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Contacting Bud Light Customer Service Center

Bud Light is the light version of one of the most popular Anheuser Busch brands sold in the United States. Bud Light, like all other Anheuser Busch brands, offers an official website for customers who love Bud Light, but the customer service contact information is nearly identical to that listed for all other brands.

Contact Info:

We found all the Bud Light customer service information listed here on the official website. You will need to enter your birthday to enter the site. If you are under 21, you cannot enter the site.

Phone Contact Numbers

If you have a question between 11 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday (CT) you can contact Bud Light customer service at:

  • Customer Service: 1-800-342-5283

Mailing Address

The Bud Light customer service team is available to answer your letters, but there is no dedicated address just for this brand. You’ll have to send that letter to the corporate office.

Anheuser Busch CorporateAttn: Bud LightOne Busch PlSt Louis, MO 63118

Official Website

Check out http://www.budlight.com to read more about Bud Lightand current contests. The information on the Bud Light website is a little more lax than the Budweiser and Anheuser Busch sites. To find information to contact Bud Light customer service, visitors can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Contact Us link.

Social media sites for Bud Light include:

The Twitter page is protected, something extremely uncommon in business social media. We attempted to follow the page, but there is only 1 follower and no updates. The Budweiser Twitter page is the same way.

Customer Service Email

There is a contact form on the Bud Light website at http://contactus.anheuser-busch.com/contactus/Budlight/contact_us.asp. The form delivers your email to a customer service agent, who will attempt to deliver the best possible answer to your question. We filled out the contact form with a general question about the differences between Budweiser and Bud Light.

Our Experience

The customer service team is thorough as it relates to customer service concerns. The automated system provides quite a bit of options, but connects the call directly to an agent. We connected with the customer service agent in less than 3 minutes. We asked if the agent could provide us with the nutritional information of the product. The agent was more than helpful with the information. The overall feeling was positive. Was your experience better than expected? Take a minute to share your comments below.

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59 Comments on “Contact Bud Light Customer Service
  1. My husband bought an 18 pack of Busch light at the Express shop BP gas station here in Papillion, NE and he opened 2 beers and they were flat. He didn’t seem to happy since Busch light is all he will drink. What can you do for this problem? Thank you Angela 402/740-5648

  2. After purchasing a 12 pack of bud light from a government liquor store in langley bc Canada I stocked them in my fridge.. After being out most of the night I came home to the bottom of my fridge flooded with beer! I checked through the bottles and found one about 1/4 full after fully cracking the top off the top of the bottle was chipped.. Obviously chipped enough that the seal was broken.. Usually when I buy your brand I leave it in the box and just grab.. Thank fully I found out without slicing my lip open!!! I would appreciate if someone from customer service would email me back in regards to this incident.. I am not too happy :(

  3. went to buy case of beer had deal on 30 packs never had any in store had to pay 3.00 more for 28 pack that’s all they had in store no deal this is not acceptable at the price of beer might just have to switch to another brand don’t want to but this should not be happening

  4. Hi. I was wondering how I could get a hold of one of your beer reps in cape breton nova scotia. My ball team is looking for a beer sponsor. We where sponsored by bud light a few years ago and our team is getting back into ball again. Could you have a rep get in contact with me and see is he could help us out

  5. Hi I’ve got an idea to pitch to compete with Coors lights double vented easy flow wide, and miller lites new ‘punch top can’ but I have no idea who to contact! Please help, thanks.

  6. I am from southwest arkansas. I was wondering who to contact about possibly having my 21′ triton bass boat wrapped by bud light. Please reply. Thanks

  7. I wanted to see if someone would contact me about possible giving an amazing creation I have created that will make woman fall in love with bud light even if they hate beer I am not a beer fan but once I mixed my creation together with bud light I was amazed of the taste please contact me this may seem as a joke but I promise you it’s not you could sell this anywhere and even put it on tap!!! I am super excited about this drink and hope I can share it with you!

  8. Just bought some of the lime-A-ritas and thought i might get come and relax and have a nice drink. Boy was I wrong these things are nastiest version of a margarita I’ve ever drunk & from bud-light I expected way better.

  9. I enjoy the Strawberitas; however, my favorite flavor is peach. I believe a peach flavor rita would be an excellence idea.

  10. hey your bud light email thing for music for first is bullshit I’ve been trying to win headphones but happier codes do not work even if they’re puttin right. I have got some of them to work for music first to get music and stuff but it does not work

  11. I love bud light in the can!!! But hate ur new tap on the can!! Go back to the regular can tap. If u need a push n pop. Do it in a better way

  12. I was drinking a budlight and a roach came out I put it in my mouth that is fricking nasty.I always drink this kind of beer and had never had this happened.Good thing I got to spit it out .

  13. Just a thought I’m a budlight drinker and my favorite is budlight and cheladas sometimes I like to start my Friday nights with a chelada and then some budlight. So I have an idea that would benefit the company. Why not sale a six pack half budlight and half cheladas! Or a twelve Pack of the same? Thanks please contact me if this idea would work. Thank you.

  14. I would just like you to know that last year me and my girlfriend played the Bud light fantasy Football league last year and we won two Regular season NFL football tickets. We where told to pick 5 games we wanted to go to. So we picked 1. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, 2. New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears, 3. San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints, 4. New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons and 5. Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints. It has been month since we where informed that we one and we picked what game we wanted to go to. Yesterday we were informed that we will be getting tickets to the New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears which is in Chicago this Sunday and we live in New Orleans. We were told by email the tickets are on its way. Today is Friday and we have no tickets. We are very upset that we found out by email and have no tickets on hand that we are getting the New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears tickets. How are we suppose to make plan to go to this game when we live in New Orleans in two days and not having the tickets on hand? So we called the company that is sending us the tickets to complain and they said we could pick another game to go to. So we tried to pick the other games we picked above that have not been played yet and they said those games are not available that we had to pick other games. We are very disappointed and taught we would let you know.

  15. I have a commercial idea. A good looking woman is exercising/using weight machines or on a treadmill and mentions what women do while their men are glued to the tv watching football. the camera then passes to a guy sitting in a lazy boy holding a wing and a beer — the recliner is reclined with the foot rest up, and the guy moves back and forth in an abdominal “crunch” position stating that he too participates in exercises while watching the game

  16. I have a neon Delivery truck with palm trees. It got wet and the tube outline of the truck is burnt out. How can this be fixed? Who can I contact? It’s really old and I don’t want to throw it out…Thanks for whatever info you can give me

  17. So, I went into my neighborhood gas station to purchase my normal 18 pack! Especially because they were having a sale at BP I went to pick up my 18 pack, when I did my pointer finger grazed the first bottle in sight and lacerated my finger under the nail. I have my own nails, not fake or false and it made my finger bleed. I even let the cashier know.I have included a picture for reference in case it’s needed. Let me tell you, I have been having trouble with the tops for some time when trying to open them with my own hand. They have been really difficult to open without a bottle opener which has always been a part of the convenience factor for me. I am not giving up but I do know, no matter what I always need a bottle opener from this point forward because of the difficulty.

    Thank you for your time and I hope this situation is resolved quickly.

  18. I bought my 24 pack of Bud Light cans from Publix today, and I have a problem! I use cans so I can stack them in my fridge — these do not stack. They just fall over when I try to stack them. I have no desire to buy another fridge, because you changed the style of the can. Please change it back. I am disgruntled.

  19. My husband, who drinks budlight every weekend with no problem, is very sick from your beer. Two of the five beers he opened from his 12 pack of budlight within two nights has had unidentified substance in it. Tonight, it has made him terribly sick. He has thrown up twice after somethin ‘hard’ came out of his beer. Shortly after drinking the last beer, he got sick all over the inside of his car and himself with no warning. The box and the cans themselves wer all sealed, so this is something that happened in processing and canning. He is a very loyal budlight customer, but after tonight he will no longer be drinking it for fear of the same thing happening.

  20. I just watched a commercial for Bud Light feauturing Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the grossest, lamest, oldest, pathetic excuse for a man and I have no intention of purchasing your products as long as yiour company supports him in any way. He is a used up has been with a terrible track record anf the ability to make a womens skin crawl on a unmeasurable level.

  21. Bud Lite has some terrible commercials. So bad in fact that it turns me off of buying the brand. I will actually change the channel as it is so annoying.

  22. My beloved beer company! While I love the taste and the new aluminum bottle unfortunately it has created a problem for me! It rips my finger when I twist to open! Please help!

  23. Hello I am a big bud light drinker. I have a bud light fridge in the man cave. I was really wanting to get my hands on one of those tower speakers to match my fridge. I was hoping you’d send me one. And to maybe motivate you not to just take me as a beggar; I purchased 24 pack of regular Budweiser march or April 2012. Literally the first beer and first sip I took I swallowed a sharp quarter size piece of metal. I spent almost 3 hours sticking a tooth brush down my throat to make my self sick and un-lodge it from my throat. I made myself sick to the point I popped every blood vessel in my face. Looked like the most freckled covered dude you ever seen times 2. Finally I just let it go and passed it like a man. And not kidding you it wasn’t a tab or the anything you would expect because I looked down after I used the washroom 2 days later and there was a piece of can with labelling of the Budweiser colours. So somehow a piece of the advertising portion of a Budweiser can ended up in my beer. That’s a true story I actually called into customer service and warned them id be calling if I ended up in the hospital. So that’s my story and I was hoping you guys would somehow hook a loyal customer up with one of those blue bud light tower speakers with nfl logos on it. Ps I bought 2 flats of bud light today to stock my bud light bar fridge. Pps incase this a public comment I didn’t get into the full story of how bad this really was for me haha.

  24. I buy a 30 pack usually once a week of bud light. I have to carry it up my deck which has 12steps. Usually by the time I get up the stairs the handle on the case is ripped. It is not very sturdy for a 30 pack.

  25. Bud Light is like, a household necessity to me, its like, when you go buy a toaster, but you ain’t got no bread yet. Or you got some pots and pans, but you don’t have a stove yet. Well when you buy a fridge you bought it sure to keep your food from spoiling, but you bought that particular model to keep yo Beer cold. And as every beer drinking American knows that if the fridge don’t keep your beer cold, well then it’s time to get another fridge. I feel you at Bud Light should go back to the old advertising methods like having slogan, contests or commercial contests. with good prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

  26. I, would like to know of some of your advertising agencies that you use. Because I, would like to pitch some story boards to you about some of the commercial ideas that I, have. Thank You. Brian Williams.

  27. Hi there,

    I have been a consumer of Bud Light products for quite a while now, and have very much enjoyed your products, particularly Bud Light Lime. I was excited to see the new Mango-rita drink released and was anxious to try it. Since none of my friends had tried it yet, I decided to just go for it.

    Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. The reviews that I had read on the internet explained the drink to be somewhat of a “beer”, but all I could taste was a strong faux mango tasting cooler that left a poor after taste and my insides feeling sticky.

    If any reimbursement is possible, I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Heather Nixdorff

  28. I bought a 30 can cube at my neighborhood Walgreens and to my surprise many cans were cover with blood. These cans were located on the bottom of the cube. This was very nasty since we had already dranked about half of them when we made the discovery.

  29. Why the hell are your commercials so god damn annoying. I didn’t have a problem with your beer until I saw your commercials about “budlight living” and now I will never have one of your beers as long as I live.

  30. I have been drinking bud light – very happy with this beer but two of my cans had not beer in it. so you have to replace this.
    thank you
    – do it soon – I paid full price

  31. June 14 purchase 2 cases bud light from Ridgetown beer store.. We have drank Bud light for years. Very disappointed as out of those 2 cases there were 18 beers that were flat…. so far…. That’s terrible.. Hours of your automated services are open mon-fri 9-5. But we will be contacting some one some way to either get a refund, or find a way to help this problem. Thanks for your time

  32. I find your new advertising for the Bud Light Quickie so bad, I work for a store that sells this product and find it a sexual and offending title for your beer, i get customers coming asking for quickies. it is a horrible title and very degrading , i do not support this product and i never suggest it because of it

  33. Purchased a 28 pack of bud light with a free charger that came with it. First time i tried to charge it ,the end where the charger plugs in melted and i charge with my Macbook. I think they are a great idea as I will be going on vacation and this charger would be great to have as I will not have to take all my charges.I was wondering if I could get another one from you. Please let me know. Looks like I got a lemon.

    Thank You

    Chad White

  34. I have a question.

    why did you change the cans for bud light lime to no longer fit in a coozie

    coozies are awesome and I realy want to use them with the bud light lime

  35. Dear Bud Light I am a loyal Bud Light customer I would ask that you could come out with some cool retro cans like your competitor. Now I realize you don’t want to be seen as copying another company but you could simply just say that it was requested in with popular demand by your customer base. I remember growing up in the 80s and the Bud Light cans were silver with red block lettering it’ll take me back to a fun time.

  36. Im a huge fan of the rita s….but can u please make a PEACH flavor…i see you have Apple flavor but Peach would be Great!

  37. I purchased a 24 pack of bud light the beer had a funny taste to it I checked out the born date all looked good but product was terrible is there anything the company can do for me I do enjoy drinking my bud light daily

  38. Im launching the record label IMC(International Music Creations), and if its GOD’s will, I would Love me and my friends drink of choice to be the sponsor. I think our music and Bud light would make a good marriage.

  39. Im launching the record label IMC(International Music Creations), and if its GOD’s will, I would Love me and my friends drink of choice to be the sponsor. I think our music and Bud light would make a good marriage. Corey

  40. I am very upset I went to walmart in Havelock, NC and purchased a 24pk of BudLight. I went home and me and my brother cracked opened a beer and instead of a cold rich golden sip we got what tasted like literally urine! I was disgusted needless to say. I went back to walmart to exchange the beer.. Turns out every single Bud light product was expired by over 2 months!!! So I said ok maybe its just walmart… went to CVS all of there bud light was expired… so I went to a local gas station and yep you guessed it… They were all expired! Everything! 6pk 8pk 12pk 18pk 24pk everything cans bottles aluminium… I want a reason for why your trying to sell expired beer! I have been a consistent consumer for the last 4 years! Bud light is my go to choice! Please figure a way to resolve this issues. . I am looking forward to your response. Thank you

  41. I am hereby boycotting Bud Light products because they support and sponsor the NFL who lets their players bring issues onto the field that have no business being there.

    I am talking about the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ protest that several players have been doing.

    Officer Wilson was found innocent by 12 members of our public that were shown EVERY bit of evidence. There were members of the black community on that Grand Jury too if you would believe that all of the jurors were somehow complete racists also.

    Anyways, I do not support the companies that support this type of garbage.

    As long as this type of behavior is allowed I will never by any product from your company again.

  42. I was in rite aid near my house today at about 1:15 and bud light trucks were outside. While shopping in the store the delivery men were in the store. Their language was horrible. They were not shouting, but you could hear their conversation. They were using several curse words and shoppers could hear. When in stores they should act professional and not use bad language. I live in Monroe,,LA.

  43. I bot a 12 pack of Bud Light and one can seems to be collapsing in on it self, I am afraid to open it. I have a pic of it to show you. What should I do.

  44. I buy long neck six packs. The last two six packs I purchased tasted like something other than bud, to put it nicely. I talked with another bud drinker and he suggested that I always check the born on date. I did tonight and the first six in line had a date of oct 15 2014. I kept checkin until I found on that was Jan 17 2015. I purchased these beers at three different stores along Greenwell Springs rd from Airline hwy to Central City. I purchased one stale six pack at the Citco at Greenwell Springs and Sullivan. Miller Light is a good beer maybe I will go there. I have a few friend and my son that have already switched. Just though you should know……………

  45. I’m just wondering why in two weeks we have got two cases of Bud Light that did not have a shirt or one was the two hats that are advertised? One case we were like ok but when we opened the case yesterday was kinda sad… The lady at the local beer store a lot of people have had the same complaints, not sure this is normal or if you need to look into the issue. Thanks

  46. Opened a container of Bud Light beers and noticed that one of them has a wood splinter stuck through the can and protruding out about 1-1/2 inches. I have pictures.

  47. I see all of these comments and have come to realize that, there is no need to suggest, complain or other wise. A multi business can’t even pay to have customer support 24/7!!! When we all know it is possible. Think about it…1 20 pack bought times each state when we all know there are hundreds being bought. I am done with this product.

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