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Contacting Boost Mobile Customer Service Center

Boost Mobile is a pay-as-you-go cell phone provider that requires no credit check and no long-term contracts. As cell phone companies phase out unlimited data plans, providers like Boost Mobile are working hard to provide cost effective unlimited plans. Boost Mobile currently offers a $50 plan that includes unlimited everything. If you pay your bill on-time, the total monthly cost could shrink to just $35 a month after 18 months of on-time payments. That is cheaper than any other cell phone provider.

Boost Mobile operates on the Sprint Network, but that doesn’t mean customers can contact Sprint for customer service. You must use the Boost Mobile contact information for help with your Boost Mobile account.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service for Boost Mobile customers is available by phone from 4 A.M. to 9 P.M. PST weekdays and weekends.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-402-7366
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-949-748-3200
  • Corporate Headquarters Fax: 1-949-748-3272

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Boost Mobile customer service is not listed on the customer care page, but the main address for headquarters is openly available. If you have a concern about your Boost Mobile service that can be addressed by customer service, it is best to contact them directly as the letter you send headquarters may never reach the customer service department.

Boost Mobile Headquarters9060 Irvine Center Dr.Irvine, CA 92618

Official Website

Customers can access their account, order new phones, pay for next month’s coverage and contact customer service using the official website at The coverage area map is also available for customers who want to find out if Boost Mobileis available in their area.

Boost Mobile is one of the many companies with a strong face on social media. You can contact the company’s customer service department on Facebook and Twitter for a faster response time.

Customer Service Email

If you want to email Boost Mobile customer service you’ll have to use the contact form on the website. The contact form located at , is available for customer communication only. You are required to enter your Boost Mobile phone number and account PIN before you can send the form. If you do not have a PIN you will need to contact the customer service department for Boost Mobile support.

Our Experience

The agent we talked to at Boost Mobile customer service was more than willing to search our zip code to tell us if Boost Mobile was available in our area. Getting through the automated system was not as simple as answering our question. We tried pressing 0 to push through the system, but our call was disconnected. When we called back it took us more than two minutes just to listen to all the options, make choices and finally reach customer service.

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40 Comments on “Contact Boost Mobile Customer Service
  1. Yes the service is cheap but they make u pay by waitin a lifetime to gt a live person and the service SUCKS. My data connection hardly ever works within the last 4 months and after all the complaining, troubleshooting, and troubletickets i was only compensated $3…smh wat a waste of a cell phone company

  2. Fleecing of America..I bought a boost plan in Culver City, CA using my Visa Credit card ( if I pay 6 month the plan drops $5)
    when I went to make my second payment using my same Visa card I was told there is a $3 processing fee!
    when I made my last payment, last week the cashier asked me ow much I was due to pay as her computer showed nothing..I presumed it was my 6th month, it wasn’t and my phone service was cut off 2 days later as I owed $5.
    I went back to the store to pay the $5 cash and was told they only accept $10 min.
    It seems no one knows what they are doing..except ripping off their new customers…as with everything if it walks like a rip off then it IS a RIP OFF…KEEP AWAY FROM BOOST MOBILE IT IS A SHIT COMPANY..ALSO REFERRING THIS MATTER TO BBB CALIFORNIA!

  3. i have not had service for about 4 or 5hrs i have troubleshooted my phne and nothin thn i cant get a person on the phone to even help me my husbund has cancer i really cant be with out a phone please help!

  4. BOOST Mobile is the absolute worst phone service company ever! My fiancé has been a customer with since 2004 and was recently told the phone he was using was being phased out and he needed to get a new phone which we picked up last Friday. As soon as they supposedly activated this new phone his old one turned off and even though we have added minutes twice over the last 4 days he still has no service.The charges show up on our bank account but still no service!Have talked to customer service no less than 5 times in 4 days and been told twice the phone was never activated and twice it is!!! Does anyone in this company actually know what they are doing? I am currently preparing to file formal complaints against them with Better Business Bureau as well as the FCC!! Suggest everyone who has such issues do the same or this company will never be brought up to standards and customers will continue being ripped off and getting unsatisfactory service and assistance!

  5. i call for refund due to the new service and they refuse to give it back, lets get together and sue them for the aggrevation and stress holding on the phone and then hanging up, are you all kidding me,

    contact me here if you want to do this, the service sucks!!!!!

    • I’ve been having problem with my service and they expect me to pay my bill …They should refund me or put credit on my account…

      I think they need to be investigate…We should file class-action lawsuit against BoostMobile

  6. Boost mobile gets away ripping off people and they need 2 be Investugated such as when a person buys a.boostcard in Florida at 12.30an and puts the money on phone which is supposed 2 be good 4 that date in daily. /// instead you get double charged because there on a different time zone yet there is no information 2 let the consumer know!!!!! That’s ust 1 of many other ways. Then customer service plays stupid! !! LOL maybe IRS because they just dont really understand as I couldnt understand that offshore accent or pug Latin BS!!!

  7. I have been with boost for 5 years and the past year the service has been HORRIBLE. I am really thinking of staring a class action lawsuit against them. If anyone is interested please email me. Not getting MMS out going or incoming or days delayed. Also when I call my boost from different phone my boost phone never rings or goes straight to vm. Lets do something. I am switching to Verizon.

  8. My phone has had no service for three days and my phone bill is due. I refuse to pay until this is fixed, this is ridiculous. This isn’t the first time this has happened I will be changing my phone company!!!!!

  9. Hi, i had brought a phone online and the phone i had order it said free activation. Do i activate it online for free or do i go to the store to activate it for free? Another question i have is will my phone come in today because i had order it on Thursday day and it say it will come within 3 working days? i asked because today is sunday and i want to make sure what day it comes because i dont want it to come and im not here

  10. well I called to update my credit card for a auto payment like last month and it was didn’t happend I thought I was going to be charged 2 times in the old card Bank of America..and PNC but was told that was not enought time to do the changes until September wich everything is okay and understood .. now I had called several time today with not luck and finally went I get to talked to some operator name Pat .. and explain my problem she could not understand or did not want to make senses of what I was talking .. today October 3er I wanted to talk to a manager .. I talked to a Merilyn and that was on September the 21 st and she confirmed my new card on file and 5 days later the bank said the were charging on the internet for some music store no around my area and bank stoped the charges and contacted me. and cancel my card.. and this was done after I talked to this lady. thinking that tey should be ID by a number easy to know who was the one doing the contact. I have not used my card with any one only boost mobile . thinking you have people using the credit card number . you should check this.. and fixed.. thanks

  11. Called on 11Nov2013 about a re-boost card page put it on the internet it come back to page you put the number in it took 45 minutes to get some they hang up some more time past to get them manger hangs up he though I was recording talk to Angie still said the card was not active from the company I bought it tring to get them again to fax it to the right number still getting the same old recording the FCC and the BBB needs to investigate Boost mobile

  12. I am very this satisfied with boost Mobil, for the last three month they have turn off my service. They have my my card information to withdraw the monies. When I try to call them I get information that I am not interested in , machine keep talking nonsense. Why can’t they used the information I have given them they keep wasting my valuable time, usually I am at work. where I work I really need a cell phone.looking for better service.

  13. I bought this phone a month ago. It is a Samsung Galaxy S 2 was told it was a new up to date phone and was told it was on sale for $270.00, Paid over $300.00 when it was over. I am disabled and in need of a reliable phone, and very nieve with phones. I went looking for things to go with the phone and could not find anything to do with this Samsung Galaxy S 2. I find out my “new” phone is way OUT OF DATE. During this time the phone is doing weird things that it shouldn’t be doing. I called Boostmobile where I bought it and said I was very disappointed with this phone and found out its not up to date. they said they couldn’t help me and from then on they would not answer my calls. Now every number ive tried calling is out of order or not able to help me. Please, someone help, im disabled and in dyer need of a reliable phone. Thank you Laurie

  14. My phone MSID is another person personal phone # I don’t like it
    because sometimes I receive calls from people I don’t know. How this happened?

  15. When do you plan on getting back to me about my phone its been more than 24 hours this is why I don’t have my new phone your company’scomunication skills suck big time…

  16. BOOST MOBILE… Worsted customer service EVER!!!! I called for your help, well my husband did, someone hacked my phone, taking pictures of me randomly and sending them back with messages. They took over my Google emails, and Facebook. Changed my passwords…. you get the pic,right? Well all I asked was for them to change my number that’s it I didn’t ask for a miracle and stop them. I was first refused, then offered the change the number for money. Really? First of all your plan is more costly, second I will never deal with these fools again!

  17. Can’t nothen be no worst then Metropcs and T-Mobile teaming up! …services ain’t worth a penny! …some of the staff is satanist! …no matter what or who you are ….Respect and righteousness should be first to each customer that

  18. boost mobile does not have a unlimeted plan if you use to much data they slow you down pemanetly to as much as 2G,s even when you connect to 4G your still running at 3G speeds

  19. My wife and I have been Boost customer’s for close to 10 years.
    and when my wife called to have have our phone # on our phone’s switched because my phone started make me reboot it every time i used it and i was missing to many call’s. well who ever she was talking to told here both phone’s would be off for about 15 minute’s we did not think much about it.
    Well when 3 hours went by we tried to call boost but with our phones off and we do not have a house phone, i thought i would talk to some one though e-mail, the first e-mail said that they would get back in touch with me with in 24 hours. and if i had any questions just call. (i all ready told who ever our phones had been shut off and had no home phone) well i went to check my other e-mails and some one else had e-mailed me to let me know that my wife and my phone had been switched to the shrinkage plan, be do not e-mail them back all the e-mails on that acc. go straight to a junk box. at this time i would like to have my wife and my plans prorated and returned to our bank. and would not like to have any further payments taken out of bank though auto pay the way i was treated by just a few people has cost boost/sprint a loyal customer. i will also try to call boost tomorrow and send another e-mail at the advice of my good friend
    home you can teach your employes what it means to be in the service industry .

    ps hope you saved enough send your phone banks over seas i see a lot more people going else where and they wont be back to boost or any holding company


    To all those who have Boost Mobile, be very careful, because the customer service of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic, is using the information in your account of Boost Mobile cell phone(such as the phone numbers at of you call, whom you are sending message, who call you), for other purposes, receiving money from people in the Dominican Republic who want to have your information and the staff of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic by money holding this information and selling it.

    Be very careful, because this is happening, it to a man from Dominican Republic, living in USA and has problems in Dominican Republic with a woman, and that woman looking and pay a employee of Boost Mobile Customer Service in the Dominican Republic for that would give all the information that man had on the phone and account of Boost Mobile. The women use all this information to do harm time to the man and caused him a many problems. The women confessed that she was paid to an employee of Boost Mobile Customer Services in the Dominican Republic to get all the information that he had in the Boost Mobile cell phone and account.

  21. Do you really have to use the word ” freakin’ in your commercials. As a teacher, I try to influence my students in a positive way. I don’t think using substitute words for foul language is the direction we really want to go. Is it truly necessary? Sincerely, J. Tharp

  22. Please tell me why your still charging me 43.71 I dOn’t have a Boost Phone I may have sent it back. All I know is that the I need away for you to stop taking it from my account.The only #I know is 231-248,and forgot the last four I also have (sph-l720 if that may help. Please! put it back into my account.and stop taking it from my account

  23. This is probably the absolutely worst customer-service experience I have ever had anywhere. I can see why Boost is so cheap, they must pay these people $1 an hour–that’s how ignorant the people were whom I spoke with.

    I actually believe I got my problem fixed with the first (and I think ONLY) person I spoke with at the Costa Rica facility. The next one’s English was so bad, I could understand a word he said, the next one was a total idiot and asked me how I KNEW it could be fixed? DUH!

    And the supervisor “Juan” was a total moron and the rudest supervisor I have ever spoken with. I am not at all happy with Boost and I will be looking around for another carrier. This experience left me totally frustrated with this company.

  24. The worst customer service ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try and call no person pickups phone!!! You have to take survey or they automatic disconnect the call!!!Lie Lifetime 35 a month bull they now add a 3 dollar fee on!!! That is false advertisement !!!!!!!!!!!!! They do now care about customers!!! Will cancel asap!!!

  25. We were trying to set up payment through our bank account.

    After several tries, we were unsuccessful in obtaining an address to allow us to set up payments and were told that Boost Mobile does not accept mailed payments.

    We also asked for a bill to be mailed to the house. We were told that Boost Mobile doesn’t mail out bills.

    Understanding that this is a non contract business, I do not understand a company that doesn’t have a mailing address to accept payments.

    Every respectable company has a mailing address to accept payments.

  26. There is a problem with the system each month they take money off my credit card and last year three different times they turned my phone after charging my credit card now here we are this year and today feb.15 my phone is off again after hitting my bank account this is the age of the computer what is the problem.

  27. Theworst phone servic we experience ever,reporting to better bussiness burea,seeking legal action to take against this company reporting to ABC news consumet watch.stay with metro r anyone else

  28. Started out with a Virgin Mobile phone and service two years ago, no major problems. 4 weeks ago decided to upgrade my VM freebee phone, purchased LG Aspire, $40, nice upgrade … no problems … continued with Virgin Mobile. Two weeks later found the LG REALM Android, Boost mobile’s Smartphone for $40! Took it to BOOST MOBILE VIRGIN MOBILE’S sister to have the new Realm activated AND service switched from VM to Boost. Asked about keeping my same number AND (of course) was told I could not keep my same number! Found out this morning, after checking my online Virgin Mobile account status the VM acct had not been closed! Called VM keyed in my previous # and (automated msg told me the service on the account had been disconnected and I had to “top up” — PREVIOUS ACCOUNT HAD NOT BEEN CLOSED! Also, that I COULD HAVE KEPT MY CURRENT PHONE IF “I” CHOSE TO! IT WAS TOO LATE TO DO SO I HAD ALREADY PUT THE WORD OUT AS WIDESPREAD AS I POSSIBLY COULD!! Also, be aware of the unnecessary $2.00 and $3.00 miscellaneous service, maintenance, restocking, updating, changing, FEES (they vary from store to store AND CSR!) THE CSRS ON THE PHONES ARE NOT IN OR FROM THE US. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER THE PRIVATELY OWNED FRANCHISES THROUGHOUT THE OUR COUNTRY. It is very apparent that Virgin Mobile and its sister Boost customer service ratings continue to decline with NO SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT.

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