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Contacting Coby Customer Service Center

Coby is an electronics company that sells audio, computer, photo and headphone equipment. The consumer website gives specifications for all the products current available from Coby, but it also provides technical and consumer support. The information provided is pretty straightforward with customer service phone numbers, emails and a mailing address.

Contact Info:

When contacting Coby customer service choose between the technical and consumer support contacts. Technical customer service is there for when customers are having trouble with installation and product use. Consumer customer service is available for all other non-technical issues.

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple Coby customer service phone numbers and many have different hours of operation. We’ve listed the hours of operation next to the phone numbers for your convenience.

  • TVs and MIDs US: 1-877-302-2629 (9 AM to 9 PM Mo to Fri ET)
  • TVs and MIDs Canada: 1-855-542-8917 (8 AM to 8 PM Mon to Fri ET)
  • General Support: 1-800-727-3592 (8:30 AM to 5 PM Mon to Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM Sat ET)
  • Corporate: 1-800-688-2629
  • Local NY Corporate: 1-718-416-3300

Mailing Address

The corporate address for Coby customer service is the only address listed. Since you’re contacting the corporate office, include contact information, product description and model number to speed up the response from customer service.

Coby Electronics Corporation 1991 Marcus Ave Lake Success, NY 11042

Official Website

The US website for Coby customer service can be found at There are long descriptions for most of the products with pictures and detailed specifications. The customer service page is located under the Contact Us link.

If you are a social media person, you can connect with Coby on the most popular social media sites.

Customer Service Email

Customers connecting with Coby customer service need to choose between the technical and consumer support email forms. Remember, technical is for technical questions about the product and product use, not about pricing, availability and other general questions and comments.

Our Experience

Customers should be prepared to not speak with a customer service agent if they do not have the following information, product serial number, receipt or invoice number. When we spoke with the customer service agent, we wanted to ask a few questions, but could not proceed unless we had one of the three pieces of information.

This is not how customer service should work. We will have to rely on the information sent via email to inform customers of the level of customer service. Were you able to contact the customer service team? Would you like to voice your experiences with us below? Shout out your thoughts.

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39 Comments on “Contact Coby Customer Service
  1. I think coby kyros & the employees sux! I have been lied to & can never get intouch! DO NOT EVER BUY A COBY KYROS! THEY ARE JUNK!!

    • I think Coby Kyros needs to stop selling their products! They are junk and their website is no use when none of the numbers are a working number!!! I have tried and tried to get a hold of somebody…they have my granddaughters tablet and I can’t get any info on it. I am very irritated with their so called company!

    • What do u have to hide? If u r a trusworthy company dealing with the public, u should be open about ur business. Why can’t we get in touch with your staff if ur product is not functioning? That’s misleading. I’m going through the same headache as the previous customers and something needs to be done. Or LAWSUIT????????

  2. I got my sons 2 coby tablets they are not working correctly no response I have emaiiled and tried to call. Bad customer service.

  3. coby company is not a great company to deal with because I sent off a ipad because the screen was jumping spoke to coustomer service rep and I was informed to mail off and it would get repaired also to mail a money order so that they can sed back to me after repairs were complete and for some reason now I still did not get my ipad back its been 3 months now there is no way to contact them only threw email and I did an still no reply this is very unprofessional company and is a gimmic

  4. i have sent my tablet to be repaired, it has been almost four months now, i cant get ahold of anyone and no one has tried to reach me. i sent them a money order to send the tablet back too. i am very angry!!!! do not buy coby products!!!!!

  5. I sent my coby tablet in for replacement four months ago and haven’t received it back, I was told that it would take six weeks and now four months later I have yet to receive my tablet back. All I ask for is what I paid for and I don’t think that’s to much to ask for and it’s bad business on the part of coby for the customers not to be able to reach them.

  6. I returned my coby tablet in April along with a $15 money order and have not received it back.I was told in June that my name was on the list for my tablet to be returned. I never received it so I called them again in July and they told me the same thing. Now none of their numbers work.

  7. I wanted to speak to someone about my Kyros 7 Inch Tablet. And I Can’t Contact with any of the available Numbers. My Tablet needs repairing and I cannot reach anyone at Coby. I think they are a bad business place. and they have bad products. I bought their products two times. The Store that i bought it from replaced the first one; now the second one has gone out. And i seem to cannot contact anyone at Coby.

  8. the first coby mid9740 tablet I had froze up with less than 10 hrs use. Sent it back and begged them not to replace it with yet another junk tablet. Even offered to pay extra for a tablet that would actually WORK! They sent me back the same tablet and OF COURSE, it’s a piece of junk too. Now the screen flickers and half of it’s white. I think we consumers that have been ripped off by this bogus company should file a class action suit to try to recoop SOME of our hard earned money. COBY IS A JOKE and should be ashamed of all the consumers they’ve ripped off!!!

  9. I got coby tablet for my son andwas told to send back with 15 money order that was back in may cant talk to know so we have been all summer and that crap i have to buy a new for him someone should help

  10. I think it’s sad that you paid for something that didn’t work and sent it in for replacement and never get it back, I sent my tablet in back in may of this year and haven’t received it back I called them and they said they received it, I was told it would be a six week wait before i received it back well it’s been six months and to find out the company went out of business I am beyond pissed. I have written letters to the company emailed them and phoned them and never once did I get the feeling that they were going out of business, I want my tablet back or a refund.

  11. Very very discouraging. I have a Kyros tablet that we used for a week and now it won’t turn on. I work at a College and had my IT guys look at it and there is nothing they can think of to help. This product is absolute junk!!! I too feel this company sells nothing but cheaply made products and they know it too. Why else would they be so unwilling to provide working phone numbers or any way to contact them? Pathetic!!

    • Coby Electronics went out of business earlier this year. The company Gordon Brothers Group purchased Coby but at this time is not honoring any warranties. So anyone needing a repair or fixing a product should not send it in with any money order.

  12. I bought a coby 32″TV a year ago and now they have a RECALL on them, I don’t have my recieipt for proof of purchase. What am I suppose to do with this TV

  13. I have been trying for days to get in contact with you and just read the comments of other people.
    Please let me know if there’s anything that can be done.
    I bought a Coby Kyros tablet for a Christmas gift and it hasn’t worked from the beginning an past the 30 days for me to send it back.
    I am trying to see how to return it and get a new one or money back.

  14. Coby t.v.s have been recalled,received a card explaining problem and to return the t.v. to hhgregg, where I was told it serial number was not correct. This is the fourth t.v. we have had a problem, smoking or shutting itself off. It costs me $37 plus a $30 money order for return postage and now stuck with a junk t.v…consumer fraud and better business bureau will be hearing from me…

    • my children gave me a coby tv for Christmas 9 months ago, and the thing keeps powering off, and I have to power on every 5 minutes or so, I had the cable tech come and check my cable and there was no problem there, he said it was the tv and I have 4 other TV’s in the home (not coby’s) that I am not having problems with. I have e-mailed this people but have not had a response yet, the 8773022629 # listed is not helpful and the website has absolutely nothing on it other the COBY. We as consumers need to get together and prosecute this company for fraud

  15. This is my first experience in trying to contact a “Large ” company without any active numbers!What kind of operation do you people run?

  16. dont worry it will come i went through this with all three of my tablets it will come one of mine took 6 months and it broke after two months and they replaced that one too some companys would not act like this and yes i was very mad i called every monday afternoon to see if it was on the mailing out list for that week good luck everyone

  17. I brought a coby kyros md7150 my screen got broken.what I wanted to know can the screen be fixed or can your company send me a new one?

  18. I agree with the previous customers. Coby should stop selling their stuff because their customer service is BS and them not some!

  19. I bought a Kryos tablet for my husband and he used it two or three times and put it away in a drawer for safe keeping. and now it won’t charge. any suggestions? If not i just wasted my money because I am not paying you $30.00 onlune for you to answer a question, that’s BS.

  20. the worst cust serv ever. not one of their 4 numbers gets you to a serv rep. I give up which is what they want. never buy their products…ever!!

  21. Yes I have a 32 inch that keeps shutting itself off what type of company is it that you can’t get to speak with a live person

  22. I have tried to contact you people on all the Nos. on your web site, nothing works. The same goes for your COBY Kyros MID9740. This went out after less than one year. It is obvious I can get no support from you. I will purchase another pad, but be assured it will not be a COBY.

  23. I have a Coby Kyros Internet Tablet. I am having problems and I have called every phone number and all of the numbers have disconnected or I get someone that does not deal with Coby Tablets. I want a service tech to call me asap this problem has gone on for approximately one month. I cannot use my tablet.

  24. I agree with all previous customers – Coby should stop selling their stuff. Maybe we should start a class action lawsuit against this company for FRAUD!!!! It shows they have a website, which they don’t,, shows they are on facebook,,,, they aren’t. I can’t use my tablet either, they suck!!!

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