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Contacting Burlington Coat Factory Customer Service Center

Burlington Coat Factory sells more than coats, regardless of the name. The corporation operates more than 450 stores in nearly every state in the US. Founded in 1972, the company offers high-end merchandise at reduced prices.

Customer service contact information for Burlington Coat Factory is extremely limited. We were able to find a contact page on the main website, but there is not number openly listed and no address for the corporate office.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no phone numbers listed to contact Burlington Coat Factory customer service on the official website, but we managed to find a number from other sources. We tested the number and it does connect customers to the customer service department.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-223-2628

Mailing Address

We found the mailing address listed in the Privacy Policy – not on the customer service contact page.

Burlington Coat Factory
Attn: Customer Relations Department
1830 Route 130 North
Burlington, NJ 08016

Official Website

Visit http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com to shop, log in to your account or contact customer service. At this time the only means of contacting customer service on the official website is the contact form. You should not provide financial information, like credit card or gift card numbers in the body of your email. You may be given additional customer service options once you’ve logged in. You can also check your packing slip for contact information if you’ve already received an order.

Customer Service Email

The contact page http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/ContactUs.aspx for Burlington Coat Factory lists an email form and nothing more. You can choose between three departments – Store, Online or Corporate. You must enter your name and a valid email address to send the form.

We contacted the customer service department by email to find out why there is no mailing address or customer service phone number listed on the website.

We also found an email address for customer service listed on the Facebook page: facebook@coat.com.

Burlington Coat Factory customer service is available on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Experience

The customer service number for Burlington Coat Factory was a bit difficult to find. We finally found several numbers, but only the one listed was accurate. When you call customer service you can press 0 to skip the automated system. Our call was answered by Gail in less than 30 seconds. Gail was happy to locate our nearest Burlington Coat Factory. She also noted that the website could also provide this information or information on other stores if we’d rather not wait for a customer service agent.

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16 Comments on “Contact Burlington Coat Factory Customer Service
  1. I would like to commend your sales associate, Ali, in the Pinole store. I was there to return an item and it seemed all the other associates (2) were busy with customers. Ali had just finished helping another customer and seeing that other customers needed assistance, he “jumped” in to help. He had a positive attitude and treated his customers as his number one priority. What great customer service. You need more workers like him!!!

  2. Dear Burlington Rep: Recently I received an email saying that you would be getting back to me on my proposal. I was given the reference # of CSR342468, but to date I have heard nothing. Please let me know if I will be hearing further from your company. Thank you. Larry Nestor

  3. Just just experienced the worst customer service ever had in the store. The service desk associate would not let me take an item off of my layaway, that I was about to purchase. I didn’t want one of the items anymore and she said the only way was to pay for it in full (which I didn’t have all of the money for because I thought they would let me remove the item)or cancel and lose 10 dollars after already pay 5 dollars to put they layaway in. It’s not stated on the reciept and its not my fault they don’t have the capability to remove the item. So I have to pay for their lack in technology. The money lee was rude and obviously no clue of how to fix the problem. I will never shop there ever again. Second time putting a layaway in last time stepping foot in there.

  4. It’s frustrating trying to get through to you guys, there’s no luck via phone, and none via the internet. Someone made a purchase and tryinyg to follow up on the order that has not been received and has already been paid for and can’t get anywhere/intouch with the company or the Post Office is just not right. All you’re getting is voicemails while you’re leaving messages and emails and getting no response. Put yourself in my shoe, besides, it doesn’t look good for the company either. I won’t buy anything else online if this is what you consider good customer service. No one picks up the phone and no one returns your call. Should I stand the lost for the items that I paid for?

  5. Just just experienced the worst customer service ever had in the store. The supervisor (Virgilo Rivera store in Cayey, PR) did not want to exchange an item because it was from a new store. So I have to pay for their lack in technology. Then he got into my face because I told him I wasn’t leaving till he exchange the item. I would like an apology from him. You have to teach customer service to your supervisors. Thank You for you attention

  6. Is the same Burlington Co. With the ad on TV of a young girl looking int a mirror and fake aught er heard from another site. Please remove this ad. It is pathetic and cheaply done not to mention it makes NO sense. I won’t be going to your stores anytime soon.

  7. I went in to your store in chula vista California to return a pair f pants and the 2 at the refund counter were rude 1st to others and then to me.
    The pants to be returned were marked wrong and didn’t fit, and yes I did buy them more than 30 days ago and the white lady with glasses told me she only could give me a credit gift card no cash, so I said ok, then she said well I am only going to give you 9.99, I said no, and there is no notice which states you refund only 50 percent, she then said that “we are a discount store” I said it doesn’t say that anywhere or is it posted legally that you refund only 50 percent, so I asked to call the manager and in the meantime my young daughter heard the short black lady call me a “white bitchy” which is racist, then the manager said no she wasn’t going to give me anything even with the receipt , and that is illegal according to the state office of consumer affairs and the department of weights and measures.
    I do not appreciate you employees making racial comments and being rude, we are posting your employees behavior on you tube.

  8. I was just writing to thank you for remaining closed on Thanksgiving day and giving your employees the ability to stay home and spend time with their families.

  9. I have been trying to reach anybody in the corporate stores for an online package I received and it was not what I order I have went yo the website and filled out the proper material for internet complaints and received the confirmation code to confirm that the email has been sent. Please contact I have left Voicemail on every Voicemail I have came in contact with. I really need help because I made this order so I would have that gift for Christmas. Please contact me.

  10. I placed an order on line and received only 3 out the 4 items I ordered and paid for. No purchase receipt or packing slip came with my order. No direct phone # to speak to a live representative, only email. I’ve sent two emails and left two messages with customer service and no reply. Only recvd email stating a reference # and was told a representative would be in touch! Not good customer service in place! I’m ready to file a report to the BBB!

  11. I am extremely upset with Burlington coat factory online purchase that I made ten days ago and still have yet to receive my items. they have you email your complaint and u still NEVER hear back from a actual human being. I will be sure not to order anything from Burlington Coat Factory’s online service again!!! tis is crappy service and no way to treat a regular customer or a customer.

  12. It was hard to get a contact phone number but I did get one finally. I had my husband call, and the person who he talked to-Alisha-was very, very helpful. The problem we had was resolved in less than ten minutes. She was very personable and friendly. Burlington should be very proud to have someone such as Alisha representing them.

  13. Today, I had the pleasure of having Stephanie in Burlington’s Customer Relations department sort out a problem for me. She took the time to locate 2 chairs for me at a Fort Myers, Florida store for me, and worked with the Store Manager to facilitate the transaction including delivery. She was extremely thorough and pleasant during the entire process.
    My career was in Retail as a Human Resources Vice President and the customer service that she delivered on my behalf, no doubt ranked with the best that I’ve seen in 30+ years.

  14. Yesterday, I had an excellent phone experience with Stephanie, a Customer Service representative for Burlington. After purchasing 4 chairs at our local (Florida) Burlington store, my wife and I decided that we wanted 2 more of the same chairs. Stephanie, after much searching found the 2 chairs ONLY in a Burlington store in Fort Myers. She then spoke to that store manager and arranged for them to be shipped to our home address which was extremely helpful to us, since 4 chairs did not fill out our table.
    My career was as an HR Vice President, and Stephanie’s customer service was amongst the best that I’ve seen in over 30+years.

  15. On checking out the postings on this page I feel sure I will never hear from you. What a horrible name you are making for the Burlington Store. Is there no one out there who cares if it goes out of business or not. UNBLIVEABLE

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