am refusing to pay for poor and no service. I do not have a phone number to call central station for help or to stop and alarm. You people do not care about your customer, you are only interested in saling more bad service.

  5. Please cancel my phone service at 708 948 7117. please cancel my cable service, and my alarm service. Please.I will no longer be paying you for the poor servive on these accounts. I have been on hold for twenty minute and have just been retranferred back into voice mail.

  6. Approximately 8/31/12 I accepted a Comcast package which included the equivalent of basic cable and high speed internet(25MB)for $49.99/mo for 1 year. I have not received the cable box as promised in the mail and I Comcast bill is not the $49.99 + tax for whic I agreed, please assist because this bill is due 9/27/12. My account # is 8497 95 036 0033947

  7. Well, comcast ripped me off because they said i would be paying 60 dollars per month surprisley it went up to 80 per month,. I paid 40 recently to pay hal then they shut of my internet.. keep in mind i am deaf and can’t use the phone thus the reason of internet They stil refuse to pick up the phone for me.

  8. Comcast is a ripoff. Your bill will increase without notice. They do not care about loyal customers who have stuck with their sorry ass company for years. I was told that I couldn’t get a better offer because I was an existing customer & had I been a new customer I would receive the same package for $30 less. Why do the rates for the same package constantly increase. Comcast is a money hungry business. They are like dictators or the mob of entertainment as soon as they eliminate all competition they increase their prices for the same service

  9. Comcast installs old, used equipment for new customers and when their service doesn’t work because the equipment is refurbished, they blame the customer and charge the customer for the service call.

    Comcast’s customer service is the worst! Half of the employees live in a foreign country and can barely speak/understand English. Also, who wants to provide some foreigner with their social security number, address, phone number, name, and date of birth. Talk about the potential for identity theft!

    Comcast is money hungry and all they care about is ripping customers off!

  10. Talked to karen on thanksgiving eve about picture quality. She was incredibl helpful and friendly, especially given holiday schedule. Zero hold time. Excellent!

  11. I received and email from comcast, from ( titled: Billing Alert – Credit Card Authorization Failure ( CaseID -XGRNHCKYZ) on November 30, 2012. I called your 1800 number and had Mark try and reset my password. After 64 minutes I told him once he figured it out to call me back. The only thing he was able to do was change my password so neither one of us could get in. I called back after 30 minutes and was waiting for my call to be answered when the next person hung up on me. The last person I called after 20 minutes Mary (34145) was able to fix my problem. Thank you Mary. However the rest of your customer support team is terrible! Please reply!!!!!

  12. This is an example of a customer simply asking a question and your CSR ignores the question totally. This will cost you our membership NOT for nfl games but for rudeness

    Reference Number 758945344501329142
    Your chat transcript
    This is an automated email. Please do not respond to this email address as it does not accept incoming email.
    Chris: Thank you for visiting Comcast. What questions can I answer for you today?
    You: Does COMCAST gave live TV of all NFL games?
    You: have
    You: yes or no please
    Chris: I’d be happy to assist you with our TV services.
    Chris: So that we don’t lose connection, can you please click on the orange ‘Move chat window’ button to make it a window of its own. That way, you’ll still see this web page while we chat.
    You: yes or no please
    Chris: Thank you for moving the chat.
    Chris: Do you mind if I ask a few questions to make sure we get the accurate information?
    You: NO
    You: I just want an answer
    You: Does COMCAST gave live TV of all NFL games?
    You: Yes it does or NO ?

    Chris: We do have NFL Network as well as NFL Red Zone.
    You: Does COMCAST gave live TV of all NFL games?
    You: you are about to lose a customer
    Chris: The NFL RedZone produces the touchdowns and the best moments of the Sunday games as they happen and available in HD! You will be kept up to date in real time going from game to game, checking out highlights and a chance to see key plays in the games.
    Chris: The NFL Network also shows live games.
    You: The answer iS NO
    You: why not just say NO COMCAST DOESNT

    You: Now u bothered me and I already am a paying customer
    You: this is a sample of poor customer service
    You: you lost us
    Chris: Thank you for visiting Comcast today. I hope you’ll come visit us again soon.
    Chris: Have a wonderful day.

  13. To Candice from ph nbr (847)430-0009 began harassing me ( yes you!!) about returning the equipment. I sent faxes TWICE the Comcast doesn’t Know how to follow up or avoid answering my questions. I got the text voice message FROM her thinking I haven’t return the equipment although I alReady return LAST AUGUST 25th they don’t even bother update!!!!! I keep getting text 4 or 5 times somebody do something it’s been 4 months since I returned ALL the equipment!!! U Comcast people can’t follow up I sent fax to 847 391 8624 its WHAT Comcast gave me. Ur job is to find copy of receipt I have a copy of Returned equipments with me.

    • This is just part of what they’ve done to me. I cancelled my subscription within their “cancel within 30 days and we won’t charge you anything!” time. They sent the account to a collection agency–who called me 2 times a day until I was able to get through to Comcast that I didn’t owe them anything.

      I returned the equipment within 24 hours–and guess what? Apparently they don’t track serial numbers carefully. They say that while I returned equipment, it had a different serial number from the one they had on file. And instead of taking my word for it that I didn’t have 2 sets of equipment and I was keeping one (for some bizarre reason since I don’t have a connection), they said they needed the warehouse to verify that they got the serial numbers they said I didn’t return. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel confident.

      I contacted customer care with my work phone number and asked them to call me there. Tey said, “Gee we need your social security #, address, and account number to talk to you.” I said, “you call me and I’ll give you my SS–but your email is insecure. (message went to my junk mail) Clever lady returned my email message saying that she had tried my cell phone number numerous times today and I didn’t answer. My cell phone says she called once. I’m feeling so cared for. So I pointed out that I’d sent her my work phone # twice–and that if she actually read my email, she’d know what it was. I left her to see if she could get through an entire email message to get the number she needs.

      Not holding my breath :-)

  14. I would not recommend Comcast to anyone, unfortunately, it was the only company in our area that offered both tv and internet packages. Well, we subscribed to services and a week after having them installed everything crashed. It took almost two weeks before anyone would come out. Not even a month later our services went down for another week. These people take atleast a week to “fix” anything just for it to go out again. When we contact customer service they are rude and short, we have asked to speak with managers just to be told that they could not transfer us. (I’ve worked in a call center, I know this isn’t true)I’ve been told they would give credits, call back, etc. to never hear from them again. Now my bill has increased by $20 (something I was not told upfront when picking my package), and will increase again in 6 months. When I called to ask about this I was immediately transferred to “retention” without being given a chance to fix the problem ..while doing this I was disconnected several times, and when trying to call back it went straight to an automated question of having them call back at a later time or getting more information about this option. I wasn’t allowed to decline. When I finally talked to someone in “retention” I was advised that he could not “fix the past” and there was no using “crying over spilled milk.” Now I am trying to pay this bill and cannot get through, will only ring once. Everytime I think my experience can’t get worse it does. I will give one star, because I am unable to give a 0. I’m not sure how this business is still around, they have been horrible since day one.

  15. just a heads up. I had requested to speak w/a superviser twice, different occasions but, none the less I made the request. one occasion I had a complaint .the second time I really had a compliment for one of your agents. both times I was told the supervisor was unavailable. both of the people I spoke with told me, I would get a call back the next day. I am no longer looking for call back, I just think, this is no way to treat your customers, or your employees, if in fact they know that call will never happen. think you for listening.

  16. Please send me an email address so I can send my complaint in so the whole world can’t read it. I can’t seem to get good service from the local company. Especially the Customer Service Supervisor, who never answers her phone or clears out her voice mail so you can leave a message. It is impossible to get her. I am so frustrated.

  17. I’ve had several issues with additional charges on my bill. Nobody in customer service is able or willing to help, after repeated attempts to solve the problem. Like everyone else on this forum has said, the extra fees and poor customer service make Comcast simply not worth the while. Maybe if they begin to lose enough customers they’ll figure out there’s a problem that needs to be addressed…

  18. I have been call 1800comcast all day for help with my services and have yet to get someone on the phone. I keep getting put on hold n music than a message saying someone will be with me than connected to an answering machine. This is very poor customer service. I even called head quaters n got a message to call this number. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC and general attorneys office. I don’t know what u have to do to speak to someone in customer service but my experience today wad horrible. I have 34 calls into Comcast and have no got one single person except when I hit new customer. Horrible service n will be taken my business elsewhere

  19. why did comcast take teen mom and honey booboo off demand. We are definitely getting less for our money. Comcast has really become very disappointing.

  20. I would like to know how a paid service can let so many spam e-mails into one’s inbox when the spam filters are set to what the company says to use. I think it is very very sorry when you pay for a service and get just as may junk e-mails as if you were using yahoo, g-mail or any of those free websites. Comcast has not come up with the answer for me on this

  21. The worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with customer support trying to get my internet service working. It cuts off for days at a time. I have had 3 technicians come to my house within 14 months. This company is terrible.

  22. I am not a Comcast customer, but if I wanted to I would have a really hard time cashing in on any of the deals they send in the mail. All my mail that comes from Comcast is in Spanish. I am very disgusted that in 2013 Comcast assumes that because my last name is of Spanish origin that I speak Spanish. My husband isn’t even Spanish. He is Filippino! This is America and mail should be sent in English uless otherwise requested.

  23. I was promised a $50 credit when I signed up. Of course I didn’t receive it and had to spend 3 hours on the phone to get it. Since it wasn’t in the notes I was told they could give me a $20 credit. After fighting with a supervisor he FINALLY gave me my credit. At the end of the conversation he told me next time I need to make sure that I am getting the correct information and that it is noted on my account. So lets see. I call YOUR company and THEY give me information and I’m supposed to somehow know if its right? Oh and YOUR employee who’s telling me they are noting my account but doesn’t. What am I supposed I do? Go to your foreign headquarters and make sure the person on the other end who doesn’t understand a word of what I’m saying properly does their job and notes my account? And god forbid you ask them a simple question. They give you every answer under the sun including how to have world peace but can’t answer a billing question to same their life. And if I get hung up on one more time I’m canceling my service. Oh let’s not forget how nothing works like it should and there again you have to call and get some person overseas who can’t speak nor understand what you’re saying to them. If I wasn’t in an apartment I would have gotten directv. I was considering uverse the sales person for comcast told me comcast has much better ondemand. I’m sure they do if mine ever worked! Comcast you are a sorry excuse for a company and your customer service skills suck!

  24. I would not advise anyone to go with comcast. They service my area and its been 2 weeks and alot of wasted time on the phone trying to get them to come out and install my services.They still have not come out to do it yet. On top of that everyone I have talked to speaks horrible english. All I have to say is Fuck off Comcast!!! You are the worst company I have ever tried to deal with. I hope you go under and time warner cable takes all your business!!!!

  25. I work from home and comcast has been out for 3-4 hours 3 times in the past week.
    I know because my computer goes down then when I check the comcast site it tells me they are
    Experiencing technical problems in my area each time-
    Thanks Comcast.
    Really bad service!

  26. I have cable lines down in my back yard. I have made 3 calls, plus a request via e-mail to have these lines removed. Comcast continues to ignore my requests (although promises to remove the lines have been made to me). This has lasted over 3 weeks time. I think Comcast is HORRIBLE to deal with. Calls take up to 30 minutes of waiting on the phone, and problems are not corrected. What more can I do to resolve this seemingly simple problem. (It would take maybe 5 minutes for a worker to climb a ladder and clip these lines down!)

  27. I hope you can help me–I just got my bill from Comcast– Our assoc…Pinewood lakes assoc.. in Fort Myers FL didn’t renew their contract with Comcast… As a homeowner–I got a call from someone in sales with a offer of services that they could provide as a individual customer.. I think his name was: Jose… My new bill just came and it isn’t anything like that I was offered by phone–could you have someone from the accounting department call me–I tried to call and the person at Comcast couldn’t pull up my account… My account #is: #19204 623276-01-9 … Thank you for your assistance!!

  28. Customer service is awful. On hold for an hour & half & didn’t fix problem. Switching to satellite. They are still the bad company they were

  29. I recently spent more than 16 hours trying to resolve a service issue on the phone. It was so frustrating and aggravating and fruitless. Finally, Dan Wauthier helped me by sending Technician Dave Woods to my house. He arrived in less than 30 minutes and fixed the problem in less than 10. Internet access is critical to my job success and I was very appreciative for this help from these two fine Comcast representatives. I was 2 seconds from dropping my 6 year contract with you. Please commend them. They are very valuable assets to your organization.

  30. Thanks for the info above, I hope someone will finally respond to my email, specially after my awful experiences, one of them is:

    Since I was going to travel overseas on March 18th, I’d called Comcast customer service ten days in advance in order to cancel my phone and Internet services. A lady called herself Lithia, helped me to do so, she also informed me that the account is fully paid until the end of March, and then transferred me to another department in order to schedule a date and time for the modem to be picked up. There, the date was set for Monday, March 18Th between 10-12 AM.

    Since my past experience with Comcast was not positive at all, and I had to leave the country on the same day in the afternoon, I called to check and make sure everything is in order. Interestingly enough, as soon as I entered my phone number, I heard: The device is scheduled for pick up on Wednesday, March 20th.

    I talked to customer service, a Gentleman in Texas, corrected the date and extended the time from 8:00 to 12:00 on March 18th. On the du date, No One showed up. At the last moment, and out of desperation, I called Gail at Comcast headquarter (410-513-3170). She put me on hold for few minutes, then she said to me: They are telling me that they send someone but no one was home. I explained to her that I live in a condominium, and therefore if they came they had to ask the front desk receptionist to contact me and inform me that someone from Comcast is here. While, when I’d asked the receptionist, he said: “actually, I haven’t seen any of them today.”
    Then Gail suggested that I leave the modem at the front desk, she will ask someone at the office to pick it up.
    After informing the receptionist and Mr. Hutch the condominium manager about the situation, I left the modem in their hand hopping that things will finally work out. As the following email manifest, the modem is still siting in my building and no one cared enough to go and pick it up.

  31. I finally filef a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Comcast still did nit respond; now headed to the Dept. Of Justice fraud division. It’s been a major headache to get servuce, tried to tske my cell phone number, waived the $150 depoait but then iposed fraudulent, undisclosed chastrges to make up illegally for the fee wsiver. O am so high in anxiety and stress and cannot watch tv in peace…always worried about shut ofg or interruption in service.

    Emailed Comcast so lets see if the finally respond.

    This is a very poor company, very poor in billing and customer sipport. Online chat does not work on my android. Being billed for services not even being used.

  32. I am so tired of comcast news makers ruining the end of movies and important news information. Please stop this craziness. I think it is absolutely insane to have this every half hour…please stop already…….

  33. Last year I attempted to obtain DTA’s, my orders were cancelled without explanation. After couple of months I was told the cables in my area needed to be replaced before digital migration could be affected. When will my area be upgraded?

    Separately, we continue direct coaxial cable feed. In March, my service region provider (Jacksonville, Florida) switched to digital as well as a nearby city, S. Mary’s, Georgia. The computer screens were changed and now require the equipment serial number to be entered, which we do not possess. Thus, the existing system will not process our trouble requests. We must continue calling until we reach either Jacksonville or Atlanta, and request they email their management or leadership team and schedule an appointment for us. Since most calls now get routed to Mexico or the Philippines, obtaining an acceptable trouble ticket is almost impossible. Can a key code be created for the new computer system, allowing trouble ticket creation, or can I get an actual email to request service?

  34. I would like to give a special recommendation to your representative, Sandra Caldwell who handled service for my 88 year old mom today. I her daughter Joyce handle all her paperwork for her and dealt with Sandra for her. Sandra was just so accommodating, pleasant, and knows your company’s policies and procedures. She handled the situation before it became a problem. Please pass this message on to your Comcast forum administrator, she deserves this recognition.

    Thank you

    Joyce Kennedy for Regina Reuther

  35. Chelsea from your St. Louis, MO service tech was most helpful in correcting my probem. She was not giving up and tried to ask for help from another tech. They said they had to download a software update. The update never downloaded. She stayed o the line with me and tried to contact them again and they did n ot respond. She was going to order a service call, but decided to try something else on her own and it worked.

  36. Comcast has terrible service, and integrity. Good luck trying to talk to someone in the United States too! Comcast constantly tells you one thing, but then expect something totally different! My internet constantly goes out for one thing. Appointments are never timely. Techs are always late, and do not seem well trained. Sick of Comcast.

  37. COMCAST IS THE MOST HORRIBLE CROOKED COMPANY TO DO BUSINEES WITH!!!!! I HATE COMCAST!!!! They rip you off every month by raising your bill and then when you call to find out why, they all turn into idiots who don’t speak nor understand english. You will never get a straight answer from those thieves. They will avoid the actual question all day long if you stay on the phone with them that long, and they will certainly keep you on the line as long as you let them. They dance around in circles trying to confuse you so they don’t have to answer the questions! As someone else stated, I too hope they go out of business, SOON!!!! They will if we all quit putting up with their BS and thievery!!! I think it is time for us all to file a major lawsuit against comcast for theft! Again, Comcast… I DESPISE YOUR COMPANY AND YOUR IDIOT REPS! Oh, I certainly can’t leave out the totally useless worthless “SUPERVISORS”

  38. I would like to convey my strong diapproval of Comcast including the Al Jazeera America network in the offerings. This has me shopping for a differnt carrier.

  39. trying to get my bill lowered, called, transferred third time, this was after 25 min. She asked if she could put me on hold, said yes, but was disconnected. Comcast needs pricing for seniors on SS. Now I have to look for another provider which I hate to do but don’t have a choice.

  40. How do I say this, the lack of support and customer service from Comcast is repugnant. I have spent the last 26 days trying to reestablish services after a recent move. Not only have I received the run around, but the attitude from several people within CS is atrocious. Transfer after transfer and not one person could help me. After several exhaustive calls to have my internet connection fixed, I had to call in to CS again to have them issue me a credit.

    What a shocker, I got the run around again and was transferred to folks who are unable or unauthorized to help me. After repeating the same information to a new person I was told that the credit for the “no show” and “late fee” a total of $70.00 was already applied to my account.

    Unfortunately, that wasn’t the original reason why I was calling. I was calling to have credit issued for the 26 days I am going to be billed for a service that wasn’t even working. The best Comcast could offer, $10.00 credit and 6 months free of a premium channel? This low level of customer service is not only insulting to loyal Comcast customers like me but also demeaning. I understand that you must hear from customers who try and take advantage of the system. I just don’t understand why you need to add insult to injury and make me beg for something when it wasn’t even my fault to begin with. My account had copious notes as to what had transpired over the last 26 days, yet that didn’t seem to be enough to convince any of the agents I spoke to on the phone.

    What this demonstrates is a flawed system and a lack of communication. It demonstrates to consumers like me that you don’t care and it really isn’t all about doing what’s right. It’s frustrating and quite frankly makes me want to find another service provider.

    In an economy where everyone is struggling, I am surprised that you have been able to maintain the market share that you do. I hope that this communication is passed up to your senior leadership in hopes that they will take a serious look at your current SOP. Something tells me they have a financial interest in your bottom line and overall satisfaction with your customer service.

    Christine Simmons

  41. I opted for Comcast in November 2012 and kept it when I moved in July 2013. Part of my plan is 300 Worldwide calling minutes to overseas landlines, cell-phone destinations are charged. For the last three months I have been billed for the overseas numbers I call regularly. It took me almost three hours, two disconnected calls, service representatives who had no idea what I was talking about until I found someone who could help me. Apparently the overseas landlines I call constantly had “magically” become cell-phones, quite a miracle, but one that profited Comcast. I was assured that this would be corrected, but I hold out little hope. I may go back to Verizon. Utterly appalling service.

  42. I spent 5 days, 5 phone calls and hours on phone, and 2 technicians coming to house. Last one was fantastic. If I was working full time I don’t know how my problem would have ever been corrected. I was unable to get online with my Mac. The technicians on the phone were not helpful – I was transferred to so called senior tech who insisted I needed to buy norton anti virus for $129.00 for my IMac which would correct my Internet problem. I have since been told this is free from Comcast. Was told it was computer problem , brought it to Apple and it worked great. Every time I called tech support I had to go through same process, reset modem, etc, etc. they would drop my connection on cell and not bother to call back, so I had to start all over. Turned out Comcast changed software (or something with the modem)this last week which caused problems – also some cabling issues. I find your customer support service on the phone to be unacceptable. If it wasn’t for the outstanding technician who came on 12/8/13 I would have seriously considered switching to another provider. Disappointed long time customer. John Dean

  43. I spent 5 months trying to get the problem with my internet going out constantly. They finally sent a technician out & discovered that the connections were not properly set up to begin with. In fact, one part in the box at the street was not up to code. Then the following month I made a payment by phone that came out of my bank account but was never applied to my account. We opened up 3 different ticket #s, no one ever called us back on any of them, we also were hung up on numerous occasions. It’s cost us over $25 in late fees because they would not resolve the problem. I went into the local office & told the lady there about all my problems, and she didn’t care.
    I’m signing up for AT&T Uverse the very day it becomes available. Comcast customer service is the absolute WORST I have ever experienced with any company. I get better service from teenagers working in McDonald’s drive thru.

  44. This is a 4th request for and answer as to whether or not Fox Sports 2 will be available to all Comcast subscribers by the start of NASCAR season. We currently do not have it but feel it should be a part of some package. We are in the Delaware area. Please respond.

  45. Comcast service is the worst I have ever experienced. Online is terrible. Talking to customer service reps is like talking to a complete idiot. Trying to get a phone number for repair of non working phone is not even possible. the numbers the reps give you do not even work. Doing survey online does not work. Incredible!!! How do they expect to keep customers?

  46. I am again experiencing a service outage of multiple days. This time, there is no inclement weather. The customer service rep from a different country tells me it is probably due to the weather; but, he says, it could be a short in my router, or it could be the wiring in my condo building.
    I have found customer service to be horrible. Every rep I speak with is unfailingly polite, always. However, my service problems were NOT resolved in a timely fashion, and recurred. Each call to customer service lasts a minimum of 30 minutes. I find that repeat calls are necessary, nothing is ever resolved with just one call.
    I would recommend never using Comcast.

  47. It’s very disappointing how comcast goes about doing business. Great products r offered however u can only afford them temporarily because they will double and raise whatever u pay within a few months so budgets beware! I will b canceling. I am very aggravated I hav to but our budget can’t take this. O and good luck trying to ever get any problems solved! Poor business on comcasts part/ ud think by now they are a big enof company they’d stop playing games with and appreciate and retain customers by treating them right. Looks like all recent reviews r bad…. Hummm it’s a sign comcast needs to change for customers sake!

  48. Why do I need talk to someone I can barely understand, is rude to begin with then log into a website I have never heard of and relinquish control of my personal computer laptop to report an interruption of service?

  49. I rate you minus 5. I read reviews going back 2 years. People have been complaining about problems with your service since before then. For three months we have had one mistake after another; every time we call for a change, addition or subtraction, it gets done incorrectly. EVERY TIME! We have had the same experience as your other customers with long. Wait times then being disconnected. We have been given a different number to call after waiting, then given another different number with same results. I have asked for supervisors, addresses to write to let corporate people know how badly customers are treated, to no avail. Surely somebody in your organization cares about providing customer service at even a poor level. Your products are good. Your monopoly will end at some point and executives will wonder why people hate Comcast and leave en masse. We have seen and heard dozens and dozens of your customers from Indiana to Florida express their frustration and a desire for another provider. Comcast is riding high, but I predict a sudden and complete failure in the near future.
    I don’t expect any response from Comcast but felt obligated to let somebody know about your negative reputation.

  50. hey im not against Comcast but .. I tried to contact and use the chat functions there with my arris tg 862 modem refurbid! the Wi-Fi light blinks so fast when my dell laptop stops running there. ughh !! and the chat person with me there is from u guess it india or philpines ughhhhh ! im insulted there Comcast why get others and not from Canada or the us. of a if Comcast bys out twc from them for bIGG 50 bgillion there cant they ?? stop this practice of out sourcing there ughh pluessee ..

  51. I want to thank Cynthia for her help in explaining, in detail, some issues I had with my Home Security System.
    She explained things to me that no other representatives have done in the past number of phone calls,that I’ve made.

  52. While Comcast advertises watching programs the next day On Demand. This is not true. I have missed many programs because of this problem. Recently it is Chicago Fire. I am told by inside Comcast Personnel that Comcast does not have control over this. I find this absurd. I was told that it is the station. If Comcast advertises On Demand then Comcast should have some sort of recourse. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  53. While Comcast advertises watching programs the next day On Demand. This is not true. I have missed many programs because of this problem. Recently it is Chicago Fire. I am told by inside Comcast Personnel that Comcast does not have control over this. I find this absurd. I was told that it is the station. If Comcast advertises On Demand then Comcast should have some sort of recourse. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  54. While Comcast advertises watching programs the next day On Demand. This is not true. I have missed many programs because of this problem. Recently it is Chicago Fire. I am told by inside Comcast Personnel that Comcast does not have control over this. I find this absurd. I was told that it is the station. If Comcast advertises On Demand then Comcast should have some sort of recourse. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  55. While Comcast advertises watching programs the next day On Demand. This is not true. I have missed many programs because of this problem. Recently it is Chicago Fire. I am told by inside Comcast Personnel that Comcast does not have control over this. I find this absurd. I was told that it is the station. If Comcast advertises On Demand then Comcast should have some sort of recourse. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  56. While Comcast advertises watching programs the next day On Demand. This is not true. I have missed many programs because of this problem. Recently it is Chicago Fire. I am told by inside Comcast Personnel that Comcast does not have control over this. I find this absurd. I was told that it is the station. If Comcast advertises On Demand then Comcast should have some sort of recourse. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  57. We got your service 5 weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble with it since it was hooked up. We have spent the entire day waiting for any one of the sites we are trying to see to open. We may as well have dial up. We get dropped constantly, can’t open pages or emails and knocks off our security system, that we are roped into for another 3 yrs. and is useless to us when its off periodically and honestly, I can’t believe we or anyone else is stupid enough to continue to pay for services you are not rendering. If we had a choice of servers, Comcast certainly would not be our top ten choice. Maybe you should think about correcting the services you “provide” and I use the word losely, before you buy out someone elses option of internet sever. Signed and irate customer

  58. The worst customer support ever. Wait on hold for 2 hours without a representative answering. This was not during a storm or some great disaster, it is mid morning on a Freaking Tuesday. I hate you Comcast…… I have better things to do than this. How this place hasn’t went out of business is beyond me…..

  59. Comcast service and customer support have been a nightmare. Wrong service, wrong information given, lost equipment, dropped calls, my service has never been right. Avoid this company, they are cluelss and inept.

  60. Please tell me WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? everyone in my apartment complex wants to use a GUEST format allowed in the Xfinity I AM PAYING FOR? I have been turning down everyone coming up to me asking for my password in order to use MY Xfinity account. I AM PAYING FOR THIS ACCOUNT AND THEY ARE NOT, the last person asking for my password I had to tell HIM I don’t feel comfortable with giving him my password because some people LOVE to watch PORNOGRAPHY I don’t want to ever watch people doing the nasty so I want the GUEST feature taken OFF MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!

  61. after reading the experiences of other people, I see the pattern —my family have also been put through the same agonizing–stressful –unresolved–problems for weeks. New Modem compounding the problems. No internet, no phone services on and off. Now we can call out but no calls can come in. I have spent 2 mornings online with the chat technicians. They hung up while I was still typing my answer???
    How is a company like this allowed to carry on?????
    We are in San Francisco Bay Area.

  62. how about changing the movies on premium pkg. more often.
    there are movies like The Folks with Tom Selluck you never have,
    also it is very tacky for Comcast to charge to watch past seasons of suits,and the good wife,don’t you collect enough money from us.

  63. what a joke. dvr is totally messed up, especially the website.
    TAKE A LESSON FROM ATT!!!!!! I wished we had NEVER

  64. I think that getting in touch with and/or getting any promotional
    benefits without cost is not on your itinerary [ COMCAST ]

  65. Terrible service! I don’t recommended Comcast to any one! Bad really bad! I never get to much stress with service company! Very disappointed, I don’t use Comcast ever , terrible, terrible terrible

  66. Comcast lied to us when we upgraded after quoting us $130 a month with taxes and fees included, somehow our first bill came to $346, like that’s no big deal, I can lease a mercedes benz for that kind of money. The customer service is terrible they don’t care about your problem, they told my fiancé that we had a $200 credit on the account, then two weeks later we find out the customer service rep was mistaken and we owe the $200 back plus a late if I could cud on here I would comcast has the worst type of people

  67. Can’t get the TV listings grid to come up. Says there is a problem loading. I don’t want to Chat….takes forever. Don’t want to call on the phone….seems like I never explain right what I want. I just like the Tv Grid in my Favorites. thanks.

  68. I can fully agree on all these facts above. I roughly spend 4-5 hours each months, to get the bill corrected. Comcast also charges me every month for a HD box, which is paid in our HOA fees already. Comcast send us a service guy out, since we do have not properly working internet. The lady set the date, and confirmed twice, there will be NO fee, since the malfunction is their own equipment. The service guy came out, changed some wires ( did he ?) and checked our internet. still – not working properly. He then called his boss, and gave us the information that another repair needed to be made, including installing a booster like device. In that matter we were supposed to get a call back within the next 72 hours to schedule a second appointment.
    Now, roughly 4 weeks later…we still have NO function internet , but a skyrocketed bill.
    We were charged with 40.- $ for the guy, we were charged (again ) for a FREE HD box, and of course on top three times 10.-$ for late payments.
    Fed up with Comcast I called in, it took (again) three transfers, over 2 hours and lots of promises to get refunds. The payment due date is today and we won’t pay any cent.
    We still haven’t found ANY email address for Comcast, nor any fax number . Any help with those information ( fax and email ) is greatly appreciated….
    I am oversea meanwhile and wanted to set up the seasonal rate (6$), but if they keep charging us with fantasy amounts, we will call in again, and simply terminate our internet service.

  69. I just viewed a Comcast customer attempting to cancel his Comcast service for more than 3 hours until an automated voice announced the service for doing so was closed!
    I have considered setting up an account with Comcast but, until there is an EXTREME improvement with your hell hole of a so called service department I will avoid it as much as the Ebola virus!


    Donald Davis

  70. Why is there background noise with people laughing and talking while a customer is explaining a cable problem? Its very annoy-
    ing. Also, when asked to give your Comcast Account no. why are you cut off and then told you did not give complete information and you are disconnected – very annoying…….you aren’t given enough time to give a long acct. number…….

  71. I have received my new remote today and had no problems setting the code for my tv, but I and my nephew could not get the new remote to take any of the codes for the cable box. It is a Motorola box and we have tried several times with no luck?What is the problem?

  72. I am so happy with the service that I received from Louis at Comcast’s Knoxville office. She read the notes and fixed the problems promptly. I had been so dissatisfied with the customer service that I had been receiving from businesses. I hated to call any customer service. That’s how bad it can be. I had no choice but to call Comcast’s customer service. The first two representatives did not resolve the problem. I made two trips to the local Comcast office to change out cable receivers. The third receiver had the same problem. The customer service representative that I spoke with after getting the 2nd new box was not able to fix the problem and transferred me to technical support. Louise was nice, not only that she took the time to read the notes, while talking with me and in reading the notes saw what the problem was. She fixed the problem in one minute. Thank you again Louis. She is the best!

  73. To somebody at Comcast,

    I have NO doubt that thie e-mail will not be answered. I received an e-mail from you stating that I would need a new modem to receive faster and more services. I immediately went out and purchased one.

    The next day I hooked it all up and followed the on screen instructions. I was instructed to call a phone number to activate the new modem.

    The new modem was unable to be activated. The so-called technician also messed up my router. I ended up hooking my old moden back up which is now not working properly.

    You would think for all the money I and so many others pay for Comcast services that we would get some service and be able to speak to someone in the United States. I was on the phone for one hour and five minutes and all I got was a nervous headache and my old modem back.

    P. Walsh

  74. The person who set up this account (my father) died, and since his name cannot be changed and his cable service was cancelled for non-payment, it makes it easy for his 90-yr-old widow to cut the cord, as Comcast has motivated so many to do.

    Comcast’s contemptible policies cost yet another customer, yet their management is obviously slow to learn simple, gracious customer “service.” I’ll never be back.

    B-bye and good riddance, Comcast.

  75. I have called comcast like 40 times, here is my problem.

    got infinity and returned the equipment to some people at my home, and comcast said I didnt return the equipment and you are charging me some money for the equipment, I am ok with paying but whenever I call comcast they say they cant find me.

    Is there any responsible rep in comcast?

  76. Please tell me how do I get my money back for paying for free TV programs that you charge for via On Demand?!

    I’ve raised this question to you before and received and unsatisfactory answer to what I believe is a shady, misleading practice by you.

    Once again I was informed that someone in my household selected a TV program to watch, via on demand. The program was ” The 100″ which is a CW network program. However after watching several episodes somehow the person noticed that we were being charged for this FREE show.

    Your selection menu does not clearly state that this FREE program is now PAY PER VIEW via On Demand. No where during your countless hours of xfinity on demand annoying promotions does it state that you have this shady process of double billing customers for programming that they have already paid for. No where do you offer the customer to option to terminate this transaction or request a refund.

    I’m pissed off. I’m angry. I’m annoyed.

    I want my money back!

    I plan to tell as many people as I can about this shady scam.

    I also plan to find another service provider that I can trust.


  77. yea,,i don’t get what’s with that company,,,i’ve been trying since friday to become a comcast customer,,11-28-14,,,first i was told that i could get the triple play,,159.00 a month,,and a free ipad,,,but i called back on satruday,,sunday,,monday,,to confirm that i would get the ipadr, ,and keep getting switch to another person,,which i have no idea what their number is,,,why i’m getting switched, is because now they say i can’t get that deal,,because im a basic subscriber,,,but they still say they can fix me up with another deal,,like $160.00 visa card,,and the triple play,,now it’s no problem being a basic subscriber , also a super never called back,,saturday 11-29-14,,,talked to another person sunday 11-30-14,,and that guy said he would check into the problem and see what he could do,,he gave me another number to call,,and at that number no one could give me the deal that i signed up for on black friday 11-28-14,,,on monday 12-1-14, i was talking to someone who said they are working on it,,,but then got i waited for them to call back,,since they have my number,,but nothing,,,so i called a number who switched me to another number,,and that guy was smart about what i was asking,,how do these people get customers,,now im trying to get back $15.00, that they charged me for, on friday when i thought i was signed up for the triple play,,and was told that installation would be saturday 12-6-14,,,no help ,,,don’t get their policy,,,

  78. I want the secondary INTERNET signal removed from my home wireless router!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please let me know when this is complete.

  79. I have been having big problems getting my mail within a reasonable time. Sometimes it takes more than 18 hours for mail to appear. It is not junk. I finally called Comcast tonight to see if my router is slow and needs to be replaced. I spoke with a gentleman named DUNCAN ID COCONN006. He wanted to run a test to see if my router was running slowly. I followed his instructions to get the test page on Safari. The screen was full of ? and messages saying I needed to download Adobe. I had tried for a week to do that but with no success. He figured out how I could do that successfully even though he did not own a MAC. I finally got it downloaded which then enabled Duncan to run the test which indicated that my router speed was at a proper speed, even faster than I was paying for.
    Duncan was very polite and very helpful. He is an asset to Comcast service. Thank you.




  81. DANIEL SIUPIK says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    December 29, 2014 at 10:22 am




  82. We use Comcast for our Internet Service. We were just about to switch from DIRECTV for TV Service & VERIZON for phone service to COMCAST for all of the above.

    Then I heard, and researched the FACT that COMCAST supports the “Reverend” Al Sharpton with Money and his own TV Show. Oh, and he owes 6 Million in back-taxes.

    Sharpton is directly responsible for the deaths of the two NYPD Police Officer’s! SHAME ON YOU! And by the way, we won’t be switching our TV and Phone service to a Comcast, a company that supports a divisive, hateful, vile, white racist!

    Ann Holbrook

  83. I have been having trouble with my telephone service. At one time if there was a message a light on the handset would blink and all I had to do was press play to here the message. Now all messages are going to voice mail. When this started but there is no indication on my phone telling me there is a message. On Friday, Jan 2, I called and after I was able get in my voice. I had 121 messages. I stared deleting each message. After about six messages I was told this service is not available. I called back was told someone would contact me with 24 hour. I receive no call. I called again on the 4th. I talked to a person and after awhile I was able to get to my voice mail. After listening to and deleting most of the messed a voice stated a over rum and could not continue with my messages. I hung up and pressed *99. After about 40 minutes deleting messages I again pressed *99 and was told I still had 121 messages. It started with the original message. I called Comcast again and was told the someone would contact within 72 hours. I was given #CR424808738. I have lived here for two years and the service has been terrible and the cost keeps going up. I am very dissatisfied and wish there was another cable company in the area.

  84. You people do realize this is NOT Comcast’s customer service page? This is a page about their customer service page. If you want to contact their awful customer service, start by going to and click on customer service, not that it will do you much good.

  85. I was considering a new high speed internet and television account with Comcast. After multiple attempts,the Comcast web site kept changing my supplied address to a different address and indicated that I already had service. I next started an on-line conversation with a support technician. After waiting an unreasonablly long time, the agent finally concluded that I already had service and needed to disconnect before adding new service. I have been at my address 22 years, do not have and have never had Comcast or any other cable service. He indicated that I needed to call Comcast. I did and was put on hold until a recording indicated that I needed to call during regular business hours. I think I will AVOID this horribly run company and am really glad that I am NOT their customer. I pity those who are.

  86. We have had Comcast internet and phone for several years now. While on the phone with Comcast in August 2014, I was talked into getting cable tv, because the cost was only about $5 or $10 more per month. I said okay. The installation was supposed to be free. It was not. It was $63. I was very disappointed with that, but you did not credit me after I disagreed on the phone. Then the bills were actually around $137 to 147 for the bundled services, not $115-120 like I was promised. For this, I cancelled my cable TV today for my very disappointment with you company. What do you say to that!!!

  87. I have a bundle package and it now cost 155.00 dollars a month. I was told it is going up 25.00 dollars in June. I cant afford these prices! I am retired and I get no raises. I will start looking elsewhere.

  88. Comcast is the worse company I have ever dealt with. They are always putting up their prices every chance they get. There customer service is horrible. I ask for a remote because mine is sticking. They sent me one and it didn’t work. I have called 6 or 7 times and still no remote. I have the service plan but guess it don’t matter. Plus they charged me 9.99 shipping for a remote that does not work, plus other fees added. I am tired of being ripped off by that company. When I moved from my other place and canceled comcast I had a appointment for the equipment to be picked up, and they did. Then comcast called and sent letters saying to return the equipment and tried to charge me for it. I told them why would I want your equipment, what use would it be for me. I said if the guy that picked it up didn’t return it that is not my problem. It took about a month to get it straightened out and they didn’t even apologize.I only went back with them because I didn’t have a contract.I wish I would have never went back with them. I may have to go with dish. I can’t afford there increases all the time for no reason and it is not worth the stress to keep calling customer service all the time.

    • Don’t worry I just heard that Apple is going to be setting up cable. And there prices are going to be very low. Comcast will have to lower there prices if they want people to stay with them.

  89. I would like to make a suggestion for the Comcast Office in charge of payments. I know that many people have a direct bank account to draw the payment but we still prefer to receive and send the bill with payment via mail. Wwith these times of ID theft we still receive and send payment on an envelope that it does not have a secure plastic sealed window. Any thief could just stick a finger in the open window and copy either the bamk account etc. I think that it makes no sense advertising all these securities measures and then send a check with the bank account number in an envelope that is easily picked with a finger via the opening (Where the address is) I wonder about this progress we claim for safety but we do not practice safety…
    Francesco M

  90. At 10:00 on Sunday Face the Nation is on CBS. It is only on for 30 min.’s I wish you can have it on for 1 hour. It is a hour show.


    Mary Haisley

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