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Contacting Chick-fil-A Customer Service Center

Chick-fil-A is a privately owned company specializing in boneless chicken sandwiches. The company was founded in the late 1960’s and subsequently become one of the top producing fast food restaurants in the United States. Chick-fil-A provides service in 38 states, to millions of customers each year at 1,500 locations.

The company has had its share of difficult times attempting to lure customers away from traditional fast food chains such as McDonalds and Burger King. What sets the company apart from the rest is its commitment to the customer and the customer service.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to voice questions and concerns have the ability to do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-877-808-2321
  • Corporate headquarters: 404-765-8000

Mailing Address

Chick-fil-A Headquarters5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349

Official Website

Visit the official Chick-fil-A website in order to locate information relating to the menu and the nutritional value of the products. Customers can also research the allergens of each of the products. Since Chick-fil-A is a family restaurant, parents and kids have a dedicated page with fun activities and healthy eating tips. Prior to contacting the customer support team, the company recommends visiting the Chick-fil-A FAQs  for additional information relating to the products and services.

Customer Service Email

Go to to send feedback to the customer support team and the corporate office. Customers can explain their restaurant experience or send along general questions and concerns. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. The automated response stated we would hear from a representative within 24 hours; we are still awaiting a response. Although you can contact the customer support team on the Facebook page or the Twitter page, there is no guarantee of response time.

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department anticipating speaking with a friendly employee. What we encountered was an automated system attempting to direct our call to our local store. We utilized this phone number first and spoke with an employee of one of the restaurants. We asked for information on how to contact the corporate headquarters. The employee was helpful and gave us the information as requested.

We contacted the customer service team at the corporate offices and asked if the company had a toll-free number so customers could address concerns with the headquarters. The agent apologized and stated, in order to contact the customer support team; customers must call the corporate offices directly. This is an unfortunate turn of events. It appears as if the “family-friendly’ company does not pay close attention to the customer. We were not pleased with our experience. What say you? Leave a comment below.

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13 Comments on “Contact Chick-fil-A Customer Service
  1. I had an EXTREMELY good time with Chic-fil-a. Everybody was smiling. Even though there was a long line for their food (it stretched out the door and into the parking lot) the food was spectacular. When I finally got to the door, the manager was there holding the door open for me. When I ordered my chicken sandwich, they asked for a name, they didn’t give me a ticket with a number on it. I was treated like a person. Did I mention the food was great? When I looked at the recipt, they wanted me to fill out a survey in order to get a free chicken sandwich. Their chicken is real chicken, not ground up bird pressed through a grate.

  2. My family and I visted the store off of I95 in pooler/Gooley station and was treated by the young manager as if we was back in the slavery days with his comments. I never would have thought in a mill years that in these times would I be treated like that; yes overseas in the war zones i have preious been in; but not this country.

  3. I love this place, in fact I worked for this company,but I just called to place an pick up order like I have done multiple times and the manager picked up the phone, but was having an issue with it. I wanted a #6 4count GRILLED w/fries no salt. He didn’t not want to do it because they don’t have it on the menu. Really since when?? I went to the university city blvd location in Charlotte nc. I was highly upset because he was saying that it wasn’t going to be as fresh no matter what I was going to get it from the drive-thru and go home it wasn’t going to be fresh by the time I eat it. He didn’t make sense to me. This needs to be addressed because what if a customer wanted lunch for breakfast is he going to say NO.

  4. the last time I used my calendar card was in Oct. I don’t think they gave it back to me, because I always put it in the same place in my car. I didn’t have it for my Nov. drink. I always go to the same Chic-fil-a so I called them and was told they were sorry that theres nothing they can do about it. if this is the case then I don’t want to buy anymore calendar cards. I lost out now on nov. & dec.

  5. We are disgusted that after all of the support you received for being strong in your beliefs you have now caved in to the will of a minority of bullies! So these few bullies are more important to you than the majority of people who supported you for being strong! My family will no longer support you and I am sure there are many, many more who will do the same!

  6. I was at the chick fil a in north Richard hill at northeast mall and it was about time to close and out of no were a women screams so loud it scared my baby. I believe it was a rat and if so someone need to do something about that Because that’s a place with food. My family and friends eat there and that a health hazard not only for the employees but for customers as well.

  7. I was a you store a few weeks ago on Well’s Road Jacksonville Fl and they were playing
    Bingo for food. It was a lot of fun. Are they going to
    Do this again. Or are they going to do it at a
    Anther location?Thank you!

  8. I would like to submit my resume for consideration for local management positions available. Chick Fil-A was at a recent job fair I went to at Cecil College in North East, MD. Thank you, Doug Joines Could you send me an email address I could send this career information to. Thanks again.

  9. After eating recently at Chic-Filet, I was a little concerned about how much food is wasted due to the oversize meals. I had a thought that might help take care of 2-Major Health Issues in the World with One Stroke.
    Offer a “Healthy Portion Meal”, which is basically a super-sized meal with 9 nuggets instead of 12, medium fry instead of a large fry, medium drink opposed to a jumbo drink, and any other meals that could be reduced in such a in such a negligible manner, that patrons (although knowing the reduction in this meal), would feel satisfied and not leave bloated nor leave hungry. The cost could be the same as the super-sized Meal, or depending the true savings for Chic-Filet, they might reduce it by 20 cents. Regardless the results would be 2-fold.
    1) Americans that do not have the restraint to not order a super-sized meal and then stuff it all in, would now assistance by Chic-Filet in reducing their calories, and then their weight, health and general attitude in the long run.
    2) The money save by Chic-Filet could be used to purchase food for the starving children in this country and others. I think if Chic-Filet kicked of this campaign, it would not be long before others followed in suit.

  10. I really have developed a ‘dislike’ for your new coffee cup lids. Over the past several months I have splattered on, spilled over, and stained a variety of shirts, scarfs, coats and today I had to stop abruptly and the coffee spilled out of the top of the lid onto my car’s carpet.

    I love Chick-Fil-A and go there nearly everyday for my breakfast, dine in or through the drive thru and never complain, but I felt compelled this morning to bring this matter to your attention.

    There must be others who have experienced what I have. If you could consider just changing the lids, that would be GREAT!!!

  11. I love chickfila but stopped thismorning orderd a chicken burrito, gravey and bisqkets ……..I could not eat any of it…… both were horrible

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