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Contacting Bounty Customer Service Center

Turn around in the kitchen to grab a paper towel and you’ll likely grab a Bounty. Bounty is a household name marketed as the Quicker, Picker, Upper. Behind the Bounty name is Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a mega-company responsible for brands like Tide, Crest, Ivory and – of course – Bounty.

Contact Info:

The information we’ve listed here is for P&G and is not Bounty-specific. P&G is the parent company and contact information for Bounty customer service is the same as the contact information for P&G customer service. The one division in contact information between the two companies is in social media. There are different pages for P&G than Bounty. If customers want to get in touch with Bounty customer service directly, the social media pages may be the best bet.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one US phone number for Bounty customer service. The number is listed on the P&G website.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-926-8689
  • Medical or First Aid: 1-513-636-5117

Mailing Address

Finding the right mailing address for Bounty customers who want to write a letter to customer service is more difficult that it seems. There is no Bounty customer service mailing address, so the P&G corporate address is the next best thing. To help route the call in the right direction, customers can place an Attn line in the address.

P&G CorporateAttn: Bounty Customer Service1 Proctor & Gamble PlazaCincinnati, OH 45202

Official Website

The official website for Bounty is all about sharing general information about paper towels and napkins. There is no customer service information shared, however. You can find the Bounty site at If you want to get in contact with Bounty directly, the best bet is social media. We’ve listed the social pages for both Bounty and P&G.

Customer Service Email

Would you rather send an email than a letter? You can send your email to Bounty customer service at This is the customer relations email address for P&G, not Bounty, but it is the only email form listed for consumer relations.

Our Experience

We called the Bounty customer service line after hours and we thought the call would be a lost cause, but there is a long list of FAQs available to the customer who calls after hours. If you press 4 you can request coupons for Bounty products, according to the automated system. We pressed 4 several times and the system eventually disconnected the call claiming the entry was invalid.

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9 Comments on “Contact Bounty Customer Service
  1. I always buy Bounty Towels (select a size) however, the last ones I bought in a super 6 pack was not slit (cut) correctly on the core and it fell off my paper towel holder and broke one of my shamrock glasses that I bought in Ireland.
    This should not happen if the quality control was working.

  2. I have been buying bounty paper towels since they originated. I just purchased a promotion of towels from CVS and have never seen such an inferior product. You should not allow vendors to use your product for advertisement that is not bounty quality. I really believe that the bounty packaging was used for something that you would buy at Big Lots, etc.

  3. I grabbed a napkin to use at the dinner table and to my surprise I found an insect embedded in the napkin edge! This is completely unacceptable and absolutely disgusting. I do have pictures to prove it and I kept the napkin to show as well. Something needs to be done about this.

  4. Been using Bounty towels for years –recently the glue being used on the towels has been excessive and ruins the first three sheets.Quality Control should be advised to look at this and take the corrective action

  5. Ibought the big 12 pack of bounty towels at sam’s and they
    are not the same towels I have been getting. The layers
    seperate when they get wet please let me hear back on the


  6. There is such a variety of commercials. Short is better! Would you listen to an idea? Something you do with all other paper towels that you never do with bounty!!!

  7. There is such a variety of commercials. Short is better! How about an advertisement demonstrating what must be done with all other paper towels that you never do with bounty!!!

  8. I always buy your paper towels.I always buy in bulk. This pack of towels I got this time is the worst pack I got. The 2 ply coming apart on every roll I get out. I am very dissatisfied this time and may not buy no more if there going to be way.

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