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Contacting BIC Customer Service Center

BIC is well known as a pen and lighter company, but there are more products than these available from the company. BIC produces an entire line of stationary products, shavers and printable labels. BIC was established in 1945 by Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard with the first pen being released in1950. From there the company spread across the world becoming one of the most popular stationary companies.

Contact Info:

BIC is a French company so much of the contact information is based in France. We’ve included both home and US contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

The only US phone number we found for BIC customer service is the headquarters in Connecticut. You can call corporate for customer service during normal business hours EST.

  • Corporate: 1-203-783-2000

Mailing Address

Writing to the corporate office for BIC customer service is a good idea if the point you want to get across is bigger than a phone call or email. There are two corporate addresses to choose from. The first is the Connecticut office and the second is BIC customer service in France.

BIC CorporationAttn: Customer ServiceOne BIC WaySte 1Shelton, CT 06484


Service CommunicationSociete BIC14 Rue Jeanne d’Asnieres92611 Clichy Cedex, France

It is not safe to return a BIC light to either of these addresses without first contacting BIC customer service by phone. There are detailed instructions on how to return a lighter. You can also receive instructions by email.

Official Website

The BIC customer service site can be found at The site is largely focused on describing the products currently sold in the US by BIC, but there is a bit of customer service here and there. You can also shop BIC products online. The shop applies coupons available online automatically and all orders ship free.

Social Media

BIC is a socially apt company with a main page on Facebook and smaller pages on both Facebook and Twitter for specific products. We’ve included the two main accounts here.

Customer Service Email

If you have a product question or concern, email is one of the best ways to contact BIC customer service. Remember to include a valid email address on the contact form or you’ll never know the answer to your question.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we were delighted with the quick connection. We were not pleased with the responses to our answers. After waiting for less than 2 minutes, we asked the agent if we could purchase products online though the main website. We explained we researched the catalogue several times and couldn’t locate a cart option.

To our dismay, BIC does not provide this service. What the agent did next was extraordinary. The agent provided a list of retailers selling the products we were looking for. We realized the agent didn’t have to do this, but they did. When you contacted the customer support team, did they exceed your expectations? Comment below with your thoughts.

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28 Comments on “Contact BIC Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern:

    As a 22 year old college student at Kettering University, I go through a respectable amount of pens. I am slightly unorganized which results in many pens getting lost or stolen.

    As of lately I have been keeping a journal that I write in everyday by hand. Historically I have used lower end models of bic pens to write in my journal. The other day I decided to spend a little bit more money on what seemed like higher quality pens with the thought that they would produce quality ink strokes leaving me with a consistant style of writing / ink that I can one day reflect on and appreciate.

    Upon opening the 4 or 5 pack of Bic Velocity model pens, I was impressed by the ergonomic design, and appreciated the sleek look and the way it fit in my hand. However, once I started writing with the pen I was severly dissapointed on the amount of ink splotches it left on my paper.

    Heavy amounts of ink came out of the pen at random times while writing with it. I initially ignored it, thinking that it might be a defect that occors in the beggining and might go away with time – but it did not. I tried using another pen that came in the pack but found that it did the same thing. Highly dissapointed, I fell back to my standard ball point pen with the transparent casing.

    I am severly unimpressed by the quality and of this pen and thought I would point out the deceptive nature of advertising this product as a ball point pen with “added value”

    I regret spending the extra money on what I thought would be a worthwhile investment. The opportunity cost of this small pack of pens is specifially dissapointing for college students, as money is often tight. Moreover, I regret using the product on my journal, which now has irriversible ink smudges on a few pages. Needless to say, I won’t be spending any more money on “Added Value” Ballpoint pens.

    Thank You for hearing my concern, I hope you consider the troubles I encountered with Bic Velocity Pens as on opportunity to improve both product quality, and customer satisfaction.

    Don Schmitz
    Kettering University

  2. Dear Sir or Madame, I purchased a package of Bic wite-Out EZcorrect. I would like to know if I can get this product replaced? It would not retract the used wite-Out. I tried to repair it myself. But to no avail. I threw out the packaging. So I can’t take it back to Wal-Mart. Any Advise??? Thank You! Sincerely, Cindy Heath

    • Left my second message today. Bought a package of 3 Bic EZ correct white out tape. Two are already headed to the trash after minimal use. I love the idea of the tape, but I think they should last for more than a couple of uses. Very disappointed!

  3. I don’t have a problem with your pens but, I do have a problem with the give aways. You had a giveaway for the Bic Atlantis and asked for all of my information as well as all my friends information. While I should have known better, I went ahead and allowed it. As soon as I clicked it on it said: “you are not a winner.” I feel that that was too much information to just be told that I hadn’t gotten one.

  4. I recently purchased a large package (20 or 24 I think) of BIC Cristal 1.6 mm pens. They were a variety of different colors. Soon after I opened the package each of the blue pens exploded and ink was everywhere within two days. I thought it was just a problem with the blue pens. I threw them out and didn’t think anything of it. A few days later, the black pens began to do the same thing. I was very disappointed and also threw them away. (My hands were covered with black ink.) Today when I came to my classroom, the green and pink pens are also becoming very messy with ink. Due to the size of the package I purchased, it was not cheap. I have had to throw away at least half so far with little or no use. Please help!
    Thank you.

  5. I recently ran out of my razors and decided to use one of my husbands disposable Hybrid 3 razors. The very first stroke on my leg ripped the flesh right off my leg. I figured it was probably because it was a mens razor and not contoured properly for a woman’s leg. It was extremely painful and I was bleeding “like a pig.” I decided I would never use a men’s razor again. Two days later, my husband used the razor and it literaly ripped three gouges in his face. When inspecting the razor we found that the bottom razor was severely bent in two different locations leaving a good part of the razor bent out in the wrong direction. We have never had something like this happen before and are obviously very disappointed. As I am sure you realize, a cut with a razor is very painful not to mention the embarrassment of having three gouges in your face. The line of skin that was ripped off my leg measures about three inches. I cannot see how this razor passed an inspection before it was packaged. I have saved the razor if you want me to send it to you.

  6. To whom it may concern,

    I have been smoking for nearly 3 years now and have since gone through my share of BIC lighters but never again will I waste another cent on BIC products. The package reads “if you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, we will gladly replace it at no cost to you;” however, the only phone number available is the corporate headquarters. Ironically this phone number seems to be disconnected 24/7. For a product to advertise and proudly state “made in the USA” I would hope one day that customer service become a part of that mantra.


    Viviana P.

  7. Please invent a new white out screw on top that does not leak. No matter how hard I screw the bottle with the junk on the top it leaks. thank you

  8. I had a problem with a pack of Soleil razors which were cutting the heck out of my legs. I did call the # listed here, and they put me through to consumer affairs. I don’t know if it was a requirement, but I did save the packaging, along with some of the razors. They are sending me a post paid return package with coupons for replacement Bic razors. (any variety) Crossing my fingers..but it does seem that the company is upfront.

  9. Hi
    I bought the BIC Comfort 3 razor pack and must say I am very disappointed with the first 2 razors I have used out of the pack.
    I have not cut my face shaving in a long time but have done so every time I have used these razors. I do not shave every day so I am not cutting the same spot. It is a different spot every time I shave.

  10. I am writing a review today, as I’ve been using these pens for a long time, but today I braught 4 and only 2 of them was working.

  11. yes i bout a pack lighters and did not work i been use bic lighters for about 6 years and been working in teal now

  12. yes i bout a pack lighters and did not work i been use bic lighters for about 6 years working good in teal now thank you

  13. “Made in the USA,” indeed… phew, everything BIC is now importing is much more pricy and inferior in quality!! Just purchased a two pack of lighters for my candle collection… one had absolutely NO fuel… it’s all down hill with BIC products, now too!!! What’s new? More expense, less … much less PRODUCT!! SERIOUSLY!! Another appalled customer with this oompany and it’s politically correct ANTICS! I’m done with ALL BIC products, period!!

  14. Yesterday I purchased the latest BIC for her with the larger barrel and metal tip. I had previously purchased the all plastic smaller barreled BIC for her and have been thrilled. These latest are a huge disappointment. The purple does not have the same color intensity and the pink will not write at all. I took it apart to see if there was ink and discovered that it actually had a smaller reservoir and it is opaque so I could not see if there is any ink. $3.97 thrown away. I wish when you get something right you would just stick with it.

  15. Hello. I am looking for a certain pen style. “Code/stock” number- 00008711300456. I was given one from a local business. This particular pen is the closest that I’ve come across since the original yellow/orange with black cap- This pen was last used in the late 1990’s. I wish that a pen would be made with the same precise fine point pen. I am a nurse and have to write thru 3-4 pages of documents at a time. There is no pen that does it like the original stic pen. I would like to know if any other pen is closer than the above number I gave you. thank you. Sheila e. whitehead

  16. I will never buy bic soliel razor blades again!!!!! In my many years of shaving my legs I have never been cut up so bad. Isn’t the whole point of shaving to make them smooth to the touch and look good? Well if anyone touched my leg right now I’d scream and I’m too embarrassed to let anyone see my scabby legs!!! What a waste of money and time!!!

  17. i would like to buy the bic metal 5 count razor pack, but have not been able to find them anywhere.

    i would like to know where i can but the bic metal razors that use to come in grayish color pack with 5 count. we really love these razors and have not found anything compatible. please tell me where i can or order these razor


  18. Your Wite Out EZ Correct is the worst. I just threw away three of them that were nearly full. I have tried over and over to use these with little-to-no satisfaction. The correction tape does not come off on the paper 100% and when you try again, the second stroke pulls off the first bit of correction tape and the whole thing gunks up. I haven’t purchased your pens in years, so I should have assumed your other products were trash. Thanks for nothing. Enjoy my $4. Try spending on research and develop a decent product.

  19. I just tried your Wite*Out correction tape and will NEVER purchase it again. The tape breaks up and I’m not wasting any more of my time trying to get the tape to work.

    I also think that Bic should have their phone # listed on their products, so one wouldn’t have to search online, etc., to reach you. So now “I” have to mail this Correction Tape dispenser back to YOU.

    There are other outfits that sell correction fluids and I’ll be buying their products from now on. I also see where your Correction Tape unit is made in Vietnam… You couldn’t find a plant here in the USA? Shame on you.

  20. Hi my name is Taiwan I go by Jude I’m a loyal customer for many years.I just purchased a new bic that has “yep” on it..had any idea maybe you can remake that with “nope” on the other side in case friends ask if you have a lighter you can show the “yep” side..Can I use it? the “nope” side!

  21. BIC white out EZ correct are badly made. they work for a while and then stop turning when the plastic is clear of white out even though there is still a lot left on the spool.
    WE used to be able to fix this by hand winding it through the clear part but since some brainiac engineer decided that the package needed to be closed up all we can do is throw them away. More money for you, more frustration with crappy manufacturing for us.

  22. I have used your products for a long time, but I am very disappointed with the Wite-Out correction tape that I purchased. The defect is that some white tape did come out, but then it started to get crumbly and just the clear tape came out on my paper. I could see there was plenty of the tape still on the spool, but the white would not come out on the clear tape. Waiting for a reply on this matter. The price of mailing something back would cost more than the wite-out was worth. Thanks John

  23. Your long fireplace lighter takes two hands to operate. When I have my right trigger finger on the trigger, I don’t have the strength in my thumb on that hand to press the gas release button down. I have two use my left hand thumb. That’s ridiculous. I have been using these lighters since the mid-80s, and it seems that someone has changed the design.

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