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Contacting Cinemax Customer Service Center

Cinemax is a premium television channel owned by Time Warner and operated by HBO. Customers with certain cable, Internet and mobile phone plans have access to Cinemax, though typically the channel is part of a premium package that charges more for premium movie channels.

Contact Info:

You won’t find any contact information for Cinemax customer service on the Cinemax website. The site is for connecting fans with their favorite televisions shows and marketing the channel to new potential subscribers. If you want to contact customer service about Cinemax, you’ll have to address HBO.

Phone Contact Numbers

It’s in the Cinemax customer service terms of use that we found the connection between HBO and Cinemax. You can contact HBO corporate in the New York office.

  • Customer Service: 1-212-512-1000
  • Time Warner Corporate: 1-212-484-8000

If you’ve ordered merchandise from the Cinemax store, there is customer service contact information available. Online order customer service is available from 7 AM to 1 AM (ET) daily.

  • Online Order Customer Service: 1-866-316-4814

Mailing Address

The Cinemax customer service address is the HBO corporate address. HBO corporate is located in New York.

Home Box Office CorporateAttn: Cinemax Customer Service1100 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10036

The company behind HBO and Cinemax is Time Warner, so we’ve included the mailing address for Time Warner as well.

Time Warner1 Time Warner CenterNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

The official website for Cinemax is located at The site does a great job of showing off Cinemax shows with clear pictures and show previews. Customers can learn what movies are due on tonight and access schedules for days in the future. What customers cannot do is find contact information for Cinemax customer service unless they are ordering from the Cinemax shop.

Customer Service Email

While we could not find a contact email for Cinemax the channel, we were able to find a contact form for the Cinemax shop here Click on the Contact Us link under the Contact Us heading and then click on Ask a Question. We asked if there was any contact information for Cinemax. Even though we know the form is for shop communication, we were curious to find out if any other customer service questions would be answered.

Our Experience

Great companies are built on the backs of great customer service departments. Cinemax is a company with a great customer service department. We waited thought the typical automated system, but the best part of the call revolved around their attention to detail as it relates to our concerns. We asked the agent if Cinemax could play on mobile devices.

The customer service agent explained the service is available through Max Go. Customers will need to have a valid subscription and a compatible smart device in order to have the service work correctly. Did the customer service team go above and beyond, absolutely. Were you treated the same way? Comment below.

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39 Comments on “Contact Cinemax Customer Service
  1. Hello can you please stop showing Alien, you play it everyday. Please stop there are plenty of movies to play.


  2. I just want to say that Banshee is the best. You should have gotten the Following. Regular TV is trying and failing I am an old person and not into reality shows or comedy. You seem to have a thing going Hunted was good to. Please how do I contact the show comments directly. I want to tell “Joe” he is doing a hell of a job with his character. Keep up the good work and please keep your writers know that are doing a really excellent job. Well I think so anyway.

  3. Very disappointed with your services. Seems that all you guys like to do is show Jungle Fever. Seems that your just a station that likes to brainwash interracial idealism on their viewers instead of showing good movies. If this is some type of ideal to just air Jungle Fever all day like it is a cure for racism. Then I guess this is the only movie you will ever play. Any station shows better movies than you. Yea we get it!!! You guys just want white people to have sex with black people, probably because the station is run by a black guy, I’m just guessing. Since this is such a repetitive and VERY DISGUSTING! over played movie. It just looks like a woman has a love affair with poop.

    • this is a very stupid comment first of all if u don’t like the movie y watch it or maybe looking @ that pretty black body give u jungle fever and it make you feel a shame

  4. Hello, I am a huge fan of Max because of the classic movies that is shown. By that being said, I would like add another classic to program. How about “The Warriors”? It would really be awesome if Max can make it happen. Thank you so much..


  5. First, why are all these comments people thinking they are talking to Cinemax support? Is it that hard to figure out that this is a site about how to contact customer service and not the actual customer service department?

    Second, I disagree about two items in your article.
    “Great companies are built on the backs of great customer service departments.” -true enough
    “Cinemax is a company with a great customer service department.” -let me fix that for you, “Cinemax is a company with an invisible customer service department” Seriously, a company that hides customer support can NEVER be in the class of “great customer service”
    Next, how exactly does referring you to maxgo constitute going above and beyond? That is a canned answer from a knowledge base. Helpful yes, above and beyond absolutely not.

  6. What happened to season 1 of Strikeback on demand. I got the first 5 and went back for more and all that was there was 2nd season. I’m miffed.

  7. I don’t care if you post my comment as long as you get it to those who are making the WRONG decisions in their productions. BYE

  8. I have been watching the Strike Back series since it came to the U. S. I know it is meant for a mature audience but the last couple of episodes have demonstrated your desire to move gay and lesbian affairs to the forefront. Especially about two episodes ago you graphically portrayed e sex scene between two men. The next episode you demonstrated a lesbian scene. I for one am done with your show. I do not need to have that kind of graphic sexuality in a show that had a pretty good story line. I will not watch any more episodes. Too bad it was a really good show. Good luck

  9. I was a huge of Strike Back until it went “Broke Back Mountain” really? Why does the entertainment industry always include the gay agenda, especially in such disgusting graphic proportions? Did that portion add anything to your show or did it take away? The scene could have been more tasteful and not so vulgar. Anyhow, I am done with the series and your programming due to principal.

  10. Strike Back is a great show. As a Lebanese, however, I find the accent used is rather disappointing. It could have been made a little more authentic.

    And the Hezbollah logos and flags are completely off. Kudos, however, for some accuracy in the location names. In the first episode of the new season it actually seemed like it’s in the Bekaa except for the corn fields. Here, it’s mainly wheat fields :).

    Great show, nonetheless.

  11. Why the short season on strike back, one of the best shows Cinemax has and you cut it short. Don’t think Porter will cut it.

  12. Just wanted to thank you for bringing back The Girl’s Guide to Depravity and say how much I’m enjoying season 2! Truly funny and truly sexy every week, with a great ensemble of characters. You’ve got a knack for casting some of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, all of whom are great in their roles. It’s not only the best show in Cinemax’s late night rotation, it’s my favorite on the entire network!

  13. I live in Costa Rica.I used to get Cinemax in English using SAP on my TV. When I go to SAP now, it is still dubbed in Spanish. I do not know why you can’t go back to the way it was and play English speaking movies. I miss using Cinemax. Can you fix this problem? The other cable channels use SAP and they broadcast in English, including HBO, TCM, TNT etc. Thank you.

  14. do you know episode four of “strike back:origins” it is missing/ not on “on demand”? just 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 only?? Please add episode four. thank you

  15. I also can not find episodes 2 & 7 in season 3 with comcast “on demand” in CT. Very frustrating when I am trying to finish all the seasons to be caught up for new episodes.

  16. Some of the episodes of “Hunted” are missing from Max on Comcast On Demand. The other episode do not expire until April. Please restore the missing episodes. Thanks.

    I am really sorry that you decided not to continue with another year of the series. I thought it was better than many show that were renewed.

  17. Confused as to why another channel is in Spanish. Channel 319 is the HD for 320. Channel 328 is the Spanish version of 319 and 320. Therefore, two channels are useless. Now Channel 329 is in Spanish. There is not a Channel for 326. Basically,between 319-330 six channels are being used. Comcast in Northern Jersey is the company providing my cable. Does not pay to keep Cinemax. Wish you would reconsider these changes.

  18. I purchased Cinemax in large part to watch it on my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet, but when I tried loading the Max Go app I got an error stating my device was not compatible. It has Android 4.1.2 so why is it not compatible?

  19. When is strike back coming back? And what do you expect when subscribing to pay cable? NCIS pg tv? It is suppose to be edgy and provocative. G0 watch hallmark tv!

  20. I just got cinemax 2 months ago and I love the show ” the girls guide to depravity”…… more more more…. love it

  21. Why can’t you start showing old after dark movies like 2069 a sex odyssey,Cinderella or Emanuel.the ones you play now are lame,just watch your shows.Nothing like watching a belly button get licked.

  22. This is a comment on the general state of American tv series , I thought Banshee would be good to follow but it’s just the same as the others with the swearing , female nudity , explicit sex sc√®nes , I mean do the actresses have to go through a ” casting couch ” audition ? Even the portrayal of the schoolchildren and their swearing is out of hand .
    On sites I have seen comments about the actresses ” bush ” , bodies , how they got out of the bath , I mean please , are these folk just watching for the nudity ? semi porn ?
    In some of the épisodes I think there is more swearing , sex and nudity than story .
    Buffy ran for 7 seasons and 22 episodes per season without the content of the series shown now .
    It is just so distasteful and boring , roll on the new series of Doctor Who and Sherlock .

  23. I am writing to to complain about Cinemax after dark programing airing btwn the 7-8AM ET hour on a Sat morning (9/20). I thought such programing was to only air btwn the hrs of 10:30pm-5:30am. Can you advise if Cinemax/HBO have changed their position, and have now allowed such programing to move into the family hour? I find this airing of ‘soft porn’ at such a hour as btwn 7-8am disturbing and hope this was a progaming error and not the new norm. Regards, Robert Williams.

  24. On a recent showing of The Knick, it was stated that the KNICK would receive an X-Ray machine invented by Thomas Edison, in fact he did not invent the X-Ray
    Willhem Rontgen did in 1895.

    What does the X in X-Ray mean?
    Answer: It means unknown quantity.

  25. why is house of wax censored/edited on cinemax? most of the gorey scenes have been cut….i would only think this version would be on cable! whats the deal? why not just play the regular version?

  26. “The Knick” is a truly amazing show. Nothing of this show shies from greatness. I feel I am living in the turn of the century every time I watch. The story, the set design, the cinematography, the direction, story line, and acting make this show one of the most compelling shows I have seen in 35 years on this planet. Thank you.

  27. I thought CINEMAX was a “Movie” channel… Why so many repetitive interruptions showing what’s playing later??? It’s anoying to the point of cannot even enjoy the movie, not to mention the Channel – So why? I would understand if they were selling airtime for products but just repeating the same “On Cinemax Tonight” Please go back to uninterrupted movies again and return to being the “Movie Channel” we all miss.

  28. Cinemaz plays the SAME movies everyday. There is absolutely no variety. Very boring network and I would not recommend anyone to pay for it.

  29. Cinemax plays the SAME movies everyday. There is absolutely no variety. Very boring network and I would not recommend anyone to pay for it.

  30. I have cinemax on demand from cox cable. The series Banshee is availble, however, in season one it is missing one episode and season 2 is missing 2 episodes is this due cinemax or cox?

  31. We are charged a PREMIUM PRICE for PREMIUM channels. Having said that… It is insulting and demeaning to even show a channel label on any channel. When I am watching a movie , I want to see the movie. I mean , that’s what I pay for. But IF I want any info ( time , time a program starts , name of the channel , name of the program , length of the program etc. ) all I have to do is push 1 of 3 buttons on my remote , and all of that info comes automaticall. Tonight I watched ” Lone Survivor ” on AMAX. As credits were rolling by ( yes , I read the credits ) , athe start time for some soap opera , Banshee came up. That is still a commercial no matter what the reason is for advertising it. An advertisement is still a coomercial on a PREMIUM CHANNEL. My wife and I have been arguing for a long time about leaving the PREMIUM CHANNELS on or turning all of them off. AFter tonight , that is 1 step closer to happening. I am partially disabled , and I spend most my time watch PREMIUM CHANNELS because the channel labels/ID’s are as I said insulting and demeaning with the advent of digital cable and all the info available with the touch of a button. But it is getting more difficult to try to see what I am watching. My best friend , a pilot calls it INFORMATION OVERLOAD. That’s why cockpit instruments have become fewer and more simplified. Like voice info AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON. PLEASE stop using a countdown clock for the upcoming program. Please stop using channel I.D.s / channel labeling. It is unnecessary , and insulting , demeaning , and antiquated. Remote buttons are more efficient and and not annoying. Sincerely , Allan Chandler

  32. Along with Game of Thrones, Banshee & it’s ‘stars’ is the best entertainment on ‘T.V.’. (Hands Down)



  33. Iam a Cinemax customer who receives Cinemax through Verizon Fios. My concern is that Cinemax could do much better with its current catalog of movies and on demand packages customers receives. I have observed the same movies being played over and over again for the last 10 years. I know and believe with 20000 movies that have been released over the last two decades Cinemax can do better with province customers with a better catalog of movies and shows. In addition, I have an idea which includes Cinemax allowing users to get there choice of atleast 5 movies every month of there choice through on demand. Of course I know that this may increase the amount of the cost to the customer but if the current system is broken then it needs to be fixed even if the new cost is blended in to equate for change.

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