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Contacting Chase Customer Service Center

Chase is a part of the JP Morgan Chase company, which accounts for more than $2 trillion in customer money and investments. Chase handles the finance and banking side of the business. There are Chase Banks all over the United States.

Contact Info

Chase bank is good about sharing contact information, but the bank is involved in so many different financial services that the list seems endless. We’ve listed all the major phone numbers for the bank, but the mailing addresses are for personal banking purposes only. The general contact form is the same for all banking inquiries.

Phone Contact Numbers

Check this list for the department you’re looking to contact. We tested the main customer service line and reviewed that service. There is a good chance that Chase Bank operates more than one customer service call center. The agents that answer your calls are not in the physical bank.

  • Auto Finance Loans: 1-800-336-6675
  • Auto Finance Lease: 1-800-227-5151
  • Auto Finance (New Accounts): 1-800-242-7324
  • Consumer Banking (Current Accounts): 1-800-935-9935
  • TDD Consumer Banking: 1-800-242-7383
  • Consumer Banking (New Accounts): 1-877-682-4273
  • Personal Credit Cards: 1-800-432-3117
  • TDD Personal Credit Cards: 1-800-955-8060
  • Business Credit Cards: 1-888-269-8690
  • TDD Business Credit Card: 1-800-955-8060
  • Student Loans: 1-800-487-4404
  • Home Equity Products: 1-800-836-5656
  • Investment Banking: 1-800-392-5749
  • Retirement Banking: 1-800-935-9935
  • Mortgages: 1-800-848-9136
  • Online Banking: 1-877-242-7372
  • Online Banking (Outside the US): 1-713-262-3300
  • TDD Online Banking: 1-800-242-7383
  • Commercial Banking: 1-877-226-0071
  • Business Banking: 1-800-242-7338

Customer service hours for each of these lines are different. Most of the consumer lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

We’ve listed the two mailing addresses for the personal banking side of Chase Bank.

National Bank by Mail
P.O. Box 36520
Louisville, KY 40233-6520

National Bank By Mail – Physical Deliveries
Mail Code KY1-0900
6714 Grade Lane Bldg.
Ste. 807
Louisville, KY 40213

Official Website

Chase’s official website at is a secure site, so the information shared in your account and via the email form is secure. That means the information is safe and customers can feel comfortable asking banking questions without information being accessible from anywhere by anyone.

You can also contact Chase on Twitter @ChaseSupport.

Customer Service Email

There is a secure customer service email form that Chase Bank customers can use if they log in to your account. If you do not have an account you can use the general customer service email form.

Our Experience

Contacting Chase was rather easy. We endured the automated system for less than 1 minute and subsequently pressed 0 to speak with a customer service representative. When we spoke with the agent, she was friendly and professional. Due to privacy laws, the representative was not able to provide specific details of accounts. We simply asked the locations of Chase in our local area. The representative provided the information, as well as directed us to the website for further assistance.

The experience was good, but did you feel the same way when communicating with Chase customer service? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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46 Comments on “Contact Chase Customer Service
  1. I am disappointed that I live in the Washington, DC metro area and Chase does not have any branch locations to pay my mortgage.

  2. I’d never been tried a fast and intelligent customer support in north america ever like I did with CHASE !!
    They are fantastic !!

  3. Someone necessarily help to make critically posts I might state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to create this actual post incredible. Great job!

  4. Chase personnel is very efficient,I lost my debit card last week, I reported it on line, and they sent me an e-mail as soon as possible telling me that they have taken care of this matter. I received my new debit card in five (5) days. I’m happy with the service.

  5. Today I heard four words I have never heard in my life, “your card is denied”. The card has thousands of dollars worth of credit and no balance. I was at an outlet 50 miles from home. I have never been that embarrassed. Besides turning the card off, there is a canned response when you call customer service. Just once I would like to hear these people talk outside the box, like a normal person. Instead of platitudes, I would like to hear a real apology. At the end, after calling twice, knowing how upset I was, the lady says, “and please have a magical day” both times. Chase sucked the magic out of my day.

  6. ruined my trip left me with ot money the email access was crap, cutiing all my chase cards, call collect not from all countrys hey lied take anotehr card if traveling, call me cahse I am still heare with ou money you sob’s

  7. Just finding a generic email address on their web site was impossible.
    We had problems with an ATM at the Grand Canyon and are still trying to find somebody at Chase who is willing to help us sorting that out.

  8. How much does it charge if i want to transfer money from my chase bank to another one account (shinhan bank) in south korea?

  9. Had 2 transactions I needed to dispute. Called the #on credit card-no help=no real person-even tried # for lost and stolen card-no real person. A hour later finally found Ivy and Derek and was able to give my info. I’ll see what happens-they both seemed helpful=shouldn’t have so much trouble giving info to a “real” person. Think I’ll get rid of this card.

  10. I have banked with Chase for more than 15 years. My account was recently frozen and now closed. I was told that my accounts have been suspicious activity. What does this mean? I need a explanation so that I can clarify my actions, if any. I would like to continue my banking relationship with Chase. Please help me to resolve this matter.

  11. I have been a Chase customer since I had a Nations Bank account for over 14 years. I see now the new policy for depositing cash in another account. I believe soon the bank will be preventing us from withdrawing our own funds. I believe this is all the work of the ECONOMIC IDIOT Obama and will get worse. I was planning to open up an LLC bank account but now have second thoughts. I think I will place the funds in a hybrid annuity with an insurance company it will be safer away from Washington hands.

  12. I am a deployed service member and incredibly frustrated due to my inability to contact Chase. The e-mail request form does not recognize my overseas address or phone number and I cannot log-in to my account because it requires verification via text/phone with a number I do not have access to. I do not have the ability to make phone calls here, only e-mail/internet and I fear the result is going to be some unnecssary late fees when I return home.

  13. I have been a Chase Customer for years, as well as On-Line Banking always thought that the Security was great; lately I have been reading comments on line about the risks due to Security issues Chase is having.

    For the last two weeks I have been trying to get on line to pay some bills and I’m unable to logon; I just tried again now and still not able to do my online banking; this is really concerning!

    For how long will this go on? Do I need to got back to write checks and stamps to do my payments? I probably will have to in order not to be late including paying my Chase Credit Cards.

    I’m even considering Banking some where else.

  14. Chase bank should list a non customer general email address. why does every transaction made with Chase require my email address and for me to sign up with them to even receive money? Because peoples information is valuable and they know it! They are just trying to scam you out of giving them your email any way they can. Well you know what? Those are the underhanded business techniques that will pay off for you 99% of the time but not today, I’m the 1 percent and I am angry you require me to submit information in order to speak with you, or send me no reply emails. You use your customers to promote your business by having them email money, then requiring the recipient sign up for something to receive it instead of just wire transferring like normal companies. That people of Chase is crooked and it makes you crooks.
    Good day.


  16. On 6/12 I received a phone call from a gal from your office. She was inquiring about the title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received. She gave me the last 8 digits of a vin, the year, make, and model, and the customer’s name. Turns out the customer DID NOT purchase the vehicle. It seems as though the information that she has is incorrect. I’ve been trying to reach her several times since and she will not return my calls or respond to my messages. I want to talk with her to hopefull clear up the matter but I don’t know how. Can someone….will someone help? Please email me ASAP. Thank you.

  17. On 6/12 I received a call from a gal from your office. She was inquiring about a title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received. She gave me a name, year, make, model, and last 8 of the vin. I did some checking and the customer DID NOT purchase that particular vehicle. Someone else did. It seems that her information is incorrect. I have called and left several messages and she will not get back to me. You would think she would want to get this straightened out but I guess we can’t do that if she won’t get back in touch with me. Please can someone….will someone help me with this? I’m quite frustrated with the whole thing. She called me to begin with and now she won’t get back to me. Maybe she realized a mistake in paperwork or something but the least she could do would be to call me and let me know that. I will be checking my email to see if I hear back from anyone. If not I will have to just let it go and that won’t be a problem.

  18. As a Chase Customer for many years, I cannot tell you what a horrible experience it has been for me. A few months ago I was traveling out of town and purchased some clothing from a Walmart other than my home town. I then received a call from Chase Bank and the arrogant young man indicated that there was suspicious activity on my account and that he would be deactivating my card. I informed him that I was traveling away from home without cash and that I certainly did not need him to deactivate my card, in fact I made it clear, in no uncertain terms that I did not want my card deactivated. As it turned out, the “suspicious activity” was a mere Walmart purchase. Even then the Chase Rep went on to deactivate my card causing tremendous anger and frustration to me. I had to helplessly call back multiple times and by the time I reached another Chase Rep I was furious and she went on to hang up and inform me that I would no longer be allowed to utilize their phone center and would only be allowed to email them my questions. What bastards! They left me stranded without any access to my own funds and then treated me like crap on top of it! I was persistent in calling until the supervisor who blocked me actually took my call and after much stress and arguing later finally unblocked my debit card. While my personal bankers have always treated me wonderfully the treatment I received caused me to hate Chase Bank with a passion. I am in the market for a new bank whose agents have a brain in their head and care about how they treat people.

  19. I really need an email contact! Since I live in Germany and need to contact Chase by email and phone would be too expensive.

  20. This morning I withdrew cash form the ATM right next to the Chase banking window and wanted to deposit $148 into my sister’s account. The bank wouldn’t let me do that as they said it was to “protect them from money laundrying”. I have been with Chase since the days of Valley National Bank, Bank One, and now Chase. Should I be worried about other investments I have invested at Chase as they seem to worry about me being a “moneylaundryer”. I’m quite worried. I recieved a business card from a Relationship Banker and when I went on line to contact her I got several pages of people with the same name and e-mail address that have no realtion to my Chase Bank in Prescott Valley, AZ. In light of all the scams I hear about on the news, Chase Bank has me worried.

  21. Chase bank is the worse and stupidest bank in the world today and should be shut down for good. I am so pissed off at your company.

  22. I have chase debit visa should been re depoist 420.00 commany was takeing out $34.95 every month for year on to new one hope chase will do the thing in this case.

  23. They just canceled my card, because I’m not using it. I haver GREAT credit and when I had alot of money in their bank they gave me a card with an 800 limit, like I was a high-school student.

  24. Hello my name is Milton Harvey from Chicago,IL I live in the Roseland area. well i got on my computer and some one e mail me a check for $750.000 and this what it say. Union Bank Nigeria PLC and chase Bank certify that Milton Harvey agree to get pay $750.00 can you please tell me that this is a fake

  25. Tried to apply for a job, and I had to take in assessment, and half way through it they told me I won’t be even consider for the position. They are the ones thus far make you take a test. I was very disappointed with them, not giving someone a chance to prove myself. I know if I was given the chance to do the job I would have surprise them all. If you read this Chase please delete all my information, I would appreciate very much. Thank You Chase, sorry that we couldn’t have worked together, I know given the chance I would have done great things for your company.

  26. It is essential that corporations, banks, airlines, and any other American business, provide jobs to Americans only, and not have call centers overseas. I have been bragging on Chase Bank for years because of great great service, but was SHOCKED today when your customer service called me about one of my accounts and I am talking to a foreign call center. Shame on you that you are contributing to many Americans being jobless.

  27. Went to cash a check from a Chase account holder (that I had received),and I was charged $6.00 because I don’t have an account there. It was from their bank. Ridicules!!!!!

  28. Very pleased with Chase credit card services! Diana Farber,representative, was great at reversing a mistaken transaction for me within 5 minutes!
    Thanks again Diana

  29. WEBSITE-obviously not being monitored. Says available by EMAIL, then another screen SORRY NO EMAIL. Why don’t they fix instruction screen.
    IPHONE APP-worthles-doesn’t decipher check deposit that other bank apps recognize.

    WORTHLESS TECHNOLOGY–Cannot believe this is a billion $ entity.

  30. I was just wondering that why doesn’t the JP Morgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston doesn’t have any lighting at night. It needs to light up the night as not only the tallest building in Houston, but in Texas.

  31. I have never had a Chase credit card! They say I owe them money! They bought out Wamu. chase refuse for of my payments here it is 12 years later they are asking for money. they can bite me!!!!!!!!÷÷

  32. I recently gave my debit card to my son to purchase a bus pass,
    two sodas for he and I, and a small purchase at Walmart. I forgot I gave it to him and reported that he had used it without my permission. When I discovered my error, I went back to the bank and reported it to a woman who wouldn’t even take a report. She was eagerly willing to believe that he took it but not that I had forgotten that I gave it to him. She said to me “Tell it to the court!” When I told my son, he said to me “I hate you, mom! I’m not going to jail!” And then he killed himself!

  33. If I’ve already posted my comment regarding my son killing himself over Chase bank’s refusal to listen to me regarding my son’s suicide over their unforgiveable act, when can’t I view it on this site!?

  34. Okay, I know I didn’t post the last comment on this site. But since you’re blocking me from posting anything about my son’s death on this site, I’ll find other sites, venues to post it, write about it and talk about it to, on!

  35. Quick question…Does Chase support Operation Chokepoint where banking access is denied to DOJ risk industries such as payday loan, ammunition, firearms, etc.? If so, I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts.

  36. Does Chase support Operation Choke Point the DOJ program that denies access to payday loan, ammunition, firearm companies, etc. If so I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts.

  37. your customer service is horrible. What is the point in sending an email via the secure message center if it will not allow me to send a response? You made a promise to deliver a replacement debit card on Friday. You failed. I had to call 5 times to find out on Friday it hadn’t even shipped. One customer service agent agrued with me about UPS delivering on Saturday and that it is a business day. Do you conduct business on Saturday? Then it is a business day. My not having a way to access my money for 4-5 real days because my card was compromised is unacceptable. You are quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  38. It was impossible to email and would send me to a none functioning page? I was trying to log onto my account with my personal info and when I hit enter it would change all my personal log on info?
    My husband was able to log on to his account (tried different web pages from CHASE) without problem

  39. Your customer service is abolutely horrible, along with your process. I opened an account 4 weeks ago & still have not gotten an ATM card. I work 70-80 hours a week. There is a need for me to be able to access funds (as with anyone, right) outside of banking hours. (hell, its hard enough to get to a bank w/ my schedule). Instead, after numerous inquiries on when I’d get my card, even checked the post office!, I get the run around from both my local branch, & customer support. Both claim it is the other that handles replacement cards. (replacement? I never got one to begin with…) Pathetic excuses of why they can’t process a new card. I have to answer the security questions I Chose, verify ssn & acct #, why would you still use the excuse “we have to verify its you”. So, you’ll give out acct info, but you won’t order a card? Makes absolutely no sense. Not only that but going through the ENTIRE process to then be told we can’t order your card, seriously? Why waste my time.

    Glad I never closed my PNC acct like I planned on when I would’ve gotten a debit card. But instead, screw chase. You have failed to provide the services I am suppose to have, provided horrible & unprofessional customer service, & tried to give me a runaround. I’ll just stick w/ PNC.

    How about you go train your employees. That would be a good start. Then follow that with some true customer service training, because you surely failed in my books.

  40. I have had THE worst experience with your auto finance department! I am a very happy chase banker, but this process has been exhausting and I am very unhappy with the way I’ve been handled by the auto finance department. It has taken me almost 2 months to get my car on the road because of shortcomings on Chase Auto Finance Department’s end. I have reached out to an auto rep on numerous occasions both personally and through a chase banker with no avail. I am furious and I will continue to be a chase customer, but I would never refer anyone to use your auto finance department. I hope no one else ever endures what I have.

    Very Unhappy Customer

  41. I have been frustrated with Chase’s handling of the provision of 1099 forms. Some weeks ago Chase sent me a notice asking if I wished to receive my 1099 form on-line or by conventional mail. Because I am a senior citizen who is not very technologically astute, I chose the option of receiving by mail. It is now about a month since that request, and while I have received the 1099s from all my other pension plans, banks, etc. the form has yet to arrive from Chase. Why do you offer to provide such a service and not follow through on it?
    I have been very satisfied with all other aspects of Chase service but definitely not with this one.
    Annoyed and Frustrated Customer

  42. I cannot sign into my account because I am using a new computer for the first time. I can’t receive and Identification Code because the phone numbers and e-mail connected to my account are obsolete. I also live in China and so none of the numbers provided on the website are working. Someone please help me.

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