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Contacting Bounty Customer Service Center

Turn around in the kitchen to grab a paper towel and you’ll likely grab a Bounty. Bounty is a household name marketed as the Quicker, Picker, Upper. Behind the Bounty name is Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a mega-company responsible for brands like Tide, Crest, Ivory and – of course – Bounty.

Contact Info:

The information we’ve listed here is for P&G and is not Bounty-specific. P&G is the parent company and contact information for Bounty customer service is the same as the contact information for P&G customer service. The one division in contact information between the two companies is in social media. There are different pages for P&G than Bounty. If customers want to get in touch with Bounty customer service directly, the social media pages may be the best bet.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one US phone number for Bounty customer service. The number is listed on the P&G website.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-926-8689
  • Medical or First Aid: 1-513-636-5117

Mailing Address

Finding the right mailing address for Bounty customers who want to write a letter to customer service is more difficult that it seems. There is no Bounty customer service mailing address, so the P&G corporate address is the next best thing. To help route the call in the right direction, customers can place an Attn line in the address.

P&G CorporateAttn: Bounty Customer Service1 Proctor & Gamble PlazaCincinnati, OH 45202

Official Website

The official website for Bounty is all about sharing general information about paper towels and napkins. There is no customer service information shared, however. You can find the Bounty site at If you want to get in contact with Bounty directly, the best bet is social media. We’ve listed the social pages for both Bounty and P&G.

Customer Service Email

Would you rather send an email than a letter? You can send your email to Bounty customer service at This is the customer relations email address for P&G, not Bounty, but it is the only email form listed for consumer relations.

Our Experience

We called the Bounty customer service line after hours and we thought the call would be a lost cause, but there is a long list of FAQs available to the customer who calls after hours. If you press 4 you can request coupons for Bounty products, according to the automated system. We pressed 4 several times and the system eventually disconnected the call claiming the entry was invalid.

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80 Comments on “Contact Bounty Customer Service
  1. I always buy Bounty Towels (select a size) however, the last ones I bought in a super 6 pack was not slit (cut) correctly on the core and it fell off my paper towel holder and broke one of my shamrock glasses that I bought in Ireland.
    This should not happen if the quality control was working.

    • Do you think they really care. This is just a way companies let you vent yourself. I have the same problem,selective size means “cut on dotted line” This comment will not make it thru their system. Thank you Kay.

    • I pay for premium paper towels. I buy them every week. Last time it was the 10 pack.
      Last time I will buy the 10 pack. They are lame too.
      I buy the full size sheets. Most times the perforation is lame. Not deep enough.
      Whats with the core lengths? Will that cost me extra for a full size core…?
      It falls off each time you pull one off.
      Keep selling it this way, I will switch to the cheap brands.
      If you can’t understand what I am saying is …. I will buy another brand….after buying your brand for decades.

  2. I have been buying bounty paper towels since they originated. I just purchased a promotion of towels from CVS and have never seen such an inferior product. You should not allow vendors to use your product for advertisement that is not bounty quality. I really believe that the bounty packaging was used for something that you would buy at Big Lots, etc.

  3. I grabbed a napkin to use at the dinner table and to my surprise I found an insect embedded in the napkin edge! This is completely unacceptable and absolutely disgusting. I do have pictures to prove it and I kept the napkin to show as well. Something needs to be done about this.

  4. Been using Bounty towels for years –recently the glue being used on the towels has been excessive and ruins the first three sheets.Quality Control should be advised to look at this and take the corrective action

  5. Ibought the big 12 pack of bounty towels at sam’s and they
    are not the same towels I have been getting. The layers
    seperate when they get wet please let me hear back on the


  6. There is such a variety of commercials. Short is better! Would you listen to an idea? Something you do with all other paper towels that you never do with bounty!!!

  7. There is such a variety of commercials. Short is better! How about an advertisement demonstrating what must be done with all other paper towels that you never do with bounty!!!

  8. I always buy your paper towels.I always buy in bulk. This pack of towels I got this time is the worst pack I got. The 2 ply coming apart on every roll I get out. I am very dissatisfied this time and may not buy no more if there going to be way.

  9. Just wanted to let you know that Bounty paper towels are the greatest! I’ve used them for years – now I like the “Select” size much better – picks up everything. What I wanted to tell you is that my friend has sinus problems and he uses only Bounty paper towels to blow his nose. Occasionally I do his wash for him – at the end of the load, I find a Bounty paper towel – so wonderful after going through the washer and the dryer and still looks like it’s ready to use. I’ll never change from Bounty!

  10. Your commercial of a girl playing hockey in her mothers home is the dumbest thing ever. Like and buy your products, commercial has to go.

  11. What can I say? What the Hell did you do to your paper towels? Bought them at Costco and noticed right away the pattern changed and the quality was like the bargain brand. Glue was welded on it took 4 paper towels to come out OK. What ever you guys did redo it back to the high quality it once was. Shame on you.

  12. I have been buying bounty napkins for several years. My most recent purchase of a package of 600 from BJS was a disappointment. The napkins are see thru and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. One napkin will not make it thru a meal. These napkins will end up in the trash unused.

  13. What happened to Bounty napkins. My most recent purchase of 600 from BJS was a big disappointment. Napkins were cheap quality.These 600 will go in the trash Do you have different two grades or did your product change?

  14. Your commercial that we have seen on nick jr. Has taught my child to blow bubbles in his drink and, just like it is shown on the commercial, it’s ok to spill your drink everywhere. So thank you so much for teaching my child that is funny and acceptable to make messes. Worst commercial ever. Thanks a lot!

  15. Been buying bounty for 25 years. The last two packs– are you kidding me? You shouldn’t even put the bounty name on this. It is as thin as Brawny and has no strength. Did you think your loyal customers wouldn’t notice that you skimped out on us? Change back, or I’ll switch brands and be sure to tell all my followers on twitter too. I’m insulted that you think your customers are that gullible.

  16. I have been buying Bounty towels for years. I recently purchased a select-a-size 12 pack of large (equaled 15 regular size) paper towels at CVS for $14.99. Well, the towels were not cut for the smaller select-a-size, and consequently I end up using more towel than I wanted, and I feel this is a misrepresentation of your product because the towels were not cut properly.

  17. I purchased a two roll pack of your bounty towels, when I opened them there was a black smudge on the top and bottom on both rolls, not just at the start but on the whole roll just below the prints,

  18. First of I love bounty products paper towels, napkins all that and have been buying your products for years, but the last couple packages of the print select a size have had smears of yellow all over the entire one side of the paper towels not very good quality control, I sure hope it doesn’t happen again or I will be forced to switch brands. I look forward to hearing from someone.

  19. I was looking for a contact email address for Bounty paper towels but can’t find one.

    I have been using the Bounty paper towels in the large economy size and the inside rolls of paper have always been individually wrapped. The other day I bought the 2x 12=18 paper towels and when I got home and opened the outside wrapper and reached for one, it did not have the individual wrapping on it.

    I guess from now on, I’ll have to poke a hole in the outside packaging and stick my fingers inside the packaging to make sure that the rolls on the inside are all individually wrapped.

    So disappointing.

    Connie H. Deutsch

  20. I have always used Bounty paper towels, and would’t use anything else. I have an idea and a request. Can you make a product that can be used in micro’s with the round rotating plates in them? Square gets caught as the plate goes around. Circles of all sizes made out of the same product as paper towel. I cover everything I put in my microwave. There’s nothing like that on the market. Thank-you, JoAnne Cross

  21. I purchase a 8 pack select a size of bounty paper towels.There seem to be a problem with this package. The towels seems to be very thin and when I tear a sheet it come apart in 2 sheets. This quality is not the same as others that I brought in the past. It seems that out of the 8 rolls only 3 are good. What can I do about this problem?

  22. Your commercial showing the young boy blowing bubbles in his drink while his younger sibling looks on is inappropriate. Mothers have enough cleaning up to do without a commercial promoting poor behavior to promote their product. For this reason alone I would not buy Bounty.

  23. Your unnecessarily separately plastic wrapped paper towels are a large contributor to global warming and this is a problem that must be addressed due to the severe consequences of global warming.

  24. We love this product. My wife purchased a large pack recently and found the center cardboard roll was too short and it would not even stay on our dispenser.

  25. Too much glue being used. Several sheets at the start of a roll are being lost. My 12 Pack has been very bad with this problem

  26. Bounty is the only paper towel I use. I love your product. Can you send me mobile coupons for bounty paper towels? Thank you.

  27. When I think of quality paper towels, I think of Bounty, which I have been buying for many years. Tried your Bounty Basic product. Quality is extremely shabby every which way. My advice to Bounty is to not ruin your reputation for making a quality product to save a few pennies; you might lose your best customers.

  28. i always buy bounty…but my lord folks do you have to pack it so as its so hard to get into? i’m 78 y.o. and my hands are getting weak from arthritis and i can’t open it…i have to get my son to do it..which is a lot of trouble.

  29. I purchased the 12 pack of bounty paper towels and they do not hold when wipeing up wet things and the layers also.come apart very unsatisfied I think y’all could do better than that I don’t like wasteing money for nothing

  30. Dear Madam or Sir,
    I just purchased the 12 pack of Bounty Paper Towels. Not only was the twelve pack wrapped in PLASTIC but each of the 12 rolls inside was wrapped in PLASTIC. This seems as over kill. Your company is detrimental to our fragile environment. There is NO need to wrap each and every roll in PLASTIC when all 12 rolls are encased in PLASTIC holding all 12 together.
    Be environmentally friendly. Bounty Towels are great and I like the half sheets BUT not all of the plastic!!! :(

  31. Well my paper towels have been getting worse all the time. getting to the point where I can just buy generic brand and get the same quality. Viva used to be the favorite, but they too have chose to go cheap and went to the cheap quilting to save money. guess I can just buy generic and save a few cents

  32. I have been using bounty paper towels for many years. I like the split sheets. However, I don’t like the print design on them. When I wiped a mark off my newly painted wall, the dye color from the paper towel came off on my wall. I was so upset that this happened, I am now going to purchase another brand. Bounty is not the same quality it was in the past.

  33. I called and told you how I hated the 2X Bounty and was told I should look for the yellow package that it would be like the old ones. They aren’t. I had to look at three stores before I found them and they are not the same. My husband and I would always have a towel in our pocket instead of Kleenex. These are hard. I don’t like them either. Like the commercial says, “I need it to hold a bowling ball. I am very dissatisfied with both the 2X and the yellow package. Please give me the old ones back. Judy

  34. Have your perforation machines stopped working. Got a whole 12 pack with no perforation. Pick a size, yea, wherever you rip it.
    Also, could not even get your customer service page to work because it would not let me pick a brand and thus kept coming up with an error message.

  35. I have always used Bounty Paper Towels and have never had a problem util now. The last 2 cases I bought have no cut lines. These are like one towel and it is a waste. The number on the cases are 3700089774 and 3700028864. I have one case left and I sure hope this does not happen again. I need these replace or I won’t be wasting my money on bounty

  36. Yes I have been using bounty paper towels for years…I see I can not find the 12 pack anymore…..I see the 6 pack that you say is 2x more absorbmant…but in reality all it is cut in half the normal paper towel…I like the full sheet not the half size..I use them to clean also…and I just wish you wouldnt cut them in half.also the price went up so I said I have used for years…but I might have to change

  37. Why can I find only Bounty Select-A-Size???
    I have used Bounty towels for decades…but….
    if I can’t find full size Bounty I’ll have to switch.
    Please provide both!!!!

  38. Hi,

    I always buy Bounty paper towels by the case because we go through them quickly. I have always been happy with them. The last case I bought of the select a size had a pattern with a red dye that came off when I cleaned up. The sku on an individual roll is 3700088230. I just want you to know so you can correct the issue.

    Amy Noble

  39. What happen to the Halloween and Thanksgivings pretty paper towels and napkins? I looked forward to them to help with my decorating. Will you have Christmas ones?


  40. I am writing about the Bounty TV Commercial with the boy blowing bubbles in what looks like a glass of chocolate milk and the younger brother laughing and the mother smiling??? This is disgusting behavior, not something a child should be encouraged to continue BUT with a smile the mother cleans up the mess.

  41. I have been using Bounty paper towels for years and when y’all came out with Duratowels I started using them. I have been very pleased with Bounty, I have a question the last package of paper towels I purchased has a terrible smell to them. What did y’all put in it to make it smell so bad? If you can take it out please do so. Thank You

  42. I am an 80 year old Grandma but I pretty much do what I did at a much younger age. For instance I am preparing for Thanksgiving for some of my family. I just told my husband “If there is a product I would recommend, it is these Bounty paper towels. I tore off 2 sheets of Bounty Extra Soft towels. I have used it to wipe up spills, wash dishes with it that I can’t put in the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, shook it out and I could use it more if I needed to.Thank you for making a product that does what it is advertised to do.

  43. Email contact not operable. Some Bounty paper towels come with serration in the middle of the sheet so you can rip off only a half sheet if needed. How are those towels labeled so at the grocery store I know what I’m buying?

  44. Y r u not selling Ur normal white full sheet fabulous paper towels in costco?instead–the ugly print on one edge of towels that tear individually after little piece AND NO QUALITY!!!!cant believe Bounty is brand of thes rediculous paper towels

  45. Bounty was good but new package the paper towels are like kleenex. They mush up which never happened before. Who ruined these paper towels?????

  46. I used to brag about your paper towels and told everyone there was no other paper towel like Viva …and now you have completely changed the formula and they are ‘the worst’. I can not believe you allowed your product to deteriorate. They used to be strong and you could use them like a cloth and now ..they are absolutely awful. sorry but I could not ‘not’ say how I feel.

  47. Bounty paper towels are so strong that I accidentally washed and dried some in my washer and dryer and they were still strong enough to use. I’m impressed!

  48. I always buy the dura towels but target did not have any so I bought the regular ones and they were so bad that I wanted to take them back to the store and ask for my money back. I was very dissatisfied!!!

  49. I’ve always liked bounty until now. I bought a special 2 pack of extra large what was labeled as a Baltimore Ravens paper towel. Instead it was just NFL designed. It was extremely disappointing, it was false advertising as far as I’m concerned. If you’re not going to keep selling these NFL paper towels, do us a favor and don’t put the home team’s emblem on the packaging.

  50. I have been purchasing and using only Bounty paper towels for over 40+ years. Over the past few months I have noticed that the hardboard roll of the paper towel is thinner and crooked and NOT KEEPING THE BOUNTY ROLL ON THE HOLDER!!!!!!! The entire roll just flies off!!!!! This is very exasperating. What is happening????? Are you using inferior cardboard??? Please, please correct this fault or I will have to try other brands of paper towels. Thank you. Janet francescatti

  51. The printed Bounty paper towels leave dye on the kitchen counter if the printed side is face down while mopping up a spill. I have to remove the dye with scouring powder, which removes the shine from my countertop. Whty would you have runny dye on a product meant to get wet?

  52. The printed Bounty paper towels leave dye on the counter if the printed side is face down when mopping up spills. I then have to use scouring powder to remove the dye, which damages the shine on my coutnertop. Not sure why they would use dye that stains on a product meant to get wet.

  53. I have been using Bounty Paper Towels, every since they came out in the stores. I like them because we used to be able to buy the
    15 roll pack. The reason I like the 15 roll pack, is because the
    15 roll packs are individually wrapped. Your paper towels cannot
    get dusty. None of the other rolls are individually wrapped.

  54. I have been buying Bounty select a size for years. I buy the 8=12. Recently, I have noticed a smell to the paper towels. I place a roll in my bathrom for guests especially during flu season. I had to remove the towels because the smell stays on your hands. I think perhaps it is a glue issue. I am consideringswitching to viva or brawny.

  55. To whom it may concern,
    Hands down Bounty paper towels are the best made. I was buying Bounty select a size paper towels at CVS 440 Tremont St. In Boston. This store over the last year and a half no longer care what their customers want or need. We live in an area with most people living alone in apartment complexes use select a size which they no longer carry. I am now forced to buy Scott Choose-A-Sheet. I want my Bounty Select brought back but no one at this store seems to care!

  56. My family are longtime users of Bounty paper towels. We think the addition of the select-a-size towels is a nice option for those who think they only need half a towel for a task, but quite frankly, I rarely can do an adequate job with the smaller size. We prefer the full size towels, but our stores seem to be only stocking the select-a-size variety. Are you downsizing the full size towel shipments or are the chains only ordering the select-a-size ones to save time and shelf space? It’s very frustrating to think you are tearing off a full size sheet and ending up with only 1/2. Help!

  57. The last supply of Bounty I purchased was from Jewel/Osco Grocers in the select-a-size package of 12. Every single roll has been a problem with the preforation. Every time I try to rip it apart it frays. Very frustrating. They were on sale. Does this mean they are rejects? If so they should have some marking on the package as I would not purchase them if that were the case. I have bought the package of 12 on sale at Targets and never had that problem. This is poor quality control. Thank you.

  58. Need to know if youcan send me some coupons for paper towels my address is 41 ruby bay lane simpsonville sc 29681 thanks so much

  59. I am normally very satisfied with bounty towels, however the last big bag that I had purchased of them made up of scrap material “junk material” and were smashed on both ends the complete package! please stay in tune with quality control. Thank you

  60. I purchased an 8 pack of bounty basic and was very disappointed . They were not absorbent at all as usual and ripped at the sight of water . This must have been a bad batch unfortunatley I ahve no barcode for u since I always throw packing away but I would like to be reimbursed in some form .

  61. the Bounty 6=8 packs (94 2 ply sheets/roll color white) were shredded tattered at the bottoms/end-caps w paper towel lint falling off each of the rolls. looks as thou the saw/cutter improperly chopped rolls. the shredding was present on all rolls. Never noticed this before. upc037000882022 other codes: 96718441-S,96718443-S. Quality control issue.

  62. quality control issue. 6=8 roll packs. the end caps or bottoms of all rolls were shredded/frayed edging with lint like paper pieces falling off each of the rolls when removed from packaging. looks like cutting machine did poor quality cuts.

  63. hi i been think about this ideal for a long time i would like to suggest wet paper towel and napkins because when we are at a barbeque sauce gets sticky or having breakfast at home with pankcakes gets sticky i would love to see wet napkins and wet paper towel in a sorbent container like baby whipes and also small packages on the go like wet ones for pocket sizes … i would real like to hear your feed back … thank you Vertise Streeter.

  64. Bounty paper towels are the best. I tried Sparkle that they are touting as better and cheaper than Bounty. I think you should respond to their claims. The rolls are half the size of Bounty and the quality is poor. It takes twice as many towels to get close to the absorbance of Bounty. I have always used Bounty and will continue. They are no more expensive…actually the Sparkle is more expensive because their absorbance is so poor. I’m back to Bounty and will never use or recommend any other brand.

  65. I have been using Bounty paper towels for years – but no longer. Reason: You shortened the paper towel roll from 11 inches width to 10.4 inches – which is too short, resulting in the paper towel rolls to fall off. VERY AGGRAVATING!!!! I have had no problem in the past but obviously you are trying to safe money by cutting corners! Well, as a result, you lost a customer.

  66. Designs. For many years, I’ve bought Bounty because it had sunflowers. Lately, the designs are hideous…black and purple and pink and greens galore and horrible.

    If I don’t have Bounty sunflowers, I buy grocery generic.


  67. For years, I have bought Bounty paper towels with sunflowers. They match my kitchen.

    Lots of the designs are ugly. But I bought the sunflowers.

    Lately, WHAT are you thinking with the designs? Black and green and purple and orange and in ugly geometric patterns????????

    NOBODY wants those ugly things in her kitchen. They match NO kitchens. or at least tasteful ones.

    As long as Bounty has only ugly colors and pattersn, I buy ONLY store brand white towels. Not Bounrty.

  68. I purchased your Bounty Basic paper towels and was very disappointed! These are the worst towels I have ever used. The package says 50% stronger – this was false advertising I have always liked Bounty towels, but will never buy these again. They are very thin and don’t absorb much liquid before they fall apart. The large pack thinking it would last a long time, but I now don’t expect them to. I am very disappointed:(

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