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Contacting Braun Customer Service Center

Braun is a consumer shavers company that literally only sells shavers and shaving accessories. The main page of the website lists all the current brands sold by Braun. At the bottom, middle of the page you’ll also notice links to contact Braun customer service. This is where you’ll find the general contact information Braun is willing to share.

Contact Info:

There is a bit of general customer service information listed on the Braun website, but nothing more than a phone number and email form. The corporate information fills in the blanks.

Phone Contact Numbers

If you live in the United States, you can contact Braun customer service using the toll free phone number listed on the site. There are also numbers listed for a variety of other countries that sell Braun products. What are NOT listed are the customer service hours.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-272-8611
  • Corporate: 1-513-983-1100

Mailing Address

Braun is a Proctor & Gamble company, so customers can use the Proctor & Gamble customer service address to contact Braun by mail. Mail is a slow means of contact so if your issue is time sensitive, choose a different contact method.

Proctor & GambleAttn: Braun Customer Service1 Proctor & Gamble PlazaCincinnati, OH 45202

Official Website

Head on over to to find all the latest information on Braunshavers and customer service contact. You will also find the link to the Braun Facebook page, but no other social media contacts, despite the fact that Braun is active on other sites. The Braun website serves as an information portal and a shop. You can order Braun shavers directly from the company.

Customer Service Email

If contacting Braun customer service is the best choice for you, use the Contact Us page to do so. Simply visit and click on the E-Mail link under the phone number. When the Instant Answers page appears click on the Email Us link and a form will appear.

Our Experience

The customer service department places the customer first. After listening to approximately 6 options, we selected 0 for the customer service department and within 60 seconds we were connected to a live agent. We wanted to know if we could return or exchange a product if the retail location does not accept a return. The agent explained Braun would take care of the customer if the customer had a valid receipt.

We like when customer service agents and companies put the needs of the customer first. What was the result when you contacted the customer service department? Share your story below.

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8 Comments on “Contact Braun Customer Service
  1. I purchased a Braun series 3 electric razor recently and I am very disappointed with the shave I get using this razor.My first electric razor was a Norelco,which I used for the past 9 years.When I needed to replace my razor I purchased the Braun thinking I was purchasing a superior razor,but I soon realized that Norelco gave me a better shave.When I shave with the braun I have to keep going over the same area more times to get a decent shave. Sincerely Eugene MIale

  2. I purchased a Braun electric shaver about 10 years ago. I can’t seem to get it to power up or charge. I would like to have it repaired and possibly pass it along to my son when he comes into a shaving age. Where can I send it for repair?

  3. to whom it may concern,

    my severely militarily disabled husband has been using your Braun Flex XP II, model number 5770. He needs a replacement foil screen, or what ever is involved.
    Please advise me where i could purchase this item, as many stores do not carry this model number any more. My husband is used to this shaver and loves it.

    Thank yo for your help. you are doing a disabled person a great service.


    Martina scabia

  4. I think your web site is the worst one I’ve ever been on!!!!!

    all I want is service center info so I can send something to be repaired!!! But you web site is set up so poorly after 1/2hr this is as far as I have gotten

  5. Greetings!
    I have been using Braun razors for dozens of years, I recently acquired the so called- state of the art- series 7- 760CC-4 Braun razor. I was surprised to note that there is no plastic protector for the foil and cutter cassette. All previous models had such a protective cover. Also, I was very disappointed to note that the carrying case provided can ONLY hold the razor and there is no room for the special cord set. This makes it very inconvenient when travelling. In the past all Braun razor models came with a carrying case that held both the razor and the power cord. Why the change? It is certainly not customer considerate/friendly. Is there a travel case that will hold both items? Frankly, had I known this ahead of time, I would never have purchased the new Braun razor.
    Aaron K.

  6. I have been a long time customer of Braun and hsve ongoing difficulty trying to purchase a replacement foil & cutter for my series 7 pulsonic electric razor …………. where can I get them Please help a very disgruntled Braun customer !!!!

  7. it infuriates me that braun continues to sell shavers knowing that the outer cases deteriorate after continuously using their braun cleaner.both of my braun shavers have had this happen.and of course,the braun service center can no longer replace the outer casing.i have read other like this point,i am shopping for a new brand.braun buyers BEWARE !!!!!

  8. I bought a braun put pocket go battery operated shaver for my husband and he only used the shaver 3 or times. The screen broke not the base just the screen.i only paid $15.00 for the shaver , the replacement screens are about what the shaver cost. I don’t think it should of broke after 3 or 4 times. I was very unsatisfied.

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