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Contacting CheapTickets Customer Service Center

CheapTickets is a discount travel service that offers cheap hotel, airline, vacation package and event tickets. The company is owned by Orbitz, another discount travel service. The company started in the late 1980’s as a small ticket consolidator and grew into a global company handling travel arrangements for millions across the globe.

Contact Info:

CheapTickets provides several ways to communicate with the customer service department. Customers can contact a representative by phone, email, traditional mail, Live Chat and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service department: 1-888-922-8849
  • Customer service department (outside the U.S.): 1-312-596-5786

Mailing Address

Orbitz Corporate HeadquartersOrbitz Worldwide Press LineChicago, IL 60601

Official Website

The official CheapTickets website provides information and discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals and activities. The website allows customers to bundle packages to save even more money. When customers sign-up for the site, they have the ability to receive promotional information and discounts, such as 40% off hotels and 77% off group rates. Customers can find out additional information regarding products and services by visiting the CheapTickets FAQs.

Customer Service Email

When customers want to communicate with the customer support team, they will have to use the email address for the corporate offices at Orbitz or,971. You do not need to sign up for the site in order to send an email. We sent an email asking for the hours of customer service, considering this information was not readily available on the website. We are awaiting a response.

Customers can contact CheapTickets through Orbitz on social media and additional email addresses:

Our Experience

Calling the customer service department became taxing after waiting for approximately 5 minutes. The automated system continued to “apologize”, but we continued to hold. After the substantial wait, we finally were able to speak with a customer service representative. We asked which department to contact if we need to cancel a reservation. The representative explained we could cancel reservation over the phone if needed; there was no dedicated customer service department.

The experience would have been better if the wait time was reduced, but overall the experience was satisfactory. Traveling and booking accommodations over the phone can present problems. Did the customer service representative at CheapTickets help you through the process? We want to hear your story. Let us know your experiences in the comment section below.

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19 Comments on “Contact CheapTickets Customer Service
  1. Absolutely horrible customer service!! Flat out lied to me twice…rude and arrogant people. They all say they are the manager…I will spend everyday of my life tweeting and facebooking about this company. Going to the press…awful company and awful customer service!!

  2. Need info on return flight just can’t find away to inter flight info. That leaves on my thanks
    Again you failed me.

  3. Horrible service at Frontier Airlines. Airline would not let me on my booked flight. They cut off boarding the plane 45 min. before takeoff. The so called service agent was not helpful, in fact refused to give me assistance. She could not even figure out how to reschedule me. I had to go next door to American, who was very helpful, got me a flight with United and was able to connect with my original connecting flight. I will never fly with Frontier again through Cheap tickets. Very bad airline

  4. There is no way I can find your email address to ask you:

    1. what is a 24.00 charge on my credit card. we had 4 return from Pitt to Phoenix. There are 4 tickets also on the statement.

    2. usairline treated my family very rudely saying that they have no responsibility toward us. We were late but passengers of the same flight still waiting at the usairline geting their boarding pass. The machines were out of order and the staff refusing to help us our of our turn though passengers were willing to be processed first.
    usairways personnel was telling us we should go and call you . they were demanding that we should buy new tickets for the next day. it was only after serious arguments that we got on two flight back home and that was the next day!
    We had travel insurance how do we claim the expenses for 4 of eat and drink until the next day.
    Well, your company is the worst.

  5. What a disgusting horrible service you have!!! i need to contact someone as this company has taken more money out of my bank account then the flight ticket came too, and there is no way to contact them. LESSON LEARNT, never again will i use this company.

  6. I ordered and payed a ticket from Toronto to Frankfurt, and return.
    But looking at my bank acount, I find that I am charged about 10 % to much. I payed with a Norwegian Visa.

    Please explain. !!!!!!!!

    Audun Ask

  7. I purchased a ticket January 24 2014 for March 28 2013. The day of my flight I was getting ready to go to the airport and attempted to print my confirmation and it stated my flight has been canceled
    I contacted to airline they stated it was not them
    I contacted, after being on hold for 20 minutes I finally was able to speak to someone. All they could tell me is my flight was canceled I requested to speak to a supervisor. When I spoke with the supervisor she stated that the flight was canceled on March 13 2014 @ 300 something in the morning. I asked her who canceled it. She could not answer that. All she said it was done on the website. I advised her I did not cancel the flight. She said she was going to have to do and investigation and she would hey back to be on 7 to 10 days. After 3 weeks of mot hearing anything I contacted the company again. The customer service rep could not assist me so again I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor stated he saw in the computer where it is still being investigated and the the previous supervisor made note that she attempted to call me but could not reach me. I never received a call, message, or email. He stated he would more that I called and requested information. Today is May 1 2014 I still have not been contacted at all. So I paid $234. For a flight that I did not use and the so called credit I have of $218 really is not a credit because it costs $200 to change the flight with the airline and $70 or $75 fee of cheaptickets. So im out my money, missed an interview that was just a formality for a GOOD job and cheaptickets can’t tell me nothing. And im curious why didn’t I receive an email saying my flight was canceled. If this ever gets resolved I WILL NEVER, EVER use again and I have been using them for years.

  8. I’ve booked many types of prior travels both domestic and international with “”. for many years but now I’m very disappointed. About a month ago in April 2014 I’ve tried many times to finalize a vacation 4 night stay in Toronto, Canada and when I’m ready to check out the prices switch to a much higher price often time by $400-$500. The screen will indicate that the price was just changed from the initial pricing, I would call this a “bait and switch” method although I’d tried many times a day during a 5 week period. Now it seems that the website is back to normal but I’m afraid to use it again. As a result I’d booked my travel vacation package through another website at a much cheaper price.

  9. i contacted them about changing my flight due to an illness that had my wife flown from germany to the states. cheaptickets told me I had to contact the airline. I contacted airberlin who told me to contact american airlines because they were the carrier that airberlin feel under. American airlines told me to contact for any refunds or flight changes. So thanks to I am out over $1100 and have to shell out for another flight to be with my ill wife. Thank you Cheaptickets, airberlin and american airlines for screwing over the traveler once again.

  10. Booked flight ticket last night 6/12. Website would not process so I called the 888 number and booked .When I inquired why my ticket was higher it was explained to me during the transition my ticket increased. They mentioned a charge but did not explain calling it in is an additional charge . Today my account posted two charges the ticket charge and a 25% cheap ticket charge. I have no problem paying booking charges but feel 25% is excessive . Moral of the story never call in your bookings if the site is down . The customer service rep appologized for the known service issues with the web site.

  11. Still awaiting response since 9:30am; it is now 3pm. Emailed TWO persons listed; no response. Still do not have a confirmation#. IS ANYONE THERE TO ASSIST?????

  12. Sorry, but you have EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Tried to book a reservation for Dec since yesterday, but to NO AVAIL. CANNOT EVEN GET A CONFIRMATION ON THE RESERVATION FOR ALMOST 24 HRS. NOW!!!

  13. Hola, Buenas tardes.
    Donde puedo hacer un reclamo, sobre un cargo doble que me están haciendo, compre dos boletos y me están cobrando 4. Espero me contesten porque necesito el dinero con urgencia.

    Muchas gracias

  14. Hola, Buenas tardes.
    Donde puedo hacer un reclamo, sobre un cargo doble que me están haciendo, compre dos boletos y me están cobrando 4. Espero me contesten porque necesito el dinero con urgencia. Los boletos los compre en internet mediante cheap tickets

    Muchas gracias,

    Hi, Good afternoon.
    Where I can make a claim on a double charge that are making me buy two tickets and I hope they are charging 4 answer me because I need the money urgently. Tickets bought on the internet through cheap tickets

    thank you very much

  15. This company has the worst customer service, actually I would not consider there customer service department even a department because they do not help. do not use them for booking airlines tickets. They will scam you out of money! DO NOT USE CHEAP TICKETS AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO NOT USE THEM

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