Contact Care Credit Customer Service

Contacting Care Credit Customer Service Center

Care Credit is a credit card company that takes applications and provides credit for customers to use for health-related expenses. The credit application is processed, denied or approved by GE Capital Retail Bank. Care Credit was founded in 1987 and is a part of the GE Capital company. There are more than 150,000 providers that currently accept Care Credit cards. The areas of healthcare primarily covered by Care Credit include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Veterinary
  • Hearing
  • Cosmetic
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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Care Credit offers a 24-hour automated line that customers can use to apply for credit. If you wish to speak with a representative, you must contact the company Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Healthcare providers currently accepting Care Credit can call 24 hours a day to process an application. Other inquiries by healthcare providers must be made between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday to Friday. Applications from healthcare providers who want to accept Care Credit should call between 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST.

  • Apply for Care Credit: 1-800-677-0718
  • Healthcare Providers: 1-800-859-9975
  • Healthcare Providers who want to accept Care Credit: 1-800-300-3046 ext. 4519

Mailing Address

GE Capital
PO Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Official Website

The official Care Credit website at explains services covered by a Care Credit account. There are also links to the healthcare provider website, card holder website and Terms and Conditions of credit. You can also apply for a Care Credit card from the official website. You will be required to enter your social security number and other information when applying online – so make sure you are not connected to a public Internet access point before submitting your application.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address located on the Care Credit website, but there is a link to chat with a representative about the Care Credit card.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service line to apply for a Care Credit account, we were required to listen to the Terms and Conditions before we could speak to a representative. You can view the Terms and Conditions on the official website to skip this step. Our call took us through a series of automated channels that eventually landed with a customer service representative answering the call after just more than 5 minutes. The wait time was greatly increased by the Terms and Conditions review. A second call was answered in less than 3 minutes. The customer service representative spoke perfect English and was happy to answer our questions about Care Credit.

From the Terms and Conditions call, we did find out that GE Capital Retail Bank will share your personal contact information with other companies even if you are not approved for a Care Credit account.

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96 Comments on “Contact Care Credit Customer Service
  1. I have just spent 30 minutes trying to find ANY Care Credit phone number that will give me a LIVE operator. I am so angry I can hardly stand it. Why on earth is everything at Care Credit automated. I have a real problem in that I mailed a payment for a Citi Visa card to the Orlando Florida office of Care Credit. I have cancelled my Care Credit Card and transferred all the balance into the Citi Card. I inadvertently mailed it to the Orlando address and would like to know what happened to my payment. GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER PLEASE!

  2. I can’t reach a live representative, but am concerned about my account, I made our payment of $36 and am still receiving calls of a pass due amount and would appreciate this matter resolved or an email response. I will also try to call again. Thanks

  3. I have jus spent15 minutes trying to find customer services TO MADE PAID” PLEASE EMAIL TEL MUMBER….

  4. I was in desparate need of dental work. I have always taken care of my teeth, but due to suspected medicines I was having to take for a illness that was making me disabled, I did not have any dental coverage, nor the money to purchase any. I had been denied actual Disability from Social Security twice, but I had filed for an Appeal Hearing…the date yet to be determined. I had been referred to an endodontist that offered the CareCredit Card applications. I called, and as it turned out, I already had a account that had been used years earlier for my ex-husband, but was just in my name. I talked to the customer service rep. about using the card, and that is when he asked if I would like the Disability Insurance offered on the card. I asked specific questions about the Full-Disability rules. They were explained to me that anytime after I was enrolled in the Disability Insurance, if I became officially disabled by Soc. Sec.,, the balance of the primary account holder would be paid off. Even though I had already been denied Disability twice, and didn’t have a requested hearing date yet, I decided to pay the hiked up extra each month to have this insurance. I finally did have my day in court, and did receive the right to collect Disability. When I submitted my claim to CareCredit, I was told that even though the date I won Disability was after my enrollment, because Soc. Sec. will back-pay up to 2 years, if proven illness, their Disability Program did not apply to my case…directly contradicting the specific questions I had previously as their customer service rep. on the phone before I even began the dental work. That day on the phone, I was told that the call would be recorded for training purposes…blah, blah,, they have exactly what questions I had asked, and exactly what answers I had been given. I am still forced to pay the hiked up price each month for the insurance, where this issue is not yet resolved…dispite the fact it is not worth the paper it is written on. What good is the Disability Insurance, when Soc. Sec. most always goes back the 2 years…because it generally takes that long just to have your case settled with them. THIS IS A PRACTICE OF LOOP-HOLE FRAUD !

  5. Had the same problems trying to get ahold of a live person. Once I did everything was resolved. Try calling 1-866-419-4096. Then keep on hitting the 0 till someone answers. I was on hold about 5 minutes.

  6. Im a new interested customer who has been trying for several days to get into contact with a live representative so I can learn more before I sign up and ask qurstions. Plus I would like to have a brochure to over look the dental program that I’m thinking about getting in too. They seriously need to fix the operator and have associates/representatives to help new coming customers. Smh at credit are they need to get it together before they loose income meaning business.

  7. I am paying $159.00 to Care Credit for Dental work done by Dr. Debartola, I have had to go to another Dentist to correct and replace caps that he put on me. I owed almost $5000.00 and now down to a little over 2 thousand. They just sent me a bill with late charges and wants $206.00, I did pay it but not happy with Dr. Debartola or Care Credit. My payment changs all the time……

    • Beware of promotional no interest payments. The web payment site is often down and you can’t get an answer at customer service….if you are even a few hours late over the payment due date, they will sock it to you.
      How else would they get anything out of it.
      They are just waiting for you to late.

    • I happy company take out automatically out of my account every month it’s ridiculous only $5 gets paid now on the balance. Seems crazy my interest rate is always going higher and the bill is really crazy they take out about $50 a month out of my account .What does it mean when it says promotional balance I don’t understand? Thank you happy holidays

    • I am also I so security disability. & I know nothing about automatic automatic pay please explain to me. Seems like my bills not going down at all maybe 4 or 5 dollars a month I have the company take out automatically out of my account every month it’s ridiculous only $5 gets paid now on the balance. Seems crazy my interest rate is always going higher and the bill is really crazy they take out about $50 a month out of my .account .What does it mean when it says promotional balance I don’t understand? Thank you happy holidays

  8. GE Capital,

    I have made consistent payments to my account over the past year that I have had a balance with you. I have been late with my payment twice since the very beginning of charging with you. Each time I was late it was only 1 day. I was going to just set up automatic payments so that this would not happen, as we travel out of the country a lot and this might happen again. I called customer service this second time I was late and explained what happened. I asked if there would be a penalty for being late, I stated that I am pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever been late on any payment before, and told the person I will set up automatic payments. The young man said, “well this is NOT the FIRST time you’ve been late, its the second time you’ve been late, but since you weren’t charged a penalty the first time, you probably won’t be the second time either.” So I said “Probably?, then the penalty’s been waved? He said, “well as I said they didn’t charge you the first time, did they?” The way he said it was not nice. In fact it was pretty rude. He certainly sounded like if it was up to him all us worthless scum would be charged every cent they could get. I thanked him, and hung up.

    After thinking it over, I decided that I really didn’t like that attitude and it reflects quite poorly on your company as a whole. Luckily as a charger with good credit and money to pay the debt in the first place, I decided I really didn’t want to ever be treated like I was scum to some kid behind a phone. I decided to just pay off the entire balance, $1400. although it was a promotional no interest balance was not due till next year. I just didn’t like the attitude. I felt that this was GE Cap’s attitude as well.

    Imagine then my surprise when I clicked on my account and saw that the entire balance had indeed been paid off, but a late fee of $35.00 was added to the now empty card. Its not the $35.00, its the way your agent handled it. Also I can’t help but feel that if the balance had not of been paid off then the late fee would have been waved, just as the agent said it would be. When I called customer service about the 35.00 charge, I chose to participate in the survey at the end so I could air these problems. After speaking with the agent I was cut off before participating in the survey. Coincidence….I think not.

    ** PS the reason I was late the second time, the web site was down or could not be accessed although I tried 11 times on the due date and finally got onto the site the next morning and made my payment. Not my fault…yours

  9. Why don’t you use customer service people who speak English? I could barely understand a work the Indian woman said. Are you too cheap to use American workers? Don’t you make enough money on the interest we pay you?
    Additionally your website is a joke. Try to contact customer service via you own website. you have to register! It is obvious you REALLY

  10. give me a reply on my account i left a phone message with my account number i am tring to figure out if my account was reported to the credit breau?, i made up the miss amount of 5dollars plus the late fee give me a call to discuss this matter


  12. I do not even know where to start with the care credit customer services. It is the worst, I literally want to scream when I spoke with the first rep, I was calling today because I make my payments on time very month, but it seems like it will not post till next day and I recieved a late fee charge. This has been for 3 months same thing and I did not realize tht was happening until I checked my statement and wonder why is my balance higher then what I started with. It was because f the late fees. The rep would talk over me when I explained my situation and said that I paid it on 28, I know I pay it on time every month on the 27th, basically tellin me I am lying why woul I need to lie. If I know that I was getting charge late fees why would I let it continue for 3 months. And then I asked to speak with supervisor and he was worst. I wanted 10 minutes before I was helped, as soon as he got on phone and I try to explain my self same thing he stated facts!!!! That I paid it a day late when I know I paid it on time. He says I can see when it was paid when I know I paid on the 27. I have read bad reviews about them and calling them today confirms the lack of good customer service they provide makes me nvr what to contact them again. Bottom line is the customer service reps are rude and need to take classes to good customer services. People call for them for help not to get the customers upset.

  13. Requesting a full statement from beginning on my account…and please decease calling on
    sundays and any days before 9 a.m. CST…I am aware my account is over due and have talked with Customer Service regarding this…I also do not talk to service people whose first language is not English….I resent any company that has outsourced their resources…..At this time I will only make payments on principle owed without interest….this has gotten way out of control and as I am no longer employed and living on Social Security my ability to pay on any debts is nigh on impossible….PLS REFRAIN FROM CALLING REPEATLY…NEED FULL ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING…!!!

  14. Yes this place is a joke. I have 2 accounts with them. With both accounts they sent to bills to the wrong address then sent all info to fraud department because the mail was returned. I will repeat 2 accts and they could not get it right. Now they finally got the second account’s statement to the correct address but when I went to set up my acct online they had yet another incorrect address. It was even in another state. I called them after 40 minutes trying to talk to someone they were unable to locate the acct under the number and needed my SSN. Needless to say, when I went to call them back they are closed… MOnday at 230 PM. I AM NOT PAYING THIS BILL if they have no clue who my acct belongs to, what address I live at, or can not answer the phone….. I will NEVER have another acct with these incompetent morons….

  15. My name is Lilian Hayes, I dont remember my account number ending to cancel the December 12, 2012.
    For purposes of paying taxes this year 13/14, I require I be sent a statement to prove my Care Credit payment.
    Thank you please send it to me at my new address:
    925 E. Magnolia Dr. Apt F-2
    Tallahassee, Fl 32301.
    Please send as soon as possible.
    PD. This account has been canceled since December, 2012.
    I appreciate your valuable cooperation.
    Lilian Hayes.

  16. Today is feb. 4, 2013. I spent TWO & A HALF HOURS on the phone with these idiots trying to find a live associate in the collections department. Someone listed my account as a pending bankruptcy and they quit sending the statements. As I am going thru an awful divorce, I did forget to pay the bill. Now, I have a 30 day late pay on my credit w/ Equifax and my attorney told me Care credit can ask for this to be removed as this is the first time this has happened. But trying to find SOMEONE to talk to is ridiculous! Going to try tomorrow and threaten to file a complaint with the FTC for violation of the Fiar Debt Collection Practices Act. I can hardly wait until this is paid off..I will NEVER use these people again! AWFUL EXPERIENCE!!!

  17. I had one question to ask before I enlisted in the program. Needless to say, I could not find anyone with whom to talk. I am not willing to submit all of my personal information to a computer screen or to a recorded line. If I knew the answer to my question, it might help.

  18. Horrible outfit! My senior citizen low income sister was talked into this account by Wells Hearing Aids in Everett WA. They charged her $300 to RETURN the merchandise in less than a week for “restocking fee”. Care Credit charged her apx $60 in late fees and interest; she never received an invoice. She finally got ahold of some fellow in the Philippines that she could barely understand; he said they’d accept the $300 and waive the other fees due to the misunderstanding. I called, had to give them a debit card on my checking account for $300; they’re still charging her the “fees”. What a lying, cut-throat outfit this is. The lady I finally got ahold of, again, I could barely understand a word she said. They obviously prey on the elderly with low income levels who can’t understand nor afford their credit plan.

    • After not being able to make a payment online, I tried calling customer service todo it over the phone. I again had trouble when I encountered the automated setup. I pressed 0 in hopes of getting a live operator. Instead the machine told me that if I meeded to speak to a real person, I would be charged a fee of $15. complete and utter bullshit. I am livid. Worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. I know this fee wasn’t always the policy because I have talked to a live person before without.any mention of being charged for it. Anybody else have this happen to them?

  19. Can’t find phone number for a live person, have several issues, and can’t get them resolved, don’t like this type of service at all. will be closing my account. Terrible service.

  20. I spent almost ten minutes trying to get to an agent before I was able to reach one. This happened AFTER: My card wasn’t handy, so they asked for my SS# as an alternative. I gave them the SS#, at which point they again asked for the account #! WHAT??? I had to hang up; find my card; and go through the entire process again.
    THEN, it took me ten minutes to get the agent.
    CARE———You don’t care about customer service!

  21. I am having a terrible time trying to pay my Care Credit card on line. I finally reached a human being after going thru a long, complicated computer voice. We havetwo accounts with GE capital, one for Lencrafters and one for dental work. The dental one is in my husband’s name, the Lenscrafter one is in my name. Different numbers, but they will not let me access the dental one. The rep said the dental one was locked, and to try again in 3 hours. I tried again some 9 hours later, and it will still not accept his login and password even tho the rep checked and said they were correct! Once I get this paid, I will never use them again. No email address, a phone number only from Mon to Fri certain hours! I guess they don’t want my money!!

  22. I received a letter from GE Capital Retail Bank, Orlando, FL stating I was declined for a credit card. I am 80 years old, living on Social Security, and NEVER APPLIED FOR A CREDIT FOR YEARS!! I reported this FRAUD to my bank and to the police. I will proceed to find more Fraud Reporting Sites plus having Experian put a FRAUD ALERT on my credit report. Who are these people? Where did they get this address!! BE AWARE!

  23. I have been trying to reach a customer representative to talk to about listings for eyeglass locations. On line you list locations and store names that do not participate in care credit. You need to update your website with and also a contact number where I can speak with a representative. I called the number on the credit card and I got a person named Tanesha trying to give me a voucher for $100 to Target, Walmart, etc. She was asking for $1.95 fee and asking for my bank card number to withdraw the fee. I think this is totally unacceptable and the credit card’s issued should have the proper information for the customer’s to reach in case there is a problem. Please email a number where I can reach a live person.

  24. unable to reset password for online payment and no option to reach a representative by phone. This is very frustrating and no the system will not accept the password reset. Please Email my password for acct

  25. I don’t understand how you think I owe 800 when I think it should be $300. I have called and called and could not get thru. I tried the chat line several times but always closed. I finally did talk to a live person but her explanations made no sense. The majority of my deferral purchases have been paid in a timely manner. The lady promised to send me copies of all transaction on my account. Still waiting.

  26. I can’t reach someone who can understand English about making an arrangement. they don’t get any explanation or reasoning, sound like a robot reading. I need a real human person who understands English, and to stop multiplying the account beyond what I owe. anyone know an email address for them?

  27. I have a very sick dog and was sent home from the vet because care credit declined my card but when I go and check my account it tells me that I have a credit line of well over 2,000. The vet made me sign papers stating that it was not good to take him home because they do not think he will make it through the night. These people are heartless and unless that can fix this problem I am closing the account, they also need to show on my account were I made my payment instead of stating that my balance is past due. Please people help me, isn’t that what your job is for to help people. May God bless everyone on this page having all these troubles and may God speak to some ones heart at care credit and help us resolve these issues.

  28. This is absolutely the worse credit card ever. I broke my leg, and asked for a hardship. I spent hours on the phone talking to different reps. This is the only account that would not give me one. Just in case some Care Credit Customer Service person reads this my last 4 numbers on my account is 2349. I live in the 94578 area code.

  29. Accessing your agent by phone is very unsatisfactory.

    I do not have my account number; I entered the Social as prompted and responne from Creditcare is negative.

    I had some questions regarding this account. impossible to speak to someone.

  30. I will never use Care Credit again. My ex-fiance called the automated number, raised my line of credit, maxed out my cared, and I got slapped with a huge bill. I cannot speak to a live person regarding this unauthorized transaction, I cannot get a hold of anyone via live chat. Care Credit write back, acknowledging my message (I could only do live chat, since there isn’t even an email address on the site), but they did not address my problem. I have been fraudulently billed, and no one will even speak to me.

  31. Hello I just wanted to send you a letter that I have written to Aspen dental and to let you know that the company that you’re dealing with may not be completely honest and forthright with the customer. This is what follows:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I went today to pay a bill and Aspen Dental, I was paying with my care credit and the bill was roughly $176.00. I was told that it’s Aspen dental’s policy and the computers would not allow anything less than $200 to be billed to care credit, last week I called care credit and they said that they could post any amount if there was a problem to call them. When I told them that I called Care Credit, I was told again that was Aspen dental’s policy not to charge anything less than $200 in the computers would not physically allow them to do that. Is that really the way that Aspen dental does business? If that is the case need to find a better business profile.

    Michael J Flynn

    • I have found myself a victim of what seems to be collusion between the dental service provider and Care Credit. The buck passing was monumental; my bill was more than I was quoted, and after paying the balance due in full am still being billed for “amounts owed”. A supposed 9.75 balance has become over 400 is less than six months, and I am nowhere near resolution. I honestly feel that the dental providers and GE Capital are in cahoots in keeping customers confused and at bay.

  32. I have had the absolute WORST customer service experience. It is clear these people fielding calls have no clue what you ask of them! I asked for the credit department (to reinstate my card), they first gave me the phone number which I realized after calling was my veterinarian’s phone number! The second time I called they gave me the exact phone number from the back of the credit card which I had called and was already on the line with! Finally, the icing on the preverbial cake, was hanging up on me! Don’t call! No one has a clue what’s going on do don’t even bother unless you are only paying your bill! Guess I will find a way to fund my dog’s much needed surgery on my own! Thanks care credit! You are the BEST!

  33. Your company deserves every bit of the harsh criticism it has received. In addition to inept out-sourced “customer service” representatives, a virtually useless automated answering system and the blatant refusal to provide a valid source of contact other than the US Mail, appalling.

    What are you afraid of? Other banks have no problem providing a fax number. You want documented proof of certain claims; I want the ability to prove by a time/date stamp that the information has been received. Certified mail to a PO Box is ludicrous.

    I wouldn’t recommend your product to anyone. Your advertising is deceptive, your voodoo mathematics an insult, and your “customer service” a joke.

  34. Thank you for posting the link for Live Chat with Care Credit! It worked just great! The person was quick to get online and answered my questions within short time.

  35. I have an account with the dentist through their care credit. I used the card for some work and the next procedur decided to pay out of pocket. Had a surgeon for the last work done and had already paid. Insurance company sent me a letter letting me know that they needed information so they could pay her. Gave it to them and they put it in. Called them about a tax issue and found out they had a credit for me for over 1900.00 dollars. It’s now no longer available. No way I’m letting this slide. Will be contacting them AND my insurance company on Monday

  36. Month after month a go through hoops to try to pay my bill. I pay with a prepaid debit card each month,so I have to be on hold anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Then when I finally get a person after I’ve already punched in or given all info about myself and account number etc… I have to do it again. It is so much of a hassle I can’t even tell you!It’s a prepaid card it is going to go though, if the money not there it won’t work but I am then told I’m going to be charged 10$ Really…………..Long and short of it after I pay this off, God please keep me well that I will never have to use this company again.

  37. Your late charges are ridiculous. You are not forgiving, of any late payment, even if, it’ just one day. Thats too bad. When I finish paying my bill. I will never use the card again. I will not, recommend this card, to any of my friends.

  38. This caircredit is a scam and a joke . They will only give credit to ones with 650 or higher ! They hide the truth in all the legal mombo jombo on there sight . Stsy away and do not waist your time . Do not call there contact number ! Unless you can understand jibrish from a foren country !

  39. I found out that my wife got the credit card and put me down as the secondary on the card. All I want is my name off the Bill since I did not know anything about it, well after about 20 minutes on the phone and being transferred to different departments only to here her say they can not remove my name from the credit card. I am screwed, a simple request and nothing paid on the bill.

  40. I think you all should at least contact the person with the card before charging all this interest. I could have solved before all got added to my account. now I will be forced to transfer to another card with lower interest.


  42. Your automated service is horrible. It took forever answering questions to reach a human being, and that is about all I can say for your customer service rep…they were breathing. This is the absolute WORST customer service I have every received. I was assisted by Diamond, who laughed with a co-worker for most of the conversation. I should have just hung up. Apparently you do not train your employees to present your company in a professional manner, but allow them to embarrass you. I will pay off what I owe and close this account. What a sorry business!!! From the looks of the other reviews, this is how you run your business.

  43. I received my card in the mail on Saturday. MY FIRST NAME IS NOT LISA. It is Theresa Skibinski. When I called to have it corrected I was informed by your representative that I had to write a letter to Care Credit before you could change my name.
    WHY? I have 2 other credit cards that will accommodate me over the telephone when there is a miss-spelling or the name is not right. Why can you not accept the Card holder’s telephone call, my husband, Robert Skibinski, and correct my name????

  44. Yes I think that both Aspen dental and carecredit are in this together . I had trouble with them trying to get just a rejustment on my denture which they refused and told me they needed to do a crown first before they could adjust. Then I have been trying to get a refund and they told me ok and then tell me it would be paid back to the kind of payment I used which was carecredit so now they will get double pay because I already paid it off. Which I could find a way to get my money back any one know what to do ?

  45. Worse customer service. Spoke to 5 different people, one an account manager on January 6th. None could resolve my problem. Called again on January 12th, spoke to 3 different people again no one could resolve my problem. Filing a complaint with BBB, and also Attorney Generals office. All you get is a call center, and a different person each time you call. This has been a nightmare. I will be sure to post my negative experience on Facebook as well. I would not recommend this company or their card to anyone. BEWARE!!

  46. Insurance billing inaccurracy has caused me to have to prevent negative credit reporting by Care Credit. Although I have been told that will be cleared/suspended, I must take responsibility for reviewing my personal credit status with all agencies to protect myself. It’s inconceivable that Great Expressions Dental/Care Management didn’t care enough to honor my request for review from October 28, 2014 and subsequent phone calls. I spent over 5 hours in phone calls today alone. I just don’t have time or energy for that level of disservice.

  47. I have been told that Care Credit GE has been sold and because I was sending my payment to GE and not the right place, I have been turned over to the collection agency, Eastpoint. There is a lot more to the story but I need to know if Care Credit GE has been sold and when it was sold.

  48. I am Shameeka Amos Andi email care credit will that be fine if I pay my credit card on April 3 trying to get my balance down I don’t want to lose my account want to keep my payments going give.

  49. Care credit, does NOT care what kind of work your dentist does…after more than twenty visits, sending your partial back to the lab 5000 miles away, still doesn’t fit right, making terrible crowns that are so jagged, and poorly made, that it still hurts when I touch my tongue to it…still can’t eat properly…Synchrony Bank sides with the dentist..over $6600 in bills, still have to pay the bank, and find a dentist who knows what they are doing make sure you read before you sign with a bank..and know a good lawyer..realize of course that the dentist pays the bank too..the bank is making out just fine

  50. these people are the lowest of all human beings. i would not recommend them to my worst enemy. if you went to a loan shark…you would get better interest rates. these people really bite! i refused a j c. penny’s credit card because they use the same g e retail bank. when you cannot find a mailing address of a business…run away from them!

  51. This is email that should be related to old acct.I no longer have a care credit.But if you are trying to contact me do so through email as my phone DOES NOT accept 800,866 or any # that I do not have programmed…

  52. Estoy tratando de comunicarme con representantes y no he podido
    tengo mi tarjeta perdida y necesito otra por favor quiero un Núm.
    Tel. donde pueda hablar con un representante.

  53. I recently closed my account, I have a credit, please just send me the credit, you can email me your response, thank you

  54. I tried to use my card yesterday and the payments didnt go through. I want to know why?


    Mario Castro

  55. Reading thru these posts, it almost appears that a Govt Agency should be looking into their business practices. Has anyone ever contacted their State’s Consumer Protection agency, often part of the State Attorney Generals Office. Also, perhaps a call to area Better Business Bureaus could get some action. The inability to actually SPEAK to someone about a concern is horrible and unforgivable, and needs to be addressed in some manner. If the company doesn’t want to communicate with customers, they shouldn’t be allowed to operate the same way other legitimately operated companies do. Hoping that Someone will PLEASE contact a Govt agency with any issues! I havent had a problem yet so I haven’t had to contact them, BUT I read these complaints and feel bad for those customers being treated so wrongly and believe the company should be reminded of any and all applicable laws that govern their company operation.

  56. Contact Better Business Bureaus or State Attorneys General Offices (Consumer Protection Divisions) and report problems you are having!

  57. I am beyond disgusted with your company and it’s “Customer Service” Department and I have only been a card holder for 3 months. This company is an absolute joke and it is not surprising to read horrible review after horrible review especially after experiencing it first hand.

    My first major issue with your company is your website. I generally pay most of my bills online, but because your website does not retain customer information, my only other choice is to call and to make sure that the payment is recorded by an actual human being (Not a necessarily a competent one but close enough).

    When processing my last payment, some of the information was apparently not entered correctly and the payment was ultimately rejected by my bank . After talking to my personal banker there was no sign of the transaction ever hitting my bank which obviously shows that was on Care Credits end. I was spoken to like the situation was my fault and when I asked to speak to a manager I was placed on hold and told to wait for him to get off of a call. After 15 minutes I was told to wait longer if I really wanted to talk to him. I told the agent to have the manager call me at his convenience and was given a slew of excuses and ultimately just ended the call. For a credit card company that is offering customer care, this is by far the worst experience I have ever had. I will never refer your services to anyone and will continue to write emails until somebody gets enough balls to contact me back. I seriously doubt it though since you guys obviously spend most of your time jerking people off and around! The BBB is my next stop.

    Kimberly Morgan

  58. My wife and I discovered (after making TWO YEARS of on-time payments, as per Carecredit’s requests) that suddenly we owed MORE than the original loan. Having borrowed $4000 for dental work in 2012 and paid off $2000 of that, we now owe another $4000.
    How is this even possible? Moral = no; Legal = yes.
    Will nobody stop these animals preying on people?

  59. New to this card. Worst customer service in the world. Sorry I got involved.

    1. Customer service phone number on card is IMPOSSIBLE. Options do not work. Time wasted getting though to a human.

    2. Trying to register my email address, I input the link they pasted on the card —
    and found a screen full of options, none of which is correct.

    3. I can’t find how much I need to pay monthly to make sure to pay account off within the 6th months to avoid penalties. Is this what they are counting on?


  60. My payment is due on the 27th of the month. I paid $526 on Sept. 3. Obviously my $98 minimum payment due Sept. 27 is fulfilled, right? Nope. Care Credit said I paid too early. Anything paid more than 22 days before the payment is due is retroactively credited to the last month. So my Sept. 3 payment is credited backwards to the August billing cycle where my payment was due and paid by Aug. 27. However, had I waited to pay the Aug. minimum payment on Sept. 3 it would have been counted late. Long and short: I paid more than 5 times my minimum payment within 24 days of when the payment was due. Now I need to pay $98 more or they will count me late in meeting my minimum payment. How can this be legal?

  61. Horrible customer service. Was approved for credit August 2015 and to date still have not received a card. Called back at the beginning of September to tell them I hadn’t received card and told them to re-issue a new card which I was informed was completed. The week prior to procedure called back to confirm if a card had been sent and was told that the account had been cancelled and a new account had not been opened. Escalated the concern to manager who I was told during the call that she generated a new account and sent out a new card. The day of procedure called to charge on account and was told that all accounts had been closed with no reason why. Spent an hour on the phone to re-establish the account and then was told I had to call back to process the charge. Another half hour on hold. Horrible experience…

  62. Cancellation of Care Credit due to my going out of business. We tried using Candy’s fax # 714/776-9044 several times this week and could not get our fax to go through. Today we were given another number by Sharod Merrill # and we have sent two emails to cancel the service. Please call us at to let us know that you have received our cancellation request. Dr. Robert Rogers.

  63. I have a question about my recent CareCredit account The only telephone #’s I have available are for the automated system. I am a laryngectomee and speak with an artificial voice prosthesis. The automated system does not recognize my responses but normally people can understand me over the telephone. Please provide me with an email address or a telephone number of a person where I do not have to go through the automated system.

    J. M. McGoff

  64. I was trying to make a payment by phone and they could not repeat my bank account number correctly. They said there would be a $10.00 fee to talk to a representative. I was finally transferred and was then disconnected. How can I talk (without a fee) to a representative of your company??? Lynda Wilson

  65. I was very pleased with care credit the first few months. My dog broke her leg and was perfect for the emergency during the time. Later I learned why it’s awful I got back charged interest on her leg surgery even though it was paid off in the promotional period all because a dentist bill I charged wasn’t paid off in the promotional period. So now I’m paying interest on back dated interest. I now see how you all make your money.

  66. Does anyone have an email address for Carecredit? I have a hearing problem. I tried contacting them by phone but it was impossible. I can’t find an email address anywhere.

  67. This is the worse customer service. It is so sad the majority of the customer services are now being contracted out to the Phillippines. When speaking to the person from the phillippines you have to listen to a desertation of “gipperish” before getting a yes or no response. Half the time you cannot understand a blasted thing the people are saying and it order to get your point across you have to say to them “all I need is a yes or no answer” OMG bring the customer services back to California, Texas or even the East Coast. The automated system used is the same as if you had a rep from the Phillippines on the line. BAD SERVICE and Hard to understand……………..

  68. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I want any calls… If you continue to harass me by phone, I will seek LEGAL ACTION! Stop all harassment IMMEDIATELY!!


  70. Your wait time when calling this morning was almost 10 min, which is way to long. I spoke to a reb who’s name was Glenn, I guess Glenn was not feeling well maybe he should of taken a day off to feel better. Not very happy with his customer service manners, Not friendly at all, and not very helpful. I hope this not the practice of your customer care team. And charging a fee to make a payment via phone is unreal you are already making your money with the interest. my Feb bill was due on Feb 2nd ($50.00) that’s not even 20 days past due my husband made a payment of $150.00 this morning and yet I cant use my card . If someone could please respond to my email I would appreciate it. Thank you Janet

  71. I would like the late fee reversed on my account. I had tried to setup up my account online but your site requires an acct number to register. I finally received a statement after my duedate. Right away I revistered and paud my first payment. Perhaps you could advisemanagement to change the registration requirements?

    Thank you and please email me with a confirmation of this request.
    Patricia Morton

  72. You have the worse Customer Service, you need to answer your phone!!!!!!!! I just uped my credit amount to $6,000 on my card & all I need to know is how much are my payments a month & for how long?

  73. CareCredit
    Synchrony Financial, PO Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061

    Re: 18 months interest free promotion

    Dear CareCredit:

    I am writing to you because I my payments are automatically deducted. I did not notice a pay off request 90 days before my ending statement. I was under the impression when I was told 18 months interest free that’s what it would be and I would not have to keep reviewing statements looking for a change.

    I have spoken with your company in regards to this, they told me to contact the doctor’s office who will contact care credit. When the doctor’s office called me back the lady stated because I did not notice this on a bill within 90 days, they are unable to change it. This sounds crazy to me.

    I am requesting to be put on 18 months interest free. I have never missed a payment or have been late. The original agreement was also for 18 months, so I don’t understand how all of the sudden this has changed.

    Please conduct a review of my account to determine whether I am eligible for an alternative repayment plan.
    I hope we will be able to agree upon an acceptable repayment plan.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Dana Rodriguez

  74. I’ve been paying my account for the past two years on my cell phone. Now all of a sudden I can’t pay my Bill by cell phone. Just in case you didn’t know this not everyone has a computer. Very, Very angry. Doesn’t make sense to me. Just a bunch of mess.

  75. OK, so this is how you get a live person to talk to you at Care Credit.
    Call 1-800-677-0718 and when the automated voice comes on just start hitting the “0” number about 15 times. Then wait a few seconds. The automated voice will come back on and tell you that this call will be recorded but then it sends you to a live agent. I think I got on in less then two minutes. I hope that helps someone out.

  76. I have a payment that is due on the 8th of the month, but it is taken out on the 7th, which I will not have the payment until the morning of the 8th…is there anyway that you can keep the auto-pay of $152 from coming out on the 7th?

  77. Oh gosh where to start? The fact you have a chat section that is not available is joyous. The fact I had to google to even find this page to leave a remark is another. The fact I am on hold a while another. The fact your website every single time I log in you want me to update my info. Really every single time? Plus I log in and it takes me to two different sites before I can even make a payment. Gosh so much wrong with that website and the service we can get from it. You can make a payment but that is all you can do and I guess that is all you care we do.

  78. I was a potential client of Care Credit until I tried to reach a representative to get several questions answered that I wasn’t able to find the answers on their website and then after reading all of these issues from current Care Credit clients I’d be leery of becoming a Care Credit client. I’m just curious if this many people and probably many more people have issues with Care Credit why haven’t they been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  79. Excellent card to use when I did my lasik, the occasional chiropractic visit, my dentist visits, or when I take my bulldog to the vet. Love the card. Hate the fact you can never get a hold of an agent though to ask questions. Also their payment don’t post on the correct time so I always pay my bill 3 days in advance to avoid the fees I sometimes got in the beginning. If you try paying the day of or night before you will likely get hit with a $35 fee.

  80. Your online site is down so I could not look at my bill online. Then, when I called, I was put on hold for 15 minutes then disconnected with the message business hours had ended. This sucks!!!

  81. Question- you sent to me a flyer to enter a CARECREDIT CONTEST- but when I go to the site- care
    it says it does not exists. What’s UP???
    please respond

  82. I want to apply for an upcoming vet procedure and dental procedure for myself, I have no idea of the amount for these charges until I see the med professional, please advise

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