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Contacting Carrefour Customer Service Center

Carrefour is a superstore of sorts with locations in Argentina, China, Greece, Romania and Turkey – among other countries. There are no locations in the United States, so all mail and phone contact information is for the corporate office or customer service department in France. There are dedicated websites for each of the country locations where more local contact information can be found.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When you’re ready to Contact Carrefour, you can use the customer service line for the corporate office. This is not the phone number for your local Carrefour store or the corporate office in your country, necessarily. Check the country-specific website for additional phone numbers

  • Corporate Office: +33-1-41-04-26-00

Mailing Address

The main office of the Carrefour company is located in France. Your letter could take some time to process so if your customer service contact requires immediate or quick attention, you should use email or phone.

Carrefour33, avenu Emile ZolaZAC lle SeguinTSA 55555France92 649 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex


Carrefour CACEIS Corporate Trust14, rue Rouget de l’lsle92 862 Issy les Moulineaux cedex 9

Official Website

Everything you need to know about the Carrefour company as a company is available on the official corporate website at This site is not the consumer site and will not offer you information on your local Carrefour store. For that information visit the website for your country listed on the Customer support page.

Customer Service Email

Either you’re fed up with service your receiving at your local Carrefour or you simply love your store and you want to praise the staff and management – both can be accomplished by emailing Carrefour customer service. You can start the line of communication by emailing This is the email address for Shareholder Relations – not ideal for a customer service contact, but the only email address provided on the corporate website. The privacy policy also lists as a means of contacting the company with complaints, compliments or concerns. There may be other email addresses listed on the country-specific individual websites.

Our Experience

All customer service contact phone numbers for Carrefour are outside of the US calling area. We need YOUR help. If you’ve been in contact with Carrefour customer service, share your experience with us in the comments below. Feel free to share comments about corporate or store contact.

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27 Comments on “Contact Carrefour Customer Service
  1. For the past week, I have been trying to purchase some gift cards, without success. Is there another way to order them?

  2. One of the completely uneducated people are placed as duty manager in UAE, no customer service nothing very annoyed with the service provided by duty manager. I request Carrefour to have look at there duty manager and teach them how to speak. Very rough and instead of helping customer they say back to customer.

    This incident of Mr. Yousef the duty manager of carrefour in RAS AL KHAIMAH, UAE

    I hope your team can check and get sone sensible position people.

  3. The recently opened Carrefour in Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan opened with not taxi pick up and drop off locations in the parking area or on the street outside. They have a pick up and drop off service for the luxury apartment shuttles on the side, but taxis aren’t allowed to park there. Taxis can’t stop of the street in front (or won’t stop on the street in front. It is a very busy street with no place to pull over. I tried customer service but no one understood me, because I did not speak Chinese. They did understand “taxi” and “where” and “refund.” I returned my already melting goods for full refund.

  4. What listed below happened in the recently opened Carrefour in Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan:

    1. I bought a pack of fresh food (6/29/2013).
    2. I pulled a hair from the fresh food (wrapped inside the food)from my mouth and had a stomach problem that night (6/30).
    3. Made a complaint to the store (7/1).
    4. The manager, Mr. Zhang, of the fresh food dept answered my phone and promised to get back with me(7/1).
    5. No follow-up response.
    6. I called a few times but was always told “Mr. Zhang is in a meeting.”
    7. I made a personal visit(7/4). I was told again: “he is in a meeting” .
    8. Not any follow-up.

    I’ve been a loyal customer of Carrefour for over ten years, but I’m quitting shopping in your store.

  5. I am very very upset.i live in South Africa and was visiting Venice with my husband. We bought an iPad at the Carrefour store in Marcon Venice. We were entitled to a refund of the vat. A day aft purchase we went back to store where at customer service she filled in forms etc and said that at the airport at customs we will get refund. This did not happen. Customs stamped the invoices etc but said Carrefour had to refund the vat. I sent all the info to Carrefour Venice with the debit card details which I paid with so refund could be done. They said we had to go in personally. We did when we were in the country – we are obviously no longer there. How do we get the vat refund back???

  6. I recently visited Paris a few months ago and came across some Carrefour museli that I love. I just want to know how I can purchase some as I live in Australia? Can someone please assist me with this?

  7. Greetings from the UAE!. I recently purchased 20,000AED of items from Abu Dhabi store on Airport Road. My Nokia Lumina 920, which I liked, stopped reading the sim card, so it would not work. I was only 6 months into the warranty, so I returned it to customer service. They claim I broke a feed to the sim reader, which I did not. I never dropped the phone nor ever replaced the sim card, so I could not have broken it. Carrefour people did mess with the sim card. Now they will not honor my warranty. What should I do? I just want Carrefour to stand by their warranties. I am a senior executive, hiring many people here in the UAE, and IU will instruct them to shop elsewhere, where warranties are honored. Lastly, the store manager argued with me, saying it was impossible for Carrefour people to cause any damage, so it must have been me. Perhaps it was purposely damage so they would not have to replace it, I don’t really know. Please help me get a new phone. Thank you, Dr. Greg

  8. I bought a bike from Carrefour Turkey online shop. It gave an order number is 120910 and wrote me that I could take my bike from Anadolu Hisari CarrefourSA Express Market in Istanbul. I visited this market on 21th of September 2013, but they told me there was no bike, and they also told that they tried to reach me but there was no email nor a phone number in my information. I drove 20 kilometres for this bike but they gave me a big disappointing

  9. on aug 31st 2013, i went to carrefour shop at lyon, to buy couple of things along with alcohols, as my friend is the one of the loyal customer of this shop and on every week he always spend 100-200 euros, since he is the loyal of this shop and have loyalty card i was happy and pleasure to visit this shop as i am a tourist coming from india. however unfortunately this time it was a worse customer care service…. as i do not know or speak french… and since it was 7.30pm the billing counter was closed and it was self service system and i do not know i have to collect special ticket for alcohol beside the bill generated by the machine. when i went to the security counter for opening the security cover of alcohol bottles which i bought, the lady ask me the ticket in french , i replied to her in english that i dont have and i showed the bill which is also listed the charged amount of the alcohols i bought.. but again and again she i ask.. i requested her to help me … but instead of helping me she rather called the security man who is more than 6ft black guy who started to argue with me in french … again and again i requested to cool down and requested him him to help me however rather he abused me saying ‘piton’ .
    i was very upset and ask them to lodge a complaint however they denied… such a pathetic service.
    here i want to bring some points;-

    1 this sore claim that they are international standard then why their staff and not trained to be polite.
    2. if its international standard how the staff dont speak or understand english language which is international global language.

    since i am in lyon for 6 month i never and will never go back to shop in this market….. rather i opted for casino which is much better and better service.

  10. Very disappointing service in Georgia (located in Tbilisi Mall). They charge me twice since 10 days ago and until now no clear answer when they will refund unlawfully taken amount. No written feedback to may complaint, unclear and rude answers from financial department. I will appreciate if anyone can facilitate contacts to submit online complaints.

  11. Please please ….have bought a Carrefour home sewing machine,HSEW8660-11..please i need the manual in English please please……thanks

  12. On Saturday at around11.45am, i was paying at the under ten items counter in Carrefour Bahrain. The lady at the counter did not give me my entire change back. so when i asked for the missing coins, she replied-in a very unapologetic manner-that she didn’t have any change, and ignored me and went on with the next customer. Of course this made me very angry, it is not up to her to decide that i don’t need the rest of my money- no matter how insignificant and small the amount is. She made me feel like i was asking for something that wasn’t mine, like i was asking for tips perhaps. So i went to the customer service counter to complain, the man didn’t seem to care that much, possibly because of how little the amount was. But my argument was the principle and the service i was getting. I paid the full price of the item i purchased, i expect the full change to be returned to me. It is unacceptable for a supermarket as large as Carrefour to claim they don’t have change. if they don’t have enough coins to give back as change then they shouldn’t be selling products and operating. So the uncaring man at the customer service told me that they were out of complaint slips and gave me a blank piece of paper to write my complaint on and asked me to leave my name and number. I haven’t heard from anyone since. I don’t expect my money back, but at least assurance that the matter will be addressed. This isn’t the first time for me to experience that at Carrefour, your staff always seem to assume that the consumers don’t need the petty change. Would it work the other way round? if i tell the person behind the cashier that i don’t have enough coins, will they just give me free stuff? This is bad service and seems like your staff at Carrefour Bahrain need some training on basic customer service.

  13. Letter of complaint, I am a coach driver and we brought two coaches yesterday 1st April with approximately 108 passengers mostly adults and some children we decided to stop at City Europe so they could do some last minute shopping before they came home and to do some shopping myself I bought myself three bottles of wine and some cheese, then queued up to pay only to be served by one of the most obnoxious and rude women I have ever known she was very unhelpful as we could not understand what she was telling us,and discussing us with with the people in the queue because we couldn’t understand and where told to wakey wakey because I didn’t understand and know why I was charged so much due to the cashier adding one of my colleagues items to my shopping and then charging me, and my colleague got told off as well for not putting the barrier down to separate the shopping. i don’t know what your policy for customer service is perhaps some retraining would be appropriate. This experience has upset me so much and really wouldn’t want my passengers to be subject to the unhelpful behaviour that I experienced with your cashier…. I will be advising my passengers to stop else where.

  14. I have lived with Carrefour in several countries now. Spain was the best experience, while Oman’s stores are the worst with rude or no customer service and management which doesn’t care a damn because the stores are franchised. Carrefour would do well to make sure it does a better and more rigorous job of inspecting how franchisees operate under its name. Many examples of lack of customer service exist – from major appliances not being serviced under warranty all the way to today’s breathtaking experience – having bought a bag of Spaetzle noodles, dumped them into the pot to cook, only to discover upon reaching boil that the entire bag and batch was infested with mealworm eggs and hatchlings. Yum! I do so wish Auchan would start popping up in the Middle East to giver nasty old Carrefour a run for their money.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    First I would like to say that I am a customer in Carrefour since it opened in Egypt and I live very close to Carrefour Dandy mall which I used to visit frequently.

    I have visited Carrefour Dandy mall branch yesterday and I had a very bad shopping experience. The way the promotions were announced in the branch was very strange and I am sure this doesn’t comply with Carrefour’s policy and standard.

    First it is super noisy, exactly like the announcement done in the flea market. The feeling I got is that I want to run out of the Store and finish my shopping as quickly as possible. Surprisingly when I talked to the staff they were frustrated too and they said that they can hardly concentrate in their work as a result of the noisy announcements and that it is causing a lot of distraction. I understood that they announcements are not done by Carrefour staff members (who are trained on Customer Service) it is someone experienced from a flea markets!

    I am really keen to seen Carrefour Dandy mall branch provide a better customer’s experience that comply with Carrefour’s policy and standards. I have written down an complaint and left it in the branch and I appreciate if you can let me know the progress on this issue.

    Thanks and best regards,

  16. I am in the process of buying a large screen TV from the Carrefour online shop. They offer an eight day guaranteed delivery. Whatever else you do, don’t believe that guarantee. It is at least 10 days because it must include a weekend and UNLESS you order Monday/Tuesday, add two more days for another weekend. THEN add some more days because they don’t tell you until later that you have to book an appointment which may not be available for some new unknown further delay (plus weekends)

    Call Customer Service and they file your complaint and do nothing (I think the file is a bin in the corner)

  17. Carrefour landmark in Doha (qatar) has the worst staff ever! Unkind, they were attending many other cutomers who arrived after me while they only told that i have to wait more and more. One of them also ordered to send my daughter (5 years old) and stroller out of the fishery area (She was so quite, absolutely silent and shy girl who never moves a muscle in front of strangers)… I DON’T OBEY YOUR ORDERS!

  18. We were cheated twice by the same method in Naples and Venice and when we made a complaint, the Customer Service did not care to answer.What happened in each case was that instead of one item which we actually bought we paid the price of two but we only noticed the “mistake” after leaving the supermarket. It was not a big loss, all in all we paid about 20 euros extra, but the experience was enough to make us avoid Carrefour supermarkets and their services during the rest of our stay. We are still wondering if this is a well-established policy az Carrefour taught to the cashiers on training courses?
    A disappointed customer from Hungary

  19. bought a portable air/con system hmc9000a-13 in fuengirola spain recently,I would like the instructions in english if possible

    yours A.Noble

  20. Good morning.

    I was trying to lodge a complaint to the customer service manager at Carrefour – UAE about Product/service complaint – Expired products, overpricing, false advertisement, lack of safe storageā€ and sent out multiple emails but could not reach the concerned personnel. Could someone direct me through the correct channel, as I have several concerns!!
    I have everything documented (pics of products, advertisement, bills…etc)
    My desperate attempts are getting out of hand and I am really getting furious and fed up with the service provided.
    I will not rest until my concerns are heard and a solution is provided!!

    Kind regards,

  21. I am in Greece, and my experiences of carrefour here have been negative without exception. Yes, there seems to be a company policy (not just one branch) of giving short change to the customers. Other problems are too many too mention, but if you ever want a hilariously bad supermarket experience, try the carrefour in Thessaloniki (Lagada Street). They get every single thing wrong. Honestly, it is worth a visit (one visit only) because it is so bad it is actually quite funny!

  22. Carrefour in the south of France are about the worst company in the world they could not care less about their customers.I have had nothing but rudeness from them in the last fifteen years of living in France to them The Customer is always Wrong. I was charged 9.99 euro for an express 24 hour delivery service and 48 hours later the package has not arrived. the help line is useless one has to hold on for ages to be told to wait until the package turns up sometime during the week

  23. Totally agree with the previous comments on Carrefour UAE. No customer service, no duty of care. Tried to reach a direct Carrefour Customer Care department only to be transfered to a call center who were polite however non responsive. Carrrefour International Dubai furthered the fact by claiming no customer care department exists. Strange for an International brand, However !
    No wonder their clients are experiencing poor quality inter store. Dubai Marina store suffers from a continous supply of bad or rotten food, poor management and staff issues tied to no apparant hygene.
    Please dont waste your time and efforts by expressing your dissappointments, they have no sysytem or interest in hearing your complaints, simply transfer you shopping to Spinneys or other quality outlet and appease the stress levels. Shame on you Carrefour !

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