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Contacting Bitdefender Customer Service Center

The Internet is a fantastic invention that connects the world in an instant, but with constant, infinite connection comes possible security risks. Bitdefender is security software that protects your computer against viruses and other Internet threats. The company was honored as one of the CRN Products of the Year in 2011.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When it comes to selling software there are always going to be download, installation and operational issues that require technical and consumer help. Bitdefender customer service is there to help customers having trouble with the software. When looking for the proper phone number to reach customer service, you have to choose the Bitdefender product you have before the phone number is displayed, but all the numbers are exactly the same. The customer service line is open 24 hours a day.

  • Customer Service: 1-954-928-2780

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed for the Bitdefender customer service or corporate office. We were able to find a press release on the Bitdefender website announcing the opening of a US headquarters in California.

Bitdefender US Corporate650 Castro WayMountain View, CA 94041

Official Website

Descriptions of new Bitdefender software are available at the official website. You can find Bitdefender online at The website allows visitors to compare the different software programs to choose the one that best fits the consumer. Online ordering, support and customer service round out the website.

For those customers into the social networking scene, check out Bitdefender on:

Customer Service Email

Detailed customer service, technical help and answers to product questions can be answered by email. Use the email form to reach the Bitdefender customer service team. You’ll have to include your Bitdefender product, computer operating system, email and license key to send the email form.

Our Experience

Although we didn’t have to endure a lengthy wait or a confusing automated system, we encountered a customer support team not focused on assisting the customers. Yes, we were speaking with a live agent in less than 90 seconds, but no, our concern was not resolved. We asked a common question. What does a customer do in the event the product arrives at a customer’s home and the package is unopened. Can the customer return the item?

The agent explained customers could not return the product due to copyright laws. There would be the chance the software could have been downloaded onto another computer. The company representative could not provide an answer or provide information on the next course of action. We feel as if we were let down. We you let down during your call? Shout out below.

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10 Comments on “Contact Bitdefender Customer Service
  1. I am very disappointed at Bitdefender’s refusal to honor my rebate claim. I am cut/pasting my letter to them as follows:
    January 29, 2013

    Bitdefender Rebate
    c/o Customer Care department
    PO Box 100517 – DPF
    White Bear Lake, MN 55110-0517

    Rebate Processing Center:

    Recently I was greatly disappointed to receive two separate denials of my perfectly valid rebate clams on your Bitdefender antivirus software. This letter will attempt to clarify:

    One rebate denial cites lack of “date on sales receipt submitted”. The other rebate claims a lack of the original proof of purchase flap. Note: I bought only one product. I only had one proof of purchase flap to cut-out and mail in. Only one “original sales receipt” was given me as well. As for the “date” issue: I failed to check the “rebate receipts” I sent in for date; I assumed their being called “rebate receipts” justified them for their role. Please accept my sincerest apology for sending in those dateless “rebate receipts.”Somehow I must have neglected to read all of the fine print.

    That’s a mistake I commonly make. This time, I was completely unaware of the time and manpower I wasted at your “rebate processing” center. These centers are focused on delivering consumers their money, and I for one am guilty of rushing my submission altogether. I am ashamed to admit; I only dedicated half a day to making sure I fulfilled all the obligations. Tonight, I seriously doubt I’ve been at it for more than three or four hours. It won’t happen again. In the following, please hear my story and see if you can find it in your hearts to forgive. I bought your product. I deserve your rebates.

    I bought your product based on three criterion:
    (1) My retailer’s opinion of your product’s effectiveness.
    (2) Your product’s attractive offer of two rebates whose sum amounted to the product’s entire purchase price, making it virtually “free”, as my sales associate pointed out.
    (3) I was simply tired of my existing product’s marketing schemes which routinely informed me my mouse or keyboard driver was out of date, promising to “fix” it for me for a charge. This was nonsense, validated by an online check by “Windows.” Therefore, I purchased your product with great confidence in receiving both rebates, a reward for which I jumped through every hoop…I thought.

    Today, however, I am unconscionably irritated as I waste my valuable time typing this letter, whose intended recipient – I’m sure – will completely understand. What I now understand is the inherently deceptive practice of offering rebates for which the overwhelming majority of consumers are denied, by design.

    That being said, unless your response to this letter changes my current understanding, my disappointment will certainly have an effect on my recommendation, or in this case, condemnation, of your product to my many colleagues and associates. Regrettably, I have already recommended your product to many. This will be recanted quickly, I assure you, notwithstanding the unlikely possibility that the receipt of this letter, along with proof of the items for which my rebates were denied, releases to me the funds I so deserve.

    Let me describe my dilemma: I have two claim ID”s: 77375179 and 77375143. Both denials cite “Purchase date on sales receipt is missing.” The second, 77375143 cites, in addition: “This offer requires the original proof of purchase flap from the product packaging.

    Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, but could it be merely by coincidence or by design that my retailer is generating “rebate receipts” with no date? Or could there have been a golf outing where one gentleman representing a retailer winked at another representing a vendor who then nodded in concurrence at the implication of making possible a huge sales margin by use of a rebate nearly impossible for consumers to cash in on? What then for the overly “greedy” consumer like myself, who might even attempt to receive both rebates offered on the vendor’s goods. (LOL) Shame on me for thinking such!

    Now picture me after having purchased a single product offering two rebates for which no mention, neither written nor implied, was made of any restriction placed on a consumer’s ability to benefit from both rebates. In fact your retailer, Fry’s Electronics, touted the obvious “net zero” cost generated by using both rebates…

    …Here I was at my desk; I had two rebate receipts issued by your retailer, which I placed in separate respective envelopes, having no idea I needed to check them for dates. I was actually considering copying the original purchase receipt, placing it in one envelope and the copy in the other. Then it occurred to me that perhaps the “copy” might place me in the absolutely unthinkable position I am in now – dealing with a reprehensible corporate scheme of rebate denial to good consumers who bought seemingly legitimate products in good faith.

    For now, let us assume that perhaps the “rebate” receipts included no date: My bad. I’ll admit I didn’t think it necessary to don the faithful readers and check. Considering the alternative: sending a “copy”(God Forbid), I decided the store issued “rebate receipts” would suffice. That way I could keep my original receipt on file like a responsible small business owner, instead of finally having to relinquish it as I am now finding necessary. Unfortunately, I only have one. So a copy will have to serve for one of the two responses I now find myself several hours into wasting my time with.

    Now let’s examine your stated problem with Claim ID 77375179 specifically, since I’m mailing the original purchase receipt with claim #77375143, satisfying your only reason for denial; I’m sure the date is on that receipt. For Claim ID 77375179, your denial cites not only the missing date but the original proof of purchase…Good Sir, I bought only one product in one single package. There was only one UPC label! I cut it out, then thought long and hard before relinquishing it, for doing so makes it impossible for me to return your product to the store for a full refund. I wish I could do that now.

    I recall having mailed both rebates in one envelope, satisfied that you people – people who could design a product of capable of such incomprehensible ability as described by its packaging – could make sense of a customer’s predicament in attempting to submit both rebates in separate envelopes. Even if my memory has failed me, whereby I actually sent rebate forms separately, having heard such explicit warnings not to send in a copy of the UPC label from my retailer, I would have included such explanation in my submission. As you might be aware by now, I’m fairly adequate at covering details. I wish my retailer had similarly warned me of the “rebate receipts” with no date!

    In law there is a phrase called the “letter of the law.” It is the flipside of the “spirit of the law.” By the former, I cannot now send in the original UPC label for Claim #77375179. It is in your possession, wherever you filed away Claim #77375143. By the later, “spirit of the law”, I would like to suggest that you be aware of the documentation I sent in with the above claim, thereby knowing I sent your company all I had. I cannot even make a copy now.

    Neither of the problems I just discussed would exist if I had kept the UPC label in my hands: I’d return your product to where I bought it. Now it is up to you. I certainly deserve my rebates. I have no other issue with your software. It seems to be performing flawlessly and hasn’t yet attempted to sell me unnecessary goods or services.

    Therefore I plead: Please simply consider this consumer’s purchase and good faith attempt to receive two rebates. The task required far too great a difficulty and cost far too great an effort to result in two denials in his mailbox. Deliver what your product’s packaging promised. You will in turn gain a loyal and satisfied customer.

    As is, I am disturbed to have been treated in such a way. It insults my intelligence beyond measure to have so carefully attempted to collect my rebates, only to realize they were merely an illusion. The most troublesome feeling I have sensed all along is the simple truth: that Bitdefender set out to give an illusion rather than a value. That just stinks.

    Best regards,

    Clarke Howard Witter d.b.a. Qualified Electric (404) 932-1792
    224 Monroe Hwy.
    Winder, Ga. 30680

  2. Bitdefender is the worst company I have ever dealt with regarding refunding my money for services. First of all, their telephone number is buried on their site and I have been trying to get a refund from them for the past two weeks. They have offered me a 20% discount to keep their services and after sending them emails and calling requesting a 100% refund, I have not been able to get that refund processed. I am going to take all of these emails and telephone records to my bank and dispute the charges. I am also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  3. I did not have a virus protector on my computer, so I searched for a good one. Your ratings were the highest, so I decided to buy your Bitdefenter Antivirus Plus 2013 protection. I was expecting to receive a disk in the mail that I could put into my computer. What came up was download instructions. When I went to download it, a notice popped up that said this type of file could harm your computer. Then it said run….save….cancel.
    I cancelled out because I did not want my computer to be harmed. I have been waiting for a disk to arrive in my mailbox, but after a month, I realize that I will not get one. You got my money, but I do not have my virus protection from you. There was a number for me to call and I called it several times, but no one would answer the phone. Now today I looked for a way to contact you and I found this site. I am very disappointed with your service. I checked around with my friends and no one had ever heard of your Bitdefender antivirus protection. They all said to get Norton or one that is more recognizable from friends. So here I am with no virus protection from you. I would like my money refunded to me, as I am on a limited social security check and can not afford to just loose my money.
    Ruth Maison

  4. Dishonest company!! You lost my account because of your sleazy bait and switch approach to sales. I only deal with honest people more than 1 time…

  5. you leave a huge market unsuported. I installed your product but updates are impossible. Do not tell me it is a problem with MM cause AVG is updating without any hassle. I uninstalled your soft. I had it for free for 6 months but it simply does not work in this country; Myanmar. Sorry to say, cheers

  6. Does not work at all in Myanmar. AVG does!! I had a trial version for 6 months but had to uninstall, no updates, even your proper website does not load in MM. Sorry for you guys, do something about it.

  7. Just over a year ago, for reasons which I can’t now recall, I changed my Antivirus supplier to BitDefender.
    Last month I went through the renewal process with BitDefender, which I found to be clunky and seriously over-complicated. I now find that this renewal was processed through Avangate, who have taken AU$160 in two invoices from my Paypal account for a product which should have cost around AU$60.
    When I tried to query this with Avangate, they said that this was not their problem and that I should contact BitDefender. I pointed out that since Avangate have taken my money, my contract is with them, but they refused to address this point and when I eventually asked for the contact details for their legal department, simply repeated their stock answer about contacting BitDefender.
    I have contacted BitDefender and, somewhat predictably, have received no reply at all.
    Think very carefully before doing business with either of these two companies.

  8. Try to uninstall Bitdefender and you must first answer a many-screen
    survey. Some will give up due to lack of time. Bizarre.

    The free home version will not uninstall, even with “strong” uninstall programs that “force” it.

    It looks like these folks weren’t around when integrity was being passed out. STAY AWAY.

  9. Hello support team,
    recently what came yp on my laptop was that my password runs out in 10 days time, and that i have to change it,why does my password run out in 10 days time, I do not want to change it.
    Could yu please get back to me on this subject ASAP.
    Alan Lund

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