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Contacting Boeing Customer Service Center

Boeing is a company producing more than meets the eye. While many consumers may know Boeing as the commercial airplane manufacturer responsible for the famous 737, 747 and 757, few know the company also produces helicopters, gunships and other defense vehicles. Boeing is also at the forefront of space technology producing materials nearly as light as air like microlattice. Boeing partners with other companies, like GM Motors, on development and production of new technologies.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Main Boeing Phone Number: 1-312-544-2000
  • Investor Relations: 1-312-544-2140
  • Boeing Capitol: 1-206-655-2121
  • Boeing Phantom Works: 1-562-797-2020
  • Boeing Commercial: 1-206-655-1131
  • Boeing Shared Services: 1-425-865-2121
  • Boeing Defense and Security: 1-314-232-0232
  • Boeing Employment: 1-866-473-2016
  • Boeing Retirement: 1-866-473-2016
  • Boeing Ethics: 1-888-970-7171
  • Boeing Shareholders: 1-888-777-0923

Mailing Address

Choose the mailing address that best describes the portion of the Boeing business you need to contact. If you cannot find the proper address, contact Boeing corporate by phone.

Boeing Corporate100 North RiversideChicago, IL 60606


Boeing Capital Corporation (Commercial Airplanes and Shared Services)PO Box 3707Seattle, WA 98124


Boeing Phantom WorksPO Box 2515Seal Beach, CA 90740


Boeing Defense and SecurityPO Box 516St. Louis, MO 63166

Official Website

The website for the Boeing company is located at This site is centered on the corporation so you can learn quite a bit about the products developed by Boeing and the impact these products have on the world.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address listed as such, but there is an online contact form located at This form can be used to contact Boeing customer service when customers don’t want to call or write. The contact form requires your name and email address. You can also attached a screenshot or picture of your computer screen. The email form is titled, but the form claims customers can use it for service requests of any kind.

Our Experience

When we called Boeing customer service our call was immediately answered by a brief automated message before Charlene picked up the call. We asked Charlene for information on the microlattice the company has just created with GM, but she said she didn’t have any information at this time. She suggested we contact the media department for more information. We asked for the phone number for HRL Labs, the company that created the microlattice (combined effort between Boeing and GM) and she was able to give us the direct number for HRL Labs.

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