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Contacting Carfax Customer Service Center

Carfax is a company that claims to run background checks on the automobiles you want to purchase. You can also report fraudulent information about a specific vehicle on the Carfax website. When we searched for information on Carfax we found tons of complaints about the customer service team, but contact information for that team is hidden well within the website. We also noticed that the company does not promise to reveal all information on the vehicle – just the information given to the company. So, the report you get from Carfax is literally worthless if information is reported to an agency that does not share information with Carfax.

Contact Info

There are many reasons why a customer would need the Carfax customer service contact information, but that information is not openly available. The Carfax website does not list a Contact Us page and there is no Customer Service link. What we did find was a help page that answered common questions and listed some contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Dealer Customer Service: 1-800-274-2277
  • Banking and Insurance Customer Service: 1-800-789-6232
  • Consumer Services: 1-877-429-6148

Mailing Address

Carfax, Inc.
5860 Trinity Pkwy.
Ste. 600
Centreville, VA 20120

Official Website

The website for Carfax is online at You can use the website to order a report, request a data correction for an existing report and contact customer service. Carfax reports are not free. You will be charged a fee for running the report. Most car dealerships have an account with Carfax and they will run a current report free for you to view before purchasing the vehicle.

Customer Service Email

You won’t find a customer service email address, but you can get in contact with customer service by calling 1-877-429-6148 and leaving your email address with the company. You can also submit the online form at The form allows customers to add a VIN and attach documents, if needed.

If you need to resolve an error on a Carfax report for your vehicle, fill out the Data Correction Request at You will need to provide tons of personal information to submit the form.

Our Experience

One phone number we found for Carfax customer service was the dealer customer service, not the consumer customer service phone number. The second phone number sent us to the banking and insurance group – again, not customer service. The third number is nothing more than a recorded response telling us to visit the website or leave a message with our contact email. There is NO customer service phone number for Carfax and there hasn’t been a number for at least six years.

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20 Comments on “Contact Carfax Customer Service
  1. I paid for 5 reports. Used 1. My accont expired. After reading the agrement. I did see the 30 day window. This sucks. When 5 reports are bought. There should not be a time linit. Your custumer service also sucks. A message only phone number. Means to me your company doesnt have the back bone to talk to the people who pay you. In short I’m not a satified customer. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  2. I’ve paid my money, carfax email me an approval code. and I have been trying for a week to set up and account. everytime I go in to set up a password it rejects it.

  3. Carfax locked my online account and did not tell me me I had a 6month agreement. I had not been using Cafax as much as I thought but I had to pay full six months with 4 months of them having a locked account . No customer service just message phone. I do not recommend Carfax .

  4. I am the owner of a 2006 Toyota Camry LE, VIN 4T1BE32K96U674316. On Dec 15,2012, the Lakeside Toyota in Metairie LA showed me a CARFAX Vehicle History Report with errors that my CAR was in the Pep Boys shop (in Baton Rouge, LA)for services,three times during year 2010. I contacted the Pep Boys shop at 225-927-623 and spoke to the manager (Rusty) on Dec 17, 2012. He confirmed the CARFAX reporting error- Pep Boys has neither my name nor my car VIN in its data base. I therefore respectfully request that you correct your reporting errors….Regards, Bea-Lyn Bannister

  5. I purchaed a car and the accident was not reported on car fax and the dealer did not mention that the vehicle had a small dent on the vehicle.

    Not only that, the car was purchased off the show room floor. I mention the dent to the saleman and he said he thought I saw it. It was not mention on the sales paper about a dent sold as is.

    Is there anything that can be done about this?

  6. On 1-12-13,I purchased a single copy Carfax report and was charged more money than required by carfax, I requested for a single report, but was charged $54.99. Can you refund me the difference please. Thanks.

  7. I am selling my car & a potential buyer asked me for a CarFax. As I knew there was nothing wrong with my car I put the VIN # in to make sure there were no issues I was unaware of from the original owner. Your website fraudulantly said it had 21″history records”. When I clicked on the box with the explaination for “history records” it had all the horrible things that were possible. So I was so freaked out that I spent the $39.99 to buy a report only to find not only were there not 21 records, there were only 7 and all of those were for regular scheduled oil change/maintainances NOT for anything remotely close to anything serious. I’m pissed and I want my money refunded. But because you don’t have the integrity to have a customer service number available I found this…..which may or may not get to you. If anyone with any integrity would like to email me and let me know you’re refunding my money it is :

  8. I ordered report, but I did not get it. They Already withdrew the amount from my bank. When I requested the refund because I did not get it. I requested the password, they send me one. When I used it to log in. it tell me the either the password or the use name is not right. I lost my money without getting the report. No Idea what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Horrible for a company to have no way to contact them. I paid for a service I cannot even use since it will not allow me to log in. Wrong for a company to take someone’s money and not provide the service or have any way to communicate a problem so it can be solved. POOR HR! Actually NO HR!

  10. hallo ihave been burchase car fax in may 28 2013 I was charge my card 49.99 five cars I try secend car I but my car again you gays charge me$ 54.99 so ineed my many back for my card asp thank u

  11. This site is bullshit I will let everyone know not to use this peice of crap you idiots need to pay a lot of ppl back I can sue your asses!

  12. I pretty sure i did order the one car report and noticed that I was charged the fee for the unlimited service , which I havent use and not planing to. Could you refund the difference , please?

  13. I too signed for one report and they charged me for unlimited. I am going to contact the attorney general if my credit card is not full credited. The initial come on for the car I put in was 17 reports. There were only two and I do not feel I got my monies worth as my accident was not even on there. I smell a con job and I will be contacting attorney general if I do not see a credit back on my card in 24 hours.

  14. CARFAX SCREWED ME!! They are the worst company ever! They made an error on my car’s report stating it was in a major accident where the airbags deployed – totally false. I have a copy of the police report from the accident stating the air bags did not deploy – the car was just bumped. Just a scratch on the back bumper. But because of Carfax, I cannot trade it in or sell it because the value has been reduced to 1/2 of what it is worth. I have a $40,000 car that is now worth 19,000 because of a mistake come stupid entry level “keyer” made. I have left several emails, since that is the only way of getting a hold of these idiots, and have gotten no response. I am going to sue their asses!!!

  15. After reading all the comments, I am going to contact the appropriate law enforcement people to look into this business, this doesn’t make any sense, send me my refund, or you guys will be dealt with

  16. I also was scammed they processed my credit card and would no me
    to accept the password and was not able to contact them.
    my dealership informed me that there was a lawsui pending from
    one hundred dealerships.

  17. I bought my Toyota Tundra in March 2006 with 20190 miles on it at the time. I am selling it now and got the CarFax report. It states that the DMV in California issued a branded title (Not Actual Mileage) at that time. News to me. I paid the truck off years ago and the title is fine. I went to DMV and they gave me complete records of the title. Nowhere does NAM come up at all in the DMV record. Would the CarFax just make it up or simply screw up their data entry? I understand that “mistakes happen” but let’s just see how quick they are at correction. No way to speak anyone, the online chat seems to be a bot and apparently there is no costomer service at all. Right now they are costing me $2000 in reduced value to the vehicle.

  18. I purchased the unlimited searches thinking that it would also include VIN # searches. Biggest waste of $58.00 . I found the order page to be very deceptive and it wasn’t untill after my 5 searches that I found out that it only did license plate searches unlimited. I sent an email about it thru the help got a case#00316739 but that as far as it went.

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