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Contacting Carowinds Customer Service Center

The Carowinds amusement parks are located in North and South Carolina. This southern treat is one of the more popular family amusement parks on the east coast. Prices for Carowinds admission are lower than other amusement parks like Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion making it easier to take large families and large groups for a day of fun.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone during normal business hours. The business hours change throughout the year with shortened hours at the beginning and end of the season and longer hoursĀ  during peak months.

  • Customer Service NC: 1-704-588-2600
  • Customer Service SC: 1-803-548-5300

Mailing Address

Write to Carowinds customer service at:

Carowinds 14523 Carowinds Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273

To ensure faster customer service include you name and contact information in your letter. It is imperative that Carowinds customer service have some way to get in touch with you if the need arises.

Official Website

Visit for information on the park, seasonal hours and opening/closing dates for the amusement park. Customers wishing to order tickets online and do so for small and large groups. Special pricing is available for groups up to 100 and groups of more than 100 visitors. Special events, like the Scarowinds party, are also held at the park with special tickets issued for the event. These events and ticket prices are available on the Carowinds website.

Customer Service Email

There is no dedicated customer service email for the Carowinds customer service department, but there is an online form that customers can use to contact an agent. There is no mention if an agent will still respond after the park is closed for the season, though we suspect someone is handling communication during that time.

Our Experience

The customer service line for Carowinds can be bypassed by pressing 0. You will be transferred to a customer service agent who can answer questions about park events, ticketing and hours. Our call was placed on hold where it stayed for about two minutes. A loud male agent answered the phone and asked if he could help us, but didn’t give his name. We asked about group pricing for Carowinds passes. He advised us that groups pay $30.75 per ticket and that a minimum of 15 tickets must be purchased to qualify for the Carowinds discount pricing. That price is significantly lower than the retail price that ranges from $33.99 to $54.99.

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12 Comments on “Contact Carowinds Customer Service
  1. I rode the afterburn on Wednesday April 3, and the staff there was amazing. In the mean time the cafe in snoopy land had horrible service I waited in line for an hour and they didnt have silverware, or cheese and all the sodas were out of syrup

  2. We payed full price for tickets. Did not say anything when we entered the park but after only being there about 30 min they decided to close the park at 4 o’clock due to rain but no lighting.nothing open, thanks for taking my money!

  3. We had a great experience overall will definitely go back. The ride lines were good the staff was friendly and helpful. Got some good information when needed also some bad but the staff was eager and happy to help. The food was actually a lot better than expected for an amusement park we expected it to be expensive and it was but it tasted a lot better than we expected. Had an employee at one of the restaurants actually roll their eyes at me this was not expected but at the expense of my children having a great time at a good park I left this alone.

    • They made my 16 year old son pay $49.99 for a ticket last night when he already had a season pass! We will NEVER go back to Carowinds!

  4. I brought my family there one of your guys named bill who searches thing snatched my sister stuff putting her into a panic attack I told him to stop cuz her heart would stop well about an hr later her heart actually did stop and was rushed to the hospital so I will never visit your park again im very disappointed of how unprofessional your associates are they should be trained with people who have disabilities im very disappointed and upset

  5. I called your customer service today to get assistance in retreiving my purchased season passes.
    I do not think that I’ve ever experienced such bad customer service. I know your reps are probably seasonal but that man who answered was so rude that I was trying to calm him down. I explained that my email was not available & asked where could I go to retreive my pass. He asked for an email address. I asked if he was sending the email for me to retrieve at that moment, he yelled & said “Maam! what is the email address!?” I provided him with my work email & he said that’s not the email that’s on file. I explained that it was my work email & provided him with the email that I used to make the purchase. He said that he’ll have his supervisor to send the email. I was shocked at the tone that your rep was using for simple customer service issues.
    As previously stated, I know your staff is seasonal but that man do not need to represent any business over the phone.

  6. I just really want to express how very nice my grandson and I was treated and the support and very nice way we were trated by the employees at harmony hall and especially to the man by the name of Dave von which is probably spelled wrong, but he was so very nice to us and the food was just great. We had a bad experience the week before but thanks to Davevon and to Mr.EJ Randolph Saturday at carowinds was really great and we we always eat at harmony hall from now on. Thanks again you two guys, we had a great day!!

  7. I want to say that i am not thrilled about carowinds for a few reasons. One is that me and my husband are big boned and we are not allowed on any of the rides. They are more for skinny people. Two the prices are not worth the trip up there if the only thing to do is be in the water park. I am feel like my time was wasted to go up there. I hope some other people agree when i say that if you have a theme park and cant make all the rides for all kinds of people then its not worth $80.00 dollars. Thank you for nothing!!!!

  8. We visited carowinds on sept.20 2014 on Christian music day. Paid 40.00 for the tickets so I wanted to stay for the entire show. We went to our church van and I expected that it would take an hour to get out of the parking lot. No it took 3 hours. Their were very few signs pointing to the way out. No signs pointing to the back exit. When we got there that morning there were lots of people directing traffic where were they at closing time? After more than two hours after we got to the van 1 guy appeared directing traffic. Show ended at 10:15 we had a two hour drive home. We got home at 4am. That is ridiculous. Pretty much a 3 hour wait in a parking lot. No good traffic flow at all. Not to mention when we got there that morning I had to wait in two 30 min. Lines to get my tickets. Went to the wilcall as I was told only to find d out they had set up a temporary wilcall at another building. Then had to wait in another 20 min. Line to get into the park. The comeing and going process really needs to be thought though. Been open. Science 1977. You would think they would have learned a few thing through the years.

  9. Visit Scarowinds in a party of 5 on 10/18/14. 3 of us were season pass holders. The other 2 purchased tickets online for a total of nearly $90. We pulled in at the main Carowinds sign and from that point it took 37 minutes to get parked. Bottlenecks after unannounced bottlenecks. Plenty of staffing visible in the parking lot but apparently none of them offered any directions. I found a marked spot in a grass lot and we made our way in to the south gate. The crowds were massive and (S)Carowinds was very ill equipped to handle them. As usual, the restrooms are the very filthiest of any park I’ve ever attended. We stayed for 3 hr. 45 min. (till 12:45am). Because of the massive wait times we made it thru 2 haunted mazes and rode 1 ride (Afterburn). Most definitely not worth cost of admission for the non pass holders and miserable enough overall to convince other 3 pass holders not to renew and most certainly never visit Scarowinds again. We’ve all been to Scarowinds 4 years in a row. This will be our last. The entire fiasco should be enough for management to be ashamed.

  10. So I bought a daytime ticket and a Scarowinds ticket online about a week ago just to find out they were closed for Carowinds during the day (which wasn’t noted online when I was buying my ticket) and only opened for scarowinds. So instead of being refunded the $42 I spent on my ticket for Carowinds I didn’t receive ANYTHING and every time I call to talk to someone, nobody answers! So basically I spent $81 to go to Scarowinds. Thanks a lot.

  11. I am disappointed about Carowinds because we were there for 10 mins and half of that time we got our carowinds gold season passes and we tried to enjoy the park but it started to rain hard so we had to go and when we went to get our passes this was the only night just for this year and I demand to go tomorrow!!!

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