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Contacting Blockbuster Online Customer Service Center

Blockbuster Online is a movie rental service similar to the likes of Netflix. Customers can select movies from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone and receive the movies by mail. After watching the movies, customers return by mail or exchange the movies at a local Blockbuster location. The company doesn’t charge late fees and there are no established due dates.

Similar to any mail delivery service, problem can and will occur on a regular basis. This is when the customer support team steps in. Blockbuster Online provides several methods to contact the customer service department to answer customer questions and concerns.

Contact Info:

The customer service department is available Sunday through Thursday 9am to 9pm EST and Friday and Saturday 9am to 1am EST. Customers can send emails, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-866-692-2789
  • Membership: 1-800-406-6843
  • Service department: 1-866-692-2789
  • Cancelations: 1-866-574-3888
  • Legal Department: 1-972-683-3092

Mailing Address

Customers wanting to send correspondence to the customer service department will need to send communication to the corporate offices here:

Blockbuster Online3000 Redbud Blvd.McKinney, TX 75069

Official Website

The official Blockbuster Online website customers to sign up for the DVD by mail service. Customers can also view the selection of more than 100,000 movies. The movies are categorized by genre and staff picks. Members can also view trailers on the site.

Since Blockbuster Online is a paid service, customers can sign up on the website with a free two week membership and begin selecting movies immediately. The company also provides a support page where customers can locate contact information, find out how the service works and even review the Blockbuster Online FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Customers can send general questions and concerns or specific membership questions to the email address here: You do not need to be a member in order to send an email to the customer service department. The company recommends not sending account information in the email.

We sent an email requesting information on cancelation. When we received the automated response, the company explained that a representative will answer our concerns within two business days.

Our Experience

The customer service department was ready to help in less than 30 seconds. Typically, we have to endure a long list of options before selecting 0 in order to speak with a customer service representative. The only thing we had to do was select the appropriate language and we were then connected to the customer service department. We asked if the customer service department could provide information regarding cancellations and reactivation of service.

Not only did the customer service representative answer the question, they walked us through the process over on the website. This is what we expect when we contact customer service; a representative willing to go above and beyond to take care of the customer. Several forums state the customer support team is less than stellar. Do you feel this way? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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5 Comments on “Contact Blockbuster Online Customer Service
  1. How do I put my blockbuster 2-movies a month program on hold when I go on vacation? I will be gone for one month soon and two months in the winter. How do I stop it?

    Thank you,


  2. Could someone please tell me what I would have to do in order to keep the movie I currently have at home? I understand that I won’t receive any more movies by mail? If I cannot keep the movie, please advise me what to do to return it to you..I wasn’t sure whether to mail it back as I usually do..Help?? Thanks so much, Carole Tilley

  3. you suck!!!! and your movies suck!! get a better variety!!
    and I refuse to pay 3.00 to sign up and for each movie!!!!

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