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Contacting Canon Customer Service Center

Canon is widely known as a camera company, but the company builds much more than cameras. Canon currently produces cameras, computer printers, office devices and industry equipment. Accessing customer support pages is a bit difficult as they are not located on the main website, but rather on the USA website for the Canon company.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

After navigating through the maze of pages on the Canon customer service page, we were able to find two customer service numbers. We also found other numbers listed online, but these are not verified by the Canon customer service page or Canon FAQs.

  • Canon customer service: 1-800-652-2666
  • TDD: 1-866-251-3752

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address for Canon customer support, but there is a mailing address for Canon headquarters.

Canon USA Inc Corporate Headquarters
1 Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042

Official Website

If you are looking for the official website for all Canon products, you can find that website at From the main page, you can access information about the company, product information, support downloads and customer support for individual products and services.

The website for all support services available in the United States is

If you wish to order a Canon product, you can use the official website to research products and order directly from Canon.

Customer Service Email

Contacting customer service by email is available from two different online contact forms. The first form is for consumers who want to ask questions about a specific product. You must have product information for the product you are inquiring about when sending your email. The product support email form is available here:

You can also contact customer service for general product information or to have a question answered by customer service at:

We contacted customer service via this contact page asking about a customer service email address. If customer service responds, we will update that information.

Our Experience

The customer service line for Canon was picked up by an automated response line. We were asked for a model number to direct our call to the right agent/department. We pressed 0 and the call was immediately picked up by a customer service agent. The agent spoke clearly with no sign of an accent, but she was not the representative that would be answering our question. The representative answered the call by saying, “How may I direct your call?” We asked for the customer service department and she wanted to know more information so the call could be transferred to the correct department. The entire call took less than three minutes.

What experience do you have with Canon customer service?

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26 Comments on “Contact Canon Customer Service
  1. hi
    Is it possible to send me a book guides for me? I need to it for work with my camera.
    my camera is canon EOS 10D
    Thank you

  2. i have just aquired a canon printer….CANON PIXMA MP 480,but have lost the instuction manual book…i can,t seem to download it possible you can send this information to my email address..thank you…david preston..

  3. To Customer service:

    Approached Canon show room in DXB to purchase 500mm IS II lens and they directed us to Ashok at the head office. Several calls were made but the secretary was reluctant to transfer the call to Ashok and the mobile number was also not provided. No response for one month if product is available or the cost. After one month again we approached but calls are never transferred to Ashok again (who ever he is). Finally we got to know product is not available in market (no idea why website is displaying items not available in stock), and can be ordered only on customer request. No body is even available to negotiate on prices (huge price difference) in spite of us being ready to make direct cash payments and place the order. What kind of service does Canon Middle East offer to it’s customers ????? These kind of non customer oriented employees should not be even working for such prestige companies and ruining company reputation..
    Having purchased so many Canon products we are thoroughly disappointed.


    Kosala Edirisooriya

  4. I recently purchased the Cannon EOS Rebel T3 Camera. It was advertised as having two separate lenses: The EF-S 18-55mm as well as the 75-300mm. I purchased this camera through Walmart. It was advertised for $449.00 and if I purchased the camera package with the 75-300mm lens the price was $499.00 I purchased the bundle package at $499.00 but never received the 75-300mm lens as promised. I paid, I want my 75-300mm lens.

  5. Im trying to put a pic on a coffee mug by heat press i bought a selphy cp780 because it said sublimation printer will i be able to use a pic i print to heat press it on a coffee cup?

  6. I hate canon. If you want to buy something on the weekends they will help, but if you already spent the money and need help on weekends…forget it. They are worthless I didnt buy the printer my boss did and if i had it my way we would have got ANYTHING BUT CANON!!!!!!! Worst company ever!!!!

  7. Hello,

    I bought a Canon 400D and Canon EFS 17-85mm zoom lens from Hong Kong about 5 years ago. I love the product and have taken tens of thousands of photos in that time, for both professional and amateur reasons.

    In that time I have had to pay to get it fixed 6 or 7 times. Canon Thailand have not been very understanding. I don’t believe this is in keeping with your normal high standards I’ve been privileged to receive over the years.

    I look after my camera very carefully and this continual financial outlay is unacceptable. I also find unacceptable and devastating how my beloved Canon camera has regularly failed in its trusted task of capturing unrepeatable moments in my life. Having spoken to many people in the photographic industry, the consensus is that this is not acceptable for a Canon product. I love my camera but I hate the way I have to constantly pay to keep it working.

    Canon Thailand have offered me a ‘special’ price but something tells me that once the 3 month warranty has expired I will find myself having to pay once again to repair a minor fault. And once again I will have lost the chance to photograph something important in my life. This I’m sure you’ll agree is unsustainable situation.

    Please refer to the email correspondence below.

    I hope you take the time to consider my upsetting problem. Thank you for your time.

    Best regards


  8. Dear sir, i brought a selphy cp 810 photo printer from vandana lab. bolangir orissa dt.06.02.2013. I want to print photo from mobile memory card. When i set the card with a adaptor and use it with printer the photo of memory card not appears in printer display. What is the cause not showing the photo plz mail me quick i wait ur answer.

  9. I have a cp 810 printer i want to print 20 photo in one paper i try all of my idea with ur guide book but one picture are printed. Plz tell me what problem ?

  10. Dear sir/Madam

    My Name is Ranvijay i purchase a canon printer, where shopkeeper promise that One compliment headphone you will get with this printer by company corresponding after online product registration, i register my product
    and my unique Number is YTI5azk1

  11. Bought the printer, but was told, later after opening box, that I would need to purchase cable separely. Custoner service rep tried telling me the salesperson should have informed me, although there was no way they could have known. I found this out when I read the manual.
    Then, she tried to tell me that ALL printers require you to have a usb cable. Bull. I have never had this issue. All of my printers have had a cable.
    Besides, if that were the case, why would the salesperson be expected to tell me this, if it were obvious? The only reason a salesperson would mention this would be if it were not typical for a printer to have a cable with it. But again, how could they know this, without opening the package?
    Then she told me I should rummage through all of my old printers and find a compatible cable. None of them were compatible.

  12. One more thing: Is it really fair of Canon to expect that people already have a printer with an extra cable? What if I had been a first time purchaser>
    Furthermore, I don’t think it’s fair to require someone to purchase and extra cable without clearly telling them this UP FRONT
    Have wasted much time, gas and energy on this issue.
    Cannon is unprofessional, and their customer service people are defensive, not helpful.
    This printer was an el cheapo $30 model.
    You get what you pay for.
    I;m going back to HP
    Listen, if you think that a company is unfair, leave comments, and tell your friends. As long as we keep letting them rip us off, companies like Cannon will continue to offer inferior products.

  13. I bought a Canon Printer from Esquire, they sell you the printer but don’t supply ink or support it. It printed about 30 pages. After waiting nearly 6 months for genuine ink cartridges from Sahara Computers I could use the printer again, after printing 37 pages it is out of ink. To print 67 pages cost me over a thousand rand. Trying to get support from Canon is also imposable as they just don’t respond at all. Their website is a dead end. They will not only loose a customer but as a computer supplier my customers will not be buying Canon products as I will be relating my experience to them in regard to the lack of service and the poor quality of their product.

  14. I have Canon PRO9000 MARK II,I have almost wasted my ink.please,which “select paper size to choose when to print on 4×6 print size” (1)thesamethin applicable to (5×7) pls

  15. 27th November 2014

    I have a canon printer and I have just run-out of colour ink (546). I am wondering if you have concidered doing a monthly payment plan where you can make payments every month. At the moment it is costing me over £20 for colour and black ink. If you could consider the above I would be greatful and it would help to lower the cost of the ink. This is for Canon to consider for all his customers.

    Martin Brian Maw

  16. I purchased a Pixma Pro 100 printer and I was supposed to received a $250.00 mail in rebate. Canon refused to honor the rebate because it was received just a few days late. The dealer will not take it back because the UPC was removed and Canon refusing to send me back the UPC. Nice little scam they have going on. I will NEVER and I repeat NEVER purchase another Canon product. I am thankful my camera is a Nikon and I never have to deal with Canon and their totally unprofessional customer service. Do not fall for Canon’s mail in rebate scams.

  17. Hello,
    I just purchased a Canon S120 digi-camera on Boxing Day. I’d like to know why it doesn’t include the cable to attach to a computer? I’ve purchased cheaper cameras, made by other brands, that included the cable which I always figured was as basic a feature like the battery and charger. I shouldn’t (1) have to buy it separately (only to be told the camera store I bought it from doesn’t sell that particular cable) and (2) not think it wasn’t included with my purchase.
    I look forward to an explanation

  18. Customer service is a rip off they want to charge you $99 for a technician to help you hook your iPhone to a wireless printer did not know when I bought this product I was going to have to jump through all these hoops to get it to work

  19. I bought a canon vixia hf r500 camcorder from best buy.
    The image browser software that comes with the camera ( download) has been nightmare. After speaking with customer service..( over 45 minutes with 2 different customer service reps..troubleshooting the problem, their solution was use windows movie maker. I’d return it if I could. But I must say that when I called customer service ( twice) I reached a service rep. promptly…but still no solution.

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