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Contact Claro Customer Service

Contacting Claro Customer Service Center

Claro is a cell phone company for residents of Puerto Rico. The company has a tumultuous customer service history with a long list of customer service complaints on consumer report websites. Among the customer service complaints are reports of difficult repairs, impossible cancellations and long wait times with multiple transfers from one Claro customer service representative to another.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Claro customer service phone numbers are dedicated to specific departments. Contact the customer service department number associated with the department you need to reach.

  • Customer Service: 1-787-775-0000
  • Customer Service from Your Mobile Phone: *611
  • Hearing Impaired: 1-800-981-2050
  • Small Business Standard Phone Support: 1-787-281-4600
  • Small Business Mobile Phone Support: 1-787-281-2500
  • Sure Corporate: 1-787-281-4600
  • Sure Government: 1-787-793-6565
  • Sure Customer Service: 1-787-763-3333
  • Maintenance Contracts: 1-787-775-0000
  • Mobile Customer Service (US and Virgin Islands): 1-800-981-2355
  • Directory: *411

Mailing Address

You can write to Claro customer service at the office in Puerto Rico. This address is not the payment address. There is no mailing address for payments listed on the official website.

Claro Puerto Rico1515 Franklin D. Roosevelt Ave. Guaynabo, PR 00968

Official Website

The official website for Claro customer service, products and services is located at The website is in Spanish, so you will need to translate the page if you do not speak or read Spanish. Not all of the pages can be translated, so customers in the United States may have to call the customer service center for more information. In addition to customer service options, the official website offers details about each of the phones available to customers as well as information on home phone and Internet services.

Customer Service Email

The email form for sending feedback to Claro customer service is located at There may be an alternative contact form available for Claro customers once they have logged in to their account on the official website. You can log in to your online account at

Our Experience

Claro customer service is available to customers from the United States. You must press 2 to listen to the call in English. If you press 0 twice your call will be transferred to a customer service agent, but the agent spoke Spanish, not English. If you are calling for English customer support you will need to listen to all of the options. Press 1 for Internet offers, 2 for roaming assistance, 3 for technical support or 4 to report lost or stolen equipment. We pressed 3 for technical assistance and 2 for other equipment (you can press 1 for iPhone). After waiting on hold the customer service representative answered the call in Spanish again. When we asked for an English-speaking customer service agent the agent disconnected the call. We called back and we were finally able to reach an English-speaking agent, but only after having to ask a second time. The agent spoke broken English with a very strong accent.

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10 Comments on “Contact Claro Customer Service
  1. claro keeps calling i don’t speak spanish i contue to ask to speak with some that speaks english. they keep speaking spanish so i hang up on them i am about to. cancel all services with them they are annoying.i already closed my cell phones with them. i had to pay 300.00. because of they would put me on hold for over an hour and kept transferring me to someone else or they would hang up on me. i don’t see why i had to pay all that money. for stupid customer service. i feel i got ripped off and when someone ask me about claro i tell them not to get service with them. i made several trips to mayaquez and still couldn’t get thing resolved.i have my home phone on claro if they don’t call me with an english speaking person i may disconnect that phone to. claro stole 300.00 from me.

  2. I have a package of Claro TV, internet, house phone and every month I have to call 2 to 4 times with problems. The main line was cut and it was reported few month ago I continue calling using my cell phone and came and they only put my phone up and the rest of the main cable is on the floor. My line is open and reachable. Is the worst service I ever had. I’m trying to contact CEO with pictures to prove how bad Claro service works. I need a e-mail to sent it can someone provide me a e-mail.

  3. Same. Messages come in Spanish. Some end up costing me money. And blocking does no good. Went to store in Fajardo, but they said I had to go to a different store for customer service.


  4. Buenos Dias: Ya no se que hacer pues desde el mes del 9 de junio de 2014 estoy en la Florida en el area de Tampa. y mi celular no trabaja con los servers que se encuentran en el mismo he tratato con t mobil,att verizon y nada mo puedo general llamadas ni recibirlas tengo entendido que yo en mi contrato tengo romming e internet ni uno ni otro funcionan por favor verifiquen que pasa estoy cansada de esta situacion ya he hablado por chat con diferentes personas y no resuelven. Precisamente yo renove el contrato el 9 de junio para no tener problemas.Como vera he sido bien fiel con la compaÑia llevo con el mismo contrato desde el siglo pasado.

  5. went to the central office to get a new phone and mine was only 6 months old,well they told me i needed a new phone and i had to buy it.i told them i wanted to speak to a manager or superviserbut the tha manager refuse to speak to me and the superviser also refuse. here are their names superviser francisco araya and manager vladimil rosales they did not care abour providing me any service if these 2 men were in the usa they would be fired.they will thre and refuse to speak to me,here was the store on central in downtown san jose costa rica.the company can hire better people than this and there no telling how much money they cost the company by being poor public relations.

  6. 10 de octubre de 2014

    A: Claro

    De: Brenda I Pérez

    Saludos Cordiales:

    Por este medio solicito dar de baja del servicio de telefonía e internet, ya q estoy presentando problemas con el mismo desde el Segundo día de servicio. El día 10 de septiembre me comunique hable con Cristian de los Santos hice querella, quedo en enviar técnico para hacer pruebas, del 15 de septiembre al 18 de septiembre hice gestiones telefónicas y salía sistema automatizado, q indicaba se registra el número y devuelven llama, cosa q no paso. Desde el 19 de septiembre al 26 estuve hospitalizada y mi Hija intento hacer gestiones telefónicas y no le permitieron hacer querella por no ser dueña de la cuenta. Al salir del hospital el día 29 de septiembre intente comunicarme nuevamente y me salía nuevamente sistema automatizado q registraba número telefónico y devolvían llamada, nuevamente me quede esperando dicha llamada. El 1 de octubre llame ,nunca contestaron, el 2 de octubre llame hable con Leydi Ruiz y le indique mi problema ,esta creo reporte, ya al estar sin servicio y molesta con la situación, volví a comunicarme hable con el Señor Álvarez y le indique q quería dar de baja el servicio, a lo que me indico que las bajas son a través de las oficinas, no por teléfono, el día 3 de octubre me llama un técnico para revisar servicio a lo que le indicó no estoy en el área y no hay nadie en la casa y le manifesté mi intención de dar de baja servicio. El día 6 de octubre, recibo otra llamada del técnico y le confirmo mi decisión de dar de baja el servicio, luego de tantos intentos, a lo que me indica q se lo notificara a su súper visor. Dicho todo esto, autorizo a la señora Jayleana Rodríguez a dar de baja el servicio de telefonía e internet de claro a mi nombre, ya q por problemas de salud no he podido llegar a su oficina, y desde el día dos de ser instalado el servicio, no he podido usar el mismo, de lo contrario me veré obligada a hacer una querella formar ante la Junta Reglamenta dora de Telecomunicaciones. Para más información se pueden comunicar, agradeceré la gestión, pertinente.


    Brenda I Pérez

  7. Absolutely the worst service for internet i ever had.Just moved to P.R. from US and i cant wait for my contract to end. Definitely will do my research before selecting my next provider.

  8. I order 2 antennas. .they never send it to me..this happens 4 months ago..they ROB ME BIG TIME..DON’T BUY ANYTING FROM THOSE PEOPLE. .

  9. I ordered two antennae 4 months ago they never deliver a bit love me big time don’t buy anything from those people they are something else don’t do it

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