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Contacting British Airways Customer Service Center

British Airways is a global airline. According to the company description, the airline specializes in helping customers reach major airports throughout the world. If you want to learn more about booking a flight, available flights, customer service or the company in general, you can access the official website.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact British Airways, there are multiple contact numbers. The first number we’ve listed is the general customer service number. Your call can be directed to multiple departments using this main number.

  • Reservations and General Information: 1-800-247-9297
  • Change a Booking for Cars or Hotels: 1-877-4 A VACATION
  • TTY Contact: 1-866-393-0961
  • Online Support: 1-800-403-0882
  • Holiday Booking: 1-877-428-2228
  • Baggage Claims: 1-800-828-8144
  • Customer Relations (Fax): 1-212-251-6711
  • Ticket Refunds (Fax): 1-212-251-6753

Mailing Address

There are various addressees for customer relations depending on the type of support the customer needs.

British Airways Customer Relations USA
P.O. Box 300686
Jamaica, NY 11430-0686


British Airways Baggage Claims
P.O. Box 300686
Jamaica, NY 11430-0686


British Airways Ticket Refunds USA
P.O. Box 300745
Jamaica, NY 11430-0745


British Airways Ticket Unit
P.O. Box 300702
Jamaica, NY 11430-0702


British Airways Customer Relations
P.O. Box 5619 (S506)
Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2PG
United Kingdom

Official Website

You can visit the official website for British Airways at Customers can search for flights, sign up for rewards programs, book travel extras and plan entire London vacations all from the site. On the bottom of the page you can find the contacts and additional help if needed.

Customer Service Email

We looked for a dedicated customer service email on the British Airways website and we were unable to find one. We found a customer service email form The form did not require flight information so we asked for the direct customer service email address. We are currently waiting for a response to our request.

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for British Airways. The call was picked up by an automated service. We were given a series of options. We sorted through the maze of options before being connected to a customer service agent. The agent spoke with a British accent, which we thought was a great touch. Our call was accidentally disconnected before our question on travel was answered so we called back again. This time, the call volume was too high so the automated service told us the call was being directed to another agency for assistance.

An email inquiry to British Airways customer service department resulted in a response from a customer service representative. We expected an answer to our general question within a few hours, but unfortunately, British Airways responded in 4 days. Even when the representatvie responded, they simply provided us with another customer service link, see below:

Response Via Email (Revathy Kunder) 26/03/2012 02.51 PM (GMT)

Dear Mr Banks

I’m sorry we have been unable to reply to you sooner.

Our Customer Relations team can be contacted through the email address given below:

I hope this information is useful and thank you for your email.

British Airways

Customer By Web Form (Richard Banks) 22/03/2012 01.41 AM (GMT)
I was wondering if there was a direct email address for the customer service department.

Have you booked a flight with British Airways? Tell us your experience with the company.

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82 Comments on “Contact British Airways Customer Service
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  2. The Flight from London a few days ago was a good experience – the staff was very helpful and friendly, however, of the 5 checked bags for our family of 3, only 4 arriived on our flight (227 from Heathrow to ATL).

    IT is extremely disappointing that 2 days after our arrival from Londay, that that bag has still not made it to us. Recent information from the automated recordng advised that the bag in enroute, that has been the messate for two consecutive days.

    Why would the airline be so cavalier about delaying a passenger’s luggage. Good customer service would dictate that a pssenger needs his luggage upon arrival, that is what one pays for.

    BA needs to do much better that this. I am extremely disappointed.

    Ermadine Thompson

  3. Could you please call British airways and complain about our trip from Tokyo to London. Could you please tell them that the male crew staff were quite unpleasant during that trip. Food was handed out with little effort to talk to us or anybody else about it. One guy didn’t even to speak to us as he handed the snack box to us. When you asked for something they said ” just wait I’ll be back in a minute”. They didn’t use their manners and when they handed out a drink you were just given what you were given without any option. They rarely smiled. There was no engagement with the passengers AT ALL. No effort was given to see
    If we needed anything and to top it off when we were landing we hit some turbulence and one of the male staff decided to make loud funny noises then laugh, then after hitting more turbulence he did the same thing because he is a tosser. A lady three rows up asked for something and the male staff member said ‘ it was on your seat if it’s not there now there’s nothin I can do about it’ and walked off. The same Male Staff member who made the stupid noises also had an argument with another member of staff where passengers could hear how cranky he was with the situation. It was Totally unprofessional and totally uncalled for. They lacked manners, common
    Curtesy and even decorum as people who are expected to provide a certain level of service. One male staff member stood at the door as we disembarked didn’t acknowledge the passendgers as we walked past not even a goodbye. Can you please tell them That we aren’t looking forward to comin home with them and they better upgrade us or something because it’s too much money for poor
    Service and Brittany was a
    Bit nervous about flying and that just made it 100x worse.

  4. Why did I not get a reply when it was promised that I would be contacted regarding the amount of refund in dispute. Please be assured we will be in contact in the near future was in the first email message. Not good service in my opinion I cannot believe that I got taken badly with no explanation a lousy 65 pounds credit was a disgrace.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing you for an inquiry. I will be very grateful if you could inform me if it is possible to organize and give flowers to my fiance in the airplane. My fiance will be flying from Lebanon to London and I would like to organize a nice surprise for her. Naturally, I am ready to cover all the expenses. If it is possible please inform me about the steps that I should take and providing you the details about the passenger.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  6. My daughter and new husband will be setting off on their honeymoon to Australia on Monday 6th August flying with BA. Is there anything you can do to make them feel special on this flight please.
    They are :- Mr & Mrs James Hughes on flight BA0011 to Singapore at 20:25 from terminal 3 on Mon 6th Aug 2012.
    Thank you for anything you might do.
    Claires dad.

  7. I have been trying to get BA’s email address for ages today, by phone and on line — and so far the answeer is NIL.
    Please may I have this address as I require information about fares to Cape Town and am weary of waiting on the phone while Spanish music pays for ever andf nobody comes to reply — all robotic and inhuman.

  8. Please i want to find out how many dollars do i need to travel from Uganda Entebbe to Quezon city Philippines


  9. Damn Lousy ‘information service’ Why don’t you employ native british speaking people, to instantly answer our telephoned questions instead of presenting us with a robotic jungle of buttons that drive us crazy and cause you to lose customers etc. in the fools believe that you are being profitable when in fact you are losing any faith in you in this 21st century

  10. Dear Sir, Madam
    I had been flight with British Airways: From DUBAI TO LONDON ON 01 APR( FLIGHT NO BA 106,TIME 01:35) AND LONDON TO BUDAPEST( flight no BA 866 TIME 09:45)
    Flight back from BUDAPEST TO LONDON on 21 APR (FLIGHT NO BA867, Time 14:00) And LONDON TO DUBAI (FLIGHT NO BA109, TIME 21:40)
    Could you send me the airplane tickets again because I had lost my previous one. Thank you very much!
    Lan Mei

  11. I was very exited about flying with british airways,on the website it said that there was free food and childrens warm food.Got on the airoplane and thay gave me a roll it was terrible so all i had was a little box of crisps and half a crunchie.The airoplane was dirty peolple were mean to me! I would never fly with this airline again!Not very pleased!Molly age:10

  12. freezing in the air our flight(Me and my family

    0 287 london SFO on 31/8/2012 was a nightmare airconditioning was out of control,on the maximum,for a while we thought we are in the north polE,YOU CAN IMAGINE 11 HOURS OF SUFERRING,THOUGH WE CHOOSE BA OUT OF MANY GOOD AIRLINES,BUT WE WERE TOTALY DISAPPOINTED AND THINKING TO REPEAT FLYING BA.Nael Kawar Blue 61848583 Habib Kawar Blue 61848861 and suhair snobar Blue 61848752

  13. I am still awaiting a reply to my letter of November 3rd, regarding Flights BA 216 Washington DC to Heathrow September 10 & BA 343 Heathrow to Nice, September 11 2012. Also BA 343 Nice to Heathrow October 4th. The treatment was disgraceful.
    We are currently planning our return to London & unless we receive satisfaction immediately, will seek alternative flights.

  14. i went to collect my daughter at Heathrow on 10/12/12 only to find her bag was damaged by british airlines staff.When i wanted the help desk i was sent from piller to post eventually told to call on a public phone. I didnt have cash so i made a call as soon as i got home left messsage as it was suggested . No one has contacted me since the 10th. How long does it tke for customer services to answer the call. My girl is on holiday so do you expect her to go back with that damaged bag

  15. I booked an online no show flight for my daughters on reservation number 7JQSID. I have been trying to reach 08002222557 Nigeria for a change in their travel dates for ages now. This is not coming through. I willl like their departure from UK date to change as follows:-

    edi to lhr 5Jul2013 1740hr BA1455
    lhr to abv 5ul2013 2250HR BA0083
    LOS TO LHR 6SEP2013 1055HR BA0074
    LHR TO EDI 7SEP2013 0935HR BA1438

    Please notify additional amounts to pay in Nigerian local currency by email so I ensure payment of same. I could be reached on +2348034053835 or +2348025012423 Many thanks DOMINIC MARIZU

  16. British Airways is an awful airline. They refused to wave the penalty charges when I asked to change the date of my ticket from London to Paris because I am not even in London due to a mechanical error on my outbound flight to London. According to the disrespectful, British Airways supervisor Deborah, “This isn’t their problem.” This was to be my first time flying British Airways, and they can be assured that I will never fly British Airways in the future. Additionally, I will advise everyone I currently know and will meet in the future to never fly British Airways.

  17. British Airways used to be top notch. I have written letters filed a complaint on their website and have done everything they have asked yet they continue to ignore me…with at least a dozen airlines to choose they have been moved to the bottom.

  18. I am at present on holiday in Sydney australia I wish to complain about the shoddy way that me & my partner were treated on flt BA15 on 1/12/12 although we had booked this flight in June 2012 there were no double seats available and we were offered two single which we refused on the plane,the panel between the two seats was broken the steward had to pass the food and drinks over the broken panel,hardly Club World was it?I have already complained on this site ,but have not received a reply.can you please arrange for me to have two seats together on my return flight,as I will not be using my computer while in Hong Kong.please restore my faith in BA.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    We had the most wonderful flight of our lives because of these two SPECIAL FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, Per Helsinghoff s/n 739224 and Mrs. Carol Morrison S/N 670309.
    Flight 239 London-Bombay Dec 5, 2012
    We are experienced travelers but these days you do not encounter service that was given by these two Flight Attendents. They made our trip so special that I tell anyone who cares to listen about the impeccable service on British Airways. We all have the opportunity to travel on just any airline but because of Mr. HELSINGHOFF AND MRS MORRISON., we will only book on British Airways. Kudos to these two!!!!!!

  20. My wife and I were celebrating our 1-yr wedding anniversary in Europe and unfortunately complications with British Airways (BA) airline soured the tail end of our vacation. We typically don’t take the time to write such a letter, but our entire experience with British Airways was incredibly disappointing that we hope such a letter can make a difference.
    On Sunday, October 14, 2012, we were concluding our travels to Europe and returning from Prague (PRG) to Los Angeles (LAX) via London Heathrow (LHR). Our layover in LHR was 2 scheduled for 2 hours, sufficient to go through security and catch our connecting flight to return to Los Angeles. Our flight from Prague to London appeared uneventful. However, upon landing as all the passengers stood up to gather their belongings, the pilot informed us that we had not landed at London Heathrow airport as planned, but actually at another airport further north (Luton).
    The pilot stated that we had been unable to land in London “due to fog.” This news came as a surprise considering fog is a natural weather pattern in London and most pilots are licensed to navigate a plane through fog. What’s more interesting is a few minutes following his first announcement the pilot came back on the PA and announced that the “fog” in London had actually lifted, however we had to wait to refuel. It’s important to note that throughout the day as we spoke to the BA flight crew and several airport personnel, they openly questioned that “fog” was the actual reason for this diversion. As we waited in the cabin for an update, the pilot would periodically announce that he was waiting for approval to refuel. We waited 2 hours at this alternate airport (which was less than a 15 minute flight away from London Heathrow) before we could refuel due to significant delays in obtaining the necessary approvals. Needless to say the 2 hour delay caused us to miss our connecting flight to Los Angeles. It’s extremely frustrating to learn that the proper measures were not in place to obtain fuel in a more timely manner.
    Upon landing at Heathrow, there was mass confusion at the airport and there were no representatives from BA giving any directions on how to proceed, despite the fact that a large number of passengers had all missed their connecting flights. There was no process set up to inform the passengers, either before exiting the plane, or once within the airport facilities. My wife and I were initially directed to terminal 5 to get assistance, only to be sent back to terminal 3. After over an hour of waiting in line at terminal 3, a British Airways personnel came and informed many of the passengers waiting in line that they could not book an international flight in terminal 3 and were sent back to terminal 5. We decided to continue waiting in line at terminal 3 given the misinformation we had experienced thus far. There were only 2 BA reps helping the line of frustrated and stranded passengers, and after 5 hours of waiting at the airport we were finally given our flight and lodging information. We were informed that there were no additional flights leaving that day and the earliest flight we could get was the next morning.
    During our entire ordeal at the airport, there were no efforts made by British Airways to take care of us or any of the passengers who waited in line for hours to get their flight information. No food or water was offered to the stranded passengers. Perhaps it was our mistake to expect more from such a well-known and respected airline. To exasperate the situation further, by the time we arrived at Renaissance Hotel near the airport, we were informed that lunch hours were over and the vouchers issues by BA would not be honored unless we waited another 3 hours until dinner. My wife (who was 2 months pregnant) and I decided to walk to a local pub just to have a late lunch.
    As you can imagine, the experience so far would be exhausting for anyone traveling, but it was especially tiring and trying for a woman who is 2 months pregnant.
    The change in flight added another stress to our travel: missing luggage. While at Heathrow airport that afternoon, we made a series of attempts to locate our luggage. After speaking with multiple individuals, being given variable and sometimes conflicting information, we finally received a call at 8:00 pm that our luggage was located and ready to be picked up. Leaving my wife at the hotel, I had to pay for a roundtrip shuttle to the airport and back to the hotel because the airline would not agree to deliver our luggage to our hotel. This is after informing the personal that my wife’s pregnancy medication was inside the luggage, hence the urgency to retrieve it.
    I wish I could say our challenges with British Airways were isolated to Sunday. The next day (Monday, Oct 15), we tried to check-in the same luggage we had checked-in from Prague to London, and were informed that one of our luggage was 2 kilograms over the limit and we would have to pay 40 £ for the overweight fee. We explained to the British Airways representative that we had not been told our luggage exceeded the weight requirement the first time we checked it in when departing Prague, and that the delayed BA flight the day before caused us to miss our connection and that was the reason we had to check our luggage back in a second time. After 20 minutes of waiting, and once the BA representative had shared this explanation with her manager, we were informed in an unpleasant and stern attitude that the fee would be waved. I was extremely disappointed, and quite flabbergasted, that your rep had the audacity to charge us for the luggage knowing we missed our flight because of your own failure to arrive to the airport on-time. I really hope you are just as disappointed in your team for the way they treated us.
    Finally, during the flight from London the Los Angeles, as the plane was flying over Greenland, the cabin lights and TV monitors turned off and the pilot stated “everyone stay in your seats and keep you seat belt on.” This announcement was followed by 10 horrendous minutes of extreme turbulence and what very clearly felt like a significant change in altitude. No information was given to the very frightened passengers during this time. After the plan appeared to have stabilized, the pilot informed us that we experienced a significant drop in altitude due to the high turbulence that we were experiencing at the higher altitude. We have flown across both Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean many times, and we have never had the experience of a pilot delaying informing passengers that the dramatic movements or changes in elevation are due to turbulence. This information is paramount in setting the minds of passengers at ease and not assuming other more catastrophic reasons are behind the disruptions. Flight attendants and passengers later expressed that the level of turbulence was more significant than anything they had ever experienced in the past. It was very poor judgment to withhold any and all information from passengers in the face of such an event.

  21. I had a major complaint on BA flight no 67 London to Philadelphia 4th Jan this year and made a complaint in writing on BA complaint form and now 3 weeks later no one had bothered to contact me .

    I was treated very well by crew and they agreed with my complaint and gave me the form to fill in but no in BA appears to care . Due to the Airlines negligence I was quite Sick and had to receive medical treatment

    Even at tis late stage can some one contact me or at least read my complaint.
    Thank you

    John grant

  22. Very disappointed I tried to phone Customer Relations in Sudbury Suffolk but they make it impossible to speak to a Human

    John Grant

  23. I flew on British Airways in November round trip to Zurich via London. The flight over was less than satisfying. The service on the flight was bare minimum and the attendants even refused to stop socializing with each other to attend to a very dirty restroom. They said that the problem was that passengers don’t know how to use the restroom correctly. Changing flights in Heathrow was a nightmare as it took 2 hrs. to get through security and I barely got to my next flight on time. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. On my way home the security check in Heathrow was much smoother. The problem is that I checked an extra bag and British Airways is double charging me. The tickets they provide as “PROOF” were numbered consecutely so I guess they must have put through 2 tickets for my 1 extra bag charge. I have diputed this charge with my credit card company but British Airways is standing firm. I have faxed my reciept and informed them that I flew alone and would not have had a reason to pay for another extra bag. Time will tell how it will all work out. What I know for sure is that I will NEVER fly British Airways again.

  24. i am travelling from PHOENIX – BANGALORE VIA LONDON heathrow.

    as i am travelling day after tomorrow and earlier i was said there is change in terminal i called ba usa and one ms. jasmine attended my call.

    i asked her the terminal information and she said terminal 5 and terminal d in london and in dallas.
    to speak the truth it was not clear ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE

    when i asked this she said terminal 5 and terminal d and was not clear again arrival or departure

    pl note my moms flight timings were changed and no information mailed to her regarding the change.the changed schedule had a misconnection in london.when she went to update meal plan she noticed it.

    the lady executive wanted me to cut the call and tried putting me on hold and not answerring.

    after repeatedly saying i want to talk to another executive she transferred the call after 20 minutes of hold.

    this is the service in customercare BA.
    even mr. eric who said he’s the supervisor supported the executive and not the passenger probably they want to run the airlines without passengers flying.

    very rude executive was she.

  25. Dear Madam, dear Sir, I had the worst travel experience of my life, although I’m flying since 30 years for my job. Last Thusday I had to fly from Manchester to Heathrow and then to Lux. Departure was 1 pm.( BA 1395 ) We departed with 45 mn delay. No information of connecting flights. Flight to Lux ( BA 418 ) missed. No other flight same day to Lux. Rebooked to…Germany, Frankfurt ( BA 914 ) for later Frankfurt Lux ( LG 9308 )…arrived at midnight….in Lux, and no suitcase, of course. Only 1 small conpensation was a 10 Pounds voucher for sandwich, I had no time to eat it as had to run from 1 terminal to the other, bought a sushi box, put in my bag, which at security check was thrown in rubbish….Suitcase arrived 1 day later. Up to you: no conpensation, I will never fly again with BA….Thanks for understanding. Patricola +352621238538

  26. Good Morning,
    May i ask you about my friend, his name is Dennis Brown? He tell me, he is work in here?
    So give me some information about him?
    Thanks you
    Anna (Indonesia)

  27. British Airways nearly killed me.

    I am lucky to be alive due to the complete negligence of British Airways.

    When I emigrated to America nearly 2 years I arrived at the airport 4 hours before the flight with a letter from my DR requesting that because of a medical condition I was given extra leg room space.

    I am 6’8 and have a history of getting DVT. So when I knew I had to fly long haul I spent time going for my necessary medical checks to see if I was Ok to fly. My specialist Doctors said that I was but that I need to have enough room.

    When I arrived at the London airport ready for departure the customer service duty manager Helen Campbell refused to allow me to sit in an extra leg room seat. Saying I had to wait 4 days for the next flight. I could not do this due to my American Visa.

    I have spent the 18 months in and out of hospital which as cost me over $6,000 as a direct effect of your complete and utter negligence for my human rights.

    I was not going to pursue this any further but now that you have been completely uncooperative with me in organizing a return flight I have no choice but to claim $6,000 from and use it to purchase a seat that fits me.

    I have spoken to Gareth at customer relations in the UK who was unable to help me and I have spoken the Tanya – Y2 in Florida. All that I asked was that I could reserve a leg room seat now when I booked my flight and that I was happy to pay for it.

    Her response was that it was pot luck and I had to apply on a first come first served basis.

    I will find it very hard to ever trust my National Airline again. You disgust me

  28. Nine months ago I made reservations for a flight to London. Since I am tall,6-3, and could use extra leg room, I paid the additional fee for bulk head seats. I was notified that the flight time had been changed, but NOWHERE was I notified that might seats had been changed from the front of the cabin to near the back, and in addition, I AM NOW IN A MIDDLE SEAT. Had they notified me I probably could have booked another seat with leg room, front row in this cabin , exit door, etc. But NO. The BA rep said she know how I felt and was sorry but the flight was full, almost and there were to seats available on an exit door or in front. WHY DID THEY NOT LET ME KNOW MONTHS AGO, I BOOKED 9 MONTHS AGO, so I could of at least have had a change to get a better seat. Knowing how I feel is of little comfort on a nine hour flight, I she may know my anger, certainly not my discomfort. Well, not that I expect anything to be done, but at least someone should know this. It would seem something could be done

  29. My wife & myself & two friends returned from a great cruise holiday on july 3rd , to a very disappointing flight with ba . After checking in well on time we were 45 mins late on taking off as the queue at check in never seemed to move. The choice of food & drink was very limited as they had run out of lots of thigs . On landing at heathrow we were held for a further 20 mins to final point to leave the plane.Once in the airport the trip from the plane to collect our cases was up & down three flights of stairs on a long long haul .Thanks ba for spoiling a great holiday, PS DONT GO WITH BA

  30. Due to an illness I,ve had to cancel my booking.
    Your web page states that I can get a refund for the extra baggage that I,ve paid for,however when I access the that page it is constantly offline.

    I Know that I booked my flight through an agent(asda) and that my contract is with them, but the extras that I booked were with B A.
    Why cant you sort this kind of problem out?

  31. On Dec 27,2013 I arrived in Houston, Tx (IAH). on BA flight 197

    At baggage claim I all the bags were off the carousel and lined on the floor . I walked around the baggage carousel many times before I found one bag but couldn’t find another. There was no representative to ask. I had to go through Customs to get to the ONE BA representative . Her name was Judy and she was very helpful.
    She took me back through Customs and located my bag. But then I had to go back through Customs and have all my bags, purse, and carry on bag X-rayed . I understand that, but all this made me an hour and a half late to meet the driver that I had engaged after I went going through Immigration.
    I suggest that BA have more than one agent to cover customer service in such large area. The agent can’t be there to answer questions about baggage inside Customs and at the desk to care for passengers outside Customs.
    The whole ordeal was very time consuming and frustrating for an older lady traveling alone. In the future, given a choice–I won’t choose British Airways

  32. we arrive from Dubai to heathrow on return trip.The plane was on time but the steps didn’t arrive for a while then we had to wait on plane for the second wave of buses which took us to arrivals hall taking longer than the train.We were fast tracked thro passport control after asking ba staff and showing our boarding cards they were very helpful.
    We arrived in the baggage inspection some people let us go forward but there was no one to ask to be sent thro as a priority.
    our bag was pulled for inspection and i asked the supervisor if we could go thro quickly,but they could not do this even after seeing the flight details.we now had 10 minutes left!!!!
    It took 10 minutes to process our bags and we ran to the gate to be told our luggage had been offloaded and we were 3 minutes late.
    We went to the b a desk and after a wait again the staff were very good and we were given a hotel etc
    and transport too and from the airport.
    However trying to find our way back thro to outside proved taxing and in the end we were let thro the area where staff go out. all went thro to collect our baggage.not having being told of the system
    when our luggage came off one bag was badly damaged so we reported to the iberia desk who gave us a report and details of web claim and phone number.
    I called the PREMIUM number 1st time was cut off after 1 minute,called again and held on for 8 minutes and then decided to try the web site.
    i completed all details but it came bouncing back saying you can’t claim this way for 1st claim?????
    I checked all details were entered in asterisks fields.
    SO TRIED TO CALL AGAIN it took 7 minutes to answer after giving details they put you on to an automated call telling you what you have to do to claim.
    It was so long winded that i decided its not worth doing which I suspect is what they want
    In future we will go with another company although there staff are good the company is not

  33. I have just had an appalling experience with BA. Having tried to check in on BA8763 7am flight to Zurich from London City all day with no success-check in not available-I used two phones to two numbers (including the Excecutive Club number as I am a member) to enquire as to the problem-someone finally spoke to me after 25 minutes waiting. She then gave me a woolly message about there being no online check in available because of “airport control” but could not tell me what that meant. She then hung up in the middle of my question as to whether the flight would be delayed if everyone had to personally check in at 6am tomorrow morning. So I am none the wiser about why I cannot check in online and as to whether the flight will depart on time. Why can’t the online check in information inform us when online check in is not available for a flight and why? I have wasted over an hour of my time today and run up a significant phone bill on two 0844 numbers. Customer service? I don’t think so.

  34. Dear BA,
    On 8 jauary we send you 2 letters (claim for luggage 8 days late and a claim for missing a holyday by arriving a day later in Dallas). We still have not heard from you. Did the letters arrived at you bureau?
    mrs A. Halberstadt

  35. =We (my wife and I) have booked a flight with BA, but we do not know are seats. Our flight(818 London-Copenhagen) is scheduled
    May-31-14 (afternoon). Our problem gets complicated since we will be in a “Cruise” that will arrive to London on May-31-14 around
    5:00 a/m. and we will not be able to get in touch with you within
    the 24/48 hrs. period that you suggest for boarding. Please help.
    =In addition, my wife will need a “whellchair” while at Heathrow
    and Copenhagen airports.I would like to hear from tou. Thank you.

  36. please I need to know, my booking Number of my fly 17 May 2014 in London with BA0633.
    Thanks d` advance
    Left. Gkiata. Athens 14March 2014

  37. Just as I was telling everyone how wonderful your airline was, I received the charge for checking my second bag. $109 is outrageous especially since it was of carry on size but being a senior I can’t lift it to put in overhead compartment. This was on your flight from Heathrow to Seattle at 3 pm on May 4th. The person at the check in had to look in her book for info on charging and I personally think she got the wrong page. Thanks for your help on this.

  38. Dear British Airways;
    I am in Saudi Arabia and have tried all day to book a BA flight on-line as I usually do.
    I have had no success. The on-line booking stops every time with a statement on the BA website saying that it is timed out due to a long BA script.

    This seems to be a new feature and is most frustrating.

    If I cant book with BA on-line at your official website…. what use is it?

    Do I have to go elsewhere?

  39. We flew on BA 193 May 8th London-DFW. We were given exemplary service by your (and our) flight attendant, Mehmet Mehmet.
    My husband Brian and I had been delighted when I arranged our flights to get seats 51HJ side by side. We discovered early on that our AV screens did not work. Mehmet repeatedly came to check, trying to resolve the problem. When attempts failed, he helped us move to vacant row 43, 3 seats together, and the problem was resolved. His kindness & attention spoke very well for BA and we look forward to our next flights with your fine service and attention to detail mainly due to this positive experience. Please thank Mr.Mehmet for us, and please continue to recruit such fine representatives for BA! Sincerely,
    Brian & Kristine Bennett

  40. I made a reservation via Executive Club on Friday June 13th for my niece and requested the itinerary to be sent to my e-mail address.The reference number is 7WBQCI but to date this has not been received. All BA online sites so far will not let me into get the computer to get this information. I called BA again and was advised I would have it sent to my e-mail later on Friday June 13th. To date this has not been received. Please help. The passenger last name is McEntee. Thank you.

  41. Recently flew on British Airway from Italy/Madrid/London/Dallas/Reno the leg from Madrid to London was 11 hours. Service excellent, free use of movies, music, and flight info. avail. Food good. Complaint is the seating. Even though I was on the asile, there was a three hundred lb. man in the middle seat. The poor man could “not fit” and I sat side saddle as he was on part of my seat and part of the window seat patron’s space. I spend several hours at the back of the plane standing. I hesitate to fly on this airline on a long flight in case this happens again. Judie B.

  42. I have never had such difficulty dealing with an airline. Customer service, reached after 3 calls and long (at least 20 minutes) waiting time, ended up being “outsourced” to India,and answered by a young lady who could barely speak English. Also, she could not answer my question…was that lack of knowledge, lack of English, or that the answer was not on the script before her? I am flying first class this week.. I will certainly look for a different carrier in the future. TERRIBLE Customer Service!!

  43. I have just had a very disappointing experience in the flight from Atlanta to Heathrow on 1st July BA 226 at 21 35 departure. My seat was in the very first row (best seat in Economy class) next to 2 females with a child. 3 seats in a row and four of us (including the child) was a congestion and I felt that females were not comfortable. I requested the crew to shift me any where in economy class to make the females comfortable. Later I was shifted behind and luckily 2 adjacent seats were vacant. after the flight took off I lied down on the 3 seats. All of a sudden Mrs Maureen tapped (kind of beating) on my knees and woke me up and said very rudely that I have paid for one seat and I cannot sleep on 3 seats. I said to her if no one is next to to me why am I not suppose to sleep. Than Maureen started asking all the passengers sitting in front and behind my seat —does any one want to shift to a window seat. no one responded as all passengers were confortable next to their families and friends.
    I am a gold skywards and Fursan member (Emirates and Saudia airlines) I work as a General Manager for a Int company. I swear I will never travel by British Airways and portray a very bad image of the airline to all my contacts, All the best British Airways—what a crew you have onboard—seems disaster

  44. I just wanted to write a note on behalf of Lola Lepile at your Johannesburg, South Africa office. When I called from Cape Town, Lola was professional and kind and went out of her way to try to help me with any questions or concerns that I had regarding my upcoming flight. It is not often that one is treated with respect and dignity when they call for help, and I wanted to acknowlege my appreciation for that. When I have called from the States, the customer service line had me on hold for over 20 minurtes each time and it was refreshing to be able to get a hold of a live person right away. :) Thank you, Lola!

  45. I would like to book a flight to boston usa out ward then home ward from tampa usa the time I spend in the usa will be about 178 days how can I book this flight

  46. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE…..I have tried several times over the past month to reach British Air regarding the luggage problem at Heathrow from 6/26-6/29. Our luggage was delayed for 5 days. We lost precious vacation time and piece of mind during this time. I have not heard one word from British Air. Maybe they do not think it is important to reach out to customers. I believe it is important for the airline to at least show some level of empathy towards those people impacted by this problem. My next step will have to be social media or the media itself. I know I am one of many who had a problem and I would like to know what they plan to do…

  47. Yet another problem. After a terrible experience with luggage on Europe River Cruise Trip; took 8 days to get luggage, return trip nightmare too. After leaving Budapest, going through Heathrow (flying on an extremely old plane that offered no leg room and no air of any kind arrived in Chicago. Expected extremely long lines going through customs. Once through customs thought it would get easier only to meet another long line going through security. Okay, security is necessary. My plane from Heathrow was over hour late so tight connection. Finally make it to check only to be told since my name was not spelled out on boarding pass I had to go back to check-in to have pass reissued. I came from Missouri, flew to Amsterdam with a return from Budapest. Now this is a problem. The mistake was not mine as I had given my spelled out name for ticket purchase starting in Missouri. My connection was very tight due to the late flight out of Heathrow. I had to start completely over in the security line then once through literally run for my flight. This was ridiculous!

  48. I and my family would like to thank the flight staff on BA453 from Ibiza to Heathrow Terminal 5 on Thursday 21st August. I broke my foot whilst on holiday. The cabin crew were brilliant not only with looking after me but with my 2 sons aged 17 and 10. On boarding the plane we were asked if we wanted airport assistance at Heathrow which we declined as we felt it wasn’t needed, however during the flight my foot became quite painful and my husband asked one of the flight attendants if he could arrange assistance for us. It was no trouble at all the attendant was so helpful and kind. When the kids got up to use the toilet the other attendants were having a laugh and joke with the boys. When we arrived at Heathrow we were met by ground staff with a wheelchair and whisked through passport control and customs. Thanks BA for your great assistance both on and off the plane. I shall be booking again with BA next year with absolute confidence. Yours sincerely, The Pink family

  49. Having just read most of the above complaints, I realize that I am not on my own in believing how bad British Airways Customer Service are. I have been trying to get compensation for several problems that happened on flights between here and USA some months ago, including wrecked luggage. I am yet to receive the payment they offered for only 1/2 the value of the cost. Also I have refused to accept the Avios Points and e-vouchers they expect me to take. We paid for the flights in Pounds Sterling and do not legally have to accept anything other than Sterling in recompense. E-Vouchers have no real value in monetary terms anyway, because they will only be taken against full ticket prices and it is normally cheaper to buy tickets elsewhere than to use this Monopoly money. This Company permanently hides behind unmanned Telephone lines and any persons you eventually contact by email (if you are really lucky), then make promises the Company has no intention of keeping. The term ‘Customer Service’ is a phrase totally out of place. It’s about time that a ‘Watchdog’ report was done and force them to make a public appearance to answer all these complaints!
    Glad I’m not alone!

  50. I sent a message two days ago and have tried ti ring to no avail…..I am not able to use my flight today I Izard London ref 337L6E because a member of my family has had an accident and was unable to change this ticket……I bought another ticket online for 500 euros one way and then saw that this was hand baggage only so had to pay for the two bags I brought out with me…..I have never known British Irways charge for bags like this …is this a new policy ?

  51. I am a registered member of your British Airways Executive Club (Blue). I am interested in reactivating my account/ patronage of BA, but I am unable to remember my membership number.

    I would also rather reactivate / continue with my old account than register a new account.

    Kindly review & send me details of my old account details to enable me register current travels etc accordingly please.

    I look forward to your urgent response

    Idris Nyam

  52. My husband and I had a very disappointing European travel experience recently with British Air. It began on August 22 on a delayed flight from Baltimore to Heathrow. What was supposed to be a two hour layover in Heathrow turned into a six-hour delay because of mechanical problems on our flight to Berlin. After determining that the plane we were to fly on could not fly, we were put another plane whose crew was going into overtime. So we waited another two hours for a new crew to arrive before we could leave. On our way back from Prague on September 8, again there were mechanical difficulties on our plane, which after two hours were resolved, but we missed our connecting flight to Baltimore and had to stay over in London. In order to get home the next day we had to change our arrival destination from Baltimore to Dulles and incur an $80 cab ride home. We are hoping for a reimbursement from BA, but can’t seem to find a customer service number to resolve this issue. We also paid for our seats on the missed flight and would like reimbursement for this. Of all the BA flights we were scheduled to take, only one did not have technical difficulties and took off on time — the one we missed. Although I appreciated BA’s caution and attention to addressing mechanical issues, I have concern about your maintenance record. Even the crews seemed to take the issue in stride and were a bit to cavalier for my peace of mind.


  54. I want information on claiming for cancellation of fl717 Zurich to London Sept 21st.The plane had already had problems prior to landing in Zurich-after we took off from Zurich the problems reoccurred & after an hour flying low over mountains we returned to Zurich.
    Due to the limited number of BA staff the atmosphere & disorganisation could be likened to that of a third world country! From the time the plane landed we were herded together & finally at 10pm we were given a voucher for room,b’fast & 30 euros for dinner??!! (Zurich airport prices are very high!)
    Prior to leaving for the hotel we were put on to a flight the following morning at 10.10am approx
    15 hours after landing!!!
    There is no excuse for such a pitiable shortage of ground staff-it was a horrendous experience!
    I want to know how to obtain full compensation according to EU law..
    Joanne B Horton & Robert S Wilber

  55. My comment is regarding the British Airways flight from Athens to Heathrow on Tuesday 23rd September ( BA639) which was delayed for 24hrs due to a replacement part needing to be flown out as the steering of the aircraft was affected. After sitting on the aircraft, the fault was only found on last minute checks, for 2 hrs we were disembarked and taken by coach to hotels for the night. The next day saw further delays and it took several hours for the captain to be sure that the plane was safe to fly. While this was happeneing he and the 1st officer made visits to the area where we were waiting to explain what was goint on and even brought the part for us to see. Despite this several passengers got angry and abusive to them. I was travelling home with my son, his new wife and a 16mth old baby. I know there are probably more comments about complaints than praise but I would like to register my thanks and respect for the crew of that aircraft. The cabin crew were cheerful and helpful throughout and the 1st Officer who was in charge of the flight was surprised to hear cheering from the passengers as we landed at Heathrow. Yours sincerely Anne Mahon.

  56. RE:BA flight 1502/AA 135 Invoice 1270026 Booking Q2118023 D Emami-Saravi 1sep14
    Flight Center

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am getting in touch with you regarding the booking of flights for my wife and myself from London Heathrow to Los Angeles. The outward journey was on 1 September and we will return on 30 September 2014.

    I purchased the tickets through Flight Center and specifically asked to fly with British Airways due to my personal preference and loyalty to your airline. I was happy to pay extra to fly BA. The tickets cost £605.91, which was significantly more than flying with other airlines.

    We were only able to check in at Heathrow and on doing so realized that we would be flying with American Airlines on flight AA135! I expressed my disappointment to members of the flight crew who told me to take the matter up with British Airways. This is what I am now doing!

    I was put in a very difficult position. At the last minute my preferred carrier was not who I paid to fly with but I was taking a once in a lifetime holiday in the USA and could not refuse to fly! I had bought tickets for BA flight BA 1502 and this did not happen.

    This surely cannot be how you treat loyal customers.

    I invite you to propose how this unfortunate occurrence can be rectified and thank you in advance for your courtesy.

    With regards,
    D. Emami

  57. I applied for flight delay compensation 3months ago and after several e-mails I was told I would be sent a refund for myself and my partner provided I gave my bank details and my partner sent a letter of consent for the refund to go into my account.After several e-mails,fax and letters British airways have chosen to ignore me. I would like them to acknowledge my post and let me know what is going on.
    Their behaviour is very unprofessional, if I don’t hear very soon I’m afraid I will have to complain officialy.

  58. I cancelled a fight under reference 3UTR25 I require your confirmation that the flight was cancelled and I did not travel.
    This is necessary for insurance purposes, I reported it to you last week but to date have nor received a reply, could this be dealt with please,

    Michael Barnett

  59. BA check in ref z05z40

    Recently with my wife and I I booked with Trailfindes Nottingham , Aug 2014 . BA103 29 October Heathrow to Calgary return BA 103 12 nov Calgary to Heathrow. we in the past fly Air Canada…it proved to be a serious mistake to change carriers. We had bee npersuaded by friend s we were travelling with to try BA.
    The flight had been advertised as the new Dreamliner.. I think we flew on th emost ancient cramped plane that does a long haul!!!! On the flight my wife had to sit apart, the stewards refused to seat us together and not one single person offered to swap seats.. We have been married for 46 years my wife is recovering from major cancer surgery treatment(check oncology city hospital nottingham Mary Crosby)she needed reassurance.we were not even seated near our two friends even though we booked the flight the same time with the same consultant at Trailfinders.
    I have contacted Trailerfinders to complain…they place the blame directly at BA door. If I had your email I could send you my correspondence with the agent.
    According to them we should have read the small print …I am a regular flier being i n the offshore oil and gas .
    industry I have flown frequrently in Europe with Ryanair, Easy Jet. And Flybe…I have to say the ancient service we had on the BA flight was far inferior to that offered by those carriers. The leg room in the seating was poor. The onboard entertainment mounted on the seat backs was out of date and some options did not work. the Stewards were off hand…I wonder if they themselves had expected to be flying in a more modern
    we will not be flying BA again after we complete our return flight on the 12 nov. We will advise our friends and colleagues both in the UK and North America also frequent fliers in the oil and gas and research industries of
    our experience.
    Regards, Anthony Crosby

  60. Just flew into Newark with BA we had the best cabin crew ever especially Patrick and Andrew, made us feel very special many thanks

  61. A huge thank you to the woman in BA office in Toronto and to BA for the handling of our ipad and case which we left on a BA 747 flight from Heathrow to Toronto on Oct. 10, 2014. After trying to track down the ipad at Heathrow, where we thought it must have been left in security, a nice woman from the BA Toronto office called to say they had the ipad and carrying case. Because we live in Minneapolis in the States, it was too complicated to FedEX from Canada, so a couple of people with BA in Toronto who were flying to New York took it with them and mailed if from New York. BA paid the postage too. We were thrilled to receive it and we want to compliment all who took the effort to get this to us, which we were responsible for losing in the first place!

    And our experience in Business Class with the flight crew was very very enjoyable. Thanks to the crew, as well.

  62. I few on BA a few years back and found it to be a class operation. However, in that you sell packages to SeaWorld you will not be seeing me again!

  63. I flew home to England on Dec 21st and returned to Texas on Jan 6th.
    It was a super flight, and as I have health issues …really appreciated the kind words and support of the flight attendants.
    I usaully fly American airlines , never again . Your the best

  64. I flew to Israel on Dec 22 with a layover in Heathrow, and returned on Jan 6–same layover on the return.

    One word describes my flying experience: wonderful. I was treated with an outstanding display of courtesy and respect—I’m 80 and handicapped. The crews on all of my flights seemed to put themselves out to ensure my comfort and I was truly grateful. This was my first flight on British Airways, but be assured it will be my airline of choice from this day forward. I have shared my thoughts with my friends and felt it was time to share them with you.
    keep up the good work.
    Don Reid.

  65. How stupidly incompetent British Airways is.

    We live in Israel and travel frequently to New York to visit family. I can safely say that we will never, ever fly BA via London again.

    My wife was booked today January 27th, due to arrive in New York at the eight of what is supposed to be one of the biggest blizzards in years. It was clear from the day before that her connecting flight from London to Newark would be cancelled, but its status continued to be “scheduled” right up to and after the time of her departure from Tel Aviv this morning. Because the flight status was neither cancelled or delayed, she was forced to show up for her flight to London in spite of the virtual certainty of the cancellation of her connection; if not, she would have forfeited her ticket.

    Now she is going to have to spend who knows how many hours hanging around in London, rather than in the comfort of her home, until flights are again resumed to New York.

    BA must be the world’s stupidest airline. They actively promote long haul flights through London without giving a thought to the need to give people travelling into Heathrow for a connection a heads-up of any problems in time for them to change their plans before setting out.

  66. since 6th January, 2015 made a request with your agency concerning a ticket with points, as it heard that in 96 hours we are supposed to get an answer but unfortunately this not the case im still awaiting for an answer from your company which is not pleasant at all.

  67. Was overcharged for ski carriage and baggage on a flight to South America. The cosy for skis and and a 7 kilo ski boot nad came to £210.00. Will never travel with BA again. Ski carriage with eady jet is £40.00

  68. can you help me please?
    I am scared of flying and would like to know if there are any courses to help me get rid of this affliction?
    thank you.

  69. FLT 208 Miami/H/Row 04/02/2015
    please give a huge thank you to the following personnel on the above referenced flight.
    Hannah Moyes,Jack Woodhouse ad Jessica? who were most professional,extremely kind and attentive to my wife who fell ill in flight with likely gastroentiris and likely side effects from medication taken for an existing medical condition,
    They were both sympathetic and extereml caring whilst protecting my wifes dignity at all times.
    They also managed to produce not one but three doctors and a paramedic from ground services.Believe you me, the 10 hours in the air proved most difficult and they desrve nothing but praise.
    Looking forward (truly)to flying with BA Services again later this year,Kind rgds Hubert.J.O’Reilly

  70. Last month I called your office in USA, and reminded them several times by emails to send my emil itiniery for my travel on July 3rd,2015, fram SMF -DELHI.
    I need this asap because I have to line up my drop & pick up service and then do thTrain reservations in Delhi to Beas ASR.

    I wonder why it is taking long to send me the email, especially when I called their office in early February,They were giving me the details of the itiniery .
    I am a post spine surgery patient, need wheel chair, and vege meals. If every thing is done on atimely manner ,I will appretiate.

    Thanking you in advance,

    With regards,
    Mohini Khosla

  71. Price Discrimination HUGH.. Checked within two days for same flight and time and difference is £130 per economy ticket let alone 3 tickets! Never give my custom to BA AGAIN. NO INCENTIVES to fly WITH BA.

  72. I had a flight from Las Vegas to London, on 15 March 2015, 21:30 with a flight number BA 274.

    I would like to express my high appreciations to the Stewardess Sarah Sutton (I may have misspelled the name). I was having cough and a bad throat so it was very hard for me to speak. I wanted a water and she couldn’t hear me. But instead of making a face and demanding me to raise my voice higer, she bended on her knees and got close to me and focused directly to hear me more. That was just what i needed, she had an emphaty towards me and put herself into my shoes. That airplane was two floor airplane with lots of passengers but she trated that intimate and sensitive no matter how tired she might have been. And with a smile on her face.

    I will never forget her kind and understanding approach. Hope you can forward my thanks to her.

    Kind regards,
    Nursen Altunci

  73. I feel it is ridiculous how your staff consistently delivers poor service to travel agents. Travel agents have to call every number available in your phone book to get any answers and it has been this way for years. There is no respect for us nor your customers. I am more than sure this has been heard over and over and sure you really don’t care because you do show that. I cringe to have to call you and only get upset. The one time it takes to get through to speak to anyone is only diminished by your lack of customer service and request to call another number that only tell us to call someone else. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO US IS HORRIFIC

  74. I recently travelled on a BA flight from Australia premium economy on the 18th March BA00016 I was ver disappointed in the service the food was basic and I travelled from Singapore to London with only one meal no offer of tea or coffee and just water or juice offered twice there were no in flight snacks in between meals and I had to request a cup of tea for 2000.00 more it definitely was not a
    There was no wine I could drink with my meal as only on offer was sav Blanc or red which I don’t drink.
    Certainly not on a par with Qantas.
    I was flying to be with my father who is very ill and thought at least I could depend on the flight being more comfortable this was not the case. I am travelling back on flight BA 00015 on Saturday 11th April at 21.35 and hope that this flight is somewhat better. I look forward to your response

    Anne Browning

  75. hi, :) i need help please, i need to change my flight back to Israel, my flight is from Mexico city to Israel in the 21th of april, and i want to flight from Panama city to israel insted, and to change the date to the 10th of september. I will like to know how much it’s cost and if it’s possible. Thank’s so much, adi

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