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Contacting Coleman Customer Service Center

Coleman is well-known for camping supplies and equipment. Customers can choose to order directly from Coleman, or purchase products available at retail locations throughout the United States. There are many retail products for sale, but some products are only available directly from the Coleman company. Whether you’re interested in contacting Coleman customer service because of a problem or concern or you simply want to tell the company how much you enjoyed the Coleman equipment you purchased, customer service is available during limited hours by phone, email and mail.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Coleman customer service hours are extremely limited and broken up into two shifts. Monday to Thursday customers can reach an agent from 7 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. to 4:45 P.M. CST. On Friday the hours are from 7 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-835-3278

Mailing Address

If mailing a letter is the way you want to contact Coleman customer service, feel free to send your letter to the corporate office at:

The Coleman Company3600 N. HydraulicWichita, KS 67219

Official Website

Navigate your computer to to find the official website for everything Coleman. From tents to flashlights, outdoor stoves to water heaters, Coleman sells a little bit of everything the camper needs to make that outdoor adventure feel like a night at home.

Customer Service Email

Coleman offers a customer email form for general and warranty/claim contact. If you are filing a claim, you can attach a copy of the warranty and pictures of the damage to the contact form for faster processing. For all customer contact by email you’ll have to enter your name, phone number and email address. You also have to choose the product you are contacting Coleman customer service about. This form is not ideal for general customer service, but it is the only email form the company offers.

Our Experience

The Coleman customer service line is answered by an automated system. We pressed 0 during the message and the call was transferred to the customer service line. We were placed on hold awaiting an available agent. The automated message reminded us that Coleman offers a detailed FAQs section that may have the answer we are looking for. We waited on hold for 3:14 before Ron picked up the call. Ron advised us that as first-time campers the Instant Tent line is our best bet, but Cabin Tents are stronger and better for long-term camping trips.

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9 Comments on “Contact Coleman Customer Service
  1. Talk to customer support Donna yesterday never got the E mail from her to get a replacement bed started,we lost power to my home last night and my land line phones are dead,not sure what happen,we have power but no phone to call you. I forgot the @ when I gave Donna my E mail yesterday thank you hope to hear from you.

  2. I’m a dissatisfied customer, I just recently purchased a pair of Coleman shoes about a month ago. The soles have fell apart, the stitching come loose, the bottom of the soles look as the rubber had been glued together in pieces. Also looks like if the sole had been glued on twice and re-stitched several times as if it was a manufacturing defect. I have never owned a product from Coleman as of like this one . I’m a proud Coleman customer that has purchased your tents, flashlights,lanterns, and etc. from my younger days till even now as a proud parent. Is there any kind of warranty on these shoes? I haven’t even owned these shoes for 2 months and now I have to purchase another pair. Which now I’m hesitant about purchasing another Coleman pair of shoes. I wouldn’t like to go thru this problem again. The stores wont take them back ,I didn’t think about saving the receipt, so now what??

    • I purchased a pair of Coleman shoes. The top eyelet came out. I have not been able to find a shoe repair shop. The waterproof boots are almost new. Please advise me on what to do short of throwing them away.

      Eugene Nelsen

  3. We bought one of the citronell candle repels mosquitoes burnd up to 50 hours .Just want you to know it dose not work at all.I didnot keep the receipt so what now .I dont know where yall test this at but you need to retest this .I will not be buying anything more from coleman for mosquitoes Have a blesses day

  4. Ur pvc rain gear sucks i just put my new rain coat n pants on n the pants tore n the zipper broke in the jacket ill never buy anything from coleman again I’m very disappointed

  5. I am writing to (hopefully) make someone aware of my dissatisfaction with my product and the Coleman customer service I received afterward. I purchased the Coleman Flocked Quickbed Queensize. The first time I purchased the bed there was no pump in the box. Obvious manufacturer error, so I returned the bed for another. The second bed I had was inflated in my apartment for 3 days before it stopped holding air. Imagine if I would have actually gone camping! I returned the bed for a third and called Coleman customer service to report the fiasco. She took down my current product number and told me to call back if I had any future problems. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I do not want to call back for future problems I want the situation I had fixed.

  6. I would have to agree…Coleman is a staple in our home when it comes to all our outdoor needs and have been, up until this point, extremely pleased with their products. Though I have to admit, their customer service has much to be desired. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned to believe that a great company, a trusted company strives for excellence when it comes to dealing with those who ARE making THEM money buy purchasing their products and so, would assume that they would stand up to their good name when something does not go right. With three children and one income, camping is one of greatest past times as it is cheap, fun and we can go anywhere. So we have gone through many mattresses, lol. About, maybe 6-8 yrs ago we found that we had a “favorite” most comfortable air mattress made by Coleman and have been diligent with buying this specific kind for both us and our children. We just love the SINGLE HIGH QUICKBED AIRBED…it must be the “pockets’ that make it so comfortable but either way, we love them. Anyway, after buying our, I don’t know, maybe 5th one through all the years…we expected it to wear just like the others…they last and hold up extremely well. Yes, we’ve had to patch over the years but that is always due to much use, season after season, you have to expect wear and tear just as we do on our vehicles. Anyway, this time, we purchased that specific mattress (but with the battery op pump combo in KIng…we are bed hogs, lol) and within our SECOND use, we realized that we were loosing air. At first we thought it was because at night it was getting much colder (we were up north, VT) and we all know that when it gets cold, things shrink…as does air in our mattresses. So, we adjusted accordingly. Night after night it kept happening until my husband found a TINY PIN HOLE in one of the seams of one of the “cups” on the top of the mattress. There are two things wrong with this…one, we BARELY used it…not to mention, we were using it IN A CABIN, NOT ON THE GROUND where it would have the chance to get damaged. Second…we just bought it…it’s not like we were a couple seasons in…THIRD…Where the pin hole is….it is not a likely fact, we’ve never had a whole (through wear and tear) in a spot like that. I am convinced that it is a product defect. So….I contact customer service, honestly expecting them to stand by their product but instead say that since I do not have a receipt they can not help me. I get it…there are people out there trying to get free stuff and scam…I GET IT…but some how, some way, we have to be determine who those people are vs who people like us are. WE truly believe that a great company stands by their products and by those who use their products. It did not dawn on us to keep the receipt honestly, as we have never had an issue ever before. I didn’t care if they said, hey, send the damaged one back to us and we’ll send you a new one back to replace it….I just wanted someone to acknowledge that there IS a PROBLEM and that they STAND BY THEIR PRODUCTS…that THE CUSTOMER IS IMPORTANT to them and they would prove to be helpful. INSTEAD, I just got an email back that says, sorry, cant help you. Word of mouth is very powerful and we camp with a great many people….we will be sharing this experience just as we share our awesome experiences with others. People need to know the companies that stand by their products as that says so much about the company and what’s important to them. So, sorry Coleman, you have just lost a customer, possible many more.

  7. I bought a pair of Colman shoes. They fit great and seemed to be comfortable, but the stitching at the ankle was falling apart after a week. I decided to wear them to work. I jumped down off a rock to a deck. Only about 2.5 feet down to the deck. I then felt a sharp pain in my heel. I figured I landed wrong,blaming myself. The next day I could barely walk and had missed work now for over a week. I inspected the shoes and found a metal pin right in the heel of both shoes that is hard and obviously caused the pain I am still dealing with after two weeks. This cheap way to hold a shoe together has caused pain and loss of work.I’m very upset with Colman.

  8. I would like to take the CEO of your Organization and put him in a lock-up and play the awful so called music selection that was presented to me as I was held as a captive audience on the phone for a very unfair amount of time.I really wish that someone can get the word to him.Is there anyone there that does their job as it should be done?Hire some people to answer the phonelines.
    My total time on the phone was 43 minutes.

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