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Contacting Boston Globe Customer Service Center

The Boston Globe is one of the leading newspapers in Boston, Massachusetts. The paper comes out in print seven days a week. The Sunday issue is larger with more sections and it comes with the Boston Globe Magazine. The Boston Globe offers customers a service center online where they can access their account, update information, stop/restart delivery and more. This is the hub of all Boston Globe customer service information.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service for Boston Globe subscriptions is open from 6 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday. Hours on weekends and holidays are limited to 8 A.M. to 12 P.M.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-694-5623
  • Main Switchboard: 1-617-929-2000
  • Display Advertising: 1-617-929-2200
  • Classified Advertising: 1-617-929-1500
  • Boston Globe Santa: 1-617-929-2007
  • Newspapers in Education: 1-617-929-2639
  • Customer Service (Single Copy): 1-617-929-2226
  • Newsroom: 1-617-929-8477
  • Editorial Staff: 1-617-929-3000
  • Globe North Regional: 1-978-646-3901
  • Globe South Regional: 1-617-929-1540
  • Globe West Regional: 1-617-929-2260

Mailing Address

When writing to the Boston Glove customer service department you can choose the physical mailing address or the P.O. Box. If you need to change your delivery address it is best to contact customer service by phone or email the Circulation Department to prevent papers being delivered to the wrong address while your letter is sorted out and processed.

Boston Globe Customer Service135 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125

Boston Globe Customer ServiceP.O. Box 55819Boston, MA 02205-5819

Official Website

The main web address for the Boston Globe business is available at From this page you can access various departments in the Boston Globe business. There is a link on this page to the customer service page. Customers can access all customer service information on the dedication consumer page at Boston Globe also offers a customer service page with links to other pages at That makes three different links for customer service information. This is extremely confusing as the customer has no idea if all the information on the pages is the same or if there is different information on each page.

Readers can access news stories at

Customer Service Email

Customer service agents are ready to answer your email at circulationservices@globe.comif your question or concern is about a Boston Globe subscription.

Commenting on a story or published piece is simple – just use the editorial email address:

Our Experience

We had no trouble getting in touch with a customer service agent via the main customer service number. The automated system gives you four options to choose from, but you can press 0 to bypass these options and move the call directly to customer service. Our agent was more than happy to tell us about the mail delivery program offered by Boston Globe. People from anywhere in the world can subscribe with print papers being sent USPS Priority Mail for Sunday-only subscriptions.

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119 Comments on “Contact Boston Globe Customer Service
  1. Not one word today on Benghazi. I just bought my last Globe. Just another propoganda machine for the socialcrats.

  2. Over the past few months, the shopping ads have been given over to your company and not through the Post Office. Since this change we HAVE NOT RECEIVED THEM!! I am one of the lucky ones that have received them 2x. The entire East Cambridge Ma area has been skipped! I have seen the woman in her grey s.u.v. that pretends to be delivering them! She also comes from N.H. to Ma to not deliver! You pay her to do her job that she does not do! We are all very angry! I am sure if we contact the folks that pay your service to have their ads sent out realize that they are not being delivered, that they will be angry too! Why not give the job to someone in MA that WILL DELIVER THESE TO OUR AREA! East Cambridge Ma is very upset with not receive these, she does get paid for this non service! Would you please let her know, or the next step is to contact ALL THE STORES WHO PAY YOU FOR YOU NON SERVICE! I am speaking on behalf of all the angry folks of EAST CAMBRIDGE MA! We would like a response!

  3. can’t find the Globe North comment place so….
    Re: New Globe North section of the Sunday Globe.

    Saugus…nothing Revere small school item….Lynnfield nothing
    I didn’t like it at all. Even the police report stuff was a joke.
    I hope there is some NORTH Shore…5 miles from Boston news next week.
    THank you for your time!

  4. Repeat….NEW Globe North section of Sunday Globe
    Malden..Melrose..Saugus..Wakefield..Lynnfield..Revere one small item
    Nothing of interest to me. I was very disappointed in the NEW
    version ….get closer to Boston…like five miles I don’t think
    Everett or Medford were covered either!!!

    Thanks for your time!

  5. Never pay for subscription via credit card. When you cancel refunds up to 10 business days They have no problem taking the money immediately

  6. HORRIBLE!!! they have been taking money out for months and never delivering papers! I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. This is unacceptable.

  7. Michael Cowan wrote an article regarding President Bush. He made it sound as if the Bushes only took from our Vets. So untrue. The Bush family and President Bush have done more for the Vets (quietly) than
    any person I know of. Am canceling our subscription today.

  8. I subscribed to your 30 day free trial for the online Globe. It was read for several days and I decided that as a resident of Florida it was not an appropriate choice. I did not realize I entered into a continuing paid subscription. Please cancel at once and refund the balance of payment to my credit card account. Thank you.

  9. My Globe delivery service of late has been spotty and this Sunday morning I have yet to receive my Globe at 9:30 a.m. Delivery between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. is unacceptable service and this problem needs to be corrected quickly. As a longtime subscriber I am very disappointed in my current delivery service.
    I expect the Globe circulation department to take whatever corrective action is necessary.

  10. I cancelled my Boston Globe home delivery yesterday. We’ve had the paper home delivered for more than 15 years. I’m tired of getting the paper delivered later and later in the morning! We’ve always had our paper by 6:15 AM. I don’t want/need/have time to read the paper if it’s not here by 6:30 AM. It’s apparent
    the Globe customer service “advocates” need an education on how to attract and retain customers. I should have been told they would speak with the area manager who would speak to the driver and if he/she could not meet the demands of the job, they need to MOVE ON! Poor customer service.

  11. Good Morning,

    Today is Sunday, December 6th and I haven’t received my Boston Sunday Globe as of this time (8:47) a.m. Would you please be sure to deliver my paper? If not, please credit my account.

    Thank you

  12. My newspaper is delivered perhaps every other Sunday. On those Sundays it it not delivered, I contact customer service and ask for a re-delivery. This happens about half the time. I have asked for refunds and those NEVER appear on my statement.

  13. Carbutt
    157 Maynard Road
    Sudbury, MA 01776
    Re: Boston Sunday Globe was not delevered today, 12/615
    My Boston Sunday Paper was not delevered AGAIN. Please credit my account. I called and left a voicemail message and email after 8:00 this morning. I thought I would receive a paper.
    The paper delivery service is not consistent. I often do not receive my Boston Sunday Globe Paper. I have called so many times, not sure what to do…
    Please advise and give me a call 978-609-3684.
    Thank you
    Nancy Carbutt

  14. 12/28, No paper delivered, phones direct you to classified advertisement message says it’s closed. What a stupid thing to do. Customer service line is busy. Terrible service and transition.

  15. No paper delivery this AM at 9 Colasanti Road, No. Weymouth MA 02191, tried to call Customer Service. – no luck. Then transferred to talk to live person – Kept getting busy signal every time I call.. You people are completely unprepared for this transition.

  16. I have been on the phone today for at least ~30 minutes trying to connect w/a real live person. Please press 1 to answer my question, press 2 to get to press 3 and press 4 to get press 5. Maddening!!! Have been a subscriber for years. All I want to know if there is a senior discount for renewal subscriptions, or for that matter any subscription!! Doesn’t seem to be on renewal invoice, although on latest letter re: new del’y service my husband noticed line item for just that. Advise.

  17. two days no paper. this new delivery doesn’t seem to be working. will give it a few more days till I cancel altogether. called costumer service get busy signal. no way to treat your customers. I’m skeptical that this will get better.

  18. my globe has recently not been delivered or thrown and left in the middle of my long driveway. I am 93 yrs old and I expect the paper to be delivered to the deck of my side door. My past delivery man,Fabio Desorusa,has always given me
    good service.Where is he? If my paper is not delivered properly to my side door l
    will cancel the paper. Joan B Graham

  19. Although I have paid for a year in advance, I have not received the last two issues at 60 Charter Road, in Acton. 01720. Telephone # is 978-263-7975. Please inform me when I can expect to see it resumed with the new ex- piration date adjusted.

  20. Service is bad, delivery has stopped to my building. Cannot get in touch with a human being to explain problem for two days (no paper). Have subscribed to Globe for 25 years at this site and never had a problem, I believe your current delivery service won’t deliver to my apartment.

  21. Long time subscriber. I appreciate you are in transition and there may be glitches. But no paper at all yesterday and its 11 AM and no paper today. The end of year papers are important and full of wrap ups. Just wondering if this was the best time of year to make this switch. Disappointed.

  22. I have been trying to call customer service about my bill for 3 days and have got nothing but a busy signal! I even called the main switchboard and could not reach customer service.While on hold for 10 minutes I was forced to listen to rap music. If the Globe is to busy to take a customers call maybe they do not need any more customers?

  23. If I can drive in the snow, so can your drivers. Haven’t had a paper for 2 days. Yesterday was understandable, but I should have at least received both of them, a some point, today. My paper is usually here when I get up, at 6:00.
    I don’t have time to read it, later!

    I understand that you have a new delivery company, but a little snow shouldn’t be an excuse for no paper at all.

    When I tried to call in, when I got home today, the wait time was 1 HOUR. Not acceptable!

  24. You have to be kidding me, first I get an e-mail that home delivery would be late on Dec. 28th, I haven’t received the Globe all week, I am buying it at a store in Attleboro and now I get an e-mail that the fiasco should be straightened out in a few weeks. The “genius” at the Globe responsible for this horrific transition ought to fired. How can an institution as large as the Globe be so screwed up. This injustice certainly better be reflected in my monthly billing or I will cancel my subscription. P.S. I found nothing wrong with the previous delivery provider!

  25. New delivery service is not delivering ! This is a disgrace -cannot get thru via
    Email or phone to “customer service ” dept . -temporary substitution of accessing newspaper on web site is not acceptable -difficult for elderly who do not easily access internet.
    Quite sure that the Brookline delivery service to certain residences is not interrupted.

  26. 4 days without delivery. A miserable mistake,miserably timed…….access denied with all “communication”.If we can live without is for 4 days we can live without it.CANCEL.

  27. On 12/30/16, I called 7 times and was sent to a busy signal…NO PAPER, and I had to pay in advance?
    For all these years… More than 30 as a Globe Reader and this??
    Still on hold….

  28. We did not receive our Boston Globe yesterday or today and this is ridiculous. How do I get to speak directly to the Boston Globe Delivery Team. We have customers with home delivery for 45 years and do not remember anything like this. Address 12 page street Peabody, Ma 01960.
    Please call me What in the world is going on?

  29. Ah well, the fourth morning– NO GLOBE ! I have registered complaint no. 151229-006285, received by Beth. My previous carrier, Jose Santos,had my paper here by 5:00 am. Perhaps the new crew is a bit slow, or totally incompetent. Faced with the trackless wilderness that is the south shore, they simply dumped the papers in the woods. I have been a subscriber for 20 years- H-E-L-P. yours, Allan Clemons 671 Indianhead St. Hanson , Ma


  31. January 1 no paper delivered. This week papers at the bottom of our road. Previous service for almost 40 years has been to the top of the road. We expect this same service to continue. If not we will cancel the paper. Our address is 247 Meadowbrook Road. Please reply back to me as I cannot speak to a customer service rep. Thank you.

  32. I know you have had a lot of complaints about the paper delivery to subscribers door. I know you changed delivery services.
    I just want to tell you the paper has been at my door 5 out of 5 days before I go looking for it. I had special instructions to deliver in the courtyard door at 221-F5 front stairs. This means the delivery person has to get out of their car and walk down a short walk. I have no complaints with the delivery, so far. I also had excellent service with the prior deliver firm.
    I just thought it might be nice to hear something is going as planned.
    Judy Langone Subcription # 65694936, a long time customer.

  33. Very frustrated – have been on hold for 20 minutes with repeated messages that “your readership is important to us” but no real person has yet to come on the phone to help me! Ever since the new delivery service, our Globe home delivery has been terrible – with some days of not receiving papers and the rest of the days with the papers thrown at the front of our driveway where they get trampled by cars going in and out over them, frozen, wet and sopping from the rain – not good! I was calling to report this and request that our paper be delivered in front of our front main doorway (by our mailbox) – placed in front of our main front door please! The roof overhang there will keep the papers from getting wet or frozen. Please make sure that the delivery person DOES NOT LEAVE our papers anywhere in our driveway!!! I would cancel our subscription if this keeps happening (papers thrown in our driveway)_ Please confirm that this message has been received and acted upon. I have now been on-hold for 25 minutes and cannot hold for any longer and will be hanging up. Thank you, Donna and Alan Michelson; 246 Temple Street, W. Newton, MA 02465

  34. I can’t believe you have hung up on me three times before reaching a rep, I am calling about my Sunday delivery. I emailed you requesting that my Sunday paper be delivered to the WALKWAY. However, since my daily paper from another source is not being delivered in that manner, I’m sure the same problem will happen tomorrow. Just when we finally had a delivery person that was wonderful (Sarah Labbe), you go and “Improve” the service. One more reason, along with price increases, to cancel my paper if this cannot be resolved. I don’t want a paper continuously delivered in the street which happened several months ago!

  35. We have not received our paper in one week. I know you are going thru a delivery change but I can’t get thru on the phone at all to customer service. Our address is 24 Sunset Rd Marblehead, Ma 01945 Account # is 65384940. If we don’t get our paper by Monday I guess you should just cancel our membership. I just sent payment to cover thru 1/17/16 . I hope this can be corrected soon. We always had the paper by 5:30 or earlier and this is perfect for our household. Any later and my husband has left for work. I hope this can be resolved
    Barbara Kiernan

  36. Have been a subscriber for over 30 years and except for the Blizzard of 78 and the few Blackouts when no service was available, I have received a Daily Globe and the Sunday Globe without interruption until this past week when you instituted a new delivery service and since then have received the newspaper once this week – ONCE!!!! and have had to buy one every day!!!
    Whatever your reasons for the change you certainly did not do anything to accommodate your subscribers. I like my daily Globe but have to reconsider
    if something that should be so easy turns into a nightmare
    Thank you.
    Harriet Baker

  37. You are about to lose many long-term subscribers because of poor handling by the new delivery service. Many friends and relatives have not received their papers -Sharon, Stoughton, Dover, Newton. One friend reports ONE paper delivered to an entire condo building in Stoughton. We were all so pleased with our previous delivery people. Why change? It wasn’t broke!!
    I’ve given you this entire week. If no improvement, I may have to cancel my 11 year old subscription. Credit for undelivered papers is not the answer. Get rid of these people!

  38. I have not received my Sunday Globe in a month, and this new system is even worse. Now I cannot even get a credit. This is a complaint I have heard from so many subscribers. Phone is always busy; live chat is not accessible; online credit is not available.
    Perhaps the Globe Spotlight team should shine its light on the Globe itself.
    How many subscribers are being charged for papers never delivered? Certainly this is not an issue limited to me and my circle of friends.

  39. It makes no sense when the staff at the Boston Globe go out of their way to deliver the Sunday paper to keep the customers happy ,,, AND I STILL DID’NT GET MY PAPER !!! My neighbor across the street GOT HER PAPER ,, make sense of this… Credit my account and if this continues I will pull my subscription and encourage my friends and family to cancel theirs.

  40. Are you kidding? Get the old company back!
    I couldn’t even get through to get a late delivery of the Sunday Globe, yesterday. Are we going to have 2 weeks of credit? I’d rather have the paper!

    There’s not much sense in “giving” us a week’s credit, if we would have it anyway, when we don’t receive the paper!

    I look out my door hopefully, every day, but see empty space where the paper should be!

  41. no globe delivery at all, ordered for the 16 weeks special back in December have not received a single paper , but got a bill for $33.27 which is not going to be paid.. the driver delivers to the house next door at 6am every morning. am extremely disappointed as we were long time subscribers and all 5 of my children had globe paper routes for years. have called several times to notify but still nothing has been resolved

  42. As of Dec. 29 2015 . I have tried to cancel my subscription to the Globe.I am 93 years old . Since tDec. 29 the paper has been delivered so far away from my house I am unable to get it. In the past the paper was delivered at my side door. The paper is of no use to me if it is not at my door. I always gave a generous tip for delivery..I have had automatic credit card pay. I am canceling
    The Gobe and my credit card payment. Joan B Graham. Jan.4 2016

  43. .Customer service line unacceptable. Have been calling since 9 this morning to renew my senior discount. Phones not working, no one for chat line. Frustration, if this continues I am going to cancel. Do not let them use your credit card.

  44. I live @ 30 Chelsea St. Everett, Ma. Unit 603. We have not had a delivery for over a week. I have been a customer for over 30 yrs. I want a credit on my bill,not an extension on my service. I have been trying to call,but of course, I can’t get through. if I don’t start to get my paper this week, I will be canceling. I did not get it this morning. Thank you.

  45. Been a subscriber for 42 years Paper not getting delivered at all at my Chelsea address. Am I paying for papers I’m not getting. The old service had problems but at least the paper got delivered. Also when I process a vacation stop and start I get the impression I am still being billed and promised a future credit. What gives??? How about some answers
    David Evans 617 851 3585 cell 617 884 0827 home

  46. Thought you had fixed your delivery after I received the paper for a few days in a row but apparently that was a fluke.No paper today, 1/7/16, and life is too short to wait on your telephone hold. Suggest you hire more phone service operators. You are clearly over your heads.

  47. it is now 1/8/16,and i have not received my morning paper for 12 daYS. I THINK
    it is now time for a daily delivery of my morning paper.
    no excuses

  48. I still have not gotten my paper. It has been at least seven or eight days. This is ridiculous.
    Please explain this to me.

  49. I am 82 years old, and i have been reading the Globe all my adult life. no home delivery since Dec 28. Are you EVER going to fix this? I live in Cambridge ,not in some remote country town.
    Marian Connor

  50. My paper is not being delivered to my home at 23 Briar Hill Lane Waltham MA 02452-8107.

    my account number is 290794 Daily and Sunday

    In the past people have confused Briar Hill Lane (on the Waltham Belmont line) with Bear Hill Lane. Briar Hill Lane is the correct name and spelling of the street.
    Briar Hill is off of Briarwood which is off of Trapelo Road.

    Georgie Hallock

    • This is ridiculous!!!! Now I am getting the Globe every other day or whenever the person that delivers it feels like doing their job. What is going on? Once they corrected their deliveries it should have meant I would get the Globe every day. The billing had better be correct!!

  51. I have not received my newspaper, for two weeks. I am on a Thursday-Sunday schedule and have yet to receive a paper as of Friday, January 8, 2016.
    I am canceling my subscription.

    David York

  52. Once again, we received no paper. If it’s true that you’ve reconnected with your old distributor, why then isn’t the paper being delivered? We know that our delivery person is bringing the New York Times. Why can’t he bring the Globe as well? There is something so seriously wrong here that I don’t know that the Globe will ever recover. We’ve been subscribers for over 30 years, but our patience is wearing thin. And we’ve become accustomed to reading the Times in the morning instead of the Globe. If this situation isn’t sorted out next week, we’re going to be canceling our subscription to the Globe. If and when you can assure we’ll get the great service we’ve received in the past, we may return.

  53. Today, Saturday, 1/09/16, your delivery person threw all of the morning papers out of the window of his auto, a red compact car driven by an African-American man without wrapping them in plastic sleeves. Most of the papers were mis-delivered and ended up in puddles along the road. Larkspur, Devonshire and Kewadin Road in Waban (Newton) MA 02468.

    I know this happened because I was walking my dog at 8:30AM as this occurred. I picked up many of the debris and placed it in trash. Wet, soggy, morning Globes. UGH!

  54. Last week my delivery was missing two parts of the paper. This Sunday I have not received my paper. And, when I tried to report the issue to Customer Service, I was unable to leave a message. This situation is unacceptable.

  55. It is now 11:20, Sunday, January10 and our entire condo complex of three buildings still have not received our Sunday paper.

    The “Old” carrier left our papers at our condo door. The “New” carrier now only leaves them at the entrance by the mail boxes where non-subscribers can help themselves. I guess the carrier stayed up to watch last night’s powerball drawing and couldn’t make his/her delivery which has been spotty since December 28th.

  56. There are two Sunday Globe accounts at:
    2601 Lewis O. Gray Drive Saugus, MA 01906. We had these accounts for several years and two copies of the Sunday paper we delivered. Over the couple of weeks we have had only one copy delivered. Please correct this immediately.

    Thank You
    Carl Mirabello

  57. We cannot believe that the Sunday Boston Globe was not delivered AGAIN – I did notice on our bill that the monthly cost has increased – I guess that customer loyalty doesn’t matter when the bottom profit line is more important – please credit our account AGAIN and we, as well as many others, are losing patience with this situation.

  58. No paper delivered at 24 Ellsworth Ave., Cambridge for 12 days, beginning the first Monday of problems. Saturday paper did appear yesterday. Not today (Sunday).
    Oddly, the New York Times which my neighbors get has shown up periodically, including today. This doesn’t do me much good. When do you think this might be fixed?
    Before this mess began, all the papers that came to this address (two times, two globes, one wall st.journal) have arrived by 5AM on the porch 99% of the time.
    Please fix this?! and get refunds out pronto.
    Thank you.

  59. I have been reading the Boston Globe for MANY years. Since December 28th I have had 3 papers delivered. I call your very unsatisfying customer service (?) number every day to report an undelivered paper. This situation is very unacceptable. Certainly in today’s world it should not take MONTHS to correct the problem. Just fire the new agency. They aren’t doing the job. Rehire the former carriers (and treat them better). My former delivery man was awesome! The paper was delivered on time and directly to my back stairs as we are both handicapped. I am considering cancelling my subscription but I can’t get through to necessary person on the phone. (Surprise!). I think it’s a crazy way to run a business. This problem should be resolved by now. How difficult is it to deliver a newspaper?

  60. I have been trying for several days to cancel my Globe delivery on Sunday. I believe I was able to reach them to remove the charge for last Sunday and today but I would like to cancel it completely. Please do so and let me know that you have.

  61. Please instruct the paper delivery person throw the paper on the porch. 233 Arlington Street Medford MA 02155 not on the walk way. Unless this is done I may have to cancel my subscription. Please let me know if this issue will be addressed heretofore 30 plus years
    It was thrown on the porch.

  62. Another day, another screwup. You delivered the Sunday Globe, thank you! No paper at 8:00 this morning. My husband did get his WSh at 5:30, but 8:00 a.m. And no Globe. I’ll go out and get one, that is, if they aren’t all gone!!!!

  63. I am very upset along with the rest of the globe daily readers. This is a total disgrace that for 3 weeks we have not be able to get the paper consistent like we did before and not only that for the last two days it was left at the bottom of the driveway instead on the front stoop so you can opent the door and just grab it. Sunday’s paper was delivered after 4 pm and it was all wet because of the rain.
    Hope this gets resolved soon. John Henry better stay owning the Red Sox and not the newspaper because for trying to save money it it a diaster.

  64. I give up!!! No paper then one day a morning paper then two days a late afternoon paper and then once again no papers at all. Very long time subscriber who is done with home delivery. Trying to call customer service to change to all digital period. Spent 5 minutes going through the calling sequence and then fast busy. I feel sorry for the people who work for this organization. Anyone who has any work pride must be embarrassed by this big failure to put your customers first!

  65. Dear Boston Globe. I have not received a newspaper – 6 Woodside Cottage Way since this whole debacle took place. I don’t even know if you’ve been charging me for non-delivery, but I received one paper – not the Sunday Globe – in the last three weeks. So first I want to know, have you credited my account or are you still taking money out even though it hasn’t been delivered in three weeks? HELP!!!! I miss my morning globe. Please, please credit me with missed three weeks and renew delivering my newspaper ASAP. Sincerely, a sad customer – erika goldberg

  66. Since the Boston Globe hired a new delivery carrier on Dec. 28, 2015, I have only received one newspaper. On Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, a silver car drove up my street, its driver looked all around, and then put a Boston Globe on my porch. That is the only newspaper I have received as of today, Monday, Jan. 11, 2016. I am very frustrated because I always read the paper in the morning, but now I have none. Trying to report a missing paper by phone has only worked about 2 times. Usually, after making the appropriate menu selections, all I get is a busy signal, not a representative who can record my missed paper and credit my account. I think that the new carrier should be fired and billed for all the money that the Boston Globe is losing because of their abdominal delivery record. At this point, I have no idea when I will ever get another Boston Globe delivered. I hope that the Boston Globe does not go out of business because of all this turmoil.

  67. Wrote yesterday that the previous (Mon. and Tues.) deliveries were on the grass at the edge of the street instead of the driveway stair platform where it was always delivered. This morning a partial (food section, in plastic wrap) was again on grass at edge of street. Both my wife and I are 85. Going out to the street on a windy day with snow on the ground is very precarious, and could lead to a fall and serious injury. Please correct this serious problem or we will be forced to cancel our subscription. (9 Colasanti Rd. N. Weymouth.

  68. I am very dissatisfied with customer service. No one will answer my repeated phone calls about me not receiving my newspaper the last three days. I have been a loyal customer for about thirty years .Are you planning on delivering it again?

  69. Another day and again NO PAPER. I can’t believe that a so-called big city paper, who have a smashing story up for an Academy Award, can’t even get its paper delivered to subscribers. We had a deliverer, Dorothy Kowalansky, as a great deliverer. She got dumped because someone in the board room decided that the previous delivery service was not good enough. (that Person should have been fired). Look what we have now – NO DELIVERIES! Weymouth is not in the boondocks. It is 10 miles from the Globe. Such a disgrace!

  70. The Boston Globe Home Delivery Service, prior to the change in delivery service provider, was like clock work. Now it has become unreliable, erratic and a source of a great deal of frustration.

    Joe, Revere MA

  71. This is the third week I have not received my Saturday/Sunday Boston Glode and my Thursday-Sunday Middlesex News. I cannot get through on the phone and all other efforts have been unsuccessful. Can I expect immediate resolution or shall I cancel my service?

    1500 Worcester Rd. #831
    Framingham, MA 01702

  72. No Sunday Globe again today. Your most recent story is that all the problems have been resolved. If so, why did we not receive our paper? Can we reasonably expect to receive a paper next week?

    This is very shabby treatment of your customer base and reflects significantly poor management.

  73. Once again we did not receive our Sunday Globe., Your articles say that deliver problems have been solved. Not the case. When can we expect to see consistent delivery of the paper resumed?

    Time for the Globe Spotlight team to find out who is responsible for this debacle.

  74. January 16, 2016 Sunday news paper is only half a paper. Sections, A,B,C,&D are for 1/16/2016 But the rest is of paper is LAST SUNDAY January 10, 2016.
    The advertising section is the worst. Buisness’s advertise sales for last week expired yesterday are in this weeks paper. Looks like the only winner here is the weeks paper owner. Didn’t have to produce half the paper.

  75. i havent got a sunday glpe in three weeks cant get any one to answer phone the service sucks i would like a total refund please!!!!!! let me know if you get this please!!!!! ps this is nfl playm offs

  76. This is my 3rd attempt to get an answer on delivery service.

    On January 7th, my home delivery service came to an abrupt halt although my neighbor’s did not. For the past 25+ years we shared the same delivery service although they receive a different paper. All I wan to know is when, or if, delivery service will ever return to my home. The courtesy of an answer would be greatly appreciated. I need to make other arrangements if I am no longer going to be able to receive home delivery. Maybe I need to subscribe to the New York Times like my neighbor across the street in order to get a paper delivered! Just let me know if this problem will be solved one way or another.

    Dody Collier

  77. I had called in this AM to report a no- delivery, when in fact, we later found the paper on the driveway stairs. Please cancel the no- delivery call, and reinstate the charge. Hopefully, this will continue, with delivery as pre-instructed in previous messages. Thanks, ERM

  78. I have not received my globe for three weeks .each week they tell me I will get my paper still no results. I have been reading the paper on line but am missing the print .I get trhe paper on Thursday through Sunday how do I pay my bill?

  79. As a long time subscriber I can not tell you i can’t tell you how unhappy I am with the delivery service. Having just received my monthly bill way would I pay full amount for next month when I have no idea if I am going to be receiving a full months service delivery. Since the new delivery service began I have had more non-delivery’s than delivered papers. I can say that the 4 day credit does not fully cover the missing papers. Having worked in a very time sensitive job I find it hard to believe that with these current issues are continuing.

  80. It is very frustrating to not only not receive the newspaper but to also not receive feedback on when you will resume deliveries.
    You should be more customer savvy, the Globe would be so highly critical of another that created this mess. And you the way,. Elsewhere you would be calling for termination of those responsible for such a screw up.

  81. I am still not getting my paper delivered. If you can’t fix this problem let me know! This is Jan 22. Since you did the change over in Dec. I have received three papers

  82. I only receive the Sunday globe and you can’t get that right. This is my third week without receiving the paper and you have no idea I’m not receiving the paper. I have to go online to request a credit. How long until you get your act together. I am a lifelong globe subscriber and I am sorry to say the end is near if this isn’t fixed.

  83. We have missed a number of paper. Today paper was left on the street in front of mail box. My neighbor next received his paper on his porch. The paper delivery person walked up his drive way to drop it off. Both my neighbor and I are in our eighty. If you can not delivery our paper on our back door or front, We well discontinue our paper. Why did you replace the delivery team?
    Please look into this matter. My account is 65249092. Why is no answer the phone at 888-694-5623 and when they do it the some all story, call back later.

    Unhappy Customer

  84. I am completely disgusted with the recent (and now lengthy) disruption with my home delivery.

    Honestly, Management Team, how much money did you think you would save in hiring a distribution co. (ACI) with little local presence, and a firm philosophy of shaving employee rates? (oh – sorry – “independent contractors”….I meant to say). The Metrowest Daily News arrives on my doorstep every day – and while it’s content is somewhat lacking – it IS dependable.

    Shame on all of you! I sincerely hope that this debacle results in a firing at the top levels and a loss of revenue!!!!!

  85. I am very dismayed at the lack of customer service and response to our repeated non delivery of the Boston sunday Globe!! When the delivery company initially changed I understood the missed delivery! However, it is now 3 weeks and we have not received our Sunday globe! We have tried to give the delivery every chance and so by the time it is apparent that it will be another week with no delivery we are not able to purchase one at any of the local stores because they are already sold out!! I even called on Friday 1/22/16 and spoke with /a /rep who stated she would send my concern to the delivery dept for our area. No response! No email ,No apology!! Very poor customer service for a comp/any that should be doing everything in their power to keep the loyal customers they have!! Any response?????

  86. What is going on?? We did not receive a Globe for the 3rd Sunday in a row. I thought you had fixed your delivery problems. This is a ridiculous situation.

    A long-time subscriber about to cancel

  87. Today, Sunday, January 24, I left my home at 11:15 am; the newspaper had not arrived by then. I bought one at the market. When I came home, I found the paper had arrived sometime between 11:15- 1:30pm. Nevertheless, that is too late- it is supposed to be here by 8:00 at the latest on a Sunday. So I would like a credit. It wasn’t much snow and the sidewalk had been shoveled …..

  88. Yesterday, Sunday, January 24, 2016, was the second Sunday in a row that my paper was not delivered. Please credit my account for no paper on 1/24/16 as well as 1/17/16.

    Also, could you let me know if this problem with delivery will be resolved by next Sunday. I really enjoy lazy Sundays with my Globe and a cup of coffee. I waited all day for the delivery. If I had known it wasn’t coming I’d have gone to the store and bought a copy.

    Thanks for crediting my account for two missed Sundays and getting back to me on the delivery problems.

    Jill French, a Faithful Sunday Globe Reader
    10 Avon Street
    Lexington, MA 02421

  89. I am extremely unhappy with the Boston Globe. I understand they have been having problems with deliveries, but enough is enough. The month of January has been a DISASTER. In the three week period, I hadTWO Sundays, the Globe was not delivered. The other week it was delivered at 2:00 PM in the afternoon. I
    never had this problem with the old delivery service.
    I buy the Sunday Globe to read in the morning with my coffee. I do not want to receive the morning globe in the afternoon, after I get more news on T. V.


    Bob Murphy

  90. My Capital One monthly statement shows Globe monthly $40.36 subscription charges for Jan. 4 and Jan. 11. Am I being charged twice for one month?
    My Globe number is 66831427. Please advise.

  91. We are still not receiving our Sunday Globe. I have called three times to indicate that our regular delivery person is still delivering another paper and he used to bring the Globe but has stopped. I received an invoice which is incorrect as far as what I owe. I tried customer service phone, but was on hold for 45 min. and no one ever answered. Very frustrating to not be able to get answers. I want to bring my account up to date, but cannot get anyone to tell me what I owe. I really want to get my Sunday Globe and have not received it for four weeks. My address is 5 Laurelwood Drive, Hopedale, MA 01747.

  92. I have not received my Boston Globe newspaper the whole month of January. I have called every weekend to report this. My account no. is 695902. I received a bill that is due on 2/4/16. I will not pay this. I am returning it to you. I don’t know what is going on, but this bill indicates you crediting my account for only two papers, when it should be ten days (the whole month of January). I receive the paper on Sat & Sun only. What is going to be done about this? If I don’t receive my paper this weekend I will be cancelling my subscription.

  93. I have received only 8 papers since December 28 and none for the last two weeks. I can’t get anyone at customer service to let me know when this will be resolved. Chat has no available agents and no live person answers the phone. Its just a recording. My requests for credit are not keeping pace with the missed deliveries.

  94. I cancelled my Sunday home delivery service in December, 2015. I have received two deliveries in January, 2016. I no longer wish to receive the Sunday paper, a point I made abundantly clear when I cancelled my subscription. Despite repeated efforts to contact Customer Service to speak with a representative directly, I have had no success. Please finalize my request and stop delivery.

    Frank Sullivan
    21 Leewood Rd.
    Wellesley, MA 02482

  95. The front page section, metro section, and sports all missing. Since I moved from Boston to Holbrook this is the third instance of a problem. I only have been a customer out here for 5 weeks. One week no paper at all. Don’t even know if a credit has been applied my account and this is after three days of trying to communicate by phone. I need someone from the Globe to get in touch with my or I cancel.

  96. I just spent 15 minutes waiting to get someone to answer my call on 888-694-5623. I’m calling from Florida and was wondering why my subscription which Michael of your customer service department promised would arrive on January 31st has not arrived. Please be sure my acct. is credited for every day it does not arrive. I will be keeping count. I had hoped to get the Globe through 3/30 but will cancel if your delivery service doesn’t improve.

    While on the subject of delivery,my mother who is in an assisted living in Reading,Ma has been receiving very poor delivery service. This is extremely disappointing not only for her (she is 103) but for all the residents. Why can’t you solve this problem? Does John Henry get involved in the process at all?


  98. This is the third week in a row we have not received a Sunday paper. Is there a problem? I would like to resume delivery but if you cannot get me a paper I will cancel my subscription. Thank you.

  99. What good is 2 weeks free when my problem is delivery, so no thank you. Cancel delivery to 45 Holly Lane, Bridgeewater Ma

    • Only received delivery of the Globe 5 or 6 times in the entire month of January. No delivery Sunday, 1/30 and today, 2/2. Have left message each day it was not received but now the voice mail won’t take the message. The Herald comes every day, on time. Why can’t delivery of the 2 papers be combined as it was for years until you guys screwed up at the end of December.

  100. Dear Boston Globe: glad you are back!!! hopefully every day !!
    TO GET MY PAPER BY PUTTING IT ON THE PORCH? I’m sure this delivery problem that has been going on since 12/28/2015 is weighing on the collective minds of the powers that be at the Globe. Come on guys, as coach Bill would say, DO YOUR JOB.

  101. wow 2 DAYS IN A ROW!!!! REALLY? I’M GUESSING SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT I GOT them! yesterday was after 7 am, today was just after 6am but so far away have to call my neighbor to get it.

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