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Contacting Bresnan Customer Service Center

Bresnan is a cable, Internet and phone provider that appears to have recently changed its name to Optimum. All of the information on the official website and on the Internet refers to the Bresnan name, so that’s how we’ll address the company and customer service contact issues. Customer service contacts are available for customers and non-customers from the official Bresnan website, but customers have access to more personalized contact via their online account.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found several phone number listed for Bresnan customer service. One is a technical support number and another is for the corporate office in Bethpage, NY.

If you have questions or comments about your current service or new service, the general customer service phone number is best. Technical questions about service that is not working properly can be addressed by the technical support. All other communications about Bresnan may be best addressed by the corporate office.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for the corporate office is:

Cablevision Systems Corp. 111 Stewart Avenue Bethpage, NY 11714-3581

We also found a mailing address for Bresnan Communications in Purchase, NY. It appears this is the main corporate office for the company listed on other Bresnan Communications properties.

Bresnan Communications
One Manhattanville Road
Purchase, NY 10577-2596

Official Website

The official website for Bresnan was a bit difficult to locate because all searches resulted in a personalized page for Bresnan customers. We did manage to find the main website at This website offers information on Bresnan accounts and customer support.

Customer Service Email

As is the case with more and more companies, the contact email form is hidden behind your account log-in. We attempted to locate an email address for someone at corporate office to find out more about Bresnan customer service. We found a listing of sales manager email addresses, but nothing for customer service. We contacted the Online/VOD department at We will update the customer service information as soon as we receive a response.

Our Experience

When we contacted Bresnan customer service, we heard the automated response line. After approximately 7 minutes, we spoke to a customer service representative. They were cheerful, polite and extremely helpful regarding our questions. We asked about initiating service and the Bresnan customer service representative answered all of our questions.

In the event you want another method to contact customer service, you can email at: We are waiting for a response to our questions.

What was your experience dealing with Bresnan? Let us know if you received quality customer care that you deserve.

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One comment on “Contact Bresnan Customer Service
  1. A couple of weeks ago, several of our channels quit working. We tried to contact the local Bresnan office, but could not find a local number. Via the 800 number, we made an appointment with the “cable guy.” He showed up, told us who ever installed our cable used the wrong parts and didn’t know what they were doing. He replaced several cable ends and our cable was working again.

    However, he did not hook up one of the TV’s, so we tried to go through the 800 number to get him back to fix what he broke when he was there the first time. The 800 number did not work, so my wife had to pack up our small children and drive to the local Bresnan office, where she was told BRESNAN COMMUNICATIONS DOES NOT HAVE A PHONE in their local office! A communications company with no phone. My wife made arrangements for a second “cable guy” to come and fix their mistake.

    He did this, but right after he left the house, we found that two of our Bresnan land-line phones were not working. I tried using the 800 number today to get someone out to fix Bresnan’s second mistake. I was told I have to be at home to help them “trouble shoot” over the phone, otherwise I’d be charged $35 for a service call. I am at work, and cannot leave to do this. The “troubleshooter” on the phone tells me with certainty that the cable guy could not have done anything to make two of our three land-line phones stop working, that it must a coincidence. I don’t think so – they worked before the repairman arrived and did not work when he left.

    I asked for a supervisor, and was on hold for five minutes only to be told that they don’t have a supervisor who can speak with me right now and they’ll have one call me. Still waiting on that call. We pay Bresnan $200 a month, or $2,400 per year, for this type of “service.”

    The last time I was treated this poorly by Bresnan was when I walked outside to see the Bresnan repairman getting in his truck and an envelope hanging on my door knob. I asked him what it was and he told me, as he got into his truck, that “maybe if I got a job and paid my bill, he wouldn’t have to leave notices for me.” I worked nights then and this happened to be mid morning. Also, the notice was not for me – he had put it on the wrong door.

    Bresnan is incredible – in a very crappy way.

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