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Contacting Bing Customer Service Center

Bing is the newcomer in the world of Internet search. The search engine is brought to you by Microsoft, the leading computer company in the world and the creator of the Windows operating system. Microsoft was created and is currently owned and operated by one of the world’s richest people, Bill Gates. Bing is a slightly deeper search engine than Yahoo! or Google because of the integrated rewards program.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Bing customer service, because there is nothing sold by Bing. We found a website that listed a contact number, but the number was for MSN not Bing.

  • Customer Service 1: 1-800-386-5550

None of the options listed by the automated pertained to Bing. When we reached an agent, she could not answer any questions about the Bing search engine or rewards program.

No other customer service phone numbers were found, but you can call one of the Microsoft Local Officesin your area or the corporate office in Washington state.

  • Corporate: 1-425-882-8080

Mailing Address

The Microsoft Corporate address is the only one available for Bing customer service. The address for Microsoft is:

Microsoft CorporationAttn: Bing Customer ServiceOne Microsoft WayRedmond, WA 98052

Official Website

The official website for the search engine is, but the support page few customers know about is available at To find support information for your Bing problem, click on the link for the service you’re currently using. For instance, if you have an iPad with Bing on it and the search engine is not working properly, click on the Bing for iPad link. You’ll be taken to a contact form page with a link to the self-help page.

Customer Service Email

The same address we listed for Bing support is the URL you need to visit to email Bing customer service Choose your product and the contact form will appear. For faster emailing, we’ve listed links to all the forms below.

Our Experience

When we called the Bing customer service phone number we found, we reached MSN not Bing. Both are Microsoft companies, but Microsoft produces many products and services and not all can be reached using the same phone number. If you have a customer service phone number for Bing that’s not listed on the Internet, leave a comment below or contact us so we can test and include the number for other readers.

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12 Comments on “Contact Bing Customer Service
  1. I was at your columbia md store today and found out they are stating to use hand held registers. I do not like this way of making my purchases. I do not feel my information will be sercure in a device that can be left lying around for anyone to pick up. If someone tried hard enough they could get into this system. Plus I had to wait for my reciept to be printed somewhere other than where I was making my purchase. If this is how you plan to ring peoples sales I will have to plan to shop somewhere else.

  2. hijacking google/search was unfair and heavy-handed. the hijacking counts on people’s stupidity as such i go out of my way to not use bing. i request bing ceases and desist in the hijacking of google search.

  3. Your thoughtless company just sent a homepage Bing message that was about the gay pride parade to my 2 children. Not cool to send to kids. Bye bye Bing and hello Google! Have some respect for childhood innocence.

  4. Bing will give any search result as long as that result can be 100% unrelated to actual search phrase entered ! Bing is about as useless as any search engine can possibly be . Bing says it is programmed to give ONLY unrelated results but it doesn’t explain why ! Bing is a stupid search engine programmed by what seems to be stupid people !

  5. I search bing images for a 5dollar gift card after I complete 475 point’s I’m supposed to get a email with your conformation code for the past two times I have not received a confirmation code via email

  6. Regarding your expertly annoying Price Finder pop-up ad: Congratulations, you have achieved advertising’s most sought after goal, pure, perfect annoyance. However, I cannot be annoyed into using this product. In fact I am so annoyed I am done with Bing and am going back to Google.

  7. bing is a snake in the grass. It is a totally useless website that only exists to suck the life from the www. Oh, and to make a sleezy dollar at any cost.

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