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As one of the leading online hotel reservation services, allows customers to search properties and make reservations with a click of a button. The company is similar to parent company Customers can search for the lowest price and make plan on the website. There are more than 200,000 hotels in the queue.

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  • Phone Number: 1-888-850-3958
  • Spanish: 1-866-938-1297
  • International: +44-20-3320-2609

Mailing Address Chicago200 West MadisonSte 1450Chicago, IL 60606

or Denver1400 16th StSuite 400Denver,CO 80202

or Grand Rapids4147 Eastern Avenue SEGrand Rapids, MI 49508

or Honolulu7 Waterfront Plaza500 Ala Moana BlvdSte 400Honolulu, HI 96813

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The official website allows customers to search for hotels and accommodations prior to making reservations. You can sign up for email alerts for low price deals and specials.

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We sent a message to the customer service department asking for the hours of operation. The automated response we received claimed a representative would respond within two business days. We are still awaiting a response.

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In the event you want to make a reservation, you will connect faster than if you wanted to speak with a customer service agent. The reason we know this is we called twice to test the system. The automated system asks customers to select the appropriate choice prior to proceeding. When you select anything relating to reservations, your wait time is less than 30 seconds. When we called and selected the option to connect with the customer service department, we waited more than 5 minutes.

In both instances, when we connected with the customer service department we were greeted with an agent willing to fulfill our needs by answering our questions. Each question resulted in answers which satisfied us. We want to know if your concerns were resolved by the customer care agent. Leave a comment for us below.

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286 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. I have booked rooms at Castle Inn and Suites in Aneheim they now have been posted on your web site for less can I get the new lower price of the room my booking number is 407614030 I look forward to your respose

  2. you said my post would not be published and it is with not booking number please take it down or erase my booking number

  3. After many weeks trying so solve a problem, as a Hostel we never get any reply from the so called “customer service”, does not care atall what people write in reviews.

  4. Yes I’m so upset with who I was booked with, Days Inn hotel 170 Ron McNair Boulevard Lake city South Carolina 29560… Owner ms Nina she was very ruled to me because she didn’t feel like answering quetions about how to get their and anything about the hotel, She talked really nasty to me and hong up on me and wouldn’t answer no more of my calls… So I called back booking .com to allow them to know never book them to anyone because they don’t treat customers right no way I trust them to stay their not safe being in their care or having a child or any human…. need somewhere else to book my booking number#813-021-465# y’all tryed to also reach them but they wouldn’t answer… please work this out a.s.a.p

  5. WOW, what service. I just talked to your rep, Tucker. What a treat! Ihad a minor problem concerning beds. He immediately, while I waited only two minutes, phoned the hotel in Italy and fixed my problem. Way to go guys. Thanks Tucker!! I will spread the word.

    Jim Macfarlane

    • I think its a bunch of lies and more lies. The phone number to use for you DOES NOT WORK. I want to talk to a person. and yet, i cannot seem too, Gives me a red flag that you are not what you say you are. I need dates changed, I need one room cancelled, and it will not let me. I just want to OBLITERATE THIS WEBSITE. I AM NOT PAYING FOR EITHER ROOM. I WILL FIND ANOTHER HOTEL THROUGH PRICELINE.

  6. i book hotel true in st martin,hotel lagoon blue,when i arrive in st marten girl pick me up and drive me to the hotel?????,but no hotel it was private apartment and i already pay half of the stay here,i tried to cancel but the owner said no,this apartment is set up as a hotel with everything and that is wrong, what can i do,i want to get out off here and in to a hotel,because i was ordering a hotel,please help me.

  7. Dear Sirs,
    I would like to know, if you have received my credit card number for my reservation number 813886452. I have booked a room in Central house hotel Victoria in London. Please answer me in Italian if it is possible. Thank you. Yours faithfully Stefania

  8. We are very disappointed and angry at the very expensive reservation booking number 733.100.968 at the awful hotel Pullman Charles de Gaulle Airport tonight. They offer no food in the afternoon expect overpriced room service with a 5 euro service charge. They are far from any other facility, even by foot.The price of $485.11 for 1 night is outrageous. The swimming pool featured in picture on your reservation confirmation is closed.The hotel and your reservation “service” are far overpriced.

  9. I am very disappointed about the service because ttohey share my credit card details to unautorized people.I never booked hotels in Turkey before but Hotel Morina from Oludeniz Turkey charged money from my bank account without reason.I never heard about this hotel before,first time when I saw they charged my money from my bank card.This is a scam.What are you going to do with that?I should get compensation and appologise and they should be punished.

  10. I was unable to post my complaint regarding Hostal Kon-tiki. I see one posted on June 16, that corroborates my problem with a room that I booked and had to find a suitable Hotel across the river to spend my first night for $15.00, I think was on June 12. I booked for 4 nights. The hostal manager asked me to pay for all of the nights that I had booked and I refused and paid $24 for the first night though I could not stay in his facility because of an odor, etc., that was identified on the 16th of June by an anonymous person. I want to leave my review, the info I told your customer service will be briefer. How do I post it now?

  11. My room at Hostal Kon-tiki booked from 6/12-15/13 had an overwhelming odor when I layed across the bed in room #1 on the first floor suggested by the manager. I developed an extreme allergic reaction, the reason identified by Annonymous on 6/16/13 and looked for a suitable accommodation. I did not view the bathroom. On arriving in my new Hotel room, I looked for my sterling silver earrings purchased at Arui Gallery in Quito for $75 before leaving on my trip and could not find them since they had been removed from my green snakeskin bag by someone at Hostal Kon-tiki. Also, the management said that it could not use my debit card and wanted me to pay cash for the four nights booked. I refused and paid $24 for the first night though I could not stay in the room that the mangement refused to refund

  12. Quiero felicitar al equipo de operadores telefónicos de booking por su trabajo.
    En los últimos dos meses he realizado 4 reservas. En todas ellas me han tratado con amabilidad y profesionalidad. El trato ha sido perfecto. En una de las reservas he tenido problemas con el pago y entonces es cuando valoras el equipo humano con el que estás tratando. He tenido que hablar al menos con 6 operadores y todos ellos se han desvivido por atenderme y ayudarme. Muchisimas gracias

  13. hello,
    About 10 days ago i made a reservation in Canet de Mar, in Rocatel Hotel for next 21 July and i gave my credit card number and now i have no confirmation…. what hapenned? I even talked to the hotel about the way to arrive there from the airport….is this company serious or not????

  14. I had a bad first time experience with my hotel booked through Before checking in I realized that my credit card had already been charged. I tried in vein to get answers but kept being tossed about. Both and the hotel deny responsibility.

  15. may i ask whether guess name can be changed after making payment for booking of hotel room inhong kong. thanks.

    bl tan

  16. My husband and I stayed at Hotel Medina Salem, in July, on our way to France. It was lovely, really no complaints. We had ´tapas` in the bar/restaurant that they recommended, just a short walk away – dinner is served Spanish timetable – too late for us, but we were quite happy with our snacks and cool beers,sitting outside in the shade. Breakfast good, not necessary so many cakes, but we had scrambled eggs and there was ´presunto` with melon. The enclosed(locked)carpark, although open-air, is convenient when you have the car full of things. Situation very convenient, just a few kms from the ´autovia` Badajoz to Madrid. A very interesting old village with a Roman arch – perfect for a sunset walk. We will definitely be back. Thank you. S&F from Portugal. Mature couple.

  17. i am having a bad time in changing my booking dates….its so difficult to contact…the money is going waste and the dates r also not booked …i would request if comeone contacts from booking .com.

  18. Dear Sir/Madam:

    It was the worst experience of my life of selecting Middle East Hotel, Egypt through Booking com. I went to Middle East Hotel on 16.09.2013 evening with great expectation, but unfortunately my excitement vanished when I found the shabby condition of this Hotel. Calling this Hotel through is the biggest mistake because nothing similar to Hotel amenity was there. No person was there in reception Hall to attend you . After waiting 20 minutes one lady appeared and took us to have look of rooms condition. No elevator was working and rooms shown to us was dusty and it appeared that no visitor stayed in these rooms for months. It was not possible and safe in this hotel and we discarded to stay in Middle East Hotel. Please delete its name in your list if you want to keep your reputation.

    With best regards,

    Krishan Sahni

  19. sir,

    When I received your credit card they have not told that
    the annual charge will be levied on my credit card.In my first
    statement they have charged RS.500 plus tax and the same had been
    reverted in my next statement. This year also you have charged.
    When I enquired your representative they told me that the amount not tobe reverted. I need your reply asp

  20. Recent trip to Ireland. Stayed at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Dalkey. Beautiful facility. Beautiful Graounds. Beautiful area. Manager booked party for outside group. They stayed up singing and hooting until 5 am. No sleep. Bad management. Room was very tiny and confining. But worth it because of beautiful common areas, pool, grounds and beautiful villages of Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire nearby. I would stay there again just for the area not the room. Food was good in Grill Room.

  21. I have recently commented positively on all but one of several hotels my wife and I stayed at during a six-week vacation in Europe. All my positive reviews were published. Why was the one negative review not published nor responded to by This hotel lied about a “computer error”, then confessed that they had given away our room to a party that had decided to extend their stay. We were given instead a bare-bones room in a huge empty conference centre a quarter mile away.
    This is totally unacceptable practice and should be demanding an explanation from this hotel. If no satisfactory apology and commitment by the hotel not to repeat this practice is received, should remove this hotel from their listing.
    I have used’s service for a few years. If they do not respond to my complaint, I will have no confidence in their reliability and will not use their service in future.

  22. I used booking .com to book hotel in Hanoi Ipayed when I checked out I paid the bill I used them again to book a hotel in Da Nang for 3 nights and because the hotel was rubbish and what was on Bookings website concerning the rooms etc was not true I told them I would book out 1 day early when I went to pay they had all ready taken payment for 3 days booking .com tells me that my details of banking are safe so how could this hotel have access to my account I have just used booking .com to book a hotel in Nha Trang the rooms are not like the photos on the web and there is no fitness centre that was advertised and after travelling all night I was looking for a good sleep but guess what construction next door until 5 pm ruled that out answers please booking . com or I will never use your so called safe service again.

  23. I am so disappointed in they hotel people were rude I tried to cancel by calling the hotel and he so rudely told me to use the internet. Well the internet didn’t go thru I never received a email to start with and never received a email to cancel so it is apparently my fault that it was screwed up. I was charged the 1st hotel night because I never cancelled. According to you can cancel thru the hotel, yea right . I hope no one trys to use them for the holidays. I wil lnever use them again and will be telling everyone about my experience. is a rip off

  24. I have hearing about your company that jou help lot people to find job everwhere.For this reason i’m writting you for me if it’s possibile to help me to find job lika waiter or recepsionist in hotel or to clean or to painting etc .I’m married with two children and the situation here is’t so difficult. I have work here in diferent restaurant in crete in 7 brothers restaurant or fanari restaurant also in 7 brothers hotel and in jewellery shop ”dias” also in crete of greece but now we can’t find job here so so difficult .Please if it’s possibile by your company to help us best regards Kostandin Manasterliou

  25. I booked with Biookings.con.
    LEFKA HOTEL in Rhodes Greece
    Paid extra for FREE cancellation and late payment.


  26. Vide Booking Number 269325734, I have been booked in Hotel Pratap Palace, Varanasi, India for one night 30.12.2013 to 31.12.2013. Today, when I have enquired with the hotel, they informed that the booking is not confirmed by them. Request intervene in the matter and intimate what I can do now. This booking was made long back. I am sending this message here as I have not found any email id of
    Thanks & regards,
    Hrishikesh Das

  27. Am really not happy the way my booking is handle. I have been try to contact you again.i booked savoy central hotel Dubai for 6 days fm 2nd jan2014. But on call to d hotel,they said there is no confirmation or name like that in their hotel. Pls try n rectify this so as to kno if to if to cancel it

  28. dear sir ibook the rayan hotel in sharjah uae on 21 dec 2013 for 2 night from 3 feb to 5 the feb 2014 now iplan to change the date but idid,not receve imformen from you in my email pls send me the details to change the date above thanks

  29. Dear Team,
    how to book for example 29 January 3am Check in and check out 29 January ? Kindly will you help me urgently

  30. I just did a hotel review for broad water marine hotel In Geraldton our stay was great that review was for another hotel can you please delete it

  31. I made a reservation at hote NH in milano from 9 to 12 April can you please send me back my reservation .. thanks Tania

  32. I want to cancel my reservations at best western conventional center on w38th st in New York for the 11th of feb 2014 to 02/12/2014

  33. Where I can contact you by email

    Herby I cancel my Hotel 3. until 5. March 2014
    in Bangkok !!!

    Please send me a email

    Hildegard Goetz

  34. Hi I was wondering I have booked I room for 2ad,1child on the 23 – 25 of may staying at the upper cross house hotel Dublin , would it be possible to take 1adult off and make it a twin room , or do I have to ring them personally ,yours sincerely Mrs l reid

  35. Urgent URGENT!

    I cannot retrieve my past emails. Can you please give me a list of all my confirmed bookings with you. Thank you very much. Reply ASAP please…

  36. RUN AWAY from this company which is not serious at all. sent me a reservation for 2 nights on a boat hotel on Danube in Bratislava. This boat is a rusty piece of junk which has been closed for ages. I am waiting to sue them to court if my 100€ deposit are cashed.

  37. I booked a hotel in Milan ‘ Italy ‘ on 25/3/14 for two days from 1/01/2015 and check out on 3/01/2015. The name of the hotel is STAR HOTELS BUSINESS PALACE.
    I have not received this confirmation in my email for some reason. Can you send me this confirmation?

  38. Just LOST 75UK Pounds as had to cancel due to hospital appointment
    Dukes Head Kings Lynn Norfolk not able to refund, or
    change to later date. Poor service in my view, seems all they want is your money, one way or another. Well done

  39. I booked a hotel on Sunday 23rd march to the jury’s inn Birmingham at about 12 pm and arrived at the hotel at 3 which there was no booking and had to wait for an Hour to see if my booking would come through to there computer . I could not get my mails on my phone and had no reference number . I had to book again which I found inconvenient I still haven’t had confer nation of my booking but had an email asking if I was happy with my stay ? I have always used booking. . Com had never had a problem before I would like a response please thanks

  40. Recently booked hotel with Hotel contacted me to inform me 2 days before to ask if btc had been in touch as they had sold rooms to me which were already sold btc contacted with great difficulty and alotof time spent. I had to be out the money for more expensive hotel with the refund process difficult.Don’t recommend.


  42. greetings: don’t you have a special listing of hotels with accessible rooms? i’m looking for one in istanbul turkey. four or five stars.last week in april. any recommendations?
    many thanks

  43. I have book an Hotel and just the following moment the number of my credit card has been used from another people than me !!A very important amont!
    I need to go to the banck to cancel all and having a new credit card!
    I am very disapointed and I don’t what to book again without another securrity possibility like a phone from my banck if they can give me a special security number

  44. I have NOT received the confirmation for my booking centrale hotel venice 1.7. to 3.7.2014 for 1 Room, 4 people. What did I wrong?????
    Awaiting your answer

  45. Dear Sir or Madam,we have just returned from our trip to Italy and we booked all three hotels with you in Milan,Desezano Lake Garda and Venice the Best Western Albergo Cavalletto & Doge Orseolo which was very disapointing as it was such a tired tired hotel,but I was very disapointed as there were no air conditioning and it doesnt get turned on until the 1st June and the reception staff could not have cared less just said “take it up with we never asked them to mention on there site that the air con is on all the time”.
    I am having hot flushes at the moment which are awfull and it is Absolutely imperative I have air con in every hotel I go to so my stay was a nightmare due to this.I am very annoyed at as we were charged a ridiculous amount of money for two night’s in this rotten hotel and you didn’t even get the basic and important info right.
    We have booked with yourselfs a few times and were looking forward to booking for Prague and Tenerife also this year but I feel unless some type of goodwill gesture is made I will not be booking with yourselfs as I now have doubt in my mind when choosing hotels in the future that your info is correct.I checked your site today again for the same hotel and it still says air conditioning in the rooms and no mention of any period that this is turned off.
    I would appriciate a speedy reply on this matter.

    Regards Mrs MD Jackson

  46. Pls big text note on every hotel they have smoking rooms or no,
    because most guest after booking, and reaching to hotel receiption,
    getting reply that this hotel is fully non smoking hotel, i am one who got same problem, i requested for smoking room but at time i arrived the staffs informed that this is non smoking hotel,
    best regards…

  47. I booked a room through booking #653026732 pin#4217 at the Baymont Inn & Suites Savannah, Ga. I cancelled the room 2 days after booking and booked another room in Savannah. I received a email from confirming the cancellation. However, upon arrival in Savannah at our hotel I was informed that the Baymont had run the credit card for the room that was cancelled about a month prior to my arrival in Savannah. I spent 2 hours on the phone with the Baymont and the credit card company! The Baymont did accept responsibility for the mistake. However, the credit card company explained it would take 7 to 10 days to receive a refund. This left me without funds to pay for my current room and did not make for a happy vacation!!

  48. I am leave on a trip around France. I’ve made several hotel reservations through Booking .com. I sent an email enquiry
    to if it was possible extend my stay at one hotel by 1 or 2 nights. The guy who took the enquiry went ahead and booked 2 nights without referring back to me.I advised immediately that I required 1 night and requested a confirmation of this.No reply even after 2 more requests I leave on 18 May and Cannot complete my itinery without confirmation. Good service up until this foul up.

  49. I’ve had an issue with a reservation for almost 3 weeks. As of today, it has not been resolved. I WILL NEVER use this site again!!

  50. my property no see the on line my property name is rodeway inn how many time start on line rodeway inn anderson sc

  51. absolute rubbish, took my money with out giving me the reservation, id never use them again in my life, including the hotel: SPORTING LODGE INN in middlesborough

  52. we booked for B&B Campi Elissi in Seracusa but could’nt find the adress. After consulting the problem was solved within 10 minutes!

  53. i am very disappointed, i have used my credit card to book a hotel in Florence and my card got hacked though your website i thought it was trust worthy but i will never use again

  54. I booked a room at the Days Inn Northwest Indiana, i booked my reservation with them 2 weeks in advance. When i arrived to my surprise i did not have a reservation. I called and spoke to Diana who saw my reservation but they never sent the information over to the hotel. I had to go and find a place to stay after driving 5 hours. There were several emails back and forth between the hotel and To all lead back to not doing their job. They told me i would be refunded when they kept pointing fingers at the hotel fault, but since fingers pointed back at them, i have yet to receive a reply. I will NEVER book with them again! I will continue to let people know how their service is.. Poor

  55. I booked a room through you on may 5th.2014 for El Caribe resort and conference center,first of all it was my first time using you,and when i booked my room for june13-15,I was expecting to have a room as i ordered…Deluxe Queen room with ocean view,Well as I’ve already let them know and you need to know that what i was put in was a nasty handicap room first floor bathroom was dirty which i have pictures for proof also it smelled as a nursing home,The boloney with the ocean view well it set so low to the ground all we got was looking at the swimming pool.I didn’t order a handicap room.the commode the water run and dripped all night,The maintenance man come and said he had to replace the inside , as of when we left this morning it still had not been fixed.I spoke with Portia King and all she said was We have to fill where we have vacancy , She nor the guy i talked to this morning offered to anything as to fix the problem,but they did go in and air cleaned the room and it did smell better.I told them that they knew May the 5th i was coming,Got confirmation # ,,,What i’m trying to tell you is the same as i did them.I’m very dissatisfied ….You having no way of knowing unless you’re told,but if this is the service hotels have we book through you,them I’ll know not to use you or anyone else to book my rooms or trips…

    Edna Bryan.

  56. Our joint experiences at Marco Pierre White’s The Angel at Lavenham were appalling. Stairs and carpets leading to bedrooms were utterly filthy,indeed everywhere was, TV pixelated regularly, and the food was AWFUL. We all felt breakfast was mediocre and half the things on menu were not available and fruit non existent; service was atrocious. Would never go again and feel let down by Marco Pierre White as it is in a lovely part of the country. I knew it under previous ownership which was 100% better. For £81 per night we were disgusted and would not give it even two stars.

  57. Our joint experiences at Marco Pierre White’s The Angel at Lavenham were appalling. Stairs and carpets leading to bedrooms were utterly filthy,indeed everywhere was, TV pixelated regularly, and the food was AWFUL. We all felt breakfast was mediocre and half the things on menu were not available and fruit non existent; service was atrocious. Would never go again and feel let down by Marco Pierre White as it is in a lovely part of the country. I knew it under previous ownership which was 100% better. For £81 per night we were disgusted and would not give it even two stars.

  58. We stayed at the La Quinta off of Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell Ga and even after gettine confirmation that we could check in early we could not get in until 5:30.
    The service (not that there was any) was terrible. The whole hotel smelled like urine and smoke.’s solution was for us to turn in our key and leave. They would not find us a new hotel. Everyone else was complaining at the front desk too. It was ridiculous.

  59. We r here in hilton hotel durban now.They said our breakfast is not included in our bill…but according to de quotation it is included please come to my rescue

  60. We r here in hilton hotel durban now.They said our breakfast is not included in our bill…but according to de quotation it is included please come to my rescue

  61. If you do act as an agent of a hotels then you should have a place (on an email site) where guests can alter reservations and also get other pertinent information of any hotel. We as paying guests should not have to go through hours of trying to change a reservation date on your site where it is imposible to do so, simply because you do not support such changes. (how profitable and fortunatefor you- I am certain it was an oversight). Also the fact many of the staff of many hotels have a poor understanding of the English language adds to frustration. That wouldn’t be as bad if the multiple languages tab worked, which they do not. Also, your site does not work properly, neither does your customer service. Many of my coworkers have had almost identical complaints, to the point of we are seriously thinking about purchasing an apartment collectively (in the two cities we most often travel to) trying to avoid the hours we spend in your site and the ineptitute of what you call an internet sight designed to book hotels. I doubt if my comment s will ever get posted, at least I vented my frustation.
    Thank you so much for the experience!

  62. Goodnight I am duartemedeiros I had reservations for distrit hotel in d c #487225196 I am stok in a storm,I like to cancel or change the date for October

  63. I have been looking on your site to find phone numbers for hotels in es cana for sept 2015 not this year but next,i would appreciate it if you could help me thank you very much Mrs Sheila capstick


  65. Hi,
    I am very upset i booked hotel in Birmingham at 1:00am at wolvaramptom road number 16 .the booking was over the phone.I turn up at 8h45mim same day on 10/07/2014 , I did not like the room .They said I have to pay for it.Could you plz look it the policy for the councillation.

    Many thanks

  66. I have been trying to contact you regarding a reservation I had to cancel. You have no number to contact you at. I wanted to change the date! They want to keep my money! I will tell all my friends to NOT book with you.
    Sharon Shuchman

  67. To whom it may concern-very disappointed on your service and no one seems to care-booking #259098123 7 nights -Britannia hotel Edinburgh-what a disaster-it was very obvious you never checked out this hotel -it was under major construction-filthy and smelled-the reception was down a hill -zero curb appeal-I am 80 yrs old -the hill was a problem -no closets-we had to put towels on bathroom floors in shower as it was so gross-if it had not a non-refundable policy we would have moved-locals in the area told us that it had changed hands so many times-place was an eyesore to them-I hold you people totally responsible as you recommened this place without looking it over-that to me is fraud-on the other hand you did book us into the Millinium in Glasgow was much better-we are going back to Glasgow again next year(2015)BUT-will not use your website-I am using a reputable travel agent-already made a deposit-very poor customer service-we just returned 3 months in Europe-first and last time to use your service

  68. I booked a rental car through your company. Reference no 356552473 I have been vastly overcharged by Alamo ,charging me for an extra day which was the day I returned the car and had paid for on my booking. Conning me with false portrail over insurance. They charged me £512.93 ,on top of the $291.60 I had already paid to your company. Please advise as I am a pensioner and am devasted over this .
    Thank you
    Elizabeth. Scott

  69. This has been the worst experience of my life using which I will never do and will tell all I can not to use you site. As we speak I am on hold with your site, having to use your spanish speaking number because the english one only beeps like its a fax. I have been on hold for twenty minutes after speaking to a rep. I was twice charged for hotels whose dates I changed on your site and who you did not contact regarding those charges. I am spending time and getting overdraft charges because of your site and your rep who put me on hold never got back to me, Absolutely shameful and bullshit!!!!

  70. i received an email that we can have 20% off any hotel reservation. so i booked on and i didnt get any discount at all. i called your support no. and they dont have any record of my email re 20% off. pls. clarify and thanks.

  71. I have tried to cancell a reservation for Septl6th-l9th at the Roosevelt Inn, Hyde Park, NY with no success. I do not have a booking #. You make it very difficult to change or cancel a reservation. I need to know ASAP–notify me by E-mail. I was given a cancellation date up to Sept. 9th

  72. ** I have a serious problem with you (?) I have noticed during this past month – everytime I use your service – within 24 hours I’m being solicitied by “womens names” for sexual contact (?) It only happens when I use your service. ARE YOU SELLING MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO OTHER SERVICES ????? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???
    Please contact me. Thank you!

  73. I booked Plum servied apartment(Melbourne) for 3 nights(3rd, Oct -6th,Oct). But still have not receceived the confirmation email. Thanks!

  74. I payed and booked from the 1/11/14 to the 29/9/14 for casa Padma hotel in legian bali but did not receive my receipt that I paid and booked for my money has been taken out of my account can you please email me a receipt so I can print it up so when I arrive to my hotel I have proof of my bookings and payment thankyou.

  75. I can not finish the book, as in the last stage appears repeatedly claim “Check card number” and “Contact kastmer site.” What to do?

  76. Found a cheaper price on line directly with the hotel. I called and they cancelled my reservation that I made earlier with them and they did it quickly and easily. No problem at all. Good going!!!!

  77. Had reservations for a room booked thru Wife became
    ill, she has Parkinson, and we had to cancel our reservations both the hotel and the booking agent were very thoughtful and cancelled the room for us. I will use again and recommend you to others

  78. I do not recommend for your booking needs. It was a horror doing business with them. I have to call my bank for unathorize charges. I have to have my card change.

  79. i booked a 3 day trip to wells with you to the white hart hotel . do you ever verify the information you put on your website ???????????? i paid £95 for the most awful room and went to another hotel for the remaining 2 nights.the room had none of the facilities in the information on your website i will never never use again its all completly missleading as the rooms depicted do not exist.
    jenny rouse

  80. I have recently set up on your site with my resort called shipwrecks surf retreat. It has sent an email asking me to reset password and yet it will not allow me to do this…keeps saying it has failed but with no reason…. it will not allow me to login to my page…. I am not sure what to do or where to get help for this….the login page I is not helpful at all. I hope you will respond and give some help to me.

  81. I have recently set up on your site with my resort called shipwrecks surf retreat. It has sent an email asking me to reset password and yet it will not allow me to do this…keeps saying it has failed but with no reason…. it will not allow me to login to my page…. I am not sure what to do or where to get help for this….the login page I is not helpful at all. I hope you will respond and give some help to me.

  82. I have just book a junior suite in Paris at : Sofitel Paris Le Fabourgh , choosing the price for free cancellation , and you sent me a reservation of non- refundable . Could you please check this for me , if this is the case , please reverse all the reservation , we are not sure about the date we are traveling with an old lady
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation,
    Yuly Rincon

  83. id no 1274027 under this I have forwarded my holiday home details. Friendz – Nuwaraeliya sri lanka this about one week time and no feed back were recived to me.Sign with the pass word is not possible and when new password entered it says some problem.kindly lookafter the matter.

  84. I had made reservations in Barbados , and is having problems reaching the property owners, they won’t charge my card n they refuse to respond , i don’t think i would advise any one to book with because it is too difficult reaching their customer service, n i am spending a whole lot of money with these reservations, next time i will not book certain hotels such as blur=e horizon and sea crest villa in inch marlowe barbados they treat up coming guest horrible, really turns me off already n i haven’t step foot in their place as yet, terrible

  85. Hello,
    When you type hotel or resort Koh Samui No. can not find my hotel.
    We must go choeng my city.
    Customers may not know this city.
    By tapping against hotel Koh Samui, there are hotels of all the cities of Koh Samui.
    Why not me?
    Can you make the necessary change quickly.
    Thank you.
    Stéphane (owner)

  86. Dear Sir.
    Herewith I need an information,for my booking room at Capitol Hotel,
    On 21 April 2015 – 25/4/2015, plse let me know how much for an extra bed/ night?
    Best regards,

  87. What is the difference between deluxe and executive rooms? I booked a deluxe for R950 and executive for R1900.

  88. Hello, I presently live in Trinidad and Tobago, and want to pay for a reservation at the Lansdown Hotel in Croydon. As I do not own a credit card,are there other ways to make a payment from my country? In fact after reading all the comments, it has frightened me of, so I will not in fact book with you’ll. It seems that most of the complaints are of bad or no customer services.


  90. I made reservation on for Citizens Paris CDG hotel. I was told to book and pay on arriver. I got to the hotel, I couldn’t pay cash, my master card won’t work, I tried every possible means to pay cash but wasn’t possible. I was stranded in Paris. The manager said I should council the reservation and call Was a bad experience. I need contact number please.

  91. Why oh why are you still advertising hotels in Kathmandu & Nepal after the recent earthquakes there.
    We were caught up in the 25th April quake whilst staying at the Trekkers Lodge in Thamel.
    This building & most of the others was damaged in the quake,the quake caused a crack to appear in the stairwell wall next to reception area,this place has no fire escape or fire procedures in case of emergency,we were on the 4th floor at the time & just managed to get out into the street.
    Your company are putting peoples lives at risk by still advertising these hotels,no doubt if you have even bothered to ask the managers of these places will have told you they are safe,THERE NOT.
    All these hotels are in a dangerous state,there are cracks in the road for Gods sake so what do you think the foundations of these places are like.
    If this had happened in the UK there would have been structural reports then they would be condemned & demolished.
    If one more person dies because you booked them into one of these hotels,it is on your companies head.

  92. I did a booking yesterday at Casa del Rio Venice Italy
    Booked three nights 16th 17th 18th of June 2015
    Unfortunately I am now unable to stay Thursday 18th June
    I wish to cancel my booking for Thursday 18th and now only staying two nights.

    Thanking you Lelia Young

  93. In my 16 May 2015 credit card ending 9743 statement, there is bill of Euro 327.60 via Amsterdam NLD, please kindly enlighten me for what and when is my mechandise transaction took place. Regret if my query caused you inconvenience. Appreciate your soonest reply. Thank you.

  94. My reservation was not honored because.the hotel was overbooked. still charged my credit card and giving me the run around. They don’t seem to want to refund me my money and Im confused on what the issue is with my refund. This is fraud and theft. Unreliable and terrible service

  95. FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, Roger Winright Customer Service Team, helped me with my dilemma. I wanted to change the dates of my reservation with Extended Stay America in Greensboro, they were charging for cancellation fees, I informed Roger I did not know this, it was not disclosed when I booked it. I wanted to change the dates from October 11 to October 15. He informed me the cost would be 3 times what I was paying for October 11. I was very upset. He called the Manager at Extended Stay America and was informed that do the High Point Furniture Market in for that weekend, the price would was lot higher. He called back the Manager and was able to waive the cancellation fee and cancel my reservation. Also sent me a list near by Hotels to book for October 15 a lot cheaper. Thanks Roger!!!

  96. Dear sirs Please can you help me I am looking for a holiday to Kingston Jamaica leaving on the second or third of September. I would like to stay at the Jamaica palace hotel in Portland or any other hotel in Boston Portland Jamaica. I would like to book flight for two person and all inclusive or half board. I would like to flight from Birmingham or Manchester to Kingston Jamaica Please can you help me.

  97. I have made svreservation through you at hotel atlantica Rio for 27 to 30 august and may wish to cancel the booking
    I understand that my room type is no longer available. Please advise me if the room can be cancelled without penalty (i have written to the hotel explaining my position )

    Philip last ( long standing client of booking .com

  98. Hello.
    Is it possible the citizen of Kasaxstana who lives in San Francisco, US , to travel in Mexico for tourism without of visa??

  99. Yo cancelé reserva de 2 habitaciones en Hotel Santo Domingo tomadas para el 12 de septiembre por una noche. Booking contestaque tendré crédito para ocuparla hasta 12 septiembre 2016 ya que el dinero no se devuelve, pero no me ha llegado una certificación que conste que tengo el crédito mencionado.Agradece Raquel Antonieta Montesinos

  100. I recently sent you reviews of the hotels I stayed at on mainland Europe.All reviews came back with a grade of 10 out of 10 despite my scathing remarks about one of the hotels. I now have no confidence about reading your reviews of hotels.

  101. We use frequently and are very pleased with your service. However Iwould just like to draw yor attention to a detail on your Dornoch Scotland site. The distance from Dornoch to Nairn for example is approximately 60 miles and not what you are quoting which is as the crow flies and not by road. HHope this is helpful
    ul there are some others also which need the mileage changed to give you an idea of distance Inverness is approximately 45 miles from Dornoch. This could cause great confusion to overseas visitors.
    Maureen Brennan


  102. Ref booking number 432089209 .
    Thank you so much for arranging the cancellation of this booking.I am very
    grateful for the time and effort you put in.
    I have now booked another holiday with booking,com
    many thanks

  103. Booked a hotel room in Gatlinburg, Tenn, at Quality Inn Creekside the worst hotel I ever stayed in torn curtains,bathroom doors that wouldn’t close all the way,bathroom sink that leaked all over the place ,burn holes in our bed spreads, soiled carpets we were afraid to take our shoes off.bathroom doors rotten at the bottom and just painted over. Needless to say I will not be staying there again or using your services again. Just because you want a discount doesn’t mean you have to stay in trash.

  104. I have used you service several times. Lately when I book a potential room and then cancel I still get charged. What’s up with this. twice this month alone. Kehoe House in Savanah was cancelled in Aug charged I nite stay anyway. Cancelled Ramada Inn in Anehiem charged anyway. I have filed two complaints with my cc company. Get your act together people

  105. We called your office for a recent problem. We received the best service during our conversation with your representative and our problem was solved. We will continue to use your service for booking our future hotel reservations.

  106. This is the letter I sent to Casa Masaniela
    Hello Fulvia Irace.
    Thanks for your letter, but it was a great surprise to me.
    1. On the 2nd of October I was informed that €212 were taken by HOUSE TRAVELLING S.R.L. from my credit card Visa. At first I couldn’t understand what HOUSE TRAVELLING S.R.L. meant, but then I got your letter and realized it was connected with Casa Masaniello.

    2. First of all I can’t understand why the amount is €212 and not €180 as it was mentioned in site. Secondly, it was said that there was FREE cancellation. I am sending you the letter from Casa Masaniello

    Номер бронирования: 990584175
    PIN-код: 6548
    Спасибо, Irina! Ваше бронирование подтверждено.

    Casa Masaniello in centro

    Via Banchi Nuovi, 8, Naples Historical Centre, Napoli, 80134, Италия – Показать маршрут проезда

    Телефон: +393428703162

    Ваше бронирование 4 ночи, 1 апартаменты Изменить

    Регистрация заезда суббота, 5 декабря 2015 (с 14:00)
    Регистрация отъезда среда, 9 декабря 2015 (до 10:00)
    Апартаменты-студио € 163,64
    НДС в размере 10 % входит в стоимость. € 16,36
    Цена € 180

    3. I haven’t got any Voucher House Travelling for the payment as it was said in your e-mail yet.

    4. In case the amount €212 is not returned to my credit card account I’ll have to cancel my reservation in Casa Masaniello and apply the Court.

    Best Regards
    Irina Ivanova

  107. I sent an e-mail last Sunday asking for the £65 refund which I was told to do from Old Churches House receptionist. They said that had not received any notification from yourselves about my cancellation of one room for last Saturday night even although I had previously received an e-mail from yourselves to say you had contacted them about this. Could you please sort this out for me and send me my cheque for £65.

    Sandra J Gray

  108. I booked 2 hotels through you when I went to Portugal in Oct. I just received my credit card bill and I have a charge from for $65.71. What is this charge for.

    Thank you.

  109. my check is in the mail It is Christmas week, For heaven sake. And I am very displeased with your accounting abilities. I have been waiting months for you to recognize that I sent my modum back. You sure are fast to stop my serves. But not to understand that I sent my modem back. And that I will not pay to turn on my serves that should not have been stop in the first place……I am very upset with you all, and what are you going to do about it ?

  110. dear sirs,
    i want to stay in Panorama hotel bur dubai and i saw the price of 361€ for 8 nihts for a single person.i want to know some more and please send me the infoto my email: 1.Please tell me if the bath linen costs extra on to the price and how mutch? 2 Do the hotel offers a free water bottle daily as hotel used to do in Dubai?3.Are there tea and coffe also a kettle in the room? many thanks.ELENI”

  111. hi again. Price for 8 nights stay to Panorama bur dubai is 361€.Is that a total price or i have to pay some extra fees and how mutch?many thanks ELENI

  112. Hi! I am a partner of booking and I am from China.I had registered at booking for many times because I want upload my family inn ‘s information to your company’s website. The good news is that the paper contract already sent form Netherlands from one month ago but the bad one is I am still waiting for the mail so I have no idea what’s going on? Actually I already tell the Chinese booking ‘s stuffs my story bur nobody gave me one call so I really confused, this is why I sent the mail to booking, my Chinese cellphone number is 8615274868761 and my emai, please give me a answer back as possible as quickly, thanks!

  113. I want to send you an email regarding my holiday Booking Reference:452809832. please give me an email address to send it to, Thank you

  114. I had a booking to camera guesthouse Belfast confirmed yesterday. Booking number 921.715.520. I have missed a letter out of my email address I gave on my booking. Could you please send confirmation of booking to email address above please.

  115. Hi’ I’m not happy about my bookings. Following your facebook book link it automatically changed my booking number. My Facebook Name is Sandza and it made another booking with this booking. I contacted the hotel and they told me that I now have 3 bookings for the same date. I cancelled the first booking for the 3 bedroom apartment because 2 of the guests will be registering at the university on those dates. I sent an email about that and there was no response. The hotel said you must contact them regarding the bookings because now it appears that I have three bookings of the same date. Please respond as soon as possible cause my bp is now shooting very high.

  116. Ive always liked but my recent experience has been horrible. I have not received reservations though my text. I made another reservation and ended up with two. I tried to work this out with a customer service agent and she was very rude. She kept aksing for information, I did not have and would not try to problems solve any other ways. She refused to let me speak with a supervisor to see what else I could do. I still have two reservations for the same night and no one will help me.

  117. I booked a Comfort Inn & Suites in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and I was forced to cancel my booking which I had made through I did this within 4 days of the booking and received a cancellation confirmation but the Comfort Inn went ahead and charged me for the booking. I contacted the Comfort Inn twice and was put on messaging service and have had no response. I attempted to twice contact and was cut off once and had such a poor line it cut out. I will now be forced to enter a dispute resolution process through Visa since the transaction is recent and documented. Not a happy experience.

  118. I hate your process for canceling a reservation. You will be the last group I ever,in the future, consider when booking again.
    Willetta (Kiti) Ward

  119. I made a booking through you at the Savoy Hotel, Miami Beach
    No. 489866398 made 28/8/2015 to stay 2 days from 24/1/2016
    I had your confirmation and a reminder.
    When we arrived, they had no record whatsoever.

  120. I was a bit concerned about the reliability of information on your site after I received notification of an accommodation deal supposedly in Wellington NZ which was actually in Picton – a 3 and a half hour ferry sailing away.

  121. Please contact me regarding our recent stay at Alto Colina apartments Albuferia. All facilities are closed and this hotel is undergoing an extensive maintenance programme which we were not advised off. We had to spend over 175 euros in taxi fares accessing facilities – supermarket and restaurants and we require a full refund of these costs. I have photographic evidence should you require it.

  122. I sent an email yesterday asking for confirmation of my booking for galtreslodgehotel,York.the dates are from 24th march -29th march. Not happy that no one has replied to my email.

  123. I’ve been charged for a no show.
    I was there as specified and the hotel was shut. I was disappointed and angry and had to find another hotel, the Kyriad La Fleche, for the night. That hotel has no restaurant so had to use another if your hotels, Henri VI , nearby to eat. All very upsetting. Now you charge me. U trust that you will refund any monies that have been taken and ask the Boule to make amends. The only light came from a Deco shop next door but ine

  124. I called Customer Service twice today. Once during the afternoon and just now – tonight. All I receive are recorded messages. I really need to speak to someone. If I am unable to speak to a person, I will have to cancel my reservations. This is my first time using This will be my last.

  125. I have booked to day St. Petersburg hotel for double room for 2 persons from June 24 to June 27th 2016. Unfortunately there were mistakes to be corrected but I am unable to contact you. Could you kindly cancel the booking so that I can make a new booking. Many thanks Malaki Owili

  126. We had a horrific stay at the Hilton in Mystic Connecticut. We would like a complete refund for our experience and treatment at this hotel I have already filed complaints with Hilton customer service and the better business bureau. After a hour and half delay with checkin and then upon finally getting our room only to find it was never cleaned. They upgraded us to the commodore suite but then when we were out for the evening someone entered our room and locked us out of the 2nd half of the suite with 90% of our belongings in there.. The desk personal’s customer service was horrible with no sympathy for our issues , they were rude and completely unprofessional.. The best they gave us was a $100 off for the weekend?? Totally unsatisfactory

  127. Hello I reserved 2 nights from July 15th – 17th @ comfort inn suites in Chichago Magnificent mile this morning and I did not received an email confirmation. I only want to reserve @ this time. I do not want this charge to my credit card. Can you send me a confirmation

  128. Very, very, very bad. All I want is a receipt for my trip from February 25-29. My booking number is 81633839. I was never given a pin code. I called earlier this evening and was told by Yuri that the hotel would send me receipt. Which is a bold faced lie as the hotel will not issue a receipt when a booking service is utilized. I DEMAND that a receipt be sent to me by March 3 at 10:00 a.m. for the Park Plaza Lodge Motel in Los Angeles, CA.

  129. You all are a terrible company. I will not do business with this organization again and will let the hotels where I do repeat business about how you treat people.

  130. My wife and I recently used your service to reserve a couple motels in our travels throughout Florida. Both times at two different motels we didn’t get the rooms with the amenities as booked. In both instances was told we would have to pay extra to get what we thought we had already booked for. We were told by both places they could not change anything seeing we went through you and that you made the mistakes and from now on was better to just call directly to their motels and make reservations with them. One was a Days Inn in Port Richey the other Motel 6 in Cocoa Beach. By the way we wouldn’t recommend either of these places to stay to anyone!!!!!!! We eventually stayed in several different hotels throughout the month of February and made our reservations ourselves and had better luck. My wife contacted your customer service dept. directly when we were at the Motel 6 and the gentleman tried very hard to get what we had reserved but couldn’t get any where with their staff. We ended up leaving both places earlier than what we had reserved for due to we didn’t get what we had paid for!!!! You cost us extra time and money and won’t use your service ever again.

  131. I made a mistake with hotel dates, very anxious about it.
    Call and to my surprise a very pleasant lady help me. Thank you

  132. Hi there

    I made an incorrect booking thought that the rate reflected was for 3 nights but was for 1 night! Ref no 7E080C2. Please could this booking be cancelled . Apologies for the inconvenience. Thx

  133. First week of Feb stayed at Gallery Condo, beautiful place with lovely pool on top of 9th floor. Unfortunately the room was filthy and yet we had to pay THB800 to have the place cleaned once we left. We should have been charged THB6,200 but now I see my Bank A/C has been charged THB8,900. We received am e-mail during our stay stating if we wanted to pay cash we could and the original money would be credited back into our A/C. We did this and an Agent came to the room, where we paid him THB6,200 in cash, getting a receipt. Just as well we did as we have heard nothing from Could somebody please get in touch with me urgently.

  134. Hello, My 3 friends and I stayed at The Thai Diamond Land Hotel in Kaeng Kranchan Thailand for 5 nights from Sunday March 21st to Friday March 24th. Booked via
    I am afraid due to myself being very sick and wanting to leave to attend Hospital in Hua Hin, we unfortunately left this hotel without paying our bill. I am sure I have caused the staff at the hotel a considerable amount of stress, and for that I would like to apologies. I will return home to the UK on Monday April 4th and I would be very happy to settle this outstanding bill on my return. Could you in the meantime contact this hotel and assure them of my intentions. I am very upset as I have never done anything like this before, and I look forward to your reply. Stephen

  135. I made a reservation earlier in March for the Days Inn at Graceland in Memphis. My husband also made a reservation. I have repeatedly tried to cancel my reservation with no success. I asked for my confirmation to be sent to me since I could not find mine in my email. No response. I tried calling the customer service phone number. Waited for lengthy times. No answer. Emailed customer service. Provided all pertinent information. Received an email asking for the information I had already provided. Replied with the information requested. Received an email saying I had requested to reset my password. This is the second time I have used this booking site and have been disappointed each time. No more business with this site, and I better not be charged for this reservation I have tried so hard to cancel. Oh, and by the way, the site says I have no reservation, but the property shows that I do. Beware of the posted prices also. They are advertising a rate that is $20 less than the property says I will be charged.

  136. I booked through for my son and his wife and the room was charged on my card. I put the room in my sons wifes name and when they got to the hotel At a Days Inn they charged them for the room as well. I told them that they needed to give the money back to them for I proved I was charged for the room. The Days Inn did give them cash back but then my card was charged again. I cannot get anyone to talk to me from to get my money back.

  137. I do not your where your head office is. So I am sending an email letter to New York office. This letter is regarding the cancelltion of my reservation. I did not stay at the hotels but the credit chard charge request has happended. You wil have to cancel the credit card charge. Please check on the letter.

  138. Yesterday, 05. April 2016, I booked a room from 23.May to 26. May 2016 in Bed and Breakfast Scirocco, Cefalu, Sizilien, via your website. I have got no confirmation. Perhaps my E-Mail-Adress was not correct. Can you tell me if the booking came off?
    Best regards
    Monika Kramer

  139. I have used in the past and have always paid after I have stayed at the venue. This time I booked at Kiara Lodge and the cancelled this booking because I changed the dates.Both amounts were deducted off my credit card. These have not been refunded even after I have now cancelled both. Please refund these amounts to my credit card.

  140. I booked a stay at Florida days, I checked my email today and it was canceled, I never canceled it, I called the Florida days, they said canceled it and to contact them, I am having a hard time calling you they say the number is disconnected.

  141. I want to register this complaint

    When I booked my reservation at the Killyhevlin Hotel on the 10th of March 2016 I was sent an email with both myself and my husbands names
    as being booked successfully ( Total price of £107.50). I was very angry when I went to check out at the Killyhevlin Hotel on the 3rd of April that my bill
    came to (£155.00). They stated that the room was only booked for one person. They said I would have been sent another email stating this.( I never received
    an email) They said that I had made the booking through and it was not the Killyhevlin Hotel’s fault that I did not receive this email. I would never have
    booked the Killyhevlin Hotel if I had known the cost was going to be £155.00 for one night’s stay.

    Very Unhappy with both and the Killyhevlin Hotel. I would like a reply and reason for your bad management of my reservation. I would like for you to cease sending me any further emails with your ? good deals.

    Mrs C Hunter

  142. I have been trying to cancel my initial reservation with Premier Inn, London King’s Cross unsuccessfully: From April 20-26, 2016. Please cancel this reservation on my behalf and assure me that the payment will not be deducted from my credit card. I have had this nasty experience before in France and it was really distasteful and unfair.
    Can I please get your confirmation and assurance.

    Beatrice Muganda

  143. I am having one hell of a time getting in contact with u to cancel a booking..I tried by phone and on web sign..all I get is to make a booking..I want to cancel a booking NOT make another one..

  144. It clearly stated that I would be refunded if the cancellation was prior to 4/22/2016, which my reservation was. I recieved an email from booking stating that the hotel refused to refund my cancellation. Then another email stating that I needed to contact the hotel, called the hotel and was told that I needed to contact I’ve been on hold for 48 minutes and emailed, with out response. I will never ever use this service again!!!! Worst customer service I’ve recieved in years, and that is saying a lot!!!!!

  145. Im having same problem with I booked room on line to get hotel and the booking didn’t pay hotel so I pay in vacation money they don’t even know where my money went from the master card I used to book room so its like I pay twice . and Im not getting response from them after sending screen shot of booking no. and pin no. so will never use them again not good service and they still owe me money for that room not happy with them at all don’t use them.

  146. I arrived at Canova hotel, this is non refundable reservation. The amount charged on my credit card account now this hotel is going to charge me again. should explain to me about this , I’m not happy about this situation, the amount is pending on my account at the moment. What do I have to do?

  147. Hi

    We have tried to list our property in Argao, Cebu Philippines. It’s called BJs by the Sea. The website says: “You’ve submitted all the necessary info to list your property with” but we have not heard from anyone in a long time. Can you please advise me what we should do? Thanks


  148. . I am desperately trying to contact some-one re making a cancellation due to a family crisis. Does anyone have an email address at all . All I can find is contact numbers for the USA Thank you

  149. booking confirmation number 256900399
    we made a reservation for a room at the marmara hotel for the 17/05/2016
    for one night. when we received the confirmation it was for the 17 june 2016
    we do not underStand why our reservation was changed . WOULD YOU PLEASE CORRECT IT and confirm.

    We own a hotel in kobuleti namely KBC hotel and we work very much with your goodelf.

    await your news.

  150. I long registered my hotel with you but I have not received any help or heard frm you since then.I have been waiting on your supportive team this side.I am in Botswana,did not knw how to contact you.

  151. Please can you email me a duplicate copy of the booking confirmation for recent reservation 30.5.16-1.6.16.

  152. 1, having made the booking for a week at the Intercontinental in Malta departing Friday 3rd June. we were surprised at the hotel to be told that we had not chosen breakfast included when I was certain that this option on the balcony room was selected?

    2. Since I made the booking, all of your correspondence to my email is now addressed to Susan, my wife and not to me who made and paid for the booking.

    Explain please

  153. You guys are liars. I have been waiting for my refund for several months and I get a story that does not make sense. Your guys switch merchants? That does not make sense. Your excuses are terrible and very unethical. When I asked for a check refund, I was told you are based out of Europe and I see no Europe addresses.

    The reason why I need the refund is because my family was at the hotel at night and there were no reservations for us.
    What a terrible experience.

  154. I made reservations thru your website and now I am getting the run around with the hotel and I am getting really pissed because I can not get a straight answer. I need a copy of my original reservations order and how much it cost, if you can please send over to me…..

    June 17-19 at Aquarius Hotel in Laughlin

  155. I booked a 3 night stay at Clam Gulch Cabins in Clam Gulch
    Alaska, 56595 Fogaman Avenue. Not even close to what had advertised pictures of. An absolute pigsty. Shame on you. I suggest you take this cabin off your offerings. We did not spend 10 minutes there and it caused extreme inconvenience finding short notice alternative accommodations. Again, take this address off your advertising so someone else does not have to go through this experience.

  156. Hello friendly staff!!!
    i made several bookings using my own email and using my husband’s credit card but lately i decided to use his name for the last bookings and so i lost my
    account!!! I want to recover my own account because sometimes i travel by
    my own and I make the choice concerning hotels.
    Kind regards,
    Cidnea farrell

  157. i would like to make a booking in TILDI HOTEL AND RESORT in Agadir Morocco
    it is mention not refundable , could you advise me on the policy , I will loose all the amount or some amount in case of cancellation . what is the date frame of cancellation .
    looking to forward your answer as soon as possible

    thank you

  158. I had the worst experience ever. is not reliable, accessible when you experience problems and they charge a cancellation fee that is the same as the accommodation. This is madnessI tried to cancel my booking with no success. I decided to go to the hotel and I was told that I arrived too early and should come back after 5 hours. Where was I suppose to go with two small children ages 2 and 3? I went to another hotel and they could accommodate me. I tried again to cancel my booking but it was again unsuccessful. Later I received a bank notification that they tried to charge me and take money from my account. Luckily I did not had enough funds in my account. What if they will take money at a later stage? What can I do?
    Very disappointed. Will never make this mistake again. They don’t even reply to your emails they send automated emails. This might even be a scam.

  159. I booked a Ramada Hotel in central
    Milton Keynes from website – details were confirmed and email confirmation received. I had great difficulty locating the hotel & the phone number given was ‘no longer listed’ eventually I asked a local person who told me the hotel had been closed since April & was now a Travel lodge. When I checked I found this to be accurate – I was in fact booked at another Ramada Hotel some miles away & was told by Travel Lodge that although have been informed of changes this keeps happening & the website has not been updated to reflect changes. When I eventually checked in 2 hours and many miles later The Ramada also said that they had repeatedly asked Booking .com to update their information. My previous experience of has been good – this has definitely made me very wary of using you – and other customers would feel
    The same – there is no excuse for inaccurate information of this nature especially 4 months after the change in hotel ownership – I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Jenny Gordon –

  160. Ref. booking number 426657552 radioson lie Maputo.
    Recently made a number of hotel bookings with
    Just made check between booking. comand and
    noted that is ca. Eur 600,00 cheaper for the 10 days
    I booked at the radioson blue in Maputo. I realize there may be some
    Differences, but ca Eur 600 is rediculous. I request you to
    recalculate your price for the 10 days. (5/8 until 15/8)
    Look forward correction.

    • My Booking No. 1739844524 at Reavers Lodge, Queenstown on 6/1/7 to 9/1/17….My sister incorrectly booked for 2 people in the Self Contained Room & Loft. Can I please change this to 4 people to include my sons, also require a free parking space, she also forgot to tick this as well as we will be hiring a car during our stay. Total special price today the 24/9/16 shows $525, I have already paid $375, owing $150.00. Can you please let me know what I need to do to change the above and make payment asap. Thank you and apologise for the inconvenience. I shouldn’t have let her book it without me watching her. Thanks a Million

  161. This site booked me on the wrong night and took my money without authorization. Now I can’t even get ahold of them. I show up to a hotel I booked to find it wasn’t vacant. After talking with the desk and on the phone they don’t tell me the wrong night was booked and cancel, they direct me to another hotel and say nothing. So I was charged for a night I wasn’t there. What a scam. Glad to spread the word on these crooks

  162. To whom it may concern
    Yesterday the 27th of January I’ve booked one room for one person for the 10th of July 2017 for one night through booking .com. Hotel Ciao in Rome $ 62.00 AUD per night with breakfast , air conditioner and private bathroom. No confirmation has been received. Called the hotel, but they didn’t receive any booking yet
    Will you please let me know what’s happening ? Is the room booked ?
    Best regards..

    • Today Monday, March 27, I had the pleasure to speaking with a customer service employee name Bryan Evans. It was a pleasure speaking with him. In today world, its not often people go the extra mile.
      Bryant answered my question and confirmed my reservation with the hotel.
      This act of kindness was very important to me because the hotel employee said the didn’t have my reservation for my up coming business trip. Bryant contacted the hotel and resolve the problem.
      Thank you for your excellent service.
      Pamela Russell

  163. Excellent! A little wait time for a customer service representative but they made it simple! Thanks!
    Paul Vogel

  164. I have booked quite a lot of holidays with you, but for some reason you are now sending everything in Spanish.
    Can you please change something so everything is in English when you send bookings

    Thank you

  165. Thank you so much for fixing the problem I had with the date of my reservation (through my fault only) I will use from now on!! I appreciated the wonderful service you have given us! GREAT JOB!!!!\

  166. The hotel I booked with had no room and phoned me to ask me to cancel the booking but the policy is no refunds full payment upfront so now I’m £115 down and cant get a room for bank holiday until the hotel refund my deposit which takes up to 5 days. my bank holiday is going to be ruined because the information on the site was incorrect and I cannot contact anyone direct about this. unhappy

  167. I booked Ainsley Court B&B at Scarborough via Booking .com. I booked from 28February till 7th April 17 . On arrival.Paul the owner seemed a very respectable man, but after a week, he completely changed his behaviour towards Me, hr was interrogating me, bullying me, sending me poison pen letters, hurling abuse at me, calling me names and to top it all, he was entering my room while I was out, he was going through all my Bank Papers, my Private/Personal Paperwork, hr stole £500 from my Bank Account, the Bank contacted me as soon. As the theft turned up on my account, and invited me to go to the Bank to discuss this Theft, they knew immediately it was Paul, owner of the Ainsley Court Guest House, so they contacted the Police on my behalf, the Police are investigating him, the Bank have refunded me my stolen money, but Paul as also stolen a further £140 from !me, as I walked out one week before the money I had PSID up to was due, instead of leaving on April 7th due to his cruelty, I left on Friday, 31st March. I asked him for my refund, he refused to give it Mr back, I have reported this next theft to to the Police, they have set up a GBH Charge upon him, plus a Theft Charge upon him, so he is to appear in front of a Judge at Scarborough Magistrates Court next week. They have asked me to ask you to remove his licence and to close his Bed and Breakfast down immediately, as he as a Criminal Record and an unfit person to to run such an establishment, they are very concerned as Paul is capable of murder and even further thefts from his Guests.

  168. I requested sms link sent to my phone but I put in the wrong mobile number. will this be a security risk because of my cc details & info?

  169. booking ref1850.948.710 pn code 1802
    terrible experiance at this “guest house” will not book through booking .com again

  170. 14/5/17 I made a booking at Casa Cueva Muntasal in Monachil near Granada. What a total disaster. The pictures are totaly misleading. The property are up a very very steep hill and it is not mentioned anywear. The room and bathroom does not look anything like the pictures. The linen and towels were old, faded , over washed and not suitable. Everything in and out, looks rundownand the reception area especially is not clean and neat .This property looks like a badly run back packer. Does inspect properties reguarly? We have not had such a bad experience with any of our other bookings ever and will keep on using it.

  171. Bonjour,

    Suite à votre email du 10 juin 2017 adressé par Mr Ferran Tarasso concernant ma réservation n°1729004034 à l’établissement Shambala B&B du 6 au 12 juin 2017 , vous deviez me rembourser 240 euros sous 5 à 8 j ayant versé directement les 240 euros au propriétaire or je n’ai toujours pas été remboursé à ce jour. En effet suite à une non présentation marquée par l’établissement le 6 juin mais m’étant présenté plus tard le paiement avait déjà été prélevé en totalité par et seul le montant de l’annulation de 48 euros été finalement gardé par et les 240 euros restant devaient m’être remboursés sous 5 à 8j (cette somme ayant été versé directement au propriétaire à la fin de mon séjour).

    Aussi merci de faire le nécessaire pour me rembourser dés que possible.

    Dominique Manechez

  172. This was the worst experience ever! I’ve been using for years now but this is the last time! The website say very clear full breakfast included all the way and then they give me the option to pay cash , which I did and was the so wrong apparently to do that. Because I pay cash they take the full English breakfast included away and now I can’t cancel! I left Hotwire which they give me continental breakfast for that are making the website a joke and try to trick you if you pay cash! They advertise full breakfast included and then they don’t give you… so unprofessional! Then I speak to customer service, then the customer services manager Nicolas just to tell me to call the hotel and resolve with them! I will never ever ever used! I will use HOTWIRE from now on! I am so disappointed of them …and I will make sure that they will change the website ….they can’t advertise full breakfast and then don’t deliver what they promised!

  173. Hello my name is Faith cherry I have been trying for a couple of days to get assistance from customer service. We made a reservation on May the 20th Hotel in Charlotte North Carolina. The first hotel that we were given was not able to accommodate us because of the size and the situation in the room. I spoke to a representative she stated she’s truly understood and made a new reservation and guaranteed me that we would not be charged for the first reservation and that she had indeed cancelled. Now that I’m trying to call again to make another booking and to solve the problem where they have charged us for two hotels customer service either disconnects or makes a promise that they will call me right back. I’m sure that this is just the lack of communication on my part. I truly believed the customer service representative she was so genuine and kind and understood and solve the problem will someone please contact us so the charge of the second Hotel can be removed as soon as possible the charge is over $300. Thank you very much I am certain and already assured that the problem will be solved.

    • is a scam. They don’t give you any confirmation number for your reservations. They don’t give you any email for your reservations then the hotel charges your credit card. You call the hotel about your reservation and you have to go to the third party which will be and you can’t get no one to answer to cancel. My reservations was never finished online and still got charged on my credit card. Word of advice check out that email address before giving your credit card number out. I’m very sorry I looked for a better deal on a hotel on and got scammed. When I tried going back to the website I didn’t have no number to put in so I couldn’t cancel anything.

  174. I made two bookings on July 4 and each time my credit card was immediately charged EUR 1.00. Why? It is not specified anywhere that I have to pay this!

  175. I registered my property for homestay with, I was confirmed as the application is ok but I never got the go ahead from to start accepting bookings, I contacted booking .com many times by phone they allways find my application and tell me they will contact me but they never did.
    Can somebody please tell me what is the problem.

  176. Does anyone ever answer the phone at I’ve been on hold for over an hour to try to cancel a trip after my husband had a heart attack. Still no response. There must be a better way!

  177. I booked a room through and was unable to make that trip.
    So we booked a room for a place we had driven to talk about you get what you pay for what a dump. I have to go back and check who I scheduled a trip to AZ with now. ? Oh and cancel a bank card. Thanks for no help. Ease cancellations my rear. waited a half hour on the phone driving through and storm finally gave up.

  178. By circumstances we come to our hotel in Troyes not on saturday but on tuesday. Hotel says thats okay and no charge.

  179. I have booked in Primavera hostel at Barcelona on August 28 to 30, 2017 for $153. I decided to cancel it on July 26. They charged me $131. I have requested to waive the charge but declined. It was free cancellation before I booked. Can do something about
    this please?

  180. Booking, I’m not going anywhere soon, but I may be in the future. I’m 63 now and I just want to say your commercial with the kindergarden teacher and the kids is one of my favorite commercials of all time. I wish the kids could have had some more time on it.

  181. No response. I agree with the writer who said they respond when you want to make a reservation, but not when you have a question about one. I am very disappointed in at this moment as my email has gone unanswered for nearly 3 days and it was urgent.

  182. Hello:

    My confirmation # is 1296551605. 5 minutes after I booked my room, I realized I booked the incorrect date. I emailed your site and received a message that I could not change the date, and if I was permitted to cancel, I would be charged over $100 for a cancellation fee. I am very upset about this. My family and I travel a lot, business and pleasure, and I thought I’d give a try. Please consider waiving the fee, and I guarantee I will continue to use your services. Thank you. I am trying to book for August 10, not Aug 17. If you could change the date I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

  183. It was not what I expected.
    It was my mistake.

    Can you please erase my address from all your mailing
    and advertising.


  184. I had booked my first trip through – a hotel in West Virginia.
    Booking date 06/30/2017 for 3 nights, 2 adults and 1 child.
    We left one day early – I checked out, paid my bill for 2 nights – was told that I wouldn’t be charged that extra day since the cleaning crew had been in the room already (we checked out at 16:04 or so).
    Again I made sure that this would be the final bill was told yes.
    Now the credit card statement came and I discovered that I was charged another day on 07/04/2017 – that’s 2 days after we had left and paid the bill..
    What can I do?
    Daniel Contreraz

  185. I booked a room through on 8 of August to stay in Shanghai at The Longemont Shanghai hotel. However I am very disappointed from the service. At the beginning for two nights the offer was about ~1720 CNY. Immediately offers other option 1800 CNY for the similar room not refundable however with breakfast included !
    I chose the second option with a breakfast included . When I got the e-mail with confirmation of my booking I was surprise that this was NOT correct. Actually the breakfast was not in , Why in this case I was asked to change ~1700 CNY ??. Dear Booking .com What was the reason for this “trap” ? C My Confirmation number is : 2051078011

  186. Hello Mrs Francine Summa,
    We apologize for the delay of our response, and we thank you for your patience.
    We received your request to modify reservation 1513116313 at Hotel San Luca Venezia and contacted the property for you.
    Your reservation has a non-refundable rate, and according to the terms and conditions it’s not possible to change or cancel your reservation. In this case, we’ve asked the property to make an exception for you.
    As soon as we receive their response we’ll share it with you. You can always review the terms and conditions in your confirmation email or on our website.
    If you need anything else, we’re always here.
    Best wishes,

    Robert H. I contacted the hotel and they have changed the dates for me.

  187. True fact as consumers now we are lazy, and easily manipulated by miss-represented pictures mean “false advertising.” So like doe eyed cattle we click on that pleasurable icon or photo. That is exactly how has absconded with, that’s putting it politely. A customers hard earned money. Tell me why should I not be upset. Why, should I lay down and let it be stolen.

  188. So far have been on the phone with for hours, three hours so far. All they have said, “Will try to see what we can do in the morning” and hangup. “Try” being the operative word. That child like statement we’ve all heard “Maybe.”
    Now I’m just calling and waiting to speak to another and another Representative. That will more then likely hang up on me. Then they are wondering why I’m getting upset.

  189. Once again finally with another operator, I’m still sitting in the Days Inn Lobby, because I as a consumer will not let my hard earned money be taken anymore for what I paid for and receiving what they think i should settle for as a consumer. If anyone is reading this can you or do you care?

  190. As of now I’m sitting in the lobby of the Days Inn as previously stated. I’ve stated up latter and longer nights and cold chilly nights pulling tower guard in Baghdad. So my patience is there to stand my ground, because I no longer want to feel like my money is worthless. Like I’m not worthless as a person and an American Consumer.

  191. Now once more on the phone with to either get my money back, or the money apparently bamboozled out of me. Because of falsely placed pictured by one of the parties., the psychical Days Inn mislead me to believe that I was paying for and did not receive. I have a snap picture on my phone what I paid for and no one wants to give it me.

  192. I’m still on the phone, yes they explained that I picked it and it was my own fault. Tough luck lesson learned you as a customer are wrong. No more the customer is right. So we’re pushing the facts you are an idiot. Thank you, even though I’m not even staying in the room.

  193. As it stands I’m dirt and and I should be a more savvy consumer, “read.” Even if I’m not staying in the room.

  194. Even at this point I want to pay for an upgrade to another Days Inn even pay extra and still get what I want. Still no one want to help.

  195. I’m tired, and upset. Now going to sleep in my car till 8am and to ask the building manager for help. I either want to use the funds towards a room I want and pay the extra or just my money back. I don’t want to just roll over and let my money be gone. I know just feel like dirt, as if I can just walked all over and taken for mine. Lesson learned, someone might say what a dumbass. I’m just trying to stand as principle motto “The Customer Is Right.”

  196. Hi booked a room in south surrey bc this afternoon confirmation # 1400618535
    have a family emergency and had to cancel the room
    within a couple of hrs
    were charged full amount of reservation and find this unacceptable
    what is your solution

  197. I canceled my booking in Apple In (Mong kok Hong kong) within 24 hours of free cancelation but they still charged my debit card. And they told me that they will not refund my money. Please help me of this.

  198. I booked a hotel room in Hotel Panchratna, Pune, India from 22 to 24 September, 2017. Now I want to cancel booking as I cancelled the plan.
    There is no place on your web site from where I can cancel it. Please help me.

    • I have booked various accommodations in Canada on July 8,2017 and there was a sms blinked on my smartphone from my credit card co. stated that charged amount CAD 0.00. Then an hour later, a new message from credit card co. informed that my credit card was charged by Executive Stay Inc at the amount of CAD 500.
      I’ll check all my reservation lists and could not find any accommodation list namely Executive Stay Inc nor the amount of CAD 500.
      I would appreciate if you can help me verify this supplier’s name and this amount. The credit card had charged me the money last month. As far as I recalled, I reserved only the accommodation that said free cancellation and pay at the property . I wonder how this happen.
      Your explanation in this matter is appreciated

    • I have reservation at Warsaw, Poland # 1376030103. I requested to upgrade it to bigger appartment in which I am in now. I did not use above quoted reservation and I was told in reception room that I will be charged for it.

      I can not accept to be charged for service I did not receive. It was requested to change booking for bigger appartment. Please credit my visa for above quoted reservation

  199. Booked a room at the Wave Rider Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. thru, when I arrived there I was not listed anywhere in their system. Because it was the weekend of the eclipse their were no rooms available. Then they eventually gave me a room that could have easily been in the movie “Hostel”. To sum up my experience “Horrible”.

  200. I went through for the first time. I put it on my debt. I furious because what I was told I’d be charged and what appeared on my debt statement was $50.00 more then what I agreed to. It was $50.00 more then what was on my final bill from Cambria hotels & suites ,Maple Grove , MN

    On 8/26/2017 I checked into your Hotel. I checked out on 8/27/2017
    My Bill was $142.25. I put it on my Visa Debt card.
    When I checked my Debt card you had billed me $167.25 plus an additional $25. That’s $50.00 over what I was originally quoted when I booked your Hotel on and that I agreed to.
    I would appreciate my $50.00 over charge credited back to my debt card now. No we’re on or No one told me at the hotel that you would charge or hold $50.00 extra dollars of my money above what I paid for the room.
    Sense this was a Debt card same as cash I feel this should not have happened.
    Please correct it now
    Diane Richter
    Plus you misspelled my street address

  201. They are officially fooling people and lying. After making a reservation, they sent me an email promising a $25 reward if I refer them to another friend. My friend did make a reservation through and we were supposed to receive the rewards. Guess what: it has never happened. We called them several times and each time they told us something different. At the end, they told us these cases are not handled by costumer services department and we need to send them an email! I will never use their services again! They are awful!

  202. I went to check in @ Maverick Motel, the front desk told us that there is no records of reservation for today. We showed her the copy of my Booking confirmation. She said that they did not received the records from the
    Instead she offered a room with rate of $79.00. Because of her rude attitude, we did not stay in that motel.
    I requesting you attention preventing the Motel using the execute of did not receive records from
    As the customer , I request the Booking .com to protect my right and to stop any charges from the Maverick Motel on me.
    Thank you so much for your attention.


  203. i always have my bookings sent by you as emails not ems i only have old phone can you send bookings to there are two for Nov 1st and second booking for the 6th Nov

  204. Hi,
    Why haven’t you deposited my trip rewards ? These rewards go back to 2016,and thru 2017 to present, UNPAID!? You have all of my confirmation and pin numbers, what is the problem?
    Paula Oppedisano

  205. Hi good afternoon i just want to ask what will i do last night upon booking to hotel eurotel vivaldi araneta cubao @ cause of internet problem i thought i book one but upon checking my email two confirmation i received can i cancel the other one with no charges please help thanks

  206. I made 2 bookings for Novotel in Beijing today. I received confirmation letter
    from Booking .com for first booking 11 oct. to 18 oct.. But I did not received
    a confirmation from for second booking 23 oct to 28 oct.
    Novotel, Beijing.
    5 nights 23 Oct to 28 Oct. Price was $343.00. Please send me confirmation letter.

  207. I wrote a review for The Homesteads, Main Street, Cairnryan Scotland, but it is the wrong review, I had stayed at another place with a similar name and got the two muddled up, could the review I wrote about the Homesteads please be removed, as it could have detrimental effects for their business.

    I wrote that the guest house had bunk beds, and that it sold food and wine which it does not. I would be very willing to write another review once you have informed me that the first one has been removed from the site.

    Thanking you,

  208. I have booked Hotel Majestic in Belgrade this evening for my stay
    from 23rd to 26th Oct.Have provided all the information but have
    not received sent me a confirmation of an
    old booking for Dubrovnik which I already have.
    Please send me the confirmation urgently!!!

  209. Your tel# does not work. That renders your customer service useless. I have an urgent issue and do not know how to reach you if your phone number does not work.

  210. You booked me into a motel on Friday the 15th. It was supposed to be less than five miles from the event I was to attend Saturday and Sunday. Instead it was over 40. For a disabled senior veteran that was worse than useless, St Helens Or was crow flies less than five miles or possibly by boat across the Columbia, I don’t fly like a crow and didn’t have a boat. Your booking meant an hour and a half drive. I could have commuted from Kent WA in two hours. As I say your booking was worse than useless. You need to fix your software that said less than five miles. I’ve warned my friends, fellow dog sport enthusiasts, and wil contact AARP and AAA about my personal experience with you service.

  211. Hi Team,

    I booked Baba Resort for myself per below but have yet not got the booking confirmation, booking was in my husband’s name- Neeraj Kumar:
    Check In – 29th Sep 2017
    Check Out – 1st Oct 2017
    Please help me find out if it done or not so that I can plan my travel accordingly

  212. booked 2 hotels minutes apart tried to cancel one and it said I would be charged 107.00. spoke with hotel they said to call you, and I shouldn’t be charged. Your phone number is not working

  213. I made this booking on provision that you could cancel in advance – I have gone to cancel today and received email saying I will be charged full amount. have spent ages on website trying to find a way of contacting someone but to no avail. please contact me urgently


  215. I need alot of help and yet I get no satisfaction. If I cant I will let the small business burea take care of you if I have too. I just wanted a quiet solitary time. and now I am booked wrong rooms (plural) wrong dates. please call and show me you are a good team. and put the correct number on your online number, it doesn’t exist. and that is a whole nother issue. I have an old phone, and my computer got a virus. I depend on that phone to talk too. I plan if I dont hear anythine show up for either one of them and use priceline or someone better than you

  216. I attempted to make contact with the service department after finding a cheaper price for the identical room on Trivago. I was directed to pages that did not allow me to lodge my concern and I had no success at all in finding a contact phone number in Australia.

  217. I would like to make a complaint regarding a recent holiday that I booked through the website.I reside in the UK.please can you provide an address where I can send my complaint or alternatively a telephone number to speak to an advisor regarding the complaint.

  218. I booked sept 26 27th $51.00 ramada inn niagra falls confirmed 1970818289 pin was 6619 got there 830pm was told the room was $275.00 counter was booked for oct 30- 31 why would I be there sat sept 26 I was traveling from boston to michigan ..ihave right on my phone confirmed sept 26 and 27th..had to pay$ 255.00 with aarp said you people changed the date after I confirmed it I would like a credit ..they said it happens with

  219. Someone called Duel Motel in Fayetteville, Ark., called me to confirm my arrival tonight. I had never made the reservation. They told me I had to call to cancel something I had never made. I called and talked with the “Reservation Cancellation” and someone named Porsha. She said she could not cancel unless I gave her a pin number, which I obviously did not have since I had never made the reservation. She was not very polite and refused to let me talk with her supervisor. If shew was following your policy, you need to change it. I then called back and talked with “Other Than Make or Cancel Reservations” and got Alicia who was exceptionally nice and cancelled the reservation. Obviously I am totally turned off with my experience with Porsha. Am wondering whether she was in on my credit card heist which my Master Card caught. The reservation had my old stolen credit card number, my home address and my telephone number but not my email address.

  220. I am very upset that I can’t change/cancel my reservation with


    so will have to play devils advocate and keep changing the date if I can. the hotel can’t help me because made the reservation thru

    will not recommend the site for anyone else.

  221. I’m having a hard time to finish my booking. I’m on the last step but I’m getting an error message.
    The booking I wanted to get a confirmation for, is the room located at Kiwi International-Queen Street. I have given all my information.

  222. ן cancelled ahotel room in israel in tveria and you charged me 3000 shekels for canceling this i am asking you to refund my money waiting for your reply

  223. We made reservation threw you for a motel in pigeon forge at lodge at mill creek never had a bad complaint but u should know this motel was awful nasty smelled and the worst we walked in the bathroom and it was full of shit!!! That’s right shit. Could we get at least half of our money back they did give us another room but it was still nasty.I wished we had never stayed there.never had this problem booking threw you.

  224. My name is Vivian Sze, have been your genuine and loyal customer for many years. I am so disappointed that when I wanted to cancel my booking with Short Stay Apartment Melbroune this morning for my booking commencing on 28/11, I were told that I had to pay the total price for my booking. Please help to negotiate with the hotel and waive the cancellation fee as much as possible.

  225. I look forward to your prompt and favorable reply, million thanks.

    As my booking will only commence on 28/11, I thought I have the right to cancel it today on 29/11.

  226. Hi. Just want to let you know that Cambria Pines Lodge REQUIRES a $100 refundable “incidentals” deposit, Yet NOWHERE in my confirmation email do you mention this. A guest can either have them put a $100 hold on their credit card, which stays there about 3 days, or the guest can give them $100, which they put in an envelope with your name and room number, give the guest a “claim ticket”, and give the money back the next day at checkout(or at least that has always been the case when I have stayed there, and was the
    case when I stayed there in December 2016). SHOULD DEFINITELY inform guests of this with ANY hotel that does this! I happen to know this about Cambria Pines Lodge because I have stayed there many times before, but I am QUITE SURE hotel guests who book with you would also want this information on their email confirmation, and not to have the nasty surprise of finding out about it when they get to the hotel(even it it is refundable)! As far as am concerned, not giving guests such an important piece of information is NEGLIGENT AND INCOMPETENT!

    OBVIOUSLY from reading many of the above reviews, you do NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE, but thought I’d share my opinion so other guests could be informed, and maybe avoid UNNECESSARY SURPRISES that does NOT BOTHER TO INFORM THEM ABOUT!!!!

  227. None of your numbers are in operation.

    Status on my account – Moyeni lodge – Id 2751999 – Closed/ Not bookable
    I have been trying to go live on your system for over a week now.
    Send messages in my inbox and always a standard answer

    “We have forwarded your message to a specialist on this topic. They generally respond within 2 days. Nothing else is needed from you in the meantime ”

    I got If you read the messages i have sent the pinpoint information needed for the location of the property. as i incorrectly gave my bussiness address instead of the lodge address.

    Will someone out there kindly assist me please !! I would like to go live as soon as possible

  228. I am trying to establish if I have booked a hotel in Hanover on Monday 11th December, through your website. Can you help please.

  229. I just arrived at my hotel and they don’t have my reservation. I also asked for a pet friendly hotel. It was listed under you as accepting pets. They don’t take pets so after driving 9 hours I need to look for a hotel with pets. I better not be charged!!!
    Now I hope the hotel I booked for tomorrow has my reservation and takes pets.

  230. please i need my booking confirmation due not recieved from you .
    i had my booking at sea san siro apartment milan .all is done .
    but not recieve the confirmation to my email.

  231. None of the telephone numbers work I been asking for my refund in the hotel I booked with you and haven’t hear anything yet since Saturday obviously you guys need a better customer service because honestly I will not recommend any person either this website to book or your company. completely disappointed

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