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Contacting Chanel Customer Service Center

Chanel is a fashion company that sells clothing, accessories and perfume – among other high-end items. You can order products online, so there is a customer service department ready and willing to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Chanel sells items directly and they offer information about where customers can purchase Chanel items offline.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department for the Chanel phone number is available from 10 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday to Friday or 12 PM to 6 PM EST Saturday and Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-550-0005

Mailing Address

The mailing address is not listed on the contact us or customer service page of the Chanel website, but it is listed in the privacy policy under the Contacting Us tab. You can write to Chanel at:

Chanel USA9 W. 57th St. 44th FloorNew York, NY 10019Attn: Consumer Relations

Official Website

Visit for the official Chanel website. You’ll need to choose your country before accessing the website because Chanel is available all over the world and the website is available in various languages. The Chanel website is a sales site and information portal giving visitors a look into the styles and products available from the company. When you’re ready to order, you can order from or find a local store that offers Chanel products. All products are sent with FREE shipping and a FREE return label.

Customer Service Email

All you have to do to contact the Chanel customer service department by email is fill out the email form at or email Chanel customer service at There is also a FAQ page that answers some of the more frequently asked questions.

We chose to contact Chanel about their fragrances. We asked if any of the fragrances were alcohol-free. We’ll update you when Chanel gets back with us.

Our Experience

We expected Chanel customer service to be the best on the planet – as we’d expect from any high-end company. We were thrilled to find you could press 0 when the automated list of options began to have the call transferred to customer service. We’re not sure where Chanel’s customer service center is located, but the automated system and the call center agent both had a strong accent that made it difficult to understand options and conversation. The agent was fantastic when it came to answering our questions about Chanel fragrances. We asked for advice on choosing a floral scent from Chanel. The agent suggested Chance, a young scent offered at an affordable price.

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35 Comments on “Contact Chanel Customer Service
  1. My Chanel boots are with Chanel boutique in Kuwait since mid of April for repair.
    When they received it from me they informed me that they will send it to Paris to be repaired, and will take 5 months.
    Its been 7 months and i did not receive it nor had a cleared answer from them.
    I even complained to the manager, but no help been provided to me.
    The boots had a defect from the manufacture, the flowers keep falling.
    I hope you will solve my problem.
    Thank you

    • Dear all,
      i have a complain about a 200 mL bottle of coco mademoiselle, eau de parfum, that i bought from marseille’s airport (France) on july 30.
      In fact it smells nothing, as if i wasn’t wearing perfume!
      Any idea why? Is anything can be done about it? because i am really disappointed :(
      Thanks a lot for your help

      • I also bought a 200ml bottle of coco mademoiselle at Macy’s and it doesn’t have the same fragrance as the 100 ml size. Very weak and dilute Any suggestions?

  2. Horrible customer service in Toronto. I bought a dress that I had tried on once in the store and once at home. I wanted to exchange it with another style and went back to the store. The size of the dress I wanted to try on was in the window, so the sales clerk showed me the same dress in a different color, but I didn’t like the fabric so I wanted to look for something else. She then told me ” Thank God I didn’t take the one in the window off the mannequin….”
    I thought that if I were about to sell a $6,000 dress, I’d take it off the mannequin 100 times and it wouldn’t bother me.
    Then the manager told me that she wasn’t going to take my dress back because it was “drenched in sweat”. First of all, I don’t sweat, and second I had tried on that dress twice for a few minutes. There’s no way in the world that there could be a slightest trace of sweat on that garment, but I guess it’s part of her job to try to not take returns. But that can be done without being ignorant and insulting a customer. I was not shopping at Walmart, but I felt like I were. Totally unacceptable from a store of that sort. Next time I feel like dropping a few $ 1,000s on a dress I’ll go somewhere else.

  3. I bought some coco and it does not smell right. I have used you product for years. This is the only perfume that I can were. I get real bad migraines and I don’t with coco. My mother has worn NO 5 for as long as I can remember. The story Macy will not take it back it is over half full. What can be done. Please help me . It is the 3.4 oz coco perfume.

  4. just would like to know i will be going to Austria nxt year in march , is PST will be availabel next year as well. As i heard its discontinued previously and its now available again. I really hope to get it

  5. Chanel Customer Service is thee best in the world!! That Kathy, Carrie, Stephon, Allison, Scarlet and Lucile are fabulous!! Best Customer service to date!!!

  6. Customer service has no clue what is going on with orders. I placed an order on 12/23 that should have shipped overnight. My order did not go through because they said that my address OR telephone number did not match. Then i was told that my information had been updated and my order was being processed. I had to call back 5 time only to heare 4 different people tell me that my order was processing and I would recieve an email once it shipped……really I have been waiting already 4 days with no response that there was a problem with my order I just have to keep calling back. The easiest thing for me to do was cancel the order and place a order with Calvin Klein which went through with no problem. Obviously Sara from post 8 works there because Stephon, Lucile and Allison were NO HELP with the same answer…UM I’m not sure what the problem is maybe the telephone number is wrong….UM maybe the address is wrong. I have never had a problem with the billing address for any order. USELESS CRS department.

  7. Hi my comment it is very important karl lagerfield designer from chanel don;t work well in his designer that it is the bad , also it is bad actitud with a costumers and want to kill people from manoy . I don’t like him when buying some stuff from chanel costumer service ignored them, it is a dangerous bussiness because , the designer only think in Gabriel she die more than 50 years ago and also, he hopping she coming back after her dead also , i want to let you know he harrase people, and he is very bad men i don’t like him . So also his cosmetics line has rash ingredient irritaiting skin expensive and bad , also i have aperfume from the 30 i think it has poisoned on it, it was a herror from the fabric, so it can deman the company fro that, so i try to safe my life here because he say i’m gabriel and he hates me and hurst me berval and sicologist things, so I invited all people in the world has opinion about him , let the company knows, also i want to add the karl lagerfield it is the men who haiding in some where to chasing people to find his Gabriel antire world nows it is the voice of Karl lagerfield sometimes fake those voices to another person but it is the same person, He is ugly where a pony tail designer from chanel Paris , Also i want to add that Karl Lagerfield it is sicopata Crazy of the world dont has any education to treat people he is arrogant , pedante and bad agly face , annd also if i write this things i can risk my life he can harrasement me to do something bad to me becasue he no want any body knows he harrase people behiand securitys camara, and more.
    So i invited to chanel investigated this case becasue it is dangerous situation and also watching him what he is doing day and night in chanel store where he is working because he don’t complete his work , because he is watching something else en phone and try to campture every word people say a bout him

  8. Dear Chanel Service.. Since 6year i bought Coco Mademoiselle edp nd edt for my pleasure. I can say just the best from Your amazing fragrance,.What will stay my Forever Love. Unfortunately in the last year i become sick..lost my work…so this hard situation cant allow to reach my dream parfume,..I have to take medicine what is very expensive…May people r cant imagine,what mean to leave something,i used every day…then stop suddenly. Its make me sad,i missing my sweet fragrance so much. I just keep my bottles …Please, dear Service..can u help me to get a bottle of Mademoiselle…if its impossible? You ‘d make me the happiest Mademoiselle” I hope to find a new job..then to be Your customer again. Best Regards…<3 Agnes Azizah

  9. I was most disappointed with the service I received from Chanel Customer service. On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 when I first attempted to call, the 800 number was disabled. The next day I found out it was disabled due to inclement weather. Maybe I am naive, but how does inclement weather affect the answering of phones when lines can be transferred or answered remotely?

    I used the email request form and finally received an impersonal response the following day. I followed up with a call to the 800 number and reached the sole customer service rep, Stephon (also the author of my impersonal email response). Unfortunately, Stephon is not suited for this kind of work and does not understand the meaning of customer service. My request was simple – I need a material safety data sheet (official ingredients list)for the hydra beauty gel yeux product at the request of UPS through whom I am shipping (international) 3 of these items as a gift. Despite reading my address to him twice over the phone, Stephon called back today and requested my address again. When I asked him why he needed my address he said the material safety data sheet was going to be mailed to me. Go figure – It would be faster for me to jump on a plane and take the products myself, don’t you think? What is the benefit of supplying my email and fax number?

  10. Horrible customer service! My product came to me broken and they never offered an apology
    or a quick way to replace what I ordered!!! My business will go elsewhere!!!

  11. I am extremely disappointed with the service I received from Chanel Customer Service USA. Stephon was not very responsive to my request and offered to mail me a material safety data sheet when he was supplied with my email and fax number. I mailed a package to my mother last Saturday only to be called by UPS on Tuesday to provide the ingredients for the 3 Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux. I have been trying since Tuesday and still don’t have a simple ingredients list. Meanwhile my package is still on hold at the UPS depot.

  12. I was given a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle,for Christmas off a man and quite predictably they have lost the receipt. The bottle is genuine and came with all genuine wrapping and bags. The bottle is faulty and it leaks when sprayed so despite only wearing the perfume a handful of times I have used a 1/4 of the bottle. I am in the UK and would like to write/telephone/email to complain. This was given as a gift as I am unable to afford the perfume and would like to get out of it what I should!

  13. Dear Chanel,
    I work for British Airways and recently tried to buy a bottle of Chanel perfume at London Heathrow airport Terminal 5 duty free shop. I was told, the sale would refused by the staff there because I was in uniform. They quoted that Chanel did not want their products to be sold to British Airways staff. This is the same story in many Duty free airport shops around the world.
    Please let me know, either on here or in a private email as to the reason for the refusal to sell your products to BA staff.
    Many thanks

  14. I just got off the phone with a Chanel rep and I’m so disappointed in the way the call was handled! Who would have believed that the company makes there clients pay for shipping when they are having an issue with a product!!! With all of the money women spend on skin who would have thought it!! I really believed that Chanel would take care of its clients! I guess I was so wrong! I will never buy Chanel again!

  15. I would like to lodge a formal complaint against one of the security staff of Chanel store located at Harrods UK. HIS NAME IS MILFORD DAVEY, please let me know the procedure of lodging the complaints. His attitude is terrible and the best part is he did not even feel apologies after we have highlighted his behaviour. Such customer service of CHANEL is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

  16. Dear responsible communication, first I want to congratulate the work of the store and say that I greatly admire. Despite all the quality, I would give some suggestions to ease the customer and also greater satisfaction. For example: buying online on the official website of Chanel prices along with catalog and shopping for better accessibility to customers and to other future customers know and identify with the brand.
    I hope they are possible suggestions and thanks for listening.

    Sincerely, Emily Lopes.

  17. I am writing to express my utmost disappointment at the decision arrived at by your boutique manager at the Ngee Ann City outlet in Singapore, Ms Helen Pang.

    On May 20,this year, I visited Singapore and purchased a Chanel bag from the Chanel outlet at Ngee Ann City. The next day, I returned to exchange my purchase for a Chanel “boy” bag. I inspected the bag carefully and proceeded to have the fashion advisor process the sale. The fashion advisor then proceeded to have the bag packed but this was not done in my presence.

    Upon my return to Bangkok, I discovered that there were some scratches on the flap of the bag. I subsequently contacted the Chanel boutique at Ngee Ann City to see if they could offer me an exchange for the same model or to upgrade to another model or a refund. At first, Customer service names Elena called me to inform that I can exchange or refund because I was not in Singapore so it’s better for me to refund. I feel very happy with the service of Chanel. However, I didn’t know the reason why a week later Elena called me again and informed the total different thing. She said that I cannot exchange or refund. However, I really confused with her system. She told me that if I want to try then I have to send the bag to Singapore to physically inspect therefore I had the bag brought back to Singapore by a friend for the Chanel customer service staff to inspect.

    After a week, they wrote back to me to say that they could not accede to my request as the staff who served me was following proper procedure, such as wearing her gloves, when packing/wrapping the bag. As such, the bag could not have been scratched under such circumstances. There was not video evidence shown to me to substantiate this fact.

    I am not faulting anybody here and how the bag might have possibly been scratched. I would just like to highlight to you at head office that as a customer, this has left a very distasteful experience with me and I am disappointed that Chanel, as a prestigious and world renowned haute couture high fashion house, could not afford to accommodate my request for a refund.

    I will not be using this bag as the whole experience has left me mentally very drained and psychologically scarred with regards to purchasing anything from Chanel in the future. My impressions and perceptions of Chanel as a company and as a brand have also somewhat diminished.

    Chanel, being an internationally recognisable brand, should at least, out of goodwill, have offered me a refund even if it does not allow me to do a one to one exchange. As the saying goes…”once bitten, twice shy”…..and I am unlikely to look at Chanel in the same light in the future when considering future purchases.

    I thank you for your time in reading this.

  18. Only two weeks ago my husband purchased a pair of earrings from the Dubai Mall shop. One earring is faulty, the bar that goes through your ear is so loose it feels like it may fall off. I don’t expect this kind of quality from a brand such a Chanel. We are now no longer in Dubai so cannot return to the store, what do we do now? I sent an email via the link and it was returned and failed to send and said “no such user”….Not very professional.

  19. Please bring back Chanel no5 moisture mist, I used it everyday after showering now it’s been discontinued,
    It was discontinued a few years back when it was in a square container and called something different then that was replaced by a light oil spray so I started using that, then that was discontinued and replaced by the moisture mist, again that has gone and there’s nothing similar to replace it, I find the creams and lotions to much I prefer a light spray, please bring back something I miss the perfect faint aroma.
    Regards Janet

  20. I have been A Chanel customer for many years and I am very disappointed in your customer relations! I have requested a sample of the Ulta Lift Rich Cream and have been advised to call back to the store (Debenhams Glasgow Argyle Street) several times only to be told today there are no samples and there won’t be in the near future!!!!

  21. Hi, I’ve just bought a 100 ml “chance chanel” the pink one from Sabiha duty free in Turkey.
    But when I opened the vacum, I bacame shoked cause it contained the yellow one which I already had .
    I want to know why this has happend & what can you do for me?
    As I m a real fan of chanel parfumes, I can t stand this mistake.
    I’ send the photo of the box and the parfum inside , so that you can help me.
    Nooshin Ellioun

  22. I love everything about Coco Channel. .i have several of her hand bags. Could you please tell me how I can get more information on the new fall handbags. Please mail me catalog, I not able to find the bads I like on line. I truly Love everything about Channel. I must say that COCO YOU ROCK FOREVER.

  23. I bought 2 bottles of cocoa chanel last xmas from the fragrance shop thinking it was the real thing the smell was horrible I contacted the fragrance shop and they told me I’ve got to get in touch with the vendour,i was really disappointed as one was for a present,and we’ve only just opened them as we still had some of our old bottle left,i can’t believe they can sell a brand which I love and smell so lovely I wish i’d payed the extra money for the original,mind you they still charged me £76.00

  24. I brought a 150ml bottle of chanel allure sport from duty free for 90 euro. when I went to use it the spray pump does not work so can’t get any out the bottle. Is there any way of getting a refund or exchanging for one that I can use.

  25. It seems CHANEL DOES NOT HAVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.One would think such a high-end international company would be more concerned about its customers. I have a leather CHANEL handbag and it is peeling all over including the handle.It is an embarrassment and don’t know what to do with it. It looks like it has a disease. It is pink and the very thin leather is peeling off leaving a white material underneath. Very poor quality. Never seen the cheapest bag do this.

  26. I also am very disappointed with the 200Ml bottle of Mademoiselle.
    The smell is very weak not a wow factor like the smaller bottles have. Can I return for 2 100ml bottles.
    Thank you- I love the product, been using for years, but something is wrong.

  27. I was a dedicated chanel customer till to the day my coco madmesoille had leaked all the way in my bag during my trip. It spoilt my leather bag and I was left wih an empty bottle. When I made my complaint in the duty free they told me production error something wrong with the bottle. I took the photos of my bag and perfume and sent an email to consumer relations as well as Chanel consumer relations dont even bother to answer me. Is this the big company??They dont take the responsibility of their faulty products. What should we do to claim our rights?

  28. I bought Eau De Toilette 100 ml., no 19. On Brittany Ferry two weeks ago instead of my usual 19 perfume which I’ve used for many years, and the first time I used it I’ve come out in a horrible rash, and going to the doctors tomorrow why would this happen? In the past I have used Eau de Toilette yours H. Adrian

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