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Contacting Clickbank Customer Service Center

Clickbank is a digital company that connects buyers with sellers in an affiliate setting. Affiliates sign up to market a digital product online and they receive a portion of the sales price for the marketing efforts. Clickbank is a huge company in digital sales and many people earn tons of money as sellers and affiliates.

On the flip side of the program is the customer buying the digital product. Customer support is available to customers who’ve purchased digital items from Clickbank. If the product does not live up to the customer’s standards they have the right to request a refund. It is important to read the terms and conditions of a sale closely as some Clickbank items include recurring charges.

Contact Info

Contact information for Clickbank customer support is available for customers who’ve ordered a product and for general contact. If you want help with your order you’ll need some information about the order.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service (US and Canada): 1-800-390-6035
  • Direct Phone for Customer Service: 1-208-345-4245
  • International Customer Service: 1-208-345-4245
  • Fax: 1-559-210-0502

You’ll need to call between the hours of 7 A.M. and 6 P.M. MST to talk with a customer service representative.

Mailing Address

Click Sales Inc.
917 S. Lusk St.
Ste. 200
Boise, ID 83706

According to Clickbank, it is best if you supply your first and last name, email address and phone number with any mail or fax communication. The company has to have a way to find your order to help solve the problem. If possible, more information is always better.

Official Website

You can find out information about your order via the Order Lookup page. Enter the Clickbank order number and either your email address, last four numbers of the credit card used to make the purchase or the transaction ID from Paypal.

Clickbank can be found on multiple social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

Clickbank does not list a customer service email address, but you can contact customer service using a contact form if you’ve placed an order. The contact form requires that order information we we’re unable to test the response time.

Our Experience

The Clickbank customer service team was quick to answer the call. There was no prolonged automated system that required the caller to push multiple buttons just to reach an agent. We asked about returning digital material after being viewed as we’ve already seen the material. The representative told us that customers were responsible for providing a valid reason for return before a refund was processed and Clickbank would then review the reason and choose whether or not to process the transaction.

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49 Comments on “Contact Clickbank Customer Service
  1. hi
    i am muruganandam i will cancel for one product Order Number: 58N9KGVE this one but still now money not come so pls refund my money

  2. Let us know please the status of Refund.please go through the attachment below.

    “Your Client Support Ticket (ID:7161011) has been updated”


  3. can you please refund £38 80 to my bank account which was taken on the 12th January 13 for no apparant reasons ,,I was on the herbalife website when clikbank came up for payment even though I hadn,t ordered any products by that time ,it stated I would get the cost when I put my card number in ,,which I did then the screen went blank so I haven,t ordered anything but my money has been taken. I would like the refund now thank you Norah Watson

  4. tried to ask why book ordered not received, tried to charge me $ 38.oo for answer. Looks like another of their scams

  5. I work with VirtaPay website as withdrawn must do to have account in Cickbank, what you like to say to it and how? how are withdrawn from VirtaPay? I tried to answer but all directs to Clickbanck. I want you to explain to me,please

  6. Yes,I want too cancel my order of PDF Print at this time,Maybe I will order again in the near future thank you.

  7. I ordered customized fat loss and all bonus programs for 47.00,as well as, the fat loss primer program for 37.00 and haven’t received anything. My order numbers are


    Please let me know when to expect it.
    Thank you,
    Roxie Silverstein

  8. Iam at india. When I can enter my debit card details it shows error..(.if payment can unable to authorise) plz clarify

  9. You have taken 77.00 out of my paypal acct. I have not ordered anything from you. You took it out once before. If you don’t reverse this I will take legal action through paypal. Refund my money NOW. This is a scam!!

  10. How does one go about making a purchase through clickbank if the country you are currently physically in is not in the list in the drop-down list.If the Credit-Card I am using is issued from a country that is in the drop-down list but if I am currently in a country not listed in the drop down list then how does one proceed with a purchase

  11. Clickbank has sent me an email which state that the money has been refunded August 19, 2013 7:22AM . But when I checked my bank account , the refundable amount that i requested hasn’t been received in my account. Please do consider my concern. Thank you.

  12. You have been sending me a notice that my Credit card info needs updating.
    You have not given me an email address or phone number where I can contact you.
    There is a simple explanation. y credit card expire on August 30 2013.
    A new card was issued with the same number but a new expiry date.
    Please contact me for the new expiry date.

    Thank you

    James E Spurrill

  13. Dear customer service I have been trying to access my bank account on line so that I can monitor my account, I cant access it and I need your help as soon as possible.

  14. Hi,
    I want my refund back on google sniper 2.0 it said i had a 30 day or 60 day guarantee and if i didn’t want it i could get a full refund back you guys said that my was cancelled so obviously assumed that i got my fend after i got confirmed of my cancellation but i didn’t as i have now just checked my bank statement i am extremely angry as if i didn’t catch this you would have walked away with my money and this has probably happened to others that you have done this to.I want my refund ASAP or i will be taking further action.Get back to me as soon as possible please.

  15. I ordered a program for $47.00 but was also charged $97.00…. I want a total refund for the whole program now…. $97.00 order number is QTMJ4E5K and the $47.00 order number is JMYHF8WE…. Please let me know when you’ve done this…. Thanks Dolores

  16. I ordered a program for $47.00 but was also charged $97.00…. I want a total refund for the whole program now…. $97.00 order number is QTMJ4E5K and the $47.00 order number is JMYHF8WE…. I just called my bank and they said I was charged another $47.00…. So 2 $47.00 charges and one $97.00 charge…. This is a joke your Video said one $47.00 charge not 2 $47.00 charges and one $97.00 charge….Please refund me the whole program now….Please let me know when you’ve done this…. Thanks Dolores

  17. I will be highly obliged if you kindly add the name of Bangladesh in the country list of your Clickbank order form.
    As because I want to pay for the book Fibroid Miracle from Bangladesh but the name of country Bangladesh is missing in the Clickbank order form and I am unable to do that. Please add Bangladesh in the country name list. Thanks.

  18. Hello, I made an order on Clickbank in summer 2013 appears to me every month that I withdraw from CONT A certain amount of money $ 37 OR $ 47 which I did not ask for this, PLEASE break this transaction I have never used card. MI withdraw money every month even though I have not used my card. IN JANUARY, FEBRUARY 2014 AND I miss bankroll. Not understand what had happened. Please, send me an email to inform me THESE suspicious transactions and to solve this problem. THANK YOU.

  19. Good day sir!
    Please i have been try to create my CLICKBANK ACCOUNT ever since but i was unable.
    what happen is that once i enter my country NIGERIA it disallow me to proceed, Please sir/ma help me out on HOW TO CREATE MY CLICKBANK ACCOUNT FROM NIGERIA HERE.
    Thanks so much, i really enjoy your program and i wish to participate.
    Thanks in anticipation

    Best Regards

  20. I been trying to clickbank customer service because my son charge the winner circle lotto game it was 30.0 and recurring automatically from my card. The have no chat window or email plus trying to call it busy. I want to cancel it right now. I put my son out of the house.

  21. I bought a product called auto traffic monopoly from you all back in 2012 and I need that clickbank receipt number, if you can look that up for me and forward this info. to my email, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  22. In August 2014 I tried to get some information from Verispy (Clikbank) which the company could not obtain for me. I was charged $19.95. When I contacted them and told them that they were not able to obtain the information requested, they refunded my money. Then two more unauthorized charges appeared on my credit card from “Clikbank Investigation” for $4.95 and $29.95. I contacted Verispy and they said they could not help me because they have no record of the added charges. I want these charges refunded. My account with Verispy has been closed and there is no reason for any additional charges to appear on my account.

  23. i had a sale made on click bank it was showing until today the sum of $26.30 when i had a look at the sale it had diserpeard can you tel were my commision that i made from a sale has gone to.

  24. I have been trying to get a hold of you on the phone but no chance everything is held up so I’ll try this , anyway what I am
    wanting to do is just cancel my services from your business ,
    I am not making any money with it so please close out my account
    thank you , .

  25. I was trying to get a book about reversing diabetes was not done with my odder didn’t get a chance to add my address. I wish to get my refund back into my credit card with no questions asked. I never got an e-mail my odder was not conceder COPLETE.
    M. Marques

  26. I couldn’t get my transaction and registration on the click bank for click4Surveys. Please include the country Papua New Giunea on your country listing.

  27. I requested a new PASSWORD for some reason the one I had would not work, the one I just received in fact TWO [2] won’t work. Also on your contact page the email contact says not available. If one is to do so well with Click Bank why the above happens

  28. Would you please refund the amount of $39.92 back to my bank account? order# z32vq3ve I have not been able to use driver update as it would not activate at all. I just want a refund. Thanks Dianna

  29. I want a refund in the amount of $39.92, order ID # Z32VQ3VE as driver update is useless to me since it would not activate. Was ordered on 12-25-14. Please put it back on my bank card. I was charged and did not have time to cancel as it took off in a hurry .Dianna

  30. I would like refund credited to visa card ,I was never given a confirmation number and the product was never activated and waited on the phone for over a half hour

  31. Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!seens 1/4/15 I called many times left massages my number is 718 715 1179 no one called my #24KQ85E3 order
    I don’t have nothing from you place and I don’t trust no more with you place. I need my $ 51.17+40.28 back on my account please
    I needed help from you please, but I don’t see no help I called many times left massages but from day 1.4.15 no one called I NEED MY REFUND CREDIT TO MY CARD, PRODUCT WAS NEVER ACTIVED, AND WAITED ON THE PHONE ALL THE TIME 1 H WATH IS IT no one carrys?just tack $$$$$and ?????

  32. I ordered a book on Dec 16, 2014 but never received it. $37.00 was charged to my account. I tried to call on at least 2 occasions, leaving contact information & no one got back to me. Called again on 2/19/15 and spoke to Vincent, requesting a refund! He stated that he would have to contact the vendor and they would get back to me within 48 hrs. I would like either the book or a refund sent to me immediately! Thank You.

  33. I bought the book on 2-26-15 with Pay-Pal $39.00. I checked my Pay-Pal account today 2-28-15 unique transaction Id #1w032131A1978434B said no shipping Address. The order sight was not very user friendly. Did not see a place for a address. Send me the book or re-fund my money.

  34. please I do not want to continue with this program, this is my 3rd day and I want my refund back my order # 7QL2VEQV Placed on march 17,2015 billed #34.00. I had sent an email two days ago through customer service. please I want my refund . Thank you.

  35. I purchased something in early March and cancelled it within the allotted time and you have not refunded the money
    please execute the refund now. thanks
    William Edwards

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