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Contacting Bing Customer Service Center

Bing is the newcomer in the world of Internet search. The search engine is brought to you by Microsoft, the leading computer company in the world and the creator of the Windows operating system. Microsoft was created and is currently owned and operated by one of the world’s richest people, Bill Gates. Bing is a slightly deeper search engine than Yahoo! or Google because of the integrated rewards program.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Bing customer service, because there is nothing sold by Bing. We found a website that listed a contact number, but the number was for MSN not Bing.

  • Customer Service 1: 1-800-386-5550

None of the options listed by the automated pertained to Bing. When we reached an agent, she could not answer any questions about the Bing search engine or rewards program.

No other customer service phone numbers were found, but you can call one of the Microsoft Local Officesin your area or the corporate office in Washington state.

  • Corporate: 1-425-882-8080

Mailing Address

The Microsoft Corporate address is the only one available for Bing customer service. The address for Microsoft is:

Microsoft CorporationAttn: Bing Customer ServiceOne Microsoft WayRedmond, WA 98052

Official Website

The official website for the search engine is, but the support page few customers know about is available at To find support information for your Bing problem, click on the link for the service you’re currently using. For instance, if you have an iPad with Bing on it and the search engine is not working properly, click on the Bing for iPad link. You’ll be taken to a contact form page with a link to the self-help page.

Customer Service Email

The same address we listed for Bing support is the URL you need to visit to email Bing customer service Choose your product and the contact form will appear. For faster emailing, we’ve listed links to all the forms below.

Our Experience

When we called the Bing customer service phone number we found, we reached MSN not Bing. Both are Microsoft companies, but Microsoft produces many products and services and not all can be reached using the same phone number. If you have a customer service phone number for Bing that’s not listed on the Internet, leave a comment below or contact us so we can test and include the number for other readers.

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84 Comments on “Contact Bing Customer Service
  1. I was at your columbia md store today and found out they are stating to use hand held registers. I do not like this way of making my purchases. I do not feel my information will be sercure in a device that can be left lying around for anyone to pick up. If someone tried hard enough they could get into this system. Plus I had to wait for my reciept to be printed somewhere other than where I was making my purchase. If this is how you plan to ring peoples sales I will have to plan to shop somewhere else.

  2. hijacking google/search was unfair and heavy-handed. the hijacking counts on people’s stupidity as such i go out of my way to not use bing. i request bing ceases and desist in the hijacking of google search.

  3. Your thoughtless company just sent a homepage Bing message that was about the gay pride parade to my 2 children. Not cool to send to kids. Bye bye Bing and hello Google! Have some respect for childhood innocence.

  4. Bing will give any search result as long as that result can be 100% unrelated to actual search phrase entered ! Bing is about as useless as any search engine can possibly be . Bing says it is programmed to give ONLY unrelated results but it doesn’t explain why ! Bing is a stupid search engine programmed by what seems to be stupid people !

  5. I search bing images for a 5dollar gift card after I complete 475 point’s I’m supposed to get a email with your conformation code for the past two times I have not received a confirmation code via email

  6. I updated my Bing home page and found I got NBC and MSN on the tool bar. I know you’re related under Microsoft but I don’t want these false news sources. I’ll be looking for a different search engine.

  7. THis is the worst site ever. They put wrong information up on the search engine and cannot get in touch with them to correct the problem.

    Google has there act together. If they put wrong information up, they have a support team and correct the problem immediately.

  8. My cousin went missing two days after christmas in 2013 without a trace. His name is Shannon Michael Naill can you please run his story it might help find him. Thank You

  9. I would like to file a complaint on one of your drivers. I have license plate number and there was a number also on the car. A horse got out of his fence and we got him and we politely asked your driver to wait til he got in the fence and he continued to drive, spooking the horse making it hard to get in his fenced area. The driver then yelled saying we shouldn’t let our horse out when he was obviously roped at the time. This was extremely unappreciated and rude of your services.

  10. I hate what you guys are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are taking over our computer! how do I change every thing back to google i like google alot better than stupid Bing!!!!!1

  11. I should be at silver status and with should have received 50 bonus points also. Can you tell me why I have joined the rewards program done the work but I have not yet been rewarded for my efforts. Please update my status and points ASAP. I came to Bing because Google had to many bugs in it. It was always crashing my computer and making it very slow. I enjoy using Bing and the rewards program is a plus if it would do what it says it would do.

  12. Im new to your service. But I have noticed that I have experienced a lot of frozen looped tabs. Can this be cleaned up. I am trying to be a good member, but if bugs persist, then Im afraid that I cant.

  13. I have several emails, but bing rewards is attached to Microsoft email. I have done a lot of searches on the bing sight even before the rewards program came out. I incurred multiple points way over 400 and all of a sudden my points disappear. I think this program is a rip off and just getting people to use their search engine in which I have before this. But you would expect them to honor what they are offering and think it is deception and fraud on their part for false advertisement. I love bing, but right is right and wrong is wrong and they are absolutely wrong with false advertisement regarding this reward program. On the feed back page I chose dislike and explained why and it would not let me send the comment another issue!@!!!! Bing Please live up to what you are offer to the customers that have made your company what it is today.

  14. Please stop posting photos of bananas and watermelons next to people of color. I saw bananas next to soccer player Andre Ayew.

  15. Due to the World Cup currently being played in Brazil Bing has decided to introduce a very annoying addition to Bing that opens in your face every time you open Bing, it is a tool that directs you to the football scores, not all of us are sports fans, get rid of it now please!

  16. Hi, I just want to say that I’ve always loved Bing and use it almost exclusively. However, the new yellow and orange icon is just ugly and I know this sounds silly, but I no longer use Bing nearly as much as I used to. Once I get past the new icon, Bing is just as beautiful as always. Why did y’all change the icon? Will it be revamped again in another beautiful icon befitting Bing? I really like the looks of my other icons on the pretty backgrounds I choose and the yellow and orange just isn’t doing it for me. I’m thinking about deleting icon, and that’s a shame because I really like Bing. I’m guessing that I’m not the only Bing user thinking the same thing. I’m sure that you – the person reading this – didn’t design it so I hope I haven’t offended you. lol

    Laura :)



  18. Why did you feel it was necessary to limit your comments to Ruth Bader Ginsburg re the Hobby Lobby Decision. For those of us who were pleased with the decision for a variety of reasons, why not print the comments of the FIVE justices who rendered the correct decision. Me thinks you have an agenda and I have considered dropping Bing as my search engine.

  19. bing shows my police booking photo front and center on its search results page, even though my case was dismissed and it involved a minor traffic violation. It’s an inactive link now. Google took down my mug shot image over a month ago, yet bing continues to display that photo first. I am a businesswoman with good standing in my community. bing’s use of my image in this way is libelous and has caused great harm to my reputation. I have contacted bing several times and tried to fill out the content removal form, which keeps giving me the same response. So I had no choice but to contact a law firm now to assist me. Microsoft may be a giant, but the story of David and Goliath reminds us that giants are not invulnerable.

  20. Why does BING continue to post annoying satisfaction survey popups after I have responded several times. Could lose you some patrons. If you are doing your very best – you don’t need feedback.

  21. This is ridiculous. I cannot remove ad’s from the bing home page. Also for children to be prompted to celebrate a gay pride parade only shows how shallow bing has become.
    At one time it was family friendly and now has become political by subtlety endorsing the gay movement.
    My children will now use google as a home page and not be indoctrinated without permission.
    What a stench bing has acquired, and they are proud too.

  22. Just wanted to officially protest your SLAMMING my MSN homepage. You’ll be pleased to know that I have responded to your aggressive and intrusive behavior in the most effective way I know–I have shifted my home page to Google. You people are irresponsible and ridiculous, and I have no use for you.

    Tom Fise

  23. The folks above posting lies about Bing and unrelated searches are talking about Google not Bing. Bing ALWAYS has what i need to find the very first line or 3. Not on the 3rd PAGE like Google.

    Thumbs up to Bing for changing the way we search with more defintion. Only thing is in the Sports section you should certainly ad NASCAR to the search. NASCAR in the USA is the #2 sport followed only by the NFL and NASCAR has the highest attendence every single week than any other sport anywhere. So please ad NASCAR to the search. Keep up the great work Bing. I switched from Google long ago.


  25. Regarding your expertly annoying Price Finder pop-up ad: Congratulations, you have achieved advertising’s most sought after goal, pure, perfect annoyance. However, I cannot be annoyed into using this product. In fact I am so annoyed I am done with Bing and am going back to Google.

  26. bing is a snake in the grass. It is a totally useless website that only exists to suck the life from the www. Oh, and to make a sleezy dollar at any cost.

  27. Your product is the most intrusive second rate garbage I’ve ever seen. Do you really think the way you force it on us will make us actually use it? DuckDuckGo is a reasonable search product. I highly recommend it if you can get Bing to go away.

  28. How do I give you a no star rating? The rating system above will only allow one or more, and, of course, you do not deserve one star.

  29. I read with interest the scathing comments posted by other Bing sufferers above. What is it like to work for someone like Bing? If someone from Bing reads this I have to ask why you are selling perhaps years of your life to work for people who force themselves on unwilling participants. Also if you buy advertising exposure from Bing to dump on us, don’t you realize you are poisoning us against you and your services or products?

  30. I am contacting you to report an issue that you need to address. The website offering the wallpaper image that you are using today (9-23-14) the army trucks has a virus/malware attached to its page. I visited the page to view background info on the photo and contracted a virus which cost me $150 to remove. You need to be responsible and look into this webpage so that others who use your Bing Wallpaper search does not have this happen to them. I have posted the problem on facebook, warning them and hope you do the responsible thing and check this out and correct it and report this website to FCC or whoever handles these violators. Thank you.

  31. Had a virus/malware issue yesterday with Bing. Had to pay to remove it, but paid Bing’s MSN to fix it. Is this some sort of scam to get money? Just asking…

  32. It looks like Google Earth maps looks more towards today than Bing’s Bird’s Eye View maps. Bing bird’s eye view maps looks more between 5 to 8 years ago. How often does bing change or update bing’s birds eye view maps so that it can look more towards today. Thank you very much.

  33. I have been using Bing and receiving reward points I had over 100 I just looked at my amount of Bing rewards, and now I have 47 you suck you just stole all the points I gathered up using your site and you just took them away I am posting it everywhere ///what a fraud you are, and will make sure none of my contacts, friends, and acquaintances will never use this site again (you are frauds)!!!!!!!.Google will be pleased by this I feel like a traitor when I pass them over ,,,to use Bing……never again will I stray from Google!!!!!!!again you guys suck I’m deleting now.phonies, fake, fraud, I hope you can be sued I’m going to look into it C anything for a buck you people make me sick I wasted a lot of time and I will never waste one more second of my lifeon your Ponzi scheme again you SUCK!!!!!!I’m sure this comment will never make it to be viewed by unsuspecting suckers like I was

  34. On worldwide search page I used to be able to enter Ireland for country specific info. Ireland has been removed from the list of countries. Why is this??
    All other countries have remained as far as I can see!!
    Appreciate your comment.
    Rgds, W. Jankowsky

  35. just like all the other search engines you haven’t got a clue . cut the adverts and only list what is asked for,..
    heres an example ,i searched for adult only holidays in caister and I got a site on your list headed –kids will love the excitement at…if you cat list what someone is looking for say so

  36. When searching for information and images on Hannah Graham, the missing U VA student, presumed to have been murdered, I saw links to “Hannah Graham Naked” and “Hannah Graham Nude.”

    This is wrong, don’t you think?

  37. I switched to Microsoft on Bing rewards they made it sound like it was a good deal wrong I lost all my lifetime points and my status went from gold to silver this they forgot to tell us and I am pissed all the time and effort wasted what a rip-off if anyone knows how to get them back let me know

  38. You hijacked my search engine. I DONT want to use bing to search for anything I want google back and I have no clue how to get it back I’ve tried everything. I would appreciate it if you stopped taking over peoples computers and restore google back to my computer thanks.

  39. ALL I’M TRYING TO DO IT FIND THE TEACHER’S EDITION OF MY TEXTBOOK. Why does bing false advertise. They are supposed to be a better search engine than google!!

    dont reply….

  40. I recently bought a new PC and it had windows 8 installed. I thought it was by far the worst operating system I had ever the misfortune to use, but it pales in comparison to just how bad Bing is. Google is so far superior as a search engine that they are not even worth mentioning in the same breadth. Bing is pathetic. Bing is filled with so much crap that prohibit you from doing simple things like finding information you want. Whoever developed this crap should never be allowed near a computer ever again

  41. It was supposed to be a 2x rewards weekend 11/15 to 11/17. So far… difference. Not a way to keep people using your search engine.

  42. When you type: java in bing I am getting as the top ad with that page being advertised by Bing which gives PC’s a virus. Remove that users ad as people I know are being infected with a fake java not realizing it. Thanks.


  43. Would REALLY prefer that “bing” does NOT translate ANYTHING. Everything translated from German to English and vice versa, is completely INCORRECT, WRONG and just plain STUPID. “IF” you’re going to continue to do this, please enlist the help of REAL German people. You’re getting this all WRONG.

  44. Please review your safe search. I noticed that kids can turn it off easily and is ineffective when they enter the right search. Thank You. (Plus as a bonus, you might want to put your replies out on the page because it makes people feel more like they are getting listened to.

  45. Bing, Google and some of the rest out of a handful companies who have control the internet need to be either broken up or legislated against (regulated)! They’re ruining the web with their monopolized ads, search results, etc.

  46. BING Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!!!! It blows!!!! I get more “This Page Can Not be Displayed” using BING than any other search engine. Get out of my computer!!! BING is S_ _ _!

  47. You have invaded my PC with your BING search engine and I cannot get it off my computer!! I will not forget this! In fact, I will tell everyone what you have done. I know people all over the world. Your aggressive tactics are poor judgement are a reflection of your management style. You will NEVER be on top or win with such an immature and low class business attitude as this.

    tell me how to remove your BING search engine off my laptop and we can start again and tell your management to grow up.

  48. Forget you Bing the reason why everyone votes for you stupid Bing crap because you confuse them! you don’t know which side Google and Bing is so wtf! I tried to vote for Google but you tricked me for thinking that Google was on one side then I tried the other side but Bing crap was on that side too. Are you switching them or is Google even on the crappy Bing vote site. Email me your phone number so I can have a little talk with you so you can change voting to a TRUE and FAIR way and see who really is the better site.So email me your phone number so I can contact you guys and have a conversation with me so I can make this fair because I want to change my vote! :(

  49. Somehow Bing has become my default search engine, and no matter what I do with my Safari preferences (they are set to default to Google!), I can’t get rid of your less than satisfactory Bing.

    Could you please help me get my Google back. I can’t state enough how inferior a search engine Bing is. When I use google to find friends (and myself) multiple hits come up, on Bing–nada!!!

  50. I absolutely hate BING. And I do not appreciate it’s intrusion on my computer. I have google chrome, but Bing just took over. I’ve been 2 days trying to get it off.Now, the only thing I know to do is download a tool to completely delete it.But I will get it off one way or the other.

  51. The Bing page search photo today 1/10/15 – European Otter,
    Lelystad, Netherlands. This photo looks contrived
    and not like the animal in its natural habitat at all.
    The otter looks unwell – possibly thrown in.
    Do not like this photo nor support its use.
    Was this shot the idea of one of your photographers,
    created by him/her? If so, animal cruelty.

  52. When I attempt to pull up Bing, I get “can’t open”. Only way to get to is to go thru Google. you have mean competition who may sink you if you don’t take action.

  53. Dear Ones at the bing Weather etc.

    There is no such geographic place name like Danzig(Poland). I would, and many others too, appreciate that you change permanently the city name to GDANSK. There was a lot of pain and challenging times of the last war and we are in peace now, so change it once and for all. There should be not these kind of mistakes on bing, Google of elswhere. May Peace Prevail on Earth and Europe should be the example of it. ir.Maria Kuiters-Krutikow

  54. sorry guy but I don’t like or want Bing. I want yahoo as my home page but ..I’m not sure why my lap top has Bing but how do I switch back ? bing also will not allow me to check my E-Mail. to much !

  55. You, guys, screwed my business for couple years from now. Just day ago I realised that in all of your sites (which I never asked to be in) my phone number insert wrong…

  56. 18 years I have my small business. Couple years it failed to 20% against 100%. Just now I realized that you wrongly put everywhere (which I never asked for) my phone number. It mixed with mylandline and cellphone. So, answer me immediately how and when you will fix it? You know my e-mail N.A.

  57. I’ve used the internet for years and loved it until I unwittingly signed up for Skype. Low and behold, I got my very worst experience online ever thanks to the Bing creature from hell. Appalling! Microsoft should be ashamed of its affiliation with Bing and should be sued by all who have to endure Bing for one second.

    CORPORATIONS ARE VULTURES THAT HAWK. We need to regulate them, revamp the charter system so they get privileges and not constitutional rights.


    You have a picture of the BRIGHTON LODGE as the weather page for POWDER MOUNTAIN.
    Yes they are both in Utah but that’s about it for similarity.
    Can you have one of your people get in touch with one of our people. Maybe we could set up a meeting to discuss the solution to this problem…..
    (laughing out loud)

  60. I used to use bing as a search engine. I have now stopped using bing period. I am totally disgusted in the advertisement inserts while watching documentaries on your site. As if they aren’t bad enough you have made it impossible to turn them off. This is one of the many reasons I turned off my TV years ago and refuse to watch it. Forced advertising is UNACCEPTABLE.

  61. have followed bing for some time, today was disappointing, of all the great women mentioned there was not one who is or was native to this country, land.
    very sad
    think I’m done with bing

  62. Why is my picture on your website!?!? And how did you get it when my profile is set to private and that picture isn’t even on my account anymore!?!?

  63. I started using Bing because I fell in love with the wallpaper and have spread the word. But today, a celebration of women’s international day, you choose to show to asses as the wallpaper. Obviously a man’s decision. Not sure at this point if I can keep you.

  64. If you are going to list phone numbers you should be sure they are correct or make it easy for us to correct them. Our office number is being used when everyone searches our county & state. This includes all state offices in our county also. We are not telephone operators and have other duties to preform.

  65. I switched from the invasive, nosey assholes at google for my search engine. However, Nerds in general seem to have the same damn problem. NO FRIGGING RESPECT for their customers. Please cease the damned offers to join Bing Rewards. I AM NOT FRIGGING INTERESTED IN BING REWARDS. Yet some dumbshit nerd, Yes I mean BRAINLESS NERD thinks that if you frigging bother me on every key stroke or page change that some light will turn on and I will wake up and see that I need Bing rewards. Please, please use your damned heads for something besides holding your stupid big ears apart. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE FRIGGING YELLOW BANNER ABOVE YOUR WALL PAPER. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE YOUR BIG FRIGGING RECTANGLE AD WITH THE POINTY ARROW ON TOP AS IF I DID NOT SEE IT LAST TIME. Yes I am screaming at your ignorant butt. If it keeps up as much as I LOVE your daily wallpapers and your news banners I will leave you and find another group of dumb people to deal with for a while. You have such a good search engine,why do you have to screw it up with TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR YOUR USERS.

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